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Kariya is ready to kill Rantao, but he remembers something from his past as he’s attacking. He had been a child in the Bount community that Rantao had helped and had met her once before. She had encouraged him and he had helped the others construct their town. Their hopes were with the Shinigami, but then the Shinigami force came and started killing everyone. Kariya ran away until he was by himself in the caves and was eventually found by Rantao. She took him to safety and gave him the metal item, leaving him with a message to live on as she went to face the other Shinigami. Kariya and a small group of survivors ended up in the desert, but they were then attacked by Hollows. Being slashed by a Hollow is where Kariya got the red mark that’s currently on his face. Right as he was about to be struck down, the metal item activated and Kariya was able to defeat his enemy. He rose up and the item disintegrated, but a crest appeared on his body at the same time. With his doll, Kariya fought the Hollows and dreamed of creating a paradise for the Bount. However, as he grew older, he began to disagree with the other Bount who wanted to go to Soul Society via Quincy powers. They didn’t believe that they could create a paradise here and wanted to return to where they originated. The ensuing battle had the Bount fighting the Quincy, but the Shinigami came and slaughtered them. Kariya wasn’t able to help, but he did survive the fight. Unable to forgive the Shinigami, Kariya gathered the strong Bount to go destroy Soul Society. By establishing a way to create dolls, Kariya tested the remaining Bount and formed his group.
Ready to destroy everything now, Kariya attacks Rantao, but someone quickly comes in and saves her. That person is none other than Ishida, who had sensed Rantao earlier. Kariya doesn’t take Ishida seriously until the Quincy uses his speed to catch Kariya off guard. It seems that Ishida has figured out how to use the accessory as an amplifier for his own power to focus spirit particles. When Kariya asks about Ishida being an ally of the Shinigami, Ishida makes it clear that he’s here only to stop the meaningless fighting. He remembers how Yoshino told him that Kariya not only hated the Shinigami, he hated the Bount too. She believed that this hate would lead to the destruction of their kind and knew that what he was doing was meaningless for them. With Ishida vowing the stop Kariya, the Bount readies his wind power, but Ishida breaks through it with an arrow. He surprises Kariya with his rapid speed and firing, piercing through Kariya’s body several times. However, Kariya can heal himself and quickly strikes back. He sees that Ishida’s bow is cracking and doesn’t think that the Quincy can defeat him before it breaks. Ishida responds with a particularly powerful shot, but Kariya recovers from it and notes that Ishida doesn’t have much time left. Seeing Ishida starting to struggle against Kariya, Rantao pulls out another metal item and tackles Kariya – she is apparently using the Joukaishou’s power to raise her own power. After stabbing the Bount, she orders Ishida to shoot without regard for her. Though he refuses at first, Ishida is eventually convinced to do so.
The explosion sends Rantao’s body flying, but she’s caught by Ishida. Unfortunately, Kariya still lives and Rantao realizes it’s because Ishida intentionally held back in the attack. They see spirit particles moving towards Kariya, so Ishida goes to finish him off, but something starts happening to Rantao that causes her much pain. Ishida thinks that it’s a reaction from the Joukaishou’s power and recalls that he can use his bow to control the spirit particles. His plan is to use it to save Rantao, but she doesn’t want him to break his bow and instead wants him to defeat Kariya. Remembering how Yoshino had died in his arms, Ishida refuses to let Rantao die too, so he directs a large blast up that that dissipates in the air. This saves Rantao, but breaks his bow and causes his Quincy garb to disappear, leaving him powerless. By this point, Kariya has recovered and won’t let Ishida and Rantao escape. When the angry Bount tries to kill them with his wind power, an energy attack suddenly appears from above that destroys the wind. That attack came from Ichigo, who has arrived on the scene to save them.

ED Movie Preview:

They replaced the OP and ED sequences this week with previews for the upcoming Bleach movie, Memories of Nobody, due out in theaters on December 16th. I found it a refreshing change, meaning that I actually watched through the entire ED for the first time in a long time. This preview certainly did its job in getting me excited about the movie, especially if we get to see things like Ukitake fight and Rukia release her zanpaktou. I also wonder if the new girl Senna will become somewhat of a love interest for Ichigo…

The movie preview got me all excited about Bleach, but a lot of that was lost in the first half of this episode. I didn’t find Kariya’s background very interesting since it felt like much of his motivations had already been covered in previous episodes. That being said, the second half with Ishida and Rantao vs. Kariya was quite fun to watch because of all the action. Given that Rantao and Yoshino look basically the same, it made sense that Ishida would flashback and do everything in his power to not let her die. Of course, it was also pretty predictable that Ishida wouldn’t be able to finish the job against Kariya so that Ichigo could come save the day.
It seems that only a few more episodes remain in this arc. The countdown to the new season should also be the countdown to something new in Bleach.


  1. z0mg Rukia’s zanpaktou!? 😀

    The movie will either be very Naruto-movie-like or will have a somewhat better plot that the Jump Festas.

    The episode itself also looks pretty good.

