Somewhere in the Hollow world, a familiar-looking Hollow breaks free of his mummification and utters the name of Kurosaki Ichigo. Having returned to the real world, Ichigo is reunited with all of his friends, including Tatsuki. She notices that he’s wearing something and asks about it, so Ichigo assumes she’s talking about the charm his father gave him. However, she’s actually referring to the Shinigami combat license that humans aren’t supposed to be able to see. But before they can talk about it further, their teacher comes in and starts class. As their teacher is talking about a new transfer student, Ichigo’s license suddenly detects a Hollow. When Ichigo, Sado, and Inoue all take off from class to go fight it, Tatsuki sees Ichigo leaving school in his Shinigami garb. After destroying the Hollow, Inoue notices that Ishida didn’t come with them, but Ichigo feels that she doesn’t have to worry about him. In any case, the group returns to class in time to hear the introduction of new student Hirako Shinji, though Ichigo leaves again soon after because the license goes off again with a Hollow detection.
With Ichigo and the rest at school during the day, Ririn and the other Mod-Souls have taken up residence over at Urahara’s shop since their job as Bount Sensors is over. Later that night, Ichigo is alerted to another Hollow, so he goes out in Shinigami form and puts Kon in his body for the time being. After finishing off the Hollow, Ichigo is confronted by Kurumadani Zennosuke, the substitute Shinigami in charge of Karakura Town. Ichigo tries to show him the combat badge, but someone suddenly appears behind him: Shinji. Ichigo acts quickly and is able to block Shinji’s attack, but the guy tells him to be quiet and keep down his spirit power lest someone sense it. However, at this moment, two Hollows have appeared in the world: one near Ishida and another near Ichigo’s real body. The latter one wears a familiar mask and has his sights on Ichigo’s body, not knowing that it’s actually Kon inside. Upon being attacked, Kon identifies his enemy as none other than the Grand Fisher.
Ichigo is meanwhile demanding to know who Shinji really is. In response, Shinji pulls out a Hollow mask and points out his own zanpaktou, explaining that he is a Shinigami who went into the world of the Hollows. He calls himself a Vizard and since he feels that Ichigo is the same, he asks Ichigo to come with him. During this time, Ishida has started attempting to fight the Hollow after him with some special tools he kept on him that he can still use without his Quincy powers. He manages to blow off the Hollow’s left arm with special canisters, but the Hollow simply regenerates. Ishida then tries to use some trees to swing around, but finds that the top half of the Hollow has disappeared. With the Hollow actually behind him, Ishida realizes too late the two halves of the Hollow are actually two different Hollows. He’s about to get hit with the upper Hollow’s tongue, but someone suddenly fires and shoots that tongue off. This person, who refers to Ishida by his first name Uryuu, calls Ishida’s appearance unsightly. Ishida recognizes this person is Ryuuken, and his father comments on how Ishida hasn’t changed because he still calls his father by his first name.

New ED:

ED10: 「桜日和」 (Sakura Hiyori) by 星村麻衣 (Hoshimura Mai)
Watch the ED! Mirror 1 Mirror 2
The new ending is song is a rather nice ballad that pairs perfectly with all the sakura imagery they show in the ED sequence. Obviously there’s some spoilers in there for people who aren’t acquainted with the manga, but I thought it reflected what’s in store for this arc very well.
Oh yea, I should note that they returned to using the original animation sequence for Rolling Star in this episode.

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve been this excited about Bleach. There’s just so much good story that’s upcoming, and I don’t even remember all of it because it’s been so long since I read this part of the manga. This episode follows the manga pretty well, but there are of course some changes. One of the main ones is the addition of Ririn and company to explain what they’re doing (basically nothing) while all this is going on.
Shinji is everything I imagined he’d be, from his Kansai-ben (voiced by Onosaka Masaya) to that creepy grin of his. Ryuuken meanwhile is someone we’ve seen before, but not like this. Aside from his entrance that shows he has Quincy powers, they changed back his hair color to a lighter blue – compared to the darker color it was last time we saw him.
The preview for next week only shows Ishida and his father, which is a good thing because it doesn’t spoil what else is coming. 🙂


  1. Can’t wait till the subs

    Only by watching the screencaps make me excited. I have stopped watching the eps after eps70. I still downloaded the eps, but just didn’t get excited to watch it. But just seeing these screens I get all excited 😀


  2. *foams at the mouth* Dear god I cannot WAIT for this to be subbed!!! *scanning through screencaps* soooo much going on and so quickly! I am very excited about this upcoming arc.

  3. same here omni. i wish i hadn’t watched the bount arc which was a total waste of time. hope they’ll be able to make this arc as good as the soul society arc. looks promising at least except for having ririn and co. back at urahara’s. however, the bount arc ending in soul society can be considered in many ways practical… can’t wait til next ep. d’you think the manga is better at this point?

  4. Very cool…Hmm I’m thinking that we get about 26 eps before next filler arc…or they are stuffing something between eps or just prolong some eps. I’m guessing its very long shot that they finish manga soon…

  5. “The preview for next week only shows Ishida and his father, which is a good thing because it doesn’t spoil what else is coming.”

    Of course, you spoil the exact thing you’re talking about in the second screenie of the new ED… ^_^

    I implore anyone who has yet to read the manga, or spoil themselves otherwise, NOT to download the ED, or look too closely as the screencaps of it, until the end of the next episode. The specific thing that will happen next episode that Omni is alluding to with his last line, and which the animators specifically avoided noting in the preview (but which they spoiled the hell out of in the ED), is a true jaw-drop revelation, and is 100x more enjoyable if you don’t see it coming.

    Spoilers for it should be avoided at all costs. Trust me on this.

