Watching over a sleeping Konoka, Setsuna explains that she has sealed memories – happy ones from her childhood. She remembers how Konoka immediately named her “Secchan” when they first met and she had called Konoka “Konochan.” Setsuna had gone off to train and returned in front of Konoka at their junior high school entrance ceremony. Her family’s mission was to protect the Konoe family, and for that, Setsuna sealed off her past, including those happy times. When Konoka wakes up, she slips and falls, causing Setsuna to catch her and accidentally call her “Konochan” in the process. Setsuna apologizes for saying that instead of the normal “ojousama,” but Konoka is happy to be called that. Konoka even mentions a kiss and then laughs when Setsuna panics at the suggestion.
Meanwhile, Yue is confronted with a kiss proposal from the Black Rose Baron, but it turns out that he was kidding and just wanted to deepen the mystery around himself. After the Black Rose Baron makes his exit, Motsu appears and inquires about Yue witnessing Negi’s secret. Fortunately, Haruka, Negi, and Nodoka catch up with her – stepping on Motsu in the process – but then Yue runs away again. Negi meets up with the rest of his group, and they all fan out to look for Yue. Their search takes them all over the school, including the pool area, until Kaede finally catches sight of Yue in a hallway. Yue can’t go through with the kiss with Negi so easily and manages to trip Kaede so that she can make her escape. She ends up hiding in the bathroom and gets embarrassed when she finds a manga depicting a couple kissing.
Asuna’s search for Yue takes her to Chisame’s room, who happens to be working on her net idol site. Although Asuna doesn’t find out anything because Nodoka draws her off, Chisame’s secret is discovered instead by Ku Fei and Makie. At that time, Yue is consulting Chizuru about the kiss, and Chizuru feels that it is an issue of whether you like the person or not. Yue doesn’t have much time to take this in because she hears Haruna and Negi’s voices approaching, and she only manages to get away thanks to a back door provided by Chizuru. On Kamo’s suggestion, Negi and Haruna decide to bring out Haruna’s power because it could prove to be useful. He succeeds in pulling out a good card, and they find out that Haruna’s artifact is a sketchbook that makes anything drawn in it come to life. Unfortunately, this doesn’t really help them find Yue.
Somewhere outside, Yue is lying on the ground thinking about what Chizuru said. She knows that she doesn’t hate Negi and is also mindful of the fact that Nodoka has feelings for him. By chance, Motsu and Shichimi hear her mention magic and the kiss out loud, but she gets away from them by pretending to spot Sammo Hung. As Yue makes her way to Negi after finally having decided, Takamichi meanwhile has started fighting the dark blobs. However, the Black Rose Baron appears and tells Takamichi that he’s one step too slow right as a dark hand and a bright light cover him. Yue eventually manages to find Negi and immediately kisses him to form the provisional contract. At first, everyone is happy since Negi’s secret was protected, but Kamo suddenly realizes that almost all the other girls of the class are here. They had all been worried about why Negi’s group was searching for Yue and had witnessed everything that just happened.
To make things worse, Motsu and Shichimi appear in front of Negi and deliver the consequences of being exposed: they take away his magic capabilities and turn him into a small animal that Konoka thinks is a Chupacabra. In addition, they move the entire class to a castle location, leaving Negi at a loss for what to do.

Well that was an interesting twist. I didn’t think that Negi would ever be actually turned into an animal, never mind a Chupacabra. I want to see how he gets out of this one, and how many episodes he’ll remain like this. Taking a close look at that final scene, the only girls who appear to not have come are Evangeline, Chachamaru, Sayo, and Kazumi. Maybe some combination of those girls – Evangeline in particular – might come to Negi’s aid. If and when he gets his powers back, I also wonder if he’s still going to contract with all the other girls in the class or not. The official site shows many of the cards for those girls, so it’s seems likely that it’ll happen in some shape or form.
Still, the highlight of the episode was the SetsunaXKonoka part at the beginning. It doesn’t add to the overall plot any, but I always like seeing those two together.

Negima!? is one of the few series not taking a week or two off in the coming weeks, but that does not mean there aren’t any changes to the schedule. Episode 14 of Negima!? will be airing on Thursday, January 4th instead of the 3rd. This is not a permanent move, and so Negima!? will return to Wednesdays the week after that.


  1. hahahaha negi looks so cute as an ermine. they turned him into an ermine right? i’ll watch it now to make sure(just waiting for it to finish downloading), but this one really seems interesting >.

