Yoshi manages to defend herself in time from Ishida’s surprise shot, and heads back to finish him off. Ishida is unfortunately having trouble both controlling his aim and the power of his shots. Since he continues to think that this is a meaningless fight, Yoshi decides to tell him that she wasn’t looking for meaning in the first place – she just wanted to destroy things. She then rushes forward and slices into his shoulder and starts to kick him around. Ishida struggles back up, so Yoshi activates her sword form to finish him off. Meanwhile, Commander Yamamoto is getting an update from Captains Kyouraku, Unohana, and Komamura about the current situation, including what Ichigo told them about Kariya getting the Joukaishou. But for now, he still wants them to go after the intruders. At that time, Kariya is also filling Koga in on the Joukaishou. Koga doesn’t think that Kariya needs to go so far and is worried about how their allies’ spiritual powers have already disappeared. He can’t see the meaning to everyone dying, and because Kariya is ok with that, Koga gets angry. He slams his leader into the wall, but crumbles to the ground when Kariya answers with a quick strike to his gut. Kariya then walks off after giving a bleeding Koga his thanks helping him for so long.
Back in the fight against Yoshi, Ishida readies his bow again, remembering what his grandfather taught him about justice and his heart. He releases his arrow, but since Yoshi easy bats it away, he tries again. This next one doesn’t even reach her before it fades away, though Yoshi gets a big surprise when an instant second shot is fired after she lowers her defenses. But because Ishida’s aim is still off, it harmlessly sails over her shoulder. Though at first shocked at that second shot, Ishida begins to realize what he did and tries for it again. This time, he times the second shot so that it fires right as Yoshi is switching between forms and manages to hit her at point blank, right in the chest. Ishida explains to the wounded Yoshi that since she has to transition between her offensive and defensive forms, he can catch her off guard in the time lag in between. After defeated Yoshi falls to the ground and dies, Ishida also falls to his knees because of his wounds. By this time, Captain Kyouraku has gone and found Captain Ukitake in the library researching materials. The book Ukitake is currently holding gives an outline on the Joukaishou and is written by Rantao. He figures out that she broke up the information and hid it in different books, so he conscripts Kyouraku to help him look through them all.
A wounded Ishida is meanwhile stumbling his way through Seireitei when he starts to get visions of his grandfather. The vision tells him that he’s reached his limits after working so hard and should now rest, but Ishida resists because he’s still got more to do. In response, his grandfather explains that a desire for revenge can make a person’s heart firm, but there are times when going too far with stubbornness dulls the sword. Soon after his grandfather disappears, Ishida notices Ichigo and Sado approaching. He tells them about somehow beating Yoshi, and Ichigo fills him in about Kariya getting ready to blow up Seireitei. Ichigo understands that Ishida wants to go along to stop Kariya, but he insists on getting Ishida medical treatment first. As night falls on Seireitei, Koga is repairing his wound with spirit particles. Once that’s done, he gets back on his feet and goes off to find Kariya, believing that there’s no need to destroy Seireitei. The first group of Shinigami he meets up with attacks him, but he’s able to easily handle them all with Daruku. Having been informed of the situation, Hitsugaya and Rangiku are on their way towards a confrontation with Koga.

The thing I want to know why Yoshi just didn’t regenerate that wound. I thought the whole point of the Bount being so scary in Seireitei was because of that ability. It makes sense the ways that Mabashi and Sawatari died because those were both related to poison. However, Yoshi just took a shot to the chest that could have easily been fixed with some spirit particles, just like she did in episode 93. Aside from not understanding that though, I enjoyed the episode. In terms of story progression, it was good to see another Bount die, leaving just two now. Of those two, I had suspected that Koga wouldn’t be really evil since they portrayed him as sort of a father figure in episode 83. The question is whether Koga even be able to attempt to stop Kariya again, or if Hitsugaya or Rangiku will defeat him first. I guess we’ll find out next week.



    ” Filers are just like those old chicks (that you´ve slept with once on a party) and want to forget forever…. ”
    I mean like a videogame competition, you just want to GET SOME SCORES!!! 😀 😀

    PS: I am not a fucking JURK!!! 😆

  2. Oh COME THE **** ON!

    Koga regenerating at the end just made his scene with Kariya so pointless! While I don’t say yay to characters dying in the blink of an eye, I can’t say nay to scenes of betrayal scenes either, and the death of a character is what makes them so dramatic IMO. I’m so seriously disappointed Kouga got up just like that (and the way he got up pisses me off, that was way ridiculous).

