As Mariya prepares to go to school, the thought of what Takako asked her last time about Mizuho makes her smile. The other girls have been concerned about her, but are relieved when Mariya appears to be back to her normal cheerful self. At school, preparations are being finalized for the festival, and Mariya’s class’s planetarium is up and running. Mizuho finds the cafeteria is full of people because, as Takako explains, the classrooms are full of preparations for the festival, so all the students have to come here to eat. Takako then invites Mizuho outside and gives him some sandwiches that she made. She gets embarrassed by his compliments on how delicious it is and continues to think about it after she returns to the student council room. Later, when they’re walking through the halls together, Takako and Mizuho get pulled into Mariya’s planetarium. When Mariya shows them a scene of shooting stars, Mizuho prays for the success of the play. Takako also prays for something and looks at Mizuho as she does.
After class, Takako warns Mizuho that it’ll get cold tonight, and he thanks her for her concern. On the way home, Shion tells him that she thinks Takako has changed since she decided to do this play. She feels that Takako probably likes him. Later that night, Mizuho is so into reading over his lines as he’s walking through the dorm that he almost falls down the stairs, though fortunately Mariya stops him in time. She gets him to practice a scene with her – a kiss scene – but when it comes time for the actual kiss, Mariya panics and pushes Mizuho away. On her way out, Mariya hurts herself running into the wall and has a bandage on her nose the next day – the day of the festival. Mariya’s job is to stand at the door and attract people to the planetarium, but she doesn’t do it very energetically until Hisako comes by and says something about it. Mizuho is meanwhile visiting Kana and Yukari’s classes, but soon it’s time for Kana’s play. With all the practice she got with Mizuho, Kana gives an impassioned performance in the love story. Watching it reminds Mariya of her own relationship with Mizuho, and by the time the play is over, Mizuho finds that Mariya is already gone from her seat. Mariya has actually gone returned to work at her class’s planetarium.
Next up is Romeo and Juliet. Backstage, Kei tells Mizuho to use his own judgment on the kiss scene, though she also reminds him not to forget what the audience wants to see. Mizuho then spots a nervous Takako, so he goes over and gives her a little push as a good luck charm to get rid of those uneasy feelings. The play starts without a hitch and progresses to the kiss scene where Mizuho fakes a kiss by landing it on Takako’s cheek. However, during the later bedroom scene, Takako doesn’t notice that her dress gets caught on a part of the bed, and it causes her dress to rip wide open on the front, exposing her underwear. Acting quickly, Mizuho shields her from the audience’s view with his cape. With Takako ready to scream from embarrassment, Mizuho kisses her on the lips at the same time that he uses the bedspread to cover her up. This kiss is seen by Mariya, who had decided to return to the auditorium. By the time the scene ends, the audience is cheering wildly and Mariya is gone again. Once it’s all over, Mizuho visits Takako in the dressing room to apologize, but she tells him that she’s not angry as she walks away. Her true feelings are more apparent when she returns to the student council room flustered and breathless from everything that happened.
Once the festival draws to a close early in the evening, Mariya finds herself back in the theater, sitting alone. She doesn’t like Mizuho surpassing her and being kind to everyone; she wants Mizuho to be kind to just her. Mariya is left to wonder if this means she likes Mizuho.

Well, from the looks of this, the end will definitely have Mariya vs. Takako as Mizuho’s choices. I think the series has been leaning Takako more than Mariya, so I think the ending will be like that too. Still, that doesn’t mean Takako is guaranteed to be the one. If there’s anything I learned from Canvas2, it’s that things can be turned upside down pretty quickly. Assuming we do go a Takako route though, she still needs to find out about Mizuho’s real gender and Mariya’s feelings also need to get resolved. Who knows, maybe Mariya will get a kiss too, and that’ll even things out. Still, I’m inclined to believe that the first girl Mizuho kisses will be the one he ends up with (if anyone). The problem is that they don’t have much time left because there are only two more episodes before the end. That’s assuming they don’t go with an “ano ne…” ending that leaves us hanging, waiting for the DVD original.
By the way, did you know they sell OtoBoku Chocolate Crunch?


  1. -Did you know they sell OtoBoku Chocolate Crunch?

    So, is that like supposed to be chocolate but once you start eating it you realize it’s actually vanilla? The world’s first food that’s a trap!

  2. Mizuho-kun… the choice is yours…
    Damn, I really like the Mizuho X Takako pairing, but I know I’ll be very sad for Mariya if that happens.

    Now it’s the time to consider threesome 😀

    Yagami Iori
  3. Well… here we go. Mariya plays hard to get, while Takako… less so, which confuses the choice for Mizuho somewhat.

    And you know what they say about pseudo-yuri, right? Makes the world go round and all? I want to see the DVD-only eps now, more so than ever…

  4. Well, the only question here is… can Takako handle the truth about Mizuho when she find out about she being a he? If she can do that… this is going to be a MizuhoxTakako ending…

    Syaoran Li
  5. Sorry to burst ur bubble, but Mizuho is a guy (based on the game) regardless of how good his body looks. That is unless, of course, they differ from the original plot line and alter his gender.
    Looks to me that it’ll be a Takako ending, they strayed too far from the other girls’ paths. But I could be wrong though…

  6. Finaly got the chance to see it.

    Well its pretty much Mariya and Takako, I would not exactly put Mariya out since she have the “childhood friend” advantage (that is pretty hard to beat) but I honestly had a problem with Mariya, she seems more concerned about Takako that Mizuho at the start of the episode and she rejected Mizuko kiss.

