• Some of you may be curious why I asked “Have You Seen Kannazuki no Miko?” in the poll. The reason is because of Kyoushirou to Towa no Sora, aka. KnM II. Well, it may not be quite a sequel, but there’s a lot of familiar characters – Chikane is now Kaon, Himeko is now Himiko, and Oogami Souma is now Oogami Jin. And that’s in addition to the new cast (seen in image above). I’m very curious to see if they can pull off as impressive a first episode as KnM had; I still can’t watch the end of that episode without breaking out laughing. It’s just a shame that KOTOKO isn’t doing the OP and ED (at least not the OP, which is being handled by CooRie), though being reminded of this series means that I’ve been listening to agony quite a bit in the past week. I’m looking forward to seeing another mecha/yuri series of KnM caliber, and the promo trailer is quite promising (also on YouTube). Kyoushirou to Towa no Sora is tentatively set to air Fridays at 13:30 on AT-X starting January 5th, 2007.
  • SHUFFLE! MEMORIES got air-times announced today. Looks like the first airings will be Sundays at 24:00 on Chiba TV starting January 7th, 2007. This probably means that it won’t be R-15 anymore. On the plus side, it’ll be good to hear the old cast at it again. I’m still not entirely sure if this is going to be worth watching, but we’ll see when the time comes.
  • And finally, I hate finals week. Well, technically it’s weeks (plural) for me, but that just makes it worse. In any case, certain updates this week might be later than usual. I can’t say more than that because I personally don’t know for sure how my schedule will turn out.

    1. well the animation from the pics from kannazuki no miko look pretty good so i’ll probably check it out once i finish watching blood plus.
      shuffle! was ok but really they can’t do much else with the story guess new characters or somehing.
      wow every other month i hear from somebody on the net that its there final times lol! luky here i dont get mine till first(or second?) week of june 🙂

    2. Meh, I’m not a yuri fan in the slightest although I watched KnM for the mecha and action. And I liked the normal romance in the series. 😛

      Umermuhzawhathut? Shuffle! is getting a sequel?! Or is it a remake? Either way, I can hear the Shuffle! fans (the KKK fans in particular) preparing for war already. @_@

    3. WTF I thought I saw Chikane in that promo O_O

      Hmm, the cat girl does remind me of KnM, but I’m more curious about who the guy with purple hair and glasses is (and why the heck did he rip off her shirt in that one scene??). @_@

    4. Shinji103: Wow, and I’d have said that KannaMiko is actually a pretty good series, as long as you fast-forward whenever a mecha hits the screen ^_^ … so there ARE people who see it exactly the other way round.

      For me, KannaMiko is one of the best Shoujo-Ai animes. With alot of flaws, but also with some huge strengths (Chikane as one of the most interesting anime characters ever, the most bizarre love confession ever in episode11, one of the most romantic love confessions in the final episode, probably the most evil ending credits ever – damn these bastards ^_^;)

      Omni: I agree with the last scene from KannaMiko being beyond hilarious. Sooo extreme!

      (Souma posing in Mecha: I WON’T GIVE HIMEKO TO THEM! I WILL FIGHT!!!! UOOOOOAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!
      Chikane, bending over semi-conscious Himeko: Happy Birthday! *chuu with major liplock*)

    5. Happy Birthday!

      Yuri, giant robots, and OP/ED by KOTOKO. I DARE you to name something better than this.

      Darn you Omni, now I’m listening to “agony” again. I shall never be free form that song…

    6. lol just watched the promo, the chick with the reddish hair and blue eyes for practically the whole thing had her mouth open lol.
      but yea how the hell did the guy(second there in promo looked alot like a chick) wit purple hair rip through like three layers of clothes like nothing? well whatever its anime.

    7. Funny thing is I just finished rewatching Kannazuki no Miko. Yeah, it is that “good”. The end of the first episode should have given everyone a clue about the quality of the series.
      The new group of characters look a lot like the old characters especially the new lead female and a blond Chikane/Kuon. Mech designs look better this time around though.

    8. Now i know why Omni asked KnM on the poll…

      Anyway, looking forward to both the series starting next year.
      (Although my guts are screaming like mad :D)

      Omni and Mentar: I also can’t stop laughing when Souma screaming like crazy while Chikane said “Happy Birthday” and make out with Himeko.

    9. I hope this blog will post something to clear the confusion up. Kyoushirou to Towa no Sora isn’t a sequel, really. There are some Kannazuki no Miko characters reappearing in this series, but that doesn’t mean it’s a KnM sequel. Like Tsubasa Reservior Chronicles, can that be considered a sequel to Cardcaptor Sakura? KyoSora has a different storyline anyway, try throwing the “Story” part of the official website in a Japanese online translator.

    10. weee a sequel? wow! i can’t wait to watch it!
      too bad KOTOKO will not going to sing both OP and ED……
      oh well better see it next year. ehehe 😀

      i’m just wondering if chikane/kaon and Himeko/himiko are still the main characters or not?
      or the picture above would be the new main characters?

