Demonstrating on the Hollow, Ryuuken shows that all Ishida needed to do was destroy it before it could regenerate. Uryuu is more amazed at the fact that his father has Quincy powers since he supposedly hated Quincys. Ryuuken, however, remembers that what he had told Uryuu a long time ago was that he had not interest and that Uryuu had no talent – unlike his son, his own powers don’t disappear so easily. Bringing out his Quincy Cross, Ryuuken explains that he inherited every technique and power from Ishida Souken and was called the last Quincy. When the other Hollow suddenly attacks, Ryuuken is able to react immediately and destroy it with one blast. He then shocks his son even more by proclaiming that he can restore Uryuu’s powers. However, he has one condition: Uryuu must swear to never again have anything to do with the Shinigami.

Meanwhile, Kon is being chased across town by the Grand Fisher who doesn’t know that it’s not really Ichigo in that body. In avoiding the fist of the Grand Fisher, Kon falls off the side of a building, but he is saved by Nova and the other mod souls. After Kon gets teased by Ririn, the Grand Fisher finds him again and sends him on the run. The mod souls decide to help some more by creating an illusionary world around the Grand Fisher and having Claude transform into Ichigo’s Shinigami form. Claude tries to fight the Grand Fisher, but ends up getting knocked back into Ririn and Nova. This causes the illusion to end, and so Kon flees again, this time alone. Getting tired of waiting for Kon to turn into a Shinigami, the Grand Fisher catches Kon and is about to crush him when a force field stops his hand – one generated by the protection charm. It is at this moment that Ichigo’s father Isshin shocks Kon by appearing in full Shinigami garb.

Across town, both Shinji and the real Ichigo sense a powerful spiritual pressure. Shinji can tell that it’s a Shinigami, but he doesn’t know who, and while he’s thinking, Ichigo jumps away. When Shinji tries to stop him, Ichigo affirms that he’s a Shinigami – not one of the Vizard’s comrades – and then continues on his way. With Ichigo gone, Shinji calls up someone named Sarugaki on the phone and explains that he failed his mission. The person on the phone starts to yell at him, but Shinji then says that it’s only a matter of time, so they should be patient. Back at the Grand Fisher, Isshin has formally introduced himself and now tosses Kon the charm again. He even refers to Kon as “Kon” and reveals that he knew Kon wasn’t Ichigo from the very beginning, pointing out that he never once called Kon “Ichigo.”

The Grand Fisher then smashes his fist into the concrete and says that he has no interest in Isshin. The Hollow only wants to kill Ichigo and demands to know where he is. Claiming that he doesn’t know, Isshin tells the Hollow that he’s going to kill him even if the Grand Fisher doesn’t have any interest. Hearing this, the Grand Fisher unleashes his full power and grows into an even bigger beast than before. When the Grand Fisher calls himself an Arrancar, Isshin knows that it’s a group of Hollows that have tried to remove their masks to gain Shinigami powers. The Grand Fisher then pulls out his enormous zanpaktou and boasts that the size of the sword represents a person’s spiritual power. Arrancar and Shinigami swing at each other, and in the aftermath, Isshin explains that all Captain-class Shinigami can control the size of their zanpaktou because otherwise everyone would have swords the size of buildings. As a tear forms across the chest of the Grand Fisher and the Arrancar falls, Isshin finishes the battle by saying that one can’t measure his opponent’s strength by the size of their zanpaktou.


I was so excited to be able to see Isshin finally as a Shinigami, but that mood was instantly killed when I saw Ririn and company being involved in the story. I had thought that their involvement would have ended last week, but that’s clearly not the case. If I had to guess, I would say that they added them to increase the length of the arc so that they don’t catch up to the manga as fast. Case in point, this episode manages to cover only two chapters with the addition of the Mod Soul parts instead of the three manga chapters they normally get through.
Animation quality was across the board too, though that’s not reflected in the screencaps since I tend to choose ones that look better. It started off really well with Ishida and his father, but the entire chase scene with Kon looked like another animation team was working on it, and it didn’t really get better until Isshin appeared.
Having said all that though, Isshin was still very very cool. I can still remember how much this twist surprised me back when I was still casually reading the manga over a year ago (casually means not reading it weekly). The revelation that Isshin knew who Kon was all along just made it even more impressive and also made me wonder how far ahead Kubo Tite planned this story or if it just worked out perfectly this way.
Next week, the introduction of Hiyori!