  2. hmmm i’ve been always wondering about this but what happened to Kariya’s ability to immobilize you by just touching u? (first time they showed this it was against a hollow as a part of a flashback and the second time it was used against ichigo)

    they showed this way way way in the begining of the bount arc but they never ever showed it again

  3. “Oracle at 4:09 am on December 7th, 2006
    hmmm i’ve been always wondering about this but what happened to Kariya’s ability to immobilize you by just touching u? (first time they showed this it was against a hollow as a part of a flashback and the second time it was used against ichigo)

    they showed this way way way in the begining of the bount arc but they never ever showed it again

    It’s probly an aspect of his wind ability, lock down the wind around someone and they will be locked in place, something like that

  4. hmmm.. hitsugaya taichou was not there in the movie preview??? waaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!! T_T

    Yes he was…Though his scenes didn’t have much of variations.

    Finally, a female character worth looking at in Bleach. I am definitely going to be watching this movie, although I thought it was supposed to be a summary of the Soul Society arc…(or am I confusing it with another movie?)

    As for the episode, meh. Ishida is such an idiot. So much for his intention of “stopping the meaningless fight”, instead he had to prioritize his love life over the fate of SS. -_-;

  5. Nice… First, 15 minutes of yadda yadda bleh bleh bleh, then 2 minutes of fighting (actually pretty good fighting bit), and finally 3 minutes of Ishida acting like a pussy and finally 10 seconds of Ichigo trying to look cool. Where did all the good episodes disappear to?


  6. The movie previews look awesome! Renewed interest in Bleach all over again. The Bount arc is beginning to wear thin my patience, and I do hope it will end really really soon. Looking forward to the new arc!

  7. lol if you guys noticed, Senna inherits Ichigo’s and Rukia’s look!!! XDDDDDDDD the amber eyes = Ichigo, hair colour+eyes shape = Rukia, in short, Ichigo+Rukia future daughter? XDDDDDDD *dies*

  8. hehe its possiable that is rukia and ichigo’s daughter but its not like they’ll let us know anyway, most likely they’ll just say its ichigo’s daughter if they are going that way, who knows senna looks ok but I’m more interested in Rukia’s sword release ^^ Its been a bit since we have even seen rukia. Looks like all the bleach characters fight in this movie. Does look pretty bad ass ^^ I wish I lived in japan lol

  9. kariya past was not interesting
    yay! at last ichigo will fight with kariya i hope this time he won

    OMG!!! why i didn’t live at japan if i live there i can watch the bleach movie and Gundam SEED Destiny the movie too “daydreaming”

    at the movie preview why toushirou didn’t show up is good to see rukia release her zanpaktou!!!

  10. “Maiku, the back of Kon’s head is a symbol of quincy. ishida put that to kon when he fix it. i remember it wat in erlier episode.”

    yea, that’s what I said – but he fixed Kon in the bounto’s arc!!!
    so I wonder, will that quincy mark stay for the next manga arc? it seems like it will stay for the movie.

  11. Amazing to see Rukia release her Zanpaktou, wonder what kind it is and the special attacks it has.
    The movie looks like a normal anime movie affair- heroine shows up and spends time with the hero who starts to like her.
    she gets taken away and the hero has to save her

  12. One thing I don’t understand, why the HELL didn’t Ishida fire that gigantic super arrow at Kariya? That way he could’ve saved Ran’Tao AND killed Kariya in one swoop.

    But I suppose simple logic like that is no match in the face of ‘ICHIGO SAVES THE DAY’.

  13. Yeah, I personally would have just fired the arrow at him. I mean if your going to lose your power do it and finish the guy off at the same time.

    But guess they were too eager to have Ichigo finish it off. Should only take a couple episodes then we move on.

    The movie looks interesting. Curious about what kind of power Rukia’s zanpaktou will have. It’s too bad it’ll be a while before we get to see the movie, but still good promo.

  14. Probably becuase it was using scenes for the movie which has higher quality images than the standard opening. I feel bad in a way. I had no idea there was a movie coming up before this opening.




  16. getting to see Rukia release her zanpaktou made my week… but
    Show Spoiler ▼

  17. Senna can’t be a long-term love interest, if she is that (and I don’t want her to be…Rukia all the way!) cause she’s a movie character only and not in the manga. It got me really excited to see the movie, but how long until it’s available subbed? Long way away I’m guessing…boo…

  18. LOL very true Viking, Damn filler Shinigami! No wonder your never going to actually be in the real non filler episodes! I mean come on they couldnt even outrun and kill a 5 year old with his eyes closed half the time. lol

    Rukia: I could have killed him

    Ichigo: damn it rukia you just got over killing your vice captain all those years ago

    Rukia: actually I’ll never get over it because everytime I see you, I think of him

    Ichigo: hey! wtf thats fucked up!

    Rukia: what? you look just like him!

    Ichigo: hows that my falt!

    *Rukia stabs him*

    Rukia: die die die!!! *twiches*

    Ichigo: no you killed me, I cant beleve you killed me…..

    *Rukia looks over at shingumi Ichigo*

    Rukia: YOU STILL LOOK LIKE HIM!! *her eyes get wide*

    Ichigo: hey wait a second!?