  2. …kinda off topic here but I just watched the 1st American released volume of Pani Poni Dash…

    …as usual the ADV dubbing is generally poor and they took a lot of liberties with the dialogue…BUT…

    …Ichijou is even more AWESOME in English than the original…

    …and I totally forgot that the Frog from Negima?! is also in PPD…

  3. Yeah, the two animal things turned Negi into a -thing- at the end before the entire class got sucked into EVIL SPACE or the like. Next week is Chachamaru, so I imagine an Eva/Chacha rescue is forthcoming. Also, drummer Nodoka was added to the ED.

  4. The second “clunker” of the new Negima series, as some potential character development for the Library Trio is ignored in favor of a search whose main purpose is to give screen time to the “non-Ministra Magi” students.

    Also, does anyone else think that SHAFT may be risking things by having a “cliffhanger to the final episode” ending at episode 12 of a 26-episode show. Shinbou better knows what he’s doing when it comes to having all of Negi’s students get stuck in the dark world this time around, as I don’t think most Negima fans will want everyone to have a Pactio with Negi halfway through the show’s run (although I have a feeling that all nine of Negi’s Ministra Magi will be in armor form next episode).

  5. Uhhh yeah. I like the part where, as more plot is introduced, it gets 263% more random just to disguise it.

    …huh. I can’t say I’m digging the plot anymore. Now I’m saying I’m still watching it as a fanservice/free weekly whatthefuckery. Not that that’s bad. It’s just that the plot is going downhill as things get more interesting (read: random)

    Doctor Ansem
  6. I actually liked the ending to this episode, as it was unexpected, and it makes me want to watch next week’s ep even more now. I think this is a good solution to the main problem of any Negima anime, and that’s having the girl’s learn more of Negi’s magic, so that the anime can focus more on the story later on. There’s 31 girl’s after all, so having every ep of the Season focus on a girl getting a pactio is sort of dull, because everyone knows that girl will make a pactio.

    Now that there’s only a handful of girl’s that don’t know, we’ll still see more Character episodes, just not a lot of them, giving us more time for a story at least. And of course we’ll still have episodes where 1 of the girl’s will be the “host”. So overall, it’s a nice ending to this episode, as it was unexpected.

  7. OK that’s it. Don fuck off, the rest of you shut up!

    I am not don! and im getting sick and tired of being compaired to that harrasser. I may not like Negima also but i at least tell the reason why i hate it. I don’t go around threatening the blogger. For God’s sakes people! Get off my back! I AM NOT DON!

    OK Shaft is fucking up even more. Negi was never turned into an ermine/chubacabra, we never get to see Haruna’s card in the manga, And i am still getting sick and tired of Shaft’s fucking up of the character designs. I just want to slap the person her through of changing the designs.

  8. The way you flamed, Hudson, convinced me. You ARE Don. Unless you can prove w/out a shadow of a doubt that you aren’t, don’t say another word about it….

    I don’t know what to say about this episode. except about the randomness of it all….O_O

  9. Oh dear. Well, since I haven’t watched the episode yet, I’ll have to make a partial review for now based on the screens…


    -Currently unavailable at this time.

    THE BAD:

    -Currently unavailable at this time.


    -Awww~~ You just GOTTA love Secchan and Konochan when they were young. > *nosebleed*

    -And what about the fact that everyone knows about Negi’s secret? I HOPE it doesn’t turn into a “first Negima finale”-style scenario.

    NOTES: (will be changed into a conclusion the next time I post)

    Well, forgive my language, but Negi’s in some deep shit now. Being turned into an animal is not exactly a good thing if you have an impending attack on you and your class, not to mention that Negi’s pretty much a liability if he can’t access those powers. And then we have those two creature-things (death to them, mwahahahahahahaha) that probably will be like “NOPE SORRY NO MAGICKS FOR j00, j00 PHAIL” if there IS an attack in which it is integral that Negi be able to use his magic.

    In other words, if the class is attacked and Negi can’t use his magic (and thus, can’t use his partner’s abilities), then he’s screwed, not to mention that…yes, everyone might get killed. THERE, I SAID IT!

    Cliffhangers, they plague me. 😛

  10. Er, wow.

    Missing something:

    -What’s with the creature covering Haruna’s womanly parts? Not that I mind, of course! But it’d be better if they were not there…

    And then comes the “nosebleed” part in my previous post. Sorry about that.