  1. They will probley “kill off” the mod souls in the next couple of episodes…or the mod souls can be used for the occasional humor. After all the story is about to get much more intense 😀

  2. whoooo!! this is great! yay!!! Hiyori’s turn to appear next week!! can’t wait!! just few episodes more, then the espadas will appear on the screen!! 🙂 haha! though I hope that they will not put some damn fillers in between. XD
    and oh, Ririn and company still there? maybe they will be killed by one of the espadas as the story goes on.. hehe, just a wild guess. XD

  3. @Gil: Shinji is…well…you probably need to watch further or just read the manga. It’s hard not to mention to much spoils you know.

    -> Another good episode. It’s a good thing that Bleach is following the manga storyline now unlike a certain anime *cough* Naruto *cough*.

  4. Show Spoiler ▼

    Meh. I didn’t expect to see Ririn and Co in there, but whatever tries to stall it…

  5. Yeah, they seriously need to get rid of the mod souls somehow or make them disappear for a good long while. I was looking forward to Isshin versus Grand Fisher as an Arrancar and it took all of three seconds. It was funny to see Isshin telling Kon that his parenting is like Night and Day when it comes to Ichigo and his daughters…
    I’m still happy the fillers are over, but please mod souls…go live far, far away. I just wanna see Nova’s face before they go though, I think he might be hot. Looks like we see Sarugaki Hiyori next ep. Can’t wait!

  6. i wonder if ichigo’s dad isshin knows that grand fisher is the hollow that killed his wife. i thought the hollow would at least taunt him or something like he did ichigo. geee that was way too fast :'(

  7. Of course ichigos dad knows grandfisher is the hollow that killed his wife. Why else would he deside to appear and kill a hollow when he usually leaves it to ichigo and his friends. Fact is he let his son fight grandfisher the 1st time to get stronger, and to show it wasnt ichigos falt his mother died. When grandfisher appeared again he probley noticed ichigo was busy with a unknown power so he desided meh I’ll just do it myself. Damn thing killed my wife anyway.

  8. for me the episode was bad. I don’t care about how many chapters a week the anime is,just don’t bring the fillers things in the middle of manga story!!!!!. you can do 25 episode of manga story and then 25 of filer. I don’t care just don’t ruin the manga like this episode!!!.
    btw: bleach needs some music. things will be much better if they could play background music when things get interesting.

  9. This episode, for the most part, was really good. Nova zipping up and covering his face like that made me laugh; every time he does that, I just can’t help but find that hilarious.

    Isshin pwning the Grand Fisher Arrancar was neat, but seeing Isshin in action for only a few seconds only makes me want to see Isshin in action more. Show Spoiler ▼

    The only complaint I had for this episode was Ichigo’s face. Even the Ichigo that was really Claude looked pretty bad. Thankfully, most animation studios fix this sorta thing when it comes out on DVD, but I really hope they don’t make mistakes like that too much.

    Next episode is Hiyori… that should be entertaining.

  10. This episode, for the most part, was really good. Nova zipping up and covering his face like that made me laugh; every time he does that, I just can’t help but find that hilarious.

    Isshin pwning the Grand Fisher Arrancar was neat, but seeing Isshin in action for only a few seconds only makes me want to see Isshin in action more. Show Spoiler ▼

    The only complaint I had for this episode was Ichigo’s face. Even the Ichigo that was really Claude looked pretty bad. Thankfully, most animation studios fix this sorta thing when it comes out on DVD, but I really hope they don’t make mistakes like that too much.

    Next episode is Hiyori… that should be entertaining.

    Strange… I had trouble getting my post on here. Kept getting a 404 – No file found message when I tried. Oh well.

  11. WHAT THE FUCK? Bleach series is always coming up with the craziest ideas. Ill starting counting the time Ishida looses and recorvers his fucking powers. That’s really annoying. And well… if this is not gonna be the final battle, then I expect there’s going to be some Bounto/Shinigami/Hollow/Quincy merge for the next enemy!

    Oh, and when is everybody (the cute ones, because the ugly never show up) from Sereitei going to come down and have a school life? I’m looking forward to this inedited event, uahuahauhauah

  12. @ Mumu-san

    The bounto were never in the manga. Therefore, in the manga, Ishida only goes through the process of recovering his powers ONCE. And he probably wouldn’t have been able to do that without his dad.

    That’s another reason I really hated the Bounto arc. They totally killed the “awesome” factor of Ishida getting his Quincy-ness back. Also, this Mod-Soul crap in this episode is totally peeving me off. When you go back to the manga, just go to the !@#$ing manga, and make sure you effing kill off the crappy filler characters. Isshin’s awesomeness almost got discounted because of their lame presence.

    Man, I suddenly feel very angry. I’m going to go eat some marshmellows or something.

