Hitsugaya and Matsumoto find the defeated Shinigami and realize that they’re after the Bount that Kira faced in the real world. It is when Renji also arrives on the scene that Hitsugaya gets acquainted with the modified soul – Claude – used to track the Bount. The captain borrows Claude so that he can search for Koga, and Matsumoto directs their troops using Hell Butterflies. For now, Koga lowers his spiritual power and goes into hiding in the sewers. His goal is to find Kariya, but he’s hindered by the fact that the Shinigami are searching everywhere for him. Upon learning that one of the Shinigami groups has suddenly encountered Daraku, Hitsugaya and Matsumoto go to help, but Koga soon disappears again. Claude helps them track Koga down and alert a group of Koga’s presence. Having noticed that there are Hell Butterflies being used for communication, Koga has Daraku destroy them all at once. He then goes out to attack one of the Shinigami groups.
Hitsugaya and Matsumoto eventually discover their fallen, but still alive men. The captain decides to go after Koga by himself and quickly finds the Bount. He first has to face Daraku, but she proves to be no match for him as he’s able to cut her apart and freeze her. By using his ice dragon, he’s able to free himself when she traps him inside her body. A concerned Koga tries to get his doll to stop, but she’s not about to give up. The captain manages to dodge one of her attacks, but then gets kicked in the gut by Koga himself. Hitsugaya responds by using his ice dragon to completely swallow Daraku and shatter her to pieces. What starts to confuse him is why Koga doesn’t die after Daraku is gone. At first, Koga doesn’t answer him and instead explains that his duty was to discipline and train the young Bount. But the answer to why he’s still around is because Daraku isn’t really dead. Koga is able to form her shattered body into a large battle axe, and he claims that she’s still alive inside the metal.
Because Koga is powering up with Daraku, Hitsugaya sees no choice but to initiate ban kai. He brings out his Dai Guren Hyourinmaru form and clashes with the charging Koga. The captain then takes to the sky and rains down icy pillars towards Koga, though the Bount is able to dodge them all. Koga cuts down one of the pillars and uses it to jump up towards Hitsugaya, but the end result of this attack has Koga going head to head with an ice dragon. A weakened Koga recovers by sucking up some soul particles and charges one last time. Hitsugaya simply slashes through Koga and shatters the Daraku axe. With Koga realizing that he lost, Hitsugaya questions what Koga was going to do by following Kariya. Koga answers that there was nothing he could do and that the problem was between him and Kariya. When Hitsugaya asks where he was trying to go, Koga simply responds that it towards a future without conflict. He then collapses and blocks of ice fall on his body.

I think this episode showed how I feel that all the Bount vs. Captain battles should turn out based on only power levels. In other words, the Captain (Hitsugaya in this case) was able to more or less control the battle the entire way through. That’s not how Soifon and Mayuri’s battles happened, though those were slightly more interesting because they showed more of a struggle. My point is that the Captains are supposed to be quite powerful, so none of the Bount except maybe Kariya should be a match for them. Or perhaps this is just me looking down on the Bount because they’re part of an anime-original arc.
Speaking of which, since Kariya is the only Bount left, there can’t be too many more Bount episodes left. I get the sinking feeling that we’re headed to a new round of anime-originals though, probably once the new season gets underway in January.


  1. Is it weird to say I feel they’re rushing this bit of the story a little…? 😛

    Seriously, I thought Koga would like be the only Bounto to survive. His “demise” here was a bit unsatisfactory for him. I mean, we got the most backstory on him out of all the Bounto (besides Yoshino, of course).

    Oh well, the head honcho is left.

    Oh, and I thought the axe thing was pretty cool. A lot cooler than the Doll’s normal form, that’s for sure.

    nowhere man
  2. well….. two eps for sure…. will be fillers…

    105 Kariya! Countdown to the Detonation

    106 Life and Revenge! Ishida, the Ultimate Decision

    and of course they may go naruto way and make a crapload of another filler arcs….

  3. Well, Koga did not dissolve after he was defeated, like the others did, or at least we didn’t get to see it since he was buried beneath the ice. He always seemed like he was a bit unique compared to the other Bountos, so it’s not impossible that he will find some way to survive without his Doll and we’ll see him again before the end.

    And what was with those “thingies” slowly disappearing behind Hitsugaya when in bankai form? Was that a nod to something thats been explained in the manga and will be explained later on in the anime?

  4. And what was with those “thingies” slowly disappearing behind Hitsugaya when in bankai form? Was that a nod to something thats been explained in the manga and will be explained later on in the anime?
    They disappear as he uses his ban kai, and if they all disappear, then he loses the form. One of the manga characters suggests that it’s because Hitsugaya is a child and his bankai is yet incomplete. However, in the manga, those 12 petals disappear one at a time, not in sets of four like they show here. The Wikipedia article on Hitsugaya has a bit more information, but be forewarned that it’s filled with manga spoilers.

  5. bah I dont think Koga died at all, as most animes show us unless the character dies like characters simlar to him. Meaning he didnt turn to dust. Hes not dead hes going to show up half dead to help ichigo when he fights kira for the last time. ugh whatever just end this freaking filler bontou arc soon already. Or at least have rukia playing checkers for a few mins lol.

  6. As far as i know, moovie is stand-alone project, and it isnt somewhere in main storyline (like with last jump festa)… ir has NO bount characters or new manga characters… it is stand-alone story something about time stopping and some shinigami-gone-bad story… -_-

    Many think that after the moovie we will get back to the manga storyline, but nothing is know as for now. when ann or anidb will have episode titles up from 106 we will see if fillers will continue


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