  11. @Hudson:
    >Negi was never turned into an ermine/chubacabra: Negima!? is not Negima(Manga)
    >we never get to see Haruna’s card in the manga:Negima!? is not Negima(Manga)
    The problem here is that you can’t seem to face the reality that all Negima!? has from the manga are base elements(premise, setting, characters), and plot, some story elements(like pactio cards) are different. I can’t tell you not to like the character designs because that is opinion-based. You feel so terrible whan you find they’re moving further and further from the manga’s plot. Don’t. This is not the Negima manga you are reading/watching.
    Back on topic:
    Surprising plot twist we have here. Negi lost his power(and is an animal), practically the whole class now knows he’s a mage, two animal things need to be erased by Haruna, childhood memories are good. Need this subbed, fast.

  12. Fuck you all!

    You guys have to realize when an anime is formed from a manga it has to at least follow the manga to a point. This piece of shit doesn’t even do that! Not even the chracter designs are remotly similar!

    If you must know the reason why i hate this shit so much listen up!

    I had actually been looking forward to this “2nd season” ever since i heard about it almost a year ago. I was so excited when i heard that Shaft was going to do it. I have seen many of Shaft’s work and all were supurb. I knew there were going to be some differeances from the Xbeac version, that was expected, but i was shocked and angered to find out they had totally remade the whole thing into a totally different story and look from the manga. The story is nowhere near similar to the manga and the characters have been redesigned. This is a big turn off to many people. This is the same reason why so many people bitch about Hellsing, Fushigi Yugi, and Sailor Moon. I hate what Shaft has done with Negima!? The total premiss of it is bullshit! There is one rule to making a good anime from a manga and that is to stay with the basic manga paramiters that it lays down. It’s ok to add and subtract a few things but you should NEVER totally remake it into something that it’s not! And that is exactly what Shaft has done with Negima!? They have taken one too many liberties with this and it repulses me to no end! NOW do you see why i hate this show so much! I find it insulting to Akamatsu’s work!

    The 2 movies i don’t mind as much becasue they are continuences for the origanl anime. The new manga i don’t have much of a problem with either becasue, although it’s a new story, it at least kept the character designs intact from the origanl manga.

  13. Where does it say that an anime must follow its manga in any way (asides from character usage)? Besides, you said “to a point.” Those who have a Pactio in both this series and the manga have the same powers. Evangeline and Negima had their little fight. That’s a few “points” right there.

    Another thing, there are anime based off manga that don’t have any relation story-wise. They’re either a continuation of the manga, alternate retelling, or a totally new story altogether.

  14. Negi being turned to Chupacabra just brings legitimacy that all his ministras are Chupa club members.

    Just goes to show Negi’s true nature as a blood sucker. (No not a vampire or lawyer)

    Just keep goats away from him.

    On another note:
    Why the heck does Yue have H manga in the bathroom?

  15. @Hudson

    You obviously haven’t been paying attention much. Everyone knew MONTHS in advance that Negima!? was going to be a completely original story, and that it wasn’t going to follow the manga. Therefore, many people, like me, were pretty much prepared that it wasn’t going to follow the manga whatsoever, and accepted it.

    Not every anime needs to follow the manga, and there are many examples of that. The First “Series” of the Negima anime didn’t really follow the manga either, and it still sucked due to it’s bad animation and bad storylines. There were less than a handful of good episodes from that Series, and that was pretty much it.

    If I had to compare, Negima!? would be the better choice. The animation is much better from the 1st Series, and has a better storyline. The only bad points that both Series share is that there are too many characters to cover with only 26 episodes.


    Got your attention, Hudson? This anime was set up at the beginning as something that wasn’t gonna be based off of Ken Akamatsu’s Negima but another story all together. It wasn’t supposed to follow Akamatsu’s Negima. And there are loads of people here who actually like this anime. You don’t, and that is ok. IT is not allright, however, to flame everyone who holds different opinions about something. This is the place where Omni posts his opinions, and likeminded people to either agree, or tactfully disagree, not to flame the blogger.

    You are giving us Negima fans a bad name. Please, just stop this nonsense.

  17. anyway guys just ignore Hudson/Don (they both live in another dimension were morons and retard like them cant even understand a single thing about the word not related to the original work/manga and its a spinoff and has its own twist of story )they just keep on pushing their own stupid thoughts (or they just wana show how stupid they can be)

    well as for Yue (waaa aint she cute in this episode)

  18. Either Hudson has amnesia or he’s just a dorky loli-pedo-fiend. He’s the one who said to me that this negima!? is an original story that, according to him, “SHAFT fucked up…”
    Christmas went to his head and froze his brain….
    And so Negi is in a pickle this holiday eh? That’s nice…
    Thanks for the link for the neo-patios OMNI!