  13. when will Ulquiorra appear he has the best character desigen in bleach and he is as cool as Urahara
    and i think ofcourse title has planned the series from start to finish great shows as bleach and naruto must be planned from the start
    not like one piece i dont know why it has huge fans every time i try to watch it i hate it the last episode i saw zoro and the long nose one were running from a stupied looking wolf and giraff in circles and they call this a fight may be this shit because one piece was planned to last for only 5 years and after 10 years the creator say he has stories for another 20 years

  14. @qwertypoiuy
    Nope, shows like Bleach and Naruto never are planned from start. it Depends..on success…Also Kubo has already changed his mind about some characters so many times(first kon becoming from “perf soldier” into weak pervert, then inoue becoming emo and etc…), but anyway, thats not the point…

    As of episode. I kinda liked how they linked fillers and canon-storyline with the “help of three mods”. It was fun to actually see them doing something usefull. I hope they will stay for some time. Infact, i already see a place for them Show Spoiler ▼

    . Only complaint was lack of blood. I hoped thatscene with grandfisher being sliced would be bloody as hell(like the ep with Aizen pwning ichigo)…but, hey…its still good.

    For the future – i cant wait for some appearances and some new characters. I am interested on how Grimjaw, Ulquiorra and others will sound. The Only thing i Fear is censorship…Like Show Spoiler ▼

    As for One Piece – its is one of these “shonen” shows where everything was planned from begining. Well anime of course has a tings like “fillers”, bu tmanga is still awesome. Mangaka planned everything with the first chapter. He even directed some fillers in one piece(about that grandfather of main character) and even wrote them into manga later. Dont except serious fights and stuff, lets not forget, that one piece was planned to be with HEAVY scent of comedy elements…

  15. AloneinVoid
    i know that there are changes in bleach but they are minor
    while onepiece he stretched what he was going to make in 5 years to may be 20 years so there must some new thing was not planned
    may be if i watched onepiece as comedy show i will enjoy it but not as shonen
    and thanks for your answer

  16. There could be one filler episode where Don Kanonji arrives (i’m afraid they make one of him anyway lol), hires the mod souls as permanent Karakura superheroes and leaves with them never to be seen again 😀 That would be great.

  17. The mod souls played a very minor role in this episode. It wasn’t big enough to warrant the episode ruined, so quit all the bitching about them, it is getting old. It is starting to sound like people want to find something to complain about just for the sake of commenting.

  18. @Alex: yes, i agree as well that the mod souls are not really affecting the story much, i dont really see why people are making such a big deal out of it when the mod souls arent going to hurt anything. apparently, after the fillers, people are just looking for any small imperfections just so they can complain just because they can…

  19. *sigh.* I like the trio as much as the next guy, but damn it, I kept thinking to myself while watching this episode: “stop interfering!” This revelation was to be reserved for Kon, and Kon alone! He is the only mod-soul that should have witnessed Isshin kicking ass!

    Okay, fine, it wasn’t that big of a deal, but I kind of wished the more or less excellent filler arc would’ve been swept under the carpet. Or, if they really wanted to keep the mod-soul trio, just leave them as ‘extra’ fodder at the end of each episode. There was no reason for them to get involved and it’s almost as if the animators are trying to validate their existence by having them be useless.

  20. @ all repliers of my personal insatisfaction:

    I must say I’m disappointed with the series so badly. I’ve read the manga too and I know the fucking Bountos do not exist and I’m aware that their story was so fucking quick made that nothing but trash could end up being done.
    There is going to be more inconsistencies and more unplanned characters, like Nell… “HEY, WE JUST COULDNT GET KON TO GO TO HUECO MUNDO, SO LET’S MAKE HUECO MUNDO A FUN PLACE!” I even expect the anime will make all stuffed animals go to hueco mundo, maybe hidden in some place like ichigo’s underwear (hahahaha that would be very funny). 0_0 does shinigami people even wear pantsu???

  21. Oh, well… I know that it must not be easy to prostitute your work to all those mother fucking merchandisers, but anyway… Speaking of work prostitution, Tom Cruise does the same, right? He acts in all those shitty M-I1,2,3 to make profit and produce/act on Magnolias, Last Samurais etc… So maybe Kubo-san is hiding his trump somewhere on he knows…

    BTW, where DID all that “Ishida being the last Quincy” conversation go when mister Father appears? 0_0

  22. Okay are the stupid filler characters ever going to go away? this is ridiculous they should have just took them out already, who cares how, maybe them dying or perhaps just leaving… it annoys me so much because I like to pretend that bounto shit never happened because I try to keep it as close to the manga storyline as possible without reading the manga.


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