Watch the Preview! Mirror 1 Mirror 2 (4.45MB, XviD)

-This is a complete recap of all the Suzaku stuff we’ve seen so far.
-The only new part came at the very end where we’re shown Euphemia knighting Suzaku. In the voice over, Lelouch realizes that Suzaku was talking about Euphemia back in episode six, and he starts to wonder if Suzaku chose Euphemia over him and Nunnally. Nevertheless, Lelouch feels that he’s already won because he now knows that Suzaku is the Lancelot’s pilot.
-The end featured a cell phone promotion for merchandise such as the ED single, the soundtrack, and a CHEESE-kun Cubic Puzzle.


  1. @kerem
    you’re not the only believe me it all makes me trow up… I don’t know why but everytime I watch Suza on the screen I get this kiler intent to drown him slowly in hot acid! unless the sweping (hypocrite-)brat grows up I won’t change my image on him ^^

    oh and Lulu is planing something funy I can’t wait^^!
    damm where can I get one of those I want a cheese-kun rubix-cube too^^!

  2. C’mon guys, Suzaku isn’t that bad. He’s just naive. What he wants to accomplish is something childish and impossible sounding; but he’s not all bad.

    He’s Lelouch’s foil, of course. He can’t be a bad@$$ like Lelouch.

  3. here’s a nice visual for the suzaku hater’s, picture this: suzaku trapped in his mech as euphie bears down on him with a giant claw slash so powerful that it cleaves him down the middle, “but at an angle” so that his left arm and leg inside the cock pit get chopped of, and he screams like a bitch gurguling on his own blood!!!!! well time to go see my shrink, chao!

    brooklyn otaku
  4. I’m not seeing the Kira Yamato parallel. Maybe this is because of *why* I don’t care for Suzuka. He has no grasp of reality. It would be one thing if he only feels that Zero is doing society harm. That would only make him a typical choir boy. But also that he feels that his way can bring about change. That he actually can make a difference, so to speak. Kira never had such grandiose ideas. At first, he was just protecting friends. And after getting Freedom… well, he was so fricking powerful it’s hard not to get a big head. 🙂

  5. There’s a whole list of reason why people don’t like Suzuka, however to type them all out, with the reasons for them as well, just to convince the some of you is down right crazy, so I’ll just direct you people to the Code Geass thread at Animesuki… It’s the cleanest so far.

    No, it’s not because he’s Yamato, in fact he’s WAY different from Kira… Not in a good way.

    What I don’t understand is why people would hate Euphemia …yet. Cause at this point she has done to little to even be notice, let alone hated. And pink hair is a childish reason for it…

  6. I don’t think it’s the bashing of one or the other so much (if it is, then YES, go ahead and bash back, just don’t get out of control) — I think it’s the idea that people don’t understand the rationale behind the Euphie + Suzaku relationship that makes people upset. (Remember, people, this is a time of CIVIL WAR and REBELS. People aren’t exactly going to always have the sanest of relationships in times of ‘need’.)

  7. ok… I can’t see CC anywhere in the screenshot.
    This episode is automaticly sucks.. I was practically waiting for her cos-play.

    Next episode doesn’t looks good too. The screenshot to next episode doesn’t have CC in it… although it will be a kick ass KMF episode. EPic battle of Susaku vs. BlackKnight.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  8. People hate susaku because people just like to hate things for no apparent reason, or because is the popular thing to do. If you ask them why they hate him so much, most of them won’t even be able to give a straight answer.

  9. Well, I’m one of the 1% precent that doesn’t really like Suzaku…I mean he’s a character that makes up the plot…so I don’t HATE him…i just don’t like him much…as for Euphie…I don’t care much right now, since like cbhl said, she hasn’t done much yet, so, I can’t really be prejudice and say she’s stupid or what not…
    @Quina – They gget stuck? That’s interesting…wonder how things’ll go between them…? Well, I don’t think they’ll be stuck like stuck, but yeah, it’ll be fun to watch this arc between the 4! xD

  10. @Loikol

    hmmmm I can give a VERY straight answer why I hate Susaku.
    But before that I must tell you I don’t think he is doing anything wrong. He is acting on his best interesting, so that Britania would accept the 11’s. Just that his view of ‘peaceful’ japan is different thatn Lulu’s.

