It’s summer and that means Mizuho is trying out swimsuits in front of Mariya and Ichiko. The two girls like the one with the pareo, but the main problem is that Mizuho can’t wear the school swimsuit. Mariya’s solution is to have him get out of P.E. class by pretending that he’s having feminine problems. This works for the first day, but by the third day, rumors start spreading that Mizuho is boycotting swimming class. These rumors reach Takako, so she confronts him about it, wondering why someone with his rare athletic ability would do such a thing. Takako has come to the conclusion that Mizuho is lying, which causes Mariya and Mizuho to fear that he’s been exposed. Luckily, Takako only thinks that Mizuho is hiding the fact that he’s a bad swimmer. Mariya harps on the idea and concocts a story on how Mizuho is actually afraid of the water, suffering trauma from an incident when they were young. She adds that everyone has something that they dislike and points out Takako’s fear of frogs. This causes Takako to remember that it was Mariya who hid frogs in her desk a long time ago. Their argument intensifies after Takako says that she won’t allow the Elder to give up without trying and Mariya raises the topic of Takako abandoning her club activities to lead the student government. It eventually leads to them deciding to settle things with a swimming competition.
It is later in Mizuho’s room that Mariya reveals that Takako is a daughter of the Itsukushima Group that rivals Mizuho’s family’s Kaburagi Group. Ichiko gets confused at the Kaburagi name because Mizuho’s family name is Miyanokouji – just like his mother’s. As it turns out, Mizuho is actually using his mother’s maiden name at this school. In any case, Mariya feels that she and Takako are destined to fight each other sooner or later, which she considers to be an unchangeable fate. In the ensuing days, Mariya and Takako start training hard for the match. In class, Mizuho notices how tired Takako is, so he invites her to eat lunch with him. He is worried about her health, but, like Mariya, Takako also considers this confrontation to be fate. She reveals that the track and field team once invited her to join, but at that time there were also the elections for the new student council president. After thinking about it, Takako had turned down the track team’s invitation. Having been on the track team, Mariya hadn’t forgiven her for that and has since treated Takako as a traitor who sold her soul for the student council. Mizuho realizes how Takako decided that it was impossible to handle both club activities and the student government, but Mariya is the one who still doesn’t understand.
Under the rays of the sun, Takako soon faints into Mizuho’s arms, and so he ends up resting her head on his lap. Kimie freaks out when she sees them together, but Mizuho takes charge and orders her to get a wet handkerchief or towel for Takako. Having gotten to know her better, Mizuho decides that he likes her. When the day finally comes for their match, Takako and Mariya find all the girls gathered to cheer them on. Though they are still competing, the presence of everyone else diffuses the tense atmosphere and both girls end up having a lot of fun. It is sometime later in the summer that a vacationing Takako gets a letter and a photo of the girls at the beach from Mizuho saying that she inspired him to start getting used to the water.

I had wondered if they were going to have a swimsuit episode and how they were going to handle that. As it turns out, Mizuho somehow looks amazingly like a girl, in both the chest and the hips. All I can think is that it’s a trap!
Mizuho’s proportions aside, this episode had its share of humorous moments and still managed to be a serious Takako episode. Most of those funny moments were in SD, including Mariya’s hilariously exaggerated story about how Mizuho became afraid of water. The Takako stuff made me dislike Mariya for not giving Takako more of a chance, but I’m sure we’ll get a Mariya episode to make up for that before the series is over. Speaking of which, this episode marks the halfway point of this 12-episode series. Only six more episodes of gender-bending confusion to go! 🙂


  1. Damn it!

    Greatest trap ever made by japanese animation people… best scene since Koujiro’s little attemp of winning a beauty contest in Pokemon 9 years ago… American TV, you couldn’t show that… but Japan could!

    Syaoran Li
  2. I hate this show since the first time i red about it. First i was like, wow this is a dream going to a girl school and you get to see them bare naked without ever get caught. But then i saw the first ep in this blog: a bishounen that looks like girl and acts like one so i stepped on the break there. BAD BAD BAD SHOW!!!