  6. So some Shinigami go to school huh? Looking good in those uniforms!! Can’t wait, it’s gotten me really excited about Bleach since the fillers started. I think it’ll most likely be like it was before, about 60+ eps of this new arc and then, depending on where we are with the manga, more fillers to keep the anime airing while the manga advances. Anyway, I just hope there are no fillers too soon, cause 45 eps. of filler was sad and empty days for me.

  7. also i cant wait tell naruto return and i will have naruto bleach deathnote and code geass anime now is in one of its best era ever
    anime is the best thing in the world people who dont know anime dont know what they are missing in their short life i looove japanese animation

  8. They showed about 3 chaps 183-185 and manga is now at 258 so if they keep this up then its about 31 eps excatly to same point where they are then ;). There’s just not that much story to keep it just two chaps per ep I think. Maybe 39 tops even with prolonging fights, but then they are too close already without fillers…

  9. My best guess as to how long this Manga-Arc will last will be up until

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Then it will go in to another filler arc after the current Manga arc is done, then will alternate filler-manga-filler-manga-filler-manga, etc. etc.

    And I can’t wait to see this subbed!

  10. However, the problem I see is that I don’t know how they could come up with another filler arc Show Spoiler ▼

    While it’s nice to see the Arrancar arc being animated, I’m worried that they may have animated it a little too soon. It doesn’t take anime long to catch up to its manga counterpart since one episode can easily go through 2-3 chapters. They could do more Don Kanonji and friends episodes like they did in the Soul Society arc, but I don’t think fans would love to see that too often. I hope that the Bleach anime staff know what they’re doing.

    The ending song was a really good song, in my opinion. It easily is one of my more favorite ending themes in Bleach. Whatever path Bleach takes, I should enjoy the Arrancar arc, especially since it’s got some enjoyable fights in it.

  11. GASP YAY no fillers, can’t wait till it’s subbed.
    ED by Hoshimura Mai!!?!?!?! THE PERSON WHO DID “MERRY GO ROUND” OMGOMGOMG I LOVE THAT SONG and THIS song tooo =D!!! omg can’t WAIT~~~~~~ sub faster x3!!

  12. Well, this arc is pretty good, so I have good expectations! Of course, the current arc right now sucks (so pointless), but let’s hope there’s no backlash for now since the fillers have ended…

  13. omgomgomg Bleach is back!!!

    as for the question of this arc being animated too soon for the manga to still stay ahead, i think the anime would prolong each episode to fit with 1 or 2 chapters of the manga by putting filler scenes inside each episode.

  14. Replying to RC: Yes, that’s why they still had one Bounto Left Alive…

    But who cares, we get to watch our favourite anime with no fillers again! That’s just GREAT!! 😀 I’m eagerly waiting for the AWESOME appearance of *Cant Spoil* the 6th Espada Arrancar~ Just totally COOL

  15. Oh yes, they are using the same people that did the Soul society arc for the manga continuation. You can tell because now there is a proper shadow under the neck instead of the ungly shadow used in the bounto arc.

  16. hehehe only 3 more episodes until rukia comes back in episode 114.

    heres the new episode list so far released

    Shock! The Fathers’ True Identity
    Kyougaku! Oyaji tachi no shoutai 「驚愕!親父達の正体」
    The Commencement of War, the Vizards and the Arrancars
    Tatakai no hajimari, kamen no gunzei to yabu men 「戦いの始まり、仮面の軍勢と破面」
    Prelude to the Apocalypse, the Arrancar Offensive!
    Sekai houkai he no jokyoku, ARANKARU shuurai 「世界崩壊への序曲、アランカル襲来!」
    Reunion, Ichigo and Rukia
    Saikai, Ichigo to Rukia 「再会、一護とルキア」
    Identical title as episode 41

    Grandfisher is done, lol cause ichigo’s dad is goin to killum in the next episode.

    Rukia’s sword release should be here soon, though she has to go back to the soul society with inowaie and train then come back ahead of her then she does her sword release unless they deside to skip that lol. We’ll see. Looks awasome so far ^^

  17. I started watching Bleach recently within the last two weeks up to the current episode. The series is quite impressive compared to other shounen titles (I watch Naruto too but the fillers killed my interest in the series). Who knew the ending would be full of spoilers.

  18. The preview for next week only shows Ishida and his father, which is a good thing because it doesn’t spoil what else is coming.

    Didn’t the new ED do that and then some?

    Anyway, I hope the dolls are involved with atleast some of the main plot

  19. Man, and here I thought that once the fillers are over this anime would just magically turn back into a good one. And damn me if it didn’t. This was THE best episode I have seen since the fillers started. I think that Bleach once again is something to look forward to.

    Good Job!

  20. This episode was good. Lots o cliffhangers.But why oh why must they still retain those filler characters in the arrancar arc. Those mod souls(with the exception of kon,he owns!) should be killed off. I sure hope they don’t make any more appearances. I also hope Ichigo and Co. don’t make any heavy references to those BOUNTS. They should follow the manga scene for scene and not incorporate junk like those mod souls staying in urahara’s shop into the anime.

  21. OMG!!!!!!!! I just finished watching the episode and OMG again!!!!!!!!!
    To ‘paperlights’ about Ishida, same here! All attention was fixed on the computer! And even more so when Ryuuken showed up. Man, I have no life… I love Ryuuken, and I cna’t wait for more of him! lol.
    And the lovely surprise that should appear in the next episode (the one that’s spoiled by the second screenie fo tehe nding, but hey.)

  22. Jemi Rose at 12:42 pm on January 13th, 2007
    Man, the series is getting better and better! Though, with the absences of Rukia, I hope that the future episodes will let her come back.

    Check episode title #114 as the answer to your question, and rejoice!!


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