    On the other hand, hooray for the death of Yoshi! I hated that woman so I’m glad she’s dead, no matter how pitiful the way she died was.

  3. wat did kariya do to koga? in the black and white image =.=” looks wierd.. and yes im glad that yoshi is dead.. i hate her… her voice sounds like a guy anyways lol.. so i guess the nxt to die is koga then kariya? or maybe kariya die and koga live happily ever after.. i kindda like him anyways

  4. yay finally yoshi ish dead. i hated her so much. so scary ;____; does this mean that bounto thing is like gona finish soon? oooo can’t wait… i find koga weird xD and why does ran tao like pop up in one of the pics O.o;;; the weirdness that can come withough explination x.x

  5. This episode had the WORST dialog EVER:

    Ishida: When you put down your guard YOU CAN BE HIT AND KILLED!!Tsumari ARE da na…..ahhhhhhhhh……ARE ARE DA NA!!! 😀
    Yoshi : What do you mean!!???
    ISHIDA: When-you-stop-blocking-“I CAN HIT YOU!!!” WAKATA????
    Yoshi: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….wakata!!!….
    …sukoshi dake!! 😆
    (a little) 😀 😀 😀

  6. Re: tensai.

    The fillers are actually necessary here. As of the end of the Soul Society saga, the anime was going at a rate of 4 manga chapters per episode, and the manga was still in the early 200s in terms of chapter number whereas the anime was already up to like chapter 183 or so. So rather than follow the path of many other anime who caught up to the manga and so had to diverge their plots, the guys who were working on the Bleach anime decided to insert a filler to give the manga some more time, and to find any plot holes and try to explain them. I admit, the fillers do get a little boring at times, but all in all, they’re ok, and are doing a decent job of tying up some loose ends (including “redeeming” the captains who lost during the SS arc by having them fight, and beat, bounts).

  7. Pitiful?! How can you call her death pitiful? This was the most pathetic, contradicting episode ever. The only explanation for her death is the little goody-two-shoes Ishida was gonna get a kill. How come she didn’t just regenerate like the other bount? Koga got hit even worse and he even waited with his regen. Why didn’t she just absorb spirit particles like they normally would have done?

    Even if i wanto see the bount die, die and die again this episode suck so much donkey balls you wouldn’t believe it. Why did it even take two epidoes to kill a bount begin with? That’s another reason why it sucks.

  8. Of course, the reason the Bleach anime actually moved so fast was because it ignored and threw out quite a bit of material which could’ve been used from the manga. If they had wanted to make a good series, they would’ve gone the Hunter x Hunter route and made OAV series after they ran out of material/approached the end of material. This would have allowed a slower release rate at a higher animation budget.

    This can’t be done with Bleach because it’s a big Jump title, naturally. Which is why they, instead, create subpar fillers so the interest is drummed up for the manga, and the manga in turn has something to increase interest for. Cross-marketing. It cynical, and I’m betting they lose face everytime they pull this crap, but there are just too many yokels willing to accept subpar writing compared to people leaving the series in disgust. I, for one, have been skipping out on the series since around episode 80. I will probably not go back to watching it. Of course, since I’m not paying money for it, it doesn’t really matter to the companies per se. But, at least I have 20 minutes a week I can spend on something else.

  9. i thought maybe with the quantity of episodes they used up for the bountou saga they would have stepped up the pace and presented two fillers instead. that way, we should get less crap conversation and silly reasoning. pity Kon is almost forgotten dont ya think?

  10. RE:IntegratedDataEntity
    I knew that, but what i trully think is written above:

    For RE:tensai13
    You´ve said what I´ve thouth so.They should have made a 13 episode filer with action and fights with new enimies(the bounts) and the other 13 with them on school days with more comedy(that had on the start of the serie)romances, show more the other classmates on new situations and have close the filer arc with a better style than the naruto ones( CRAP ANIMATION, SUCKING PLOTS, HASENGAN EVERY WHERE(EVEN TO KILL BUGS 😀 )AND ETC,ETC…)!!
    This is a waste…that part where kariya hit koga, and the screen goes fading like he´s been killed, SUCKS!!! , and then he stands up healed and saying ” I HOPE YOU´LL BE OK KARIYA SAMA ” OHHHH come on FUCK OFF with phrases like that……is just like on naruto when you have tenmari rolling her weapon, and switching to other hands with an animation just like the old hanna barbera´s cartoons( 😀 😀 😀 )
    and a little kid reviving his partner(curry saga) with a jitsu from an old hokage that has revived GARA on the manga.( my brother read that shit and told me that ) T_T