    *Rukia does her sword release and Ichigo is frozen*

    Rukia: bhahahhahaa oh wait, now I’m jaded cause I killed ichigo….

    *a random person walks by*


    Kariya: I do not…

    *Rukia does her 1st dance and frezes Kara and kills him too*

    *Filler ends*

    *All the bleach characters on screen*

    Rengi: deck the halls with bawls of rolly

    whole cast: ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra

    Ichigo: heres the season to be jarrry

    whole cast: ra ra ra rara rarara

    Rukia: thank you for tuneing in to the fillers bleach fans! Dont worry Ichigo isnt really dead, it is fillers after all, and anything that happans really doesnt matter at all…

    Ichigo: really?!

    Rukia: yes

    Ichigo: is that why I’ve bankai’ed so damn much?

    Rukia: yes

    Ichigo: is that why your not getting much air time?

    Rukia: yes

    Ichigo: is that why next season when u do, you’ll become everyones fav number 2 character?

    Rukia: no

    Ichigo: no?

    Rukia: I’ll be number 1! I’ll surpass you in the fans eyes cause even though everyone loves your hollow ichigo form they will see I’m the truely kool one cause my sword is so damn pretty.

    Ichigo: bullshit

    Rukia: hahhaa we’ll see soon I’ll have my own series, called umm Rleach

    Ichigo: Rleach?

    Rukia: ya R for Rukia

    Ichigo: thats the dumbest shit Ive ever heard in my life…

    *Rukia kicks him in the balls*

    Rukia: hummm? is it still dumb bitch humm?!

    Ichigo: yes

    *Rukia kicks him in the balls over and over again*

    Rukia: still?

    Ichigo: *coughs* oh I love Rleach!

    *Rukia starts singing the theme song*

    *when stars fall in the sky…..*





    *Ichigo is on the ground twiching from the horriable sound of rukia’s singing*

    Rukia: *when the sky goes up and down*


    Ichigo: no! not you too!

    Rukia: dadadada…dadada

    Rengi: dadadada..dadada


    Ichigo: this is another filler episode isnt it?

    Rukia and Rengi: yup!

    *Ichigo hops up*

    Ichigo: when you look down and there not around

    All three: YOU HAVE RLEACH!

    All Three: dadadada…dadadada….dadadada…dadadada

    *true end of fillers* 😛

    Btw I wonder if they’ll be a bleach xmas episode just before the new arc? This filler is going to end just in time for xmas. Or is that the true gift? lol

  19. hey chaosdemon06, that was pretty funny. To bad it probably won’t happen like that.

    I can’t wait until I can see the movie. I’m all for ichigoXrukia but it never hurts to throw in someone to mix things up.

  20. Did ANYONE notice how Ran’Tao’s hand was placed on the wrong side of her body? I mean, doesn’t the energy source come from the heart? And if so, then … she should have been clutching by her heart, she was clutching the opposite side. o.o…

  21. thanks anidragon ^^. How many people think this new girl in the movie is ichigo and rukia’s daughter, personally I think theres only 25 percent chance. No way the creator would give away rukia and ichigo hooking up and having a kid lol.

  22. This episode really got me thinking of Ishidas fight with Yoshi… Where he was basically a wuss… Hit her once… And she just dropped dead without even regenerating. Someone please explain why Kariya didn’t drop dead just as easy when Ishida was more focused and hit him several times where yoshi got hit.

  23. i can’t wait for the movie. bt idk bout senna being ichigo&rukia’s daughter. i don’t think it’s bleach’s thing to do time-traveling and stuff like that. bt honestly, it makes me feel good knowing that ppl say that senna is their kid coz i’m ichigo x rukia forever! 😀 hahahaha.

    hopefully if senna is a love-interest to ichigo in the movie it’ll make rukia jealous and bla bla bla and in the end it’s ichigo and rukia still. so yea, i’ll jus wait for it and see what happens. haha.

    and oh! did i mention Rukia’s Zanpaktou? this will be very interesting! weee…

  24. Oh lawd, i didn’t know that the op and ed was from the movie so i was like woah a new girl, and it looks like there will be some romance in bleach. But then i talked to a friend and he was like lol you noob, that’s from the movie. I was like “NO WAI!”, and he was like “YES WAI!”. Then i cried. T_t

  25. hmmm. im just waiting for a subbed version of the movie to bust out. because im so toally psyched!. XP keep in touch on tthis commetn forum if any more news breaks out on a subbed version released.

  26. okay first off all i have 2 say is that senna is not involved w/the series whatsoever!!
    okay??? i watched the movie and NO she is not their daughter (only i wish she would be)
    and it WILL not affect ichiruki!!! okay?? and they already show rukia’s zanpaktou in ep 117!! wait nvm, you guys posted a comment wayy back!!

  27. me gusta mucho la serie de bleach porque es muy interesante y divertida. el personaje principal se llama como yo y eso me gusta porque me llaman kurosaki.también me gusta que cuelguen los capítulos de los comics en youtube porque por ejemplo mi hermana pequeña en vez de leerlos los ve en youtuve.


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