OP: 「Fateful Encounters」 by YURIA
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Full recap this week, with Rin first introducing how the human world became connected to the god world and the devil world 10 years ago. The majority of the episode focuses on Rin talking about each character with scenes from the original series. The order he goes in is himself, Kaede, Shia, Eustoma, Forbesii, Nerine, Primula, Asa, Ama, Itsuki, Mayumi, and finally Benibara.


ED: 「Innocence」 by 橋本みゆき (Hashimoto Miyuki)
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Although the ED is exactly the same, the new OP was animated somewhat differently. I say somewhat because a good part of it was just shots from various episodes we’ve already seen. Still, there was that shot of Primula sprouting wings and the focus on the girls. The new YURIA song is pretty catchy, and I like it about as much as the original OP.

Well, this was to be expected given how early reports said this show would be doing exactly what it did. I have no idea when they’re going to start showing new stuff, but they have promised it. Next week is supposedly the first part of the Kaede story.
Unfortunately, one of my worries was confirmed. Looking at the end of the episode and comparing it with SHUFFLE! Episode 11, it would seem that this season is going to be censored by things like fog.


  1. So it’s basically a recap episode? That kinda sucks. Now we have to wait another week for the real episode.

    >>it would seem that this season is going to be censored by things like fog.

    As long as it isn’t the stupid police tape censors, I can somewhat accept fog…reluctantly.

  2. How many episodes is this supposed to be? If it had the same end with a little new content I don’t think I will be following this show. I agree that I rather have fog than the ungly tape.

  3. Excellent.. Shuffle! was an excellent anime in my opinion and a second season would definately be nice to see.. I plan on writing detailed episode reviews as soon as I have the time over at Anime Alcove, but it’s up in the air right now.. My blog is just starting out and I’ve already got so much to write about!

  4. Hopefully they will release uncut DVD’s

    but almost all the nudity in Season 1 was appropriate meaning it didn’t seemd forced everytime.

    But pantyshots are another story

  5. Sounds like “fog to be removed for DVD” shenanigans… but yes, it is better than those stupid police line tapes (which just detract from an otherwise fairly decent story).

    I’m expecting zippo to avoid disappointment here… I’ve heard some noise that either predicts:
    1) some post 1st season storyline focusing on each girl in sequence.
    2) a retelling of the basic story from each girl’s POV with some occasional new footage.

    Either way, when the DVDs are released each one or two will be focused on a particular girl (or thats the speculation anyway). Whatever…

  6. Well, first ep seems like a summary of what happen from the original Shuffle! hm? Quite a rough summary IMO. Still, this is only ep. 1 so we haven’t seen the best part of it yet.

  7. Well, I finally watched the episode myself. I think this is just going to be the original shuffle, just made safe for broadcast TV with some new footage and not a second season or a remake. I was glad to see Benibara Nadeshiko sensei again, she is my favorite character.
    this “Remake” just make me want to go and dig out my Shuffle DVD to rewatch the original again.

  8. most of this will be a compilation with two episodes for each girl. only the last episode will be new and there’s rumors of a different ending (maybe harem or orange end).

    since the creators of the game didn’t like what they did to orange, it looks like the compilation will be removing shots of the empty pot.

    only things to look forward to until the last episode are the new special ops for each girl.

  9. Going with the manga ending… or a true polygamous ending would probably satisfy more fans though Asa fans might just spontaneously combust.
    Myself, I’d prefer a Sia+Nerine+Kaede ending (which the whole series premise and much of the plot line seemed to scream out for it…

  10. the wings on primula just reminded me of the Op for innocent venus…
    >>>“this “Remake” just make me want to go and dig out my Shuffle DVD to rewatch the original again. ”

    it didnt for me cause i hunted down copies of shuffle (i live in canada) and when i did find some all the character names had been changed to chinese stuff (rin=bing?) so….after watching that i dont think i can last through an episode without calling kaede feng again XD


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