  3. Regardless of how fake/real/immensely disturbing his breasts are, the real problem is that hourglass shape — boys simply can not have that in-out shape without help (i.e corsets), they aren’t genetically made to have a cinched waist and child-bearing hips. I find that to be far more confusing (and annoying, if he really is male) than breasts.

    But of course, I’m female, so I notice that sort of thing. 🙂

  4. Hmm does anyone know if i should actually start watching this or not, cuz from what Ive read of a few posts the womanliness of the guy just may creep the livin’ bejesus out of me.
    Is it hilarious or sumtin?

  5. I really think the writers are exaggerating ALOT with that MAN-I-WANT-TO-LOOK-LIKE-A-WOMAN
    I mean BOOBS!!??? And they don´t even try to explain the thing here!!!That´s the most amazing ” LET´S PASS THAT PART ” CRAP on the story part I´ve ever seen on animes like this one!!!OK..OK…If HE(lol) wants to cut his “THING” off it´s his problem to deal…but “MAGICALY” appearing BOOBS???????????????This is the real thing I WANT TO SEE ON THIS ANIME:
    Not A MAN WITH A MAHOU SHOUJO BOOBS T_T…I think I´ll nickname this anime to HITMAN
    ” REBORN ” 😀

  6. dude this is some bad dream or somthing
    and 50 out of 50 posts are about Mizu’s “breast”
    and it’s sunday 2moro… where’s my holy water
    x_x Ahhh! the burning is god’s forgiveness.

  7. Well, I have to admit, Mizuho does have a great figure for a guy. He sure does bring a good light on the issue of cross-dressing *points to topmost screenshots*.
    Somehow, with the series at its halfway point, Mariya’s still left out. Hopefully her story would commence next week.

  8. Guys, come on. That’s an anime. No matter how exaggerate this show can be, just cross your fingers and enjoy the show. Stop whinning how wrong his boobs can be. It would be more disturbing if he had muscles, believe me.

    For me about his boobs, they are pretty. If I had a body like that I would molest myself everyday +..+”

  9. I bet mizuho’s boobs are somehow like randou’s in pretty face. Anyway, nevertheless, its better to overlook everything watch on. But man, i love this show. However wrong you guys look at it, its still anime. but always remember the fact that its a trap afterall…lol

  10. wth is those breast…they should have jaz made this anime girlxgirl coz its exactly whats happening…whats the point of having a guy who looks exaclty a girl or better and acts like agirl

  11. Now i’m worried, if they take panty shots.. and doesn’t have the thing then wtf did they make a sex change before making him join the school o_o

    this series and happiness! brain damaging everyone XD

  12. My brain finally reorganized things and has determined that Mizuho, for the time being, shall be classified as a dick girl. Because Mizuho-oneesama is only interacting with other girls, there’s no problem with mental images at all!

  13. The sub group is slow, i have the raw but my group is not a speed subber group not have not been active some time and only release our sub in IRC. Our group may take this anime to sub but it will be only little bit faster only around 3 to 4 day faster but the quality will suck. If our group decide to speed sub this anime i will release the IRC address ok.Bye for now.

    PS: Hey Tien Guan how are you doing, back to Malaysia yet. I may need you to help to sub this anime.

    Shugo Hitotoki
  14. Well either the ghost gave him ta-tas or it’s the whole best fake breasts money can buy. He looks cute as a girl, great figure. I’m a little disappointed they didn’t find a way to put him in a bikini and have him fight it. He sure seems to be ok with the whole thing.

  15. This is an old post, but I wanted to say I had the same reaction to Mizuho’s figure as everyone else. I wanted a trap, not a girl who says she’s a boy!

    Anyway, I’ll add that the scene where Mizuho tries to tell the coach he’s menstruating was really fucking funny.


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