Having arrived just in time to keep Yammy from smashing Inoue, Ichigo apologizes for being late. He tells Inoue not to say sorry for feeling that she’s not strong enough, and he wastes no time in initiating ban kai. Inoue can feel the weight of the strong spiritual pressure, but she notices that it’s a little different than when she felt it in Soul Society during Ichigo’s fight with Byakuya. Seeing the orange hair and the black ban kai, Ulquiorra identifies Ichigo as the one they’re after, so Yammy tries to punch him. Ichigo, however, stops Yammy’s fist and slices off his right arm in retaliation for what the Arrancar did to Sado. As he watches Yammy get beat up, Ulquiorra thinks to himself that Ichigo is strong, but this level of power isn’t a threat to Aizen. Yammy eventually has had enough when he reaches to pull out his zanpaktou, surprising Ichigo because he didn’t realize who he was fighting. It quickly dawns on Ichigo that Yammy might be the same as Hirako or even himself, and it’s at this moment that Ichigo’s Hollow side starts emerging in his mind. While he tries to fight his Hollow side back, Ichigo leaves himself open to Yammy’s physical attacks, causing Inoue to come running out of concern. Yammy backhands her before continuing dishing out his punishment onto Ichigo. Around this time, Ulquiorra begins to notice that there are huge fluctuations now in Ichigo’s spiritual pressure, and the highest point surpasses even his own power.

When Yammy tries to deliver a crushing blow onto Ichigo’s battered body, his fist is stopped by a familiar red shield. Ichigo’s saviors turn out to be none other than Urahara and Yoruichi, and the latter immediately shows her superior power by throwing Yammy into the ground. Although an infuriated Yammy gets back up, Yoruichi proceeds to knock him back down by delivering blow after blow with her legs to his head. She reaches Inoue and is about to administer some medicine when Yammy roars back to life, opens his mouth, and fires a Cero blast. It creates a huge cone of destruction that easily covered Yoruichi and Inoue, but it seems that the two were unharmed thanks to a little help by Urahara. The former 12th Division captain explains that he used a similar attack to nullify the blast and then demonstrates his ability by firing an energy blast with his zanpaktou Benihime. Yammy seems finished until Ulquiorra steps in and swats away the attack. Ulquiorra also hits Yammy right in the gut and explains that Yammy is no match for Yoruichi and Urahara, both of whom he recognized. He then opens the dimensional fabric of the world so that they can retreat, but he thinks that he could still do well against his two opponents because they would have to protect the two pieces of trash – Ichigo and Inoue – while fighting him. As he’s disappearing, Ulquiorra reveals that he’s going to report to Aizen that the fake Shinigami isn’t worth killing – he’s just trash.

In the aftermath of the battle, Yoruichi returns to Urahara’s shop and starts eating bowl after bowl of food. Once she finally finishes, she admits to Urahara that it was a mistake for her not to use her shunkou technique – in other words, the Arrancar were a lot tougher than she and Urahara had anticipated. Ichigo meanwhile has gone home and is lying on bed still thinking about how he could get swallowed up by his Hollow side. Both Inoue and Ichigo show up in bandages to school the next day, and although Ichigo has something to say to her, he never goes through with saying it. Instead, he remembers how she had blamed herself for getting injured and told him that her wounds didn’t hurt. That’s why she didn’t want him to apologize to her while looking at her in that way. Ichigo is pissed off at himself because everyone got hurt or was almost killed as a result of him being weak, and he doesn’t know what he can do aside from apologize. It is while these feelings are hanging over him that a special group of people arrive at school. This group of five attracts much attention to themselves even though they’re trying to fit in with their school uniforms. These people are of course Renji, Ikkaku, Yumichika, Rangiku, and even Captain Hitsugaya. It seems that the higher-ups of Soul Society wanted to prepare for a battle with the Arrancar by sending them to this world to join up with Ichigo and company. Having never heard the term before, Ichigo doesn’t know what an Arrancar is, and this causes Renji to wonder if Ichigo didn’t even know what he was fighting. To clarify even further, a familiar female voice adds that the Arrancar are the ones who beat up Ichigo a few days ago. Appearing in the window is a person Ichigo hasn’t seen for a while: Rukia.


