In the aftermath of the battle against Kariya, Ichigo gets his wounds healed by Inoue. Rukia also got healed, but she’s sleeping since she needs some more time to recover. Renji confirms that Seireitei formally admitted to the existence of the Bount, which ends up being the opposite of Kariya’s goal of trying to erase that existence. He and Ichigo then start arguing, but they get interrupted by the arrival of Byakuya, who tells Ichigo to go back home to the real world. After Byakuya moves on, Rukia wakes up from the commotion and joins Ichigo and Renji. In his reflections about what happened, Ichigo remarks that Kariya couldn’t endure seeing the Bount history repeated and feels that living so long isn’t easy. For Kariya, history was not a line stretching forward, but rather a circle turning round and round. He was just trying to break off from that. Thinking about this, Rukia remembers when she first got assigned to Karakura Town in the real world before she met Ichigo. Renji is also reminiscing about the past to that very same day when he achieved his vice-captain status. Ikkaku had suggested he go tell Rukia, but Renji had decided to wait until Rukia came back from her new assignment.
During all this, Koga wakes up in Rantao’s underground home. He had apparently survived the attack from Captain Hitsugaya and had been brought there secretly by Yoruichi. Upon learning that Kariya is dead, Koga says that if it is the fate of the Bount to perish, then he can only accept it. Rantao then notes that she’d like to hear about the Bount from the last one still alive since she doesn’t want to go back to Seireitei. As Yoruichi leaves, Koga asks her to thank Ichigo for stopping Kariya. Meanwhile, Ichigo departs from the Sixth Division and finds Kon sneaking around outside. Ichigo tells Kon that they’re about ready to leave Soul Society and that Rukia is going to stay here to recover. When Kon wishes he had more power to impress Rukia, Ichigo thinks about how Kariya’s power only served to bury Kariya in the end. He realizes that Kariya wanted the power to change fate whereas he himself wanted a turn of fate. As he recalls his life before he got his Shinigami powers, he remembers how he felt that his powerlessness was the one thing that wouldn’t change. Ichigo now thinks that fate is like a set of gears, and they are the sand that gets crushed between them. He wonders if his power is to crush fate or if he’s going to get swallowed up by his powers like Kariya was. Feeling that it’s no use thinking about it, Ichigo decides to just use this power to protect everyone.
When Ukitake finds Ichigo standing there, Ichigo explains that he was thinking about why Kariya obtained power. Ukitake comes to the same conclusion about Kariya wanting to break free of the circle of history, but also he suggests that even if it is the repetition of the same thing… Ichigo proceeds to finish Ukitake’s sentence by saying that it’s not so bad if one has friends. Back at the Sixth Division, Rukia is wondering to herself if history turns round and round or if it extends forward. If history is the former, then should they break from it or be resigned to it? Although Rukia misses Ichigo, Sado, Inoue, and Ishida’s departure from Soul Society back to the real world, she’s still grateful to Ichigo for everything and hopes to see him again. Unbeknownst to all of them, a new figure has appeared in Karakura Town.


As expected, this episode serves as a transition between arcs to wrap things up and set up the new arc. It’s not an entirely clean wrap-up of the Bount arc since not all the Bount are dead. Koga’s survival shouldn’t be too big of a surprise since his body wasn’t shown in the previous episodes and since he seemed the most rational of the Bount. I assume they’ll just ignore that he’s around from now on since the next arc won’t really be taking place in Soul Society. I also think that the issue of Ririn and the other mod souls meanwhile might be dealt with when Ichigo sees Urahara again since I doubt that they’re going to be written into this next arc.
And of course, we’re definitely returning to the manga for the next arc since Shinji has now appeared. I thought they did a great job weaving in the flashbacks of Rukia in Karakura from the first episode and then mirroring them using Shinji at the end here. It’s a nice touch that really said to me that we’re now starting the second important storyline to Bleach. And judging from the preview, we’re going to get right into the thick of things, and that should introduce one of the big surprises I’ve been looking forward to seeing animated (i.e. what happens in the chapters titled “Tell Your Children The Truth” and “THE CIGAR BLUES PART TWO”).


  1. Yay for Maihime death rules >.>”

    Anf… Shinji is here lol…. erm… I dont really remember “Ishida runing from hollow” wasin manga in this arc >.>” *rushes off to reread that manga part*

  2. oi oi! If this is truly the end of the Bount arc, what whould happen to Ririn, Claude, and Nova? Will they stay in Soul Society or will whey be written out of the anime(don’t forget about Koga)?

  3. Filler characters FTW!

    But if Koga is alive, that has to mean something don’t you think?

    Well, finallly the manga-storytaling is back but, I’m not sure that someone is going to subb this think quick…

    Well, Bleach is back in teh road.

    Syaoran Li
  4. Lol. Now that I think about it, there wasn’t a serious hollow encounter the entire bounto arc, huh.

    It’s nice to see em again, although I didn’t mind the bounto arc that much.

  5. Show Spoiler ▼

    That would be solving the loop about the filler characters meddling with the manga storyline.

    And My-Otome all the way to the end with the dying rules.

  6. @Guido. Theirs no way the mods are staying with Ran’Tao. Proof look at the pic were Ichigo and co are going threw the attention at Chad’s shoulder……Nova O.o

    Kurosaki Ichigo
  7. Yeah, Ishida did, indeed, get chased by a hollow. Remember, he is powerless.

    For those who haven’t read the manga, I shall spoiler tag this.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  8. Can’t believe how exhilarated I am to see that the fillers are finally over. Now Bleach can start the new arc proper, gosh, really excited about the upcoming characters who are gonna make their appearances, 🙂

  9. I have to admit that I am surprised by all the celebration of the fillers ending. I didn’t think the fillers sucked that bad (certainly not as much as Naruto fillers).

    Koga alive? Maybe he’ll reappear in a future filler arc if it’s needed… Why else would the anime producers keep him alive? Perhaps Koga alive isn’t all too surprising, considering that in anime, you can’t assume the character is dead unless there’s true evidence of it.

    Wow, that picture certainly does look like Hinamori.

  10. Yeah, that rly looks like Hinamori, how come so many didn’t notice that? Some manga stuff: Show Spoiler ▼

  11. @tokmoh – you are mistaken about the timeline in this episode. the appearencce of hinamori is from Renji’s memeories before this series started, so episode 00 if you like ^_^

    Elegant Destruction
  12. @ Muhi_kira
    all flashbacks are taken from manga Chapter 00 (that is omake released together with bleach volume 13). It explains some things day BEFORE the events of chapter one. so all things except bounts and mod souls were from manga ;]

  13. Huh. I don’t know if parts of this were canon or not, but this filler episode was worth all the bad filler episodes – of which there weren’t really all that much. I liked the looks into Rukia and Renji’s pasts, Rukia’s assignment especially. Oh and that segue into the new, manga storyline was a treat. They added Kariya as a reason for Ichigo’s…uhh, just like they added Yoshino as a reason for Ishida to want more power, cool. Anyway, can’t wait until the new arc.

  14. @arcanes – If you’ve seen the Opening 5 sequence, you’d know that there’s no Bount in the opening. It’s mostly Arrancar arc, including Aizen, Ichimaru, Hollow Ichigo, etc. However, they have been showing the Memories of Nobody OP/ED sequence much more than I thought they would. Maybe that’s what you’re referring to?

    I’m kinda surprised they’re still showing the Memories of Nobody OP/ED sequence even now. I hope they revert back to the normal OP5 sequence next episode.

    While there isn’t gonna be a new OP next episode, there will be a new ED theme next episode.

    #10: “Sakura Hiyori” by Mai Hoshimura


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