  11. Not to say that when the filer is over and ishida is going to switch to ” OLD” ishida that still does know how to recover his powers…he simply will…..FORGET THAT ON THE FILERS HE USED THE POWERS OF A QUINCY AGAIN….AHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHA….LOL

  12. “The thing I want to know why Yoshi just didn’t regenerate that wound. I thought the whole point of the Bount being so scary in Seireitei was because of that ability. It makes sense the ways that Mabashi and Sawatari died because those were both related to poison. However, Yoshi just took a shot to the chest that could have easily been fixed with some spirit particles, just like she did in episode 93. ”

    I think it’s due to the way Quincys fight. From what I remember, they eliminate the soul of the Hollows instead of what the shinigamis do, which is cleanse the soul… I could be wrong and please correct me if I am.

  13. First time to comment. Just had to say I’m so happy that Yoshi has finally bit the dust. Of all the Bounto, I hated her the most. Ughs! While I’m at it, keep up the wonderful work on your anime blogs. Not only are your summaries complete, they are so well-written.

  14. A bit more on the topic of Bleach fillers. Unless the guys who write the anime slows down the pace of each episode, the fillers were basically pointless. Assuming I did the math right, and assuming once the canonical anime resumes that it still goes at a rate of 4 manga chapters per episode, this whole year or so of fillers has only bought about 25 episodes’ worth of time. Which isn’t exactly a good investment, considering how a year’s. worth of episodes only buy time for half a year’s worth.

    Who knows? They might just do another filler arc along the lines of what’s happening with Kon and the Karakura Superheroes while the whole Bount arc takes place. Speaking of which…what’s up with Kon? The last we saw of him, he was blissfully drinking tea at this Rukongai tea shop.

  15. -.- What a godawful episode. When Mayuri fought with the old bastard, I thought that finally this anime is turning into a good one again, but now after seeing episodes 102&103 … Well, let’s just say that my mind changed. I mean comeon, they fought for 2 friggin’ episodes, and all that was needed to end the battle was 1 single arrow. That could have been done in one episode, or even in 5 minutes.

    And they way Ishida acted all important and mighty was so annoying too… “I’M GOING TO END THIS POINTLESS BATTLE” yeah right, you can hardly even take down one single baddie…

    Please for the love of God end the fillers alredy.

  16. Lissa
    “I miss Rukia”

    Me too .. but it’s better if they won’t show her in the filler until the anime start the manga story, so that Rukia can appear in efficient way to ichigo like in chapter 195.. This way the filler can fix the appearance of Rukia in filler episodes.

  17. ya I miss rukia too, bahh its filler, rukia should have showed up all of a sudden and kicked that dumb ass bountou chick. Sure she doesnt heal herself against the arrow boy but for rukia she heals herself 2 freakin times. Cheapness!

    I was hoping Ishida was just about to pass out and be killed, when Rukia shows up and kills Youshi with a single sword strike witch we see though Ishida’s eyes so its all burley but just like the opening we see Rukia’s sword with the white ribion at the end of it dangling in the wind all dramic like. lol

    Ya, like alot of Rukia fans we cant wait for her sword release already. AND we miss her. Ichigo really is totally acting out of character in the manga he was all screwed up cause rukia wasnt around but in the filler hes just running around in a circle, bankaiing all over the place for a few mins to fight Kira and Kira gets awasy and crap. Ugh enough already I thought the bantou filler was getting good with the rukia fight in 93 and ichigo,bakura and kira fighting few episodes later. But after that…ugh. Ichigos bankai is all special and a high level attack but he does it sooo much in the fillers its losing all meaning lol. Most likely hollow bankai Ichigo is going to kill Kira.
    Then Ichigo is going to be like omg what did I do, and rukia walks up to him and pats him on the back and says its ok, then kicks him in the nuts and tells him to go home. lol.

  18. well, i guess finally hitsugaya may get some of the action. he’s always relegated to administrative affairs. maybe a blow from a quincy’s arrow is somewhat lethal to a bount, but honestly, i dun think they will care too much abt these intricacies in fillers.

  19. ummm… this isn’t exactly filler bashing, I haven’t been keeping up with the eps for a while now, and I wanted to know whether you thought it would be worth it to watch the fillers, or whether they would have any effect on the future storyline. Thanks ^_^

  20. I think you have to watch the filler episodes, even though some episodes not good enough to watch, but there are some episodes introduced the manga’s story within filler’s story..For me because am addicted to bleach I’ll watch any episode, especially if it includes Rukia^^


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