  19. Well, now we can go on with the proper review now that I’ve watched it.


    As usual, the animation was good…what I found most intriguing is the fact that Negi was actually turned into an animal at the end of the episode, and also that nearly everyone in his class knows his secret now. Like mentioned in the posts and in the blog itself, a few key people like Evangeline and Chachamaru were absent during the little fiasco. I loved that scene in particular, although I’m worried if this will turn into a mass Pactio like in the last anime.

    THE BAD:

    Probably the only thing that disappointed me is how SHAFT portrayed Yue in this episode. Now, in the manga they made Yue show reluctance in that she ended up falling in love with the man she was helping Nodoka to pursue, and considering the world of teens today that’s perfectly understandable. But to have Yue not kiss Negi just because she didn’t want to detracts from the drama of the situation. I would’ve enjoyed it if they went into that particular aspect of Yue, but oh well. We get what SHAFT gives us, I guess…


    -Like I mentioned before, Setsuna and Konoka are so cute when they were younger. KonoSetsu fans rejoice! ^_^

    -Chamo, you idiot! NEVER mention whether or not the girls were Frenching Negi during the Pactios in front of Asuna!

    -The creatures covering Haruna during the Pactio were funny, though I wouldn’t mind if they weren’t there during that… *nosebleed*

    -Um, yeah. LIke I said before, I worry that there’s going to be a mass Pactio because nearly everyone found out about Negi’s secret.

    -Chachamaru putting the drink into her chest during the next episode preview = OMG SHAFT MUST BE ONE PIECE FANS!

    -Nodoka’s really talented with the drum at the end of the episode. ^_^


    Like I mentioned before severl times already, Negi’s students have found out, for the most part, about his secret. Though I wouldn’t mind under normal circumstances, I do worry that a mass Pactio in the middle of an episode might detract from the plot of the entire series. I should hope SHAFT knows how they’re going to proceed.

    Either way, the next episode should be an interesting tune-in. Chachamaru’s the central character in that, and though I normally don’t enjoy cliffhangers, this episode has enough to keep me wanting more. Will Negi remain in animal form? Where did the two creatures take everyone to? What, exactly, happened to Takamichi? And what role does the Black Rose Baron play in all this? Hopefully these will be partially (if not wholly) answered in the next episode. So much for a happy ending…

    Animation: 9.3/10
    Storyline: 10/10
    Direction: 8.7/10
    Music: 10/10
    Comedy: 7.4/10, only because comedy was few and far between in this episode
    Performance: 10/10

    Overall score: 9.2/10

  20. P.S. Hudson…

    “Negima!? (ネギま!?, Negima!??) is an alternate retelling of the manga series Negima!: Magister Negi Magi. The anime began airing on October 4, 2006 in Japan and is accompanied by a new monthly manga series by Fujima Takuya called Negima!? neo. Both series feature the same characters and locations. However, this series has a different story than the original. The new storyline explains the addition of punctuation to the title.”

    Really, you don’t know this? How pitiful.

  21. whatever else I think of this series… lots of lovely Setsuna x Konoko moments, *very* lovely Yue hair moments…

    I like Doctor Ansem’s remark from above “fanservice/free weekly whatthefuckery”
    The whole series is just a pile of omake with a 3 second plot line. I’m still having a good time watching it… but definitely will look forward to anyone who takes a stab at the series again in the future.

  22. I personally thought this episode was awesome, even though I didn’t understand much of it until I came here for the synopsis. 🙂 It was definitely a twist that was good enough to make me want to see the next episode even more.

    As for Don/Hudson/WHOEVER it is (I really dont care at this point)…there’s really no point in arguing with him. It’s obvious that he ISN’T going to change his opinions about the show no matter what we say to him. WHY he still comes here just to bash the show is probably because he just loves to piss everyone off and make us all yell at him. Most likely just does it for his own entertainment. I just say we ignore it as much as we can, no matter how much it irritates us. *shrug*

    Anyways…keep up the awesome blogging, Omni. This is great!!! 😉

  23. Man, after re-watching this episode, I felt compelled to mention some things that I WISH I’d noticed the first go-around…

    What I find curious is that Shimichi and Motsu are ALWAYS there when Negi screws up, and never anywhere else around him unless it’s because they are sleepin/living in the same room. If you noticed, it seems that the two odd creatures actually ANTICIPATE that Negi screws up. Now, go back through the anime and look back at all the times they were “conveniently” in the background after a major battle or after one of Negi’s students found out his secret. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m willing to bet that either Shimichi and Motsu ARE, in fact, the masterminds behind the Star Crystal robbery, or they know the person behind it.


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