Yoruichi looked really badass with the battle sequence she got against Yammy, but I was left a little disheartened by the almost-minute-straight of watching her eat afterwards. It felt to me like they were just killing time. That part aside though, this was another fantastic episode of Bleach, one that I enjoyed watching every minute of except for maybe the aforementioned eating part. The animation was once again superb, particularly when Yoruichi beats up Yammy, but I do find it interesting that they showed Yammy’s arm getting cut off, yet they reduced the amount of blood on everyone’s faces. Still, even Kon’s scene looked pretty well animated to me.
In any case, the addition of some of the more popular characters of Soul Society along with Rukia makes things even more exciting. I wish we could see more Yoruichi/Urahara action scenes, but for now I’m eagerly anticipating the next big battle.
Let the focus on Rangiku’s breasts continue…


  1. oooh man, I’ve been waiting for this one!!!! Matsumoto looks so sexy in the schoolgirl outfit….. or maybe i have a fetish…. or I’ve become like Kon…… I haven’t decided yet………

  2. Now we’re getting somewhere! The series got back its old spark and I hope it’ll stay that way for the rest of the arc. I wonder why the company couldn’t made the animation like this in the previous arc(although its a stupid question).But i hope they make the next filler arc a little more better if the series catches up again…

  3. Omni, please don’t forget to talk about animation quality of this episode since i can’t get to watch it until Friday, I want to know if they improved it or not. Was it better than the previous episodes? especially the part where ichigo apologized to orihime, the picture of ichiogo’s face doesn’t look that great so i was just wondering.

  4. ya u can seriously tell this episode they where killing time. Between the recap, to Yoruichi eatting lol. I knew they where going to have rukia show up at the very end to where she says its been a while ichigo.. To be continued… lol

    The fighting was really good in this episode and animation went up too. Rukia looked very kool in the window just like in the manga hehe.

    Rukia: its been a while ichigo…

    Ichigo: ya like a few days… I get freakin depressed when your not around

    Rukia: you realize in the manga it was like 6 months I didnt see you..

    Ichigo: damn well that would make more sence me seeing you after a few days and you saying its been a while and all..

    Rukia: blah face it your in love with me

    Ichigo: no I love chad

    Rukia: damn really?

    Ichigo: no

    *Rukia kicks him in the face like she will in the next episode*

    Rukia: anyway! Next weeks episode we’ll put a recap in again that will kill like 2 mins, then I’ll go back to your house and look in your room and say again how its been a while since Ive been in it, but thanks to the fillers it just makes me sound dumb….

    Ichigo: your complaining?

    Rukia: nah I’m getting screentime, maybe they’ll show me trainning ^^ they didnt show that in the manga, that would be neat.

    Ichigo: maybe

    Rukia: anyway I’ll be staying in your sis’s room ichigo no more closet for me bahahhaha

    Ichigo: rukia…

    Rukia: what?

    Ichigo: the bwahahhaa kinda is old now…

    Rukia: kiss my ass its old, I’ll use it when ever I want!

    Ichigo: ugh

    Rukia: so is the episode finished yet?

    Ichigo: ….actually we went over for some reason this is a special 2 episode one

    Rukia: wow humm before the episode ends we better have something happan

    Ichigo: like?

    *Rukia kicks ichigo in the nuts*


    Rukia: dammit come out!

    Ichigo: what come out!

    *rukia kicks him in the nuts again*

    *ichigo falls to the ground*


    Rukia: please like you have anything down there anyway…

    *ichigo turns into his hollow mask ichigo*

    Hollow Ichigo: damn bitch! I’m going to rape you and eat your future babies!

    *Rukia blinks and waits for hollow ichigo to stand up*

    *She kicks him in the nuts again*


    Rukia: bawahaha

    Hollow Ichigo: BANKAI!