    11. We might be able to avert all-out war if Shuffle! Memories is indeed a re-telling. As long as Kaede gets her screentime. Otherwise the KKK might take up boxcutting knives… @_@

    12. Shuffle Memories is a “Director’s Cut” edition of the original with new OP and ED. I probably won’t watch it…I don’t need to see Sia getting trashed again. =(

      Definitely watching KtTnS. The anime has been in my list ever since I saw it on Moon-Phase. 😉

    13. Oh man….I’ve seen enough of girlxgirl animes. This better not be like Kannazuki no Miko…not that I don’t like the anime or something. I was hoping this time it’ll be a more…normal relationship.

    14. >> It’s just a shame that KOTOKO isn’t doing the OP and ED (at least not the OP, which is being handled by CooRie)

      Wow, I just might not watch this show just because of that reason (at least not while it’s airing).

    15. Kannazuki no Miko was a good anime, Show Spoiler ▼

      Still the yuriness was great with a twist of mecha. Hope that Kotoko has theme song somewhere in this new series.

      And about Shuffle: Memories, it could just be a followup after the series ending. Also, more of Kaede the psycho would be perfect!! ^_^

    16. Are you absoultely sure that anime being yuri ? The promo didn’t seem to be the last bit yuri … ( which isn’t a bad thing , ’cause it would entertain me more to see a girlxboy relationship )

    17. I’m still waiting for someone to make some anti-mecha anime. You know, aliens arrive and try to occupy the planet using walking vehicles but get their butts kicked by ordinary humans using present-day technology….

      Baka Hentai
    18. Gah, I’m definitely looking forward to it, and I’ll try to judge it on its own merits, but the Souma/Himeko ship just does absolutely nothing for me and it’s obvious they’re leaning that way. (I mean, seriously, the relationship roles are reversed. Chikane is capable of fighting with the mech initially, while Souma has…the horse and musical ability this time around.)

      Show Spoiler ▼

    19. I should add to the above that I was referring to the new characters positions, considering that Kuu seems to take the Himeko role, Setsuna the Chikane role, and the Kyo has the Souma role (while our initial three toddle off in the background).

    20. A Kannazuki no Miko spin-off? Heheh, can’t wait. XD Promo looks plenty exciting. I agree with Shinji103. I don’t like yuri, but Kannazukki no Miko was great. I loved the action and the romantic tension was exciting as well. This is great news.
      I can’t wait for Shuffle as well. 🙂

    21. Can you explain why Shuffle! Memories won’t be R-15? Especially since it airs no sooner than midnight.

      SHUFFLE! used to air on WOWOW, which is a pay satellite station. It is also the only channel that I’ve seen that has aired R-15 rated anime: FMP! TSR, SHUFFLE!, and Girls Bravo S2. SHUFFLE! MEMORIES will not be airing on WOWOW, which is why I doubt it’ll retain it’s R-15 rating…

    22. hmm, KNM “remake” eh… i’ll probably check it out, it really depends on how much new original stuff (that is good) there is in the spring 2007; i know i’ve seen some stuff that has caught my eye but i can’t remember what it was

      KNM was a good series, i would not say any more than that; i liked it more than most yuri series since it presented what seemed to be an interesting twist; however i actually didn’t think too much of the first 4 episodes (if i can recall) but rather i liked the last 5 or 6

      SHUFFLE!… i never really got into as much as some people did; i enjoyed it, but i wasn’t like OMG the next episode is coming out!!! 😀 although i was an asa supporter so the ending made me happy… or rather i didn’t like kadane (orange haired girl, i’m bad with names) from the start of episode 1, and she was the other “possible contender” it could have gone either way

      there sure seem to be a lot of remakes/retellings going on lately… kanon, negima, shuffle, KnM (sorta), KGNE, i dunno, i’m more of a sequel / original work kinda guy (although i’m enjoying negima)

    23. @mangaka-chan

      God no…-_-;
      His name is Kyoushirou, and it’s a guy name. Furthermore quoted from the official character page; “…apparently looks similar to the prince in Kuu’s fantasy”, as well as from the story page; “Calling himself Ayanokouji Kyoushirou, he tells Kuu the same words as in her dream”
      Also quoted from the Japanese wikipedia; “…meets a boy, Ayanokouji Kyoushirou…”

      Enough evidence?

    24. Yeah, I went on ANN and the offical anime website and apparently the seiyu for Kyoushirou is a guy (funny thing is he’s also Hagi’s seiyu from Blood+ :D). Normally if they want to have a girl who happens to look like a guy the seiyu will still be female. In this case since it’s a guy seiyu I’m 99% sure that this character really is a “he”. 🙂 I guess when it comes to KnM related stuff people just kind of presume a pairing will be yuri even if one of the characters happens to be uber bishie. :p

    25. WOW!! What a preview… decided… I’ll see this series no matter what… my only hope is that this time we can have a happy ending… mo matter with that outcome… well you now the gener of this series…

      Syaoran Li
    26. After watching the preview on YouTube, another matter of mechas on the way, but more interesting and less big than the orochi ones; for me, and Ayako Kawasumi again on the cast make this series a total WIN for me.

      OK, one month ahead for this.

      Syaoran Li
    27. … continuing: is there an English site that shows the same character info? Because I saw a character that looks a lot more like the original Chikane than that blond maid – but without further info, I might interpet her as being one of whatever passes for Orochi in Towa no Sora …


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