    So this is why I hate him.. my straight answer.
    – He takes A LOT of screen time. I don’t like seeing guys on screen. They should totally cut him out and air CC instead.

    – Susaku x Euphie gives a feeling of Kira x Lacus. According to the interview with one of the insider, this might be the main producer’s intention… and guess what, I hate both Kira and Lacus

    – I want to see Lulu fights with Emperror and stuffs. Susaku keeps appearing every other episode and totally WRACK Lulu’s plan to ash. The reason why things get dragged to Season 2 is because he keeps getting in the way.

    – His design is exact copy from Shoaran from Tsubasa. Both personality and appearance. I hate copy cat..

    Show Spoiler ▼

  11. I like Euphemia. I don’t have much feeling one way or the other about Suzaku. I sympathize with what he felt he had to do when he was younger, and with his having it found out by Lelouche. I don’t much like recap episodes, especially in this show. Thanks for making it so I don’t have to watch this one, Omni. Oh, and I agree with everyone: more C.C. (i.e., more Yukana).

  12. LoL, well, does that include me? Not really a hater….just not very “fond” of him….xDD….
    @Quina – I see….the other thing is probably a secret of Geass or what not…maybe CC will come along…well, that’s what I’m hoping! More CC screentime!!! xDD

  13. Straight answer huh… Suzaku insist that his method is the best/right/only way for things to change, while Zero’s way is considered to be evil/meaningless/wrong. He refuses to see that Zero is making more progess than he ever will. Face it, he’s literally telling people the best way to live now is to suck up to Britainia, which is NOT what they want…

    That, as well as the fact that he keeps calling Zero a murderer when he ‘conveniently’ justified his own sins.

    Straight answers aside, Lelouch’s just that much better then him =P

    (P.S – We’ll give him a break if he gives us a break from his ‘righteous’ speech…Deal?)

  14. @quina
    I have to agree with you with the CC thing. That had me laughing for a while.

    I also agree with the fact that he is always wrecking Lulu’s plans, but then again, as a high ranking soldier he most be on those important missions that involve Cornelia. So I guess it can’t be helped unless they add another such soldier on Britannia’s side. and altho the last time didn’t involve Cornelia, it still didn’t feel unnecessary and was an important part of the story development.

    Susaku is definitely not my favorite character but I don’t hate him either. I can see his important role in the story and I’m always wondering how much of a difference he will actually make in the conflict.

  15. I don’t hate Suzuku, he just annoys me with his views of how he thinks he can change Britannia from the inside out, without needless sacrifices of lives. Suzuku throws around the line like it’s the only thing that can save Japan. And that he’s the only one who can achieve it. That and I have a gut feeling that Suzuku is going to be directly responsible for Lelouch’s death.

  16. I don’t know about this whole argument about Suzaku choosing Euphie over Lelouch and Nunnally; I doubt he would carry out an order to kill the latter two. I can see that if he ever finds out that Lelouch is Zero that he would still try to stop him but make sure that Lelouch wasn’t hurt.

    And as for the preview, I wonder if Karen might decide to take out Suzaku at school. I worry about the complete devotion she’s been displaying toward Zero. If Lelouch sees her as nothing more than a tool (b/c we know it’s going to be Lulu x C.C.), I can easily see him ordering Karen to her death if it means a chance to put a bullet into his pops.

  17. It’s kinda funny why poeple would think that Suzaku choose Euphie over Lelouch and Nanally, considering he DOSEN’T KNOW ZERO IS LELOUCH! Hence it’s NOT a decision between the two…

    As far as Suzaku knows, he’s just getting a very big promotion.

  18. Well, though this is a completely recap epi but i still feel excited to watch. Maybe because it started by ‘Stories’ as a background music & there are much much more deep feeling of Lulu. It makes it interesting & worthy to watch. I wonder what will Lulu do to Suzaku next week because seemingly Lulu will not use Geass to him.