    *hollow ichigo is now bankai ichigo*

    Hollow Ichigo: now your dead! *he darts around her*

    *Rukia closes one eye and aims*

    *she quickly kicks and again nails hollow ichigo in he nuts*

    *Hollow ichgo stops spinning around her and falls to the ground*

    *rukia starts kicking him in the gut*

    Hollow Ichigo: wtf did I ever do to you!

    Rukia: what your a hollow..

    Hollow Ichigo: then at least turn into a shingumi…

    Rukia: cant not allowed to yet, what do you think this is a filler episode?

    Hollow Ichigo: lets see you have been kicking me in the nuts for 25 mins now so I would have to say….. YES!

    Rukia: wrong I’m kicking you in the stomach now and…

    *kicks hollow ichigo in the mask*

    Hollow Ichigo: fuck this! *he jumps up and grabs rukia by the wists*

    Hollow Ichigo: now… I’m going to rape you!

    Rukia: rrrrright…let go

    Hollow Ichigo: why should I?

    Rukia: bankai

    Hollow Ichigo: huh? *gets kneed in the nuts*

    *hollow ichigo fades and ichigo goes back to normal*

    *Ichigo coughs*

    Ichigo: that was your bankai?

    Rukia: of course not, your hollow side said why should I? So I said Bankai

    Rukia: it ryumes ^^

    *Ichigo eye twiches*

    *while all of this was happaning the world was destroyed by asien and ichigo and rukia are the only people left on earth*

    *Rukia walks outside*

    Rukia: damn…guess we missed the battle, aww well I guess we can be adam and eve ^^

    Ichigo: my ass you kicked me in the nuts so many times I cant well ya know

    Rukia: oh quit bitching I only kicked u in the nuts like 10 times

    Ichigo: ya…one time is too many plus you kick hard..

    Rukia: ugh shut up and do me already

    Ichigo: *screams and runs away*

    Rukia: maybe I did kick him in the nuts too much 😛

    Azien: I shall fuck you then

    *Rukia kicks azien in the nuts*

    *aziens eyes go crosseyed and he falls to the ground and turns to ask*

    Rukia: ……. wtf ….. hes the major bad guy? the highest level a shimgumi can reach!?

    Byrukra: rukia… you must seal away your kick to the nuts its far too powerful now..

    Rukia: your kidding right nee sama?

    Byukra: no the soul sociaty sent me to tell you that

    Rukia: fine

    *Byukra walks off*

    Rukia: …… nee sama? thats it?

    Byukra: oh yes, Suzumiya Haruhi called she wants to know if you would like to join the SOS Brigade

    Rukia: ya sure, seems this anime ended all of a sudden without any reason at all

    Byukra: yes because of your power…

    Rukia: …… its just a fucking kick to the nuts!

    *byukra walks off*

    *a few days later*

    *rukia is dancing with Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi cast*

    Haruhi: ok! lets get started with our club meeting!

    Haruhi: 1st off have u ever seen ghosts rukia!?

    Rukia: a… ya I’m a shingumi kinda my job to reep them and stuff

    Keon: shhhhhh! dont tell her that

    Rukia: dont tell me what to do ya Prood bastard

    Haruhi: ya he is kinda prood isnt he?

    Rukia: most guys in anime are lately its why us girls are getting more pushy and bossy

    Keon: *sings* I am prood… ohhhh I am prood! girl says she likes me NO! I am Prood!

    Rukia: though koshi from somomo momomo is the Proodest bastard in the history of anime

    Ichigo: *wake up rukia wake up*

    Rukia: gahhhh!

    Ichigo: u where dreaming

    Rukia: ok… werid

    Rukia: damn that was the longest filler, exover, evangelion end dream thing ever

    Ichigo: wtf are u going on about

    Rukia: nothin *she kicks him in the nuts*

    Ichigo: AHHHH *he falls down*

    Rukia: heh

    Ichigo: what was that for!