    Of course with 2 episodes away from the ending (I dont count ep 13 on DVD, most of the time they are nothing but a beach/hot springs fanservice episode) Takako have a few things to deal with … such as the fact Mizuho as far she knows is a girl, the fact Mizuho is a actualy a boy and also the fact their families are rivals (that may or may not be a issue).

    I think the biggest issue is Mizuho himself, as we can see Takako and Mariya having feelings towards him nothing shows he have much of a inclination for either … perhaps the next episode clears that up (it better, its not something that sould be left to the last one).

    Takako/Mizuko kiss cannot be made justice with just a image, you simply have to see it.

  7. If you think about other popular harem-anime, you’ll see that those girls that are in advantageous position compared to others quite late in the series are not often chosen by the main chara. Therefore I’m rooting for TrapMizuhoxMariya (^_^)

  8. mizuho x shion x takako x mariya = ” ORGY ” = ” SURUBA ” in my country 😀
    What I mean is:

  9. Problem Fodica is that neither one is on a advantageous position, only they are options (as the rest never developed to that stage).

    Takako is not in a “winning” position (only “promised girl” beats “childhood friend”, Takako is neither as Mariya is, also as the plot stand neither is exactly making a move) … I like tomboy girls but I have a hard time to see anything on Mariya outside big sister complex over Mizuho as Takako was developed over time and her falling with Mizuho leads to bigger issues, this is not exactly the standart yuri were we have girls having romantic relations with other girls and not ONCE the issue over same sex relations comes up.

  10. Takako is not in a “winning” position (only “promised girl” beats “childhood friend”.

    Thats pretty true.

    Anyway, I watched this anime because of Mariya and the unique guy that looks so much like a girl. SO yah, I hope its going to be Mayiya end…xD

  11. Too damn good to be real!

    The most important question here is… can Takako handle the truth if she ever learned from Mizuho? He isn’t doing something wrong; it was his grandfather’s wish for him to roller up on that school and, to my thinking, follows the steps of his mother. Maybe I’m letting run wild my imagination but, I think this is a plan for Mizuho, for his sake and the sake of his family. Let me put in this way: If he chooses Takako and she accepted him after learned the truth, both families can make a bound between each other and become one of the greatest companies in Japan. And if he chooses Mariya, his childhood friend, that decision will come from his heart from so many years spending beside her and be called “a strong love”.

    I’m happy this time, because I’ll be glad with whoever Mizuho chooses, if he made that decision of course. And don’t forget that damn episode 13 when the 7th DVD came out next year. Damn that system of 2-episodes per DVD when a series has 12 or 13 episodes.

    Syaoran Li
  12. Mizuho’s first kiss went to Shion actually, during the elder selection event. Mizuho kissed Shion on the forehead before he return to the crowd. And what does the preview say about the next episode?

  13. This is, by far the most obvious trap ever. I can see it now… *starts daydreaming*

    Director of Otoboku (while in his office counting cash):
    At last the final piece of my sai-kyou “trap” has been placed! My “Trap Tsundere+” Now “traps” WILL rule the anime industry! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha”
    *End of Daydream*

    I’m really looking forward to the next trap already…

    Syaoran Li:
    “Well, the only question here is… can Takako handle the truth about Mizuho when she find out about she being a he?”

    Maybe Takako will freak-out?

  14. Heh… I do wonder how this series will end… I was just watching this episode, got to admit the kiss scene is win… Especially the one line by, that one girl, Kei, I think, “Nice follow, Mizuho-san”. >_

  15. I look at this and I think… okay, so Mizuho kissed Takako first. But why her? Mariya is the childhood friend, and maybe that prevents him from being with her… or maybe it doesn’t. But Takako… is just like a random person. Isn’t she? >.>

    I still want to see Mariya with Mizuho… because it would be so sad if Mariya was left all alone.

  16. Well, Shion better makes a comeback in the next two episodes. Lots of Shion fans on this blog :p I won’t count out a 3 way battle just yet. When is the ep 13 DVD release date again?

  17. i really think that its Mariya’s ending since they’re just building tension for the finale. 😛 and if we base this on AoMM’s Harem Sabermetric and Stripey’s Harem-love Statistics then Childhood friend prevails because theres no promised friend, and the likely hood for classmate is pretty low

  18. hmm… reading all your comments… it’s really hard to see who wud come out wif Mizuho-chan… he mite be wif Takako… i tink.. hav u seen the OST A Luxury SOund? it has takako and mizuho as the cover..

  19. You know if you stop and look you can really see that Mizuho is a guy under all that “oh look at me I’m wearing a dress” stuff which really just makes him all the more cuter or should i say gayer lol!


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