  19. I figured someone would bring up Kira’s name (it manages to pop itself up in any discussion regardless). There isn’t any real comparison between Kira and Suzaku. Their philosophies, although striving towards the same goal, are achieved through different means. Kira has the power, so he uses it to keep the peace. Suzaku does not have power, other than his Knightmare frame, so his ideology is to reform the system from the inside out.

  20. There is a very good reason why the directors featured Lelouch’s side of the story instead of the others (refer to manga). He is simply the more likeable of the characters. Yet I still can’t accept his character. He simply does not fight for the cause of the conquered people (the 11s). It’s most likely only me, but I get too involved in the plot. I really just feel like he is manipulating them to achieve his own personal desires. On the other hand, why the hell did the creators make Suzaku’s character so complex (not the right word, but it’s just really unnatural)? I would’ve been able to just acknowledge that he killed his father so that the Japanese people wouldn’t have been drawn into a bloodbath, but to say that he did it because he wanted to live? He fights with his life at stake and yet he wants to live. Everything portrayed about him is contradictory. I don’t like it at all, and that is for the most part why everybody dislikes him.

  21. If you really think about it, what do you suppose would’ve happened had the do-or-die resistance philosophy of the prime minister gone through? Guess who takes the blame when millions of bystanders become involved. Either way, it’s not going to have a “good” outcome.

    And this question is posed for reasonable people. Not the bang, bang, ooo explosions, ooo he got cut in half, etc. kind of people.

  22. Thank you dear blogger, as always for the screencaps, etc. I’m a little disappointed this time out in the quality of the animation for the very very little new scenes we got. But, it looks like we’ll be revisiting Suzaku’s knighting in full animated glory next week. ^___^


    tired of sheep
  23. Do you think Suzaku really wouln’t kill Lulu and Nanally if he was ordered to?
    He’s killed his father before so would he be soft on friends? I don’t think so.

    I think Suzaku’s a jerk who doesn’t love his own country nor people and would rather betray his own kind to kiss the enemy’s feet just to survive. And he believes other people should do that too. He’s the biggest and stubbornest loser I’ve ever seen. He tries to act kind and all to make others think he’s nice. And Euphemia is stupid enough to believe those outer phony things Suzaku puts up.

    Suzaku says Zero’s actions are wrong = sacrificing a small number of people for the sake of the whole.
    Well, didn’t he kill his father for that too? How ironic.

    I get so sick every time his stupid head comes on screen to mess up Lelouch’s plans. Won’t he ever wake up? If he doesn’t die a shameful death, I won’t forgive it.

  24. “Suzaku says Zero’s actions are wrong = sacrificing a small number of people for the sake of the whole.
    Well, didn’t he kill his father for that too? How ironic”

    well he did it and realize it wrong so try to make zero avoid the same miss. although zero(lulu) primary objective is getting revenge.

  25. Well, even is he did realize it was wrong, now, he’s kind of being hypocritical…well, at least i think so, and
    @mitsuki – I know he’s acting kind and all, but i still don’t know if he’d kill Nanaly and Lulu, since in that 1st or 2nd ep, he stood up for Lulu and himself got shot and once he awoke, he asked for Lulu right away…so i wouldn’t be so sure that he would or wouldn’t kill lulu.
    Also, I do agree with all those who say that Suzaku is unatural….he is….-_-

  26. It seems people are being excessively harsh on Suzaku. He has faults and flaws but so does every character in the show. Nobody can be perfect. Suzaku not loving his country and people? I don’t think so. He wanted the war to end so that less Japanese would die. Suzaku was horrified that Japanese were losing badly and people being killed left and right. He wanted to stop it all. After the war had ended and the Britannians won, he still wanted to serve his people and was faced with two choices – to rebel or to conform. By being a neo-Brittanian and serving the military, he strived to create change from inside the empire. I think that’s an honorable act. Because its harder than resisting. To choose a future where you would be ridiculed by both sides and a world where no one accepts you is the toughest choice of all. But still he stuck to his decision. Yes he killed his own father in the process, but I think more will be shown as to his reasons behind this so we can’t judge prematurely. Would Suzaku kill Lelouch and Nunnaly if he was ordered to? He won’t. We’ve seen so many proofs of his commitment to his friends to believe otherwise.