    Rukia: *shrugs* no reason

    *Ichigo goes to chase rukia but she jumps out the window and lands on a truck*

    Ichigo: damn u rukia!


    Rukia: oh we ran out of time, too bad

    Ichigo: well next week we’ll recap and I’m sure a bantou will show up to tell us how his life has been

    Rukia: oh! ok! I’ll get to trainning then!

    Ichigo: whys that?

    Rukia: so I can kill him with my sword release ^^

  5. Awesome, things are finally picking up. I stopped watching the bount arc about 10 episodes in because it’s so boring… But now it’s back to my weekly dose of Bleach. Sure, reading the manga’s nice, but many manga scenes just look so much better when animeated.

  6. i agree with that mewmew. But i think they put some fillers again because they may catch up with the manga. I guess they will put some fillers Show Spoiler ▼

    of course im not hoping for that to happen, that will be really disappointing.. And oh, Show Spoiler ▼

    that will be cool!! But Ulquiorra still rules!! XD

  7. Those two Arrancars said there are three persons in the real world that can give them troubles. It’s confirmed that Ichigo is one of the three. I wonder who the other two are. I can think of four candidates: Urahara, Yoruichi, Ichigo’s dad and Ishida’s dad. However, it is possible that Aizen knows nothing about the latter two, even though it is likely those are the stronger pair.

  8. aizen thinks his the best. so i think.

    uruhara combined with ichigos dad and ishida’s dad. is enuff to tearn down Aizen.

    and i think most of them are beyond captain lvl i mean, extreme lvl tat can challenge the 10 espadas without sweat.but i think aizen is still overwhelming than uruhara,isshin,ryukken. but three united can about to take aizen i suppose.

    looking at their 1 hit combo to menos grandes sure tells a lot. wat if 3 hits on espadas as a death sign? tat rules

  9. @sniperz
    espadas are on a different level compared to menos. menos are just like pawns in aizen’s soldiers. for captain level shinigamis, menos grande is a piece of cake when it comes on cutting them. They will not even exert a sweat in bringing them down. So i think, isshin and ryuuken are not that strong and they are not beyond a captain level. maybe, their levels can be equal with that of a captain. that’s my opinion though.. ^_^v

  10. As for the 3 people, I’m pretty sure it’s Ichigo, Uruhara, and Yoriachi. I can’t remember if the manga ever stated it clearly, but they have to the only captain-level shinigami in the real world that Aizen knows about.

    As for the relative power of each character, it’s hard to say since very few of the most powerful characters actually bothered to fight full power. And the uniqueness of bankai skill makes it hard to figure who can trump who.

  11. Naruto can have some pretty nice fights( taking off the fillers of course)sometimes…
    Now I am loving this!!!
    Kill mangas and ressurect the animations!!:D

    PS: riddle this riddle that:

    do you know the diference between people that read mangas first and people that NEVER read mangas????…..simple the answer is:


  12. PS-2:


  13. To Bakaneko:

    I think that the other two people the Arrancars were referring as being able to oppose them were Shinji and Sarugaki, remmenber them!!, the two Vaizards that appeared a couple of episodes back.

  14. to witchking99: from what we know of, INCLUDING the latest manga chapters, aizen has NOT shown any knowledge of knowing the vaizards personally. even the “real world powerhouses” like urahara/yoruichi/ishhin/souken do not seem to know the vaizards personally (ura and isshin do know of their existence however) and be in contact with them. i’m pretty positive they were referring to yoru+urahara.

  15. this is bleach best episode
    best animated episode
    best art
    best action
    really there wasnt any episode animated like this i watched this episode after watching both code geass and deathnote i hoped this episode to be as good as them and it wasnt that only it kicked the asses of both shows in every aspect
    i hope to see the same level on 15 feb

  16. @ Tensai:

    Kubotite is an amazing artist, and I love his art. I prefer the manga. The problem with the anime is the insanely fluctuating art and animation quality. Also, the Manga has a better atmosphere for me; sometimes the anime just comes off a bit too lighthearted in certain instances.