    And please don’t bash characters. It’s unsightly and childish. Saying you don’t like them is fine, no need to wish them a painful death.

  27. Of course Suzaku is a hypocrite in his speech. However, what makes you so sure that he would kill Lelouch and Nunally if he’s ordered to? For what reason would he kill them? He is only fighting against those who are antagonistic (aggressive). Hence, Suzaku fights Zero because Zero is causing a ruckus. If and when Suzaku does figure out that Zero is Lelouch, he will undeniably disturbed because he will not know what to do (kill Lelouch because he is an opponent or cease his actions because Lelouch is a friend?), but as far as his character goes, the former is likely.

    “Suzaku says Zero’s actions are wrong = sacrificing a small number of people for the sake of the whole.”
    First of all, yes, he did kill his father for such a reason, that can’t be argued. But to say that Zero is sacrificing a “SMALL” number of people is wrong. So does this mean that all the people who were MERCILESSLY slaughtered in the ghettoes were unimportant? To be honest, the person looking out for the safety of the Japanese is Suzaku. However bad he is doing (allowing the killings to go on), he is still fighting to bring peace. Lelouch on the otherhand is manipulating the people and getting bystanders involved. It most likely does not matter to him whether the Japanese people attain their freedom, as long as his father’s empire is ruined.

    So who has/had the more bloodthirsty intent on killing their father?

    P.S. Yes, Suzaku should just STFU. Some people are meant to be seen and not heard.

  28. the people that were slaugthered at the gyettos were b/c of Cornelias orders that btw if no one had realized that yet is a brittnian princess and the sister of GASP Euphy YESS so that mean Our hypocrite Suza is going to the massmurdering part by choosing to become a Brit (Euphy’s) knight and stil folishly blinded by his phylosophy that btw end up being some kind of sickening lie (a.k.a. cover up) to his winzened concience. going back with him joining the brits permanently, he will be ordered to kill many people (which he WILL have to comply)DUH and then he acusses Zero of being the “bad guy” b/c he has “kiled” so many peole (heck even in the case of Shirley’s dad or was it grandpa? who cares, it was the choice in wich noit so many people would die and/or get harmed and look IT WORKED in compoarison to al the Suza’s FAILURES). That’s one of the many reasons WHY I loathe him. really I hate that kind of people, people that weep for no reason might be annoying but people that stay (porpossedly) in denial and don’t do a damm thing about it and even have the nerve to critizize other people that might be doing a change just b/c it goes against the blinded one-way thought barrier they had pshycologicaly (sp?) created to protect themselves. those people should just shut up and go to Tamaki’s corner, if they wil only be a hindarnce to the progress to a better future without SERIOUS DEEP ARGUMENTS then they should just step aside no one wants a stupid follower.

    Oh and lets not forget the poor brat (yes BRAT) hasn’t grown up, or acepted the fault of his actions
    and I do not hate him for kiling his father, I loathe him for the REASONS behind it HELLOO heck even people from ofther animes have a better reason, just to name some examples: Itachi from Naruto, Papilon from Busou Renkin etc (and heck Itachi sure does have a valid argument, I undertand painfuly well why he did that [not from personal experience so don’t freak out ^^U])

    *looks at what I wrote* O.O WHOOPS I got TOO inpired gomen ne ^^

  29. Under the circumstances, Itachi MURDERING his father was justifiable? Not to mention, the whole clan (oh, it’s just his entire family, I’m sure there’s “nothing” wrong with that at all). His family tried to control him, his future and his life, and he responded by killing them. If that is his only option, then justice has a very small meaning in his world (and indeed that has been proven fact). I’ve never read Busou Renkin, so I can’t comment on that.