    This is probably the best looking episode in Bleach, but I doubt we’ll see another like this until the next big fight comes.

  17. If there was one thing I had to complain about the Bounto arc, it’s that Rukia’s re-emergance into the real world was much less dramatic than they try and play it off as. If the filler arc managed to keep Rukia out of the spotlight, that last scene would’ve worked better.

  18. Ulquiorra’s theme rules…

    he’s easily become my favorite evil character of all time and these last few episodes are but the tip of the iceberg as to just how badass he is. No nonsense, no long speeches, gets the job done badguy and has yet to be even close to being along the lines of beat.

    Basically what I’m saying is I’m sick of the cliched badguys that always find ways to get themselves beat, anyone else feel that Ulquiorra may break the mold?

  19. @tensai_otaku

    Just cause you don’t like manga and lack the imagination for manga, you don’t have to be an idiot. Manga will always pwn anime threw and threw.

    Besides, if it wasn’t for the manga, their would be no Bleach.

    Kurosaki Ichigo
  20. The Best Episode since Ichigo/Byakuya fight (around episode 57-60)!

    Animation was superb and the scenes with Ichigo’s inner hollow felt really greatly done with fitting music and colors.
    Like this one.

    I was glad to see the gang of shinigamis coming in the classroom and Rukia making her appearance.

    So let Rangiku just continue going “boing,boing!” XDXDXDXDXD

  21. Good ep, even if did feel a bit short and the animators filling up screen time with a mini recap at the beginning and the weird minute long eating scene. They could at least have had those two kids humorously complain that Yoruichi was eating them out of house and home like they did with Renji, but nothing was said at all while the mod-souls passed her bowl after bowl of food to scarf down. Very strange.

    The copious amounts of spit flying when Ichigo and Inoue were hit by Yami seemed weird too; would have worked better if it was blood, damn censors. Action was nicely animated though that really bad 80’s Supremes-like song that plays whenever Ichigo goes into badass mode continues to annoy the hell out of me. The Arrancar theme, by contrast, seemed refreshing because of its Spanish flavor. If the creators can afford to make new themes for its soundtrack, they could at least find a new one for Ichigo when he goes bankai (I wish they used the Zan theme from the Bleach OST, or a remix of it, for example).

    Poor Bonnie-chan.

  22. are u dissin number one? great song usually means ichigos about to kick some ass…was shocked when they played it right before aizen kicked his ass. that scene with yoruichi really pissed me off i ended up skippin ahead a bit and she was still going. but shes just been pissin me off, wheres her damn zanpaktou? she cant fight these guys with just her fists no matter how strong her shunkou is. shell just beat them up but shell never kill one of them! uraharas gonna have to keep savin her ass. and another thing…why would soul society send rukia and yumichika to the real world!? theyre hella weak and when Show Spoiler ▼

    . yeh i know they had to send rukia coz of the whole friendship thing but come on! we dont even know what seat she is but i guarantee shes probably 4th after those 2 drunk people. dumb move by soul society! send kenpachi not like he does any work while in soul society…that way we can see more yachiru! i wanna see her fight so bad!!!

  23. Good Episode. However there is something really troubling me. These Arrancar sucked out the souls of several hundered people in a crowd park and left a crater in the ground. How come nobody in he town or in Ichigos school seems to know there has been some kind of strange catastrophe that killed so many people. One of their classmates (Tatsuki) was there and is virtually the only survivor. Seems nobody cares about hundreds of dead people. Only Orimihimes injuries are interesting….
    In most animes there would have been a small news reoprt or something similar that shows that the public noticed the incident but can’t explain it.

  24. It was a great episode.

    The Arrancar song is what stood out the most I love the tone of a cello. I’ve been looking for the name of the song that played when Ulquiorra enters but what everyone seems to be calling it is the “Arrancar Theme.”

    Please someone post the actual name of the song.


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