    The question remains however: what can you classify as “success” and what as “failure”? I do believe neither character has had true success or true failure for that matter. But when I look at the situation, I see two agendas: Suzaku is trying to stop the violence, and Lelouch is trying to bring down his father’s empire. Lelouch’s goal is identical to that of the Japanese rebels, however, for very different reasons. Do you really believe Lelouch cares about his allies? Sure, he needs them to achieve his goals. But what else is there? They are nothing more than pawns, to be sacrificed for his cause. Yet, Lelouch in comparison to Suzaku (in the anime), is more admired by everyone around him, his peers. Suzaku has nothing, apparently no family, no friends supporting him, and he is despised by EVERYONE.

    Be it “sick” as it may, as the anime depicts, he is trying to maintain peace. Even though the anime tells us the reason that he killed his father is to live, I believe that is utter bullshit. As we initially saw in the first few episodes, Suzaku defied officers in trying to protect Lelouch. Are you trying to me, he has no morals whatsoever, that he’s a heartless bastard? He got shot, and whether he knew they would pull the trigger or not, he put himself on the line.

    Overall, I can’t say I hate Lelouch, he has a rather noble character (uncovering the truth, trying to avenge his mother). But in my opinion, his actions downplay his image.

  30. What I am tending to understand from most Suzaku haters is the way his character is portrayed. Nobody sees him as anything more than a mere puppet, while Lelouch is an independent.

    Oh, and I just wanted to bring up another point. So according to you, Cornelia ordered the mass murdering (I don’t have the time to review this detail, so I’ll go along with what you said). You then go on to reason that BECAUSE Suzaku has been chosen as Euphemia’s knight, he will be part of this mass murdering.

    First thing first: Let’s analyze the relationship between Euphie and Cornelia. On a personal level, they share relaxing moments on a grass field and it seems to be a rather calm and peaceful relationship. From this, I can only deduce that nothing about the ghetto murders is discussed. So it seems that Euphie only knows as much as she sees. On the battlefield, Euphemia only sees the warrior in Cornelia as she battles the “terrorists.” Therefore, I conclude that Euphemia shares no commonality (values) with Cornelia relating to the mass murders. As much as Euphemia knows, Cornelia is a valiant hero.

    Yes I agree with you on one term. Because of his new status as a knight, Suzaku puts himself into a position to be manipulated by Cornelia. Whether this happens and whether he obeys Cornelia, we’ll have to wait and see. Suzaku has already stated his ideal. As far as he knows, the terrorists are in the ghettos, and his job is to stop them. I doubt he knows that people are being killed. If his character is consistent, he would not likely accept it.

    Why would the princess and other Brittannian soldiers fill him in on information about killing innocent people in the ghettos, when they trust him just as much as other Elevens?

  31. I don’t understand this rush to defend Suzaku… the same thing was happening at Memento.

    Anyways, I quite hate Suzaku. Not mere dislike, not just ‘not like,’ but quite Hate him.

    Why? Because I hate people who are blind to everything that’s not what they believe in, and continually justifies and warps the world to fit what they want to believe in.

    Suzaku knows that Britannia is evil and rotten: he admitted this in the first episode (this, by the way, invalidates all the arguments which defends Suzaku by defending Britannia’s “tough” “zero-tolerance” “collateral-acceptable” approach to dealing with terrorists.)

    In admitting that he was part of a rotten system, he exposes his naivete in believing that he can advance in this system without taking part in at least some of the “rotten” actions that Britannia engages in –> case in point: he gained his Lancelot through sheer luck, as despite his skill, his status as an Eleven would have precluded his selection as a Knight if not for the fluke encounter with Lloyd; despite his numerous brilliant performances in the field, he is still regarded as ‘back-up’ only and not relied on in battles until it becomes utterly necessary (this demonstrates the contempt for him by the military establishment, whose approval he would need to advance); AND his further advancement seems purely reliant on Euphie’s whim and not-so-much on his abilities or what he himself has achieved (note also that Euphie would only retain her influence, and not be assassinated, due to the protection of her sister Cornelia – she herself is not ruthless, skilled, or intelligent enough to survive in the “survival-of-the-fittest” approach to inheritance that the King of Britannia has chosen).

    –> Suzaku relies on someone else (Euphie) who in turn relies again on another person (Cornelia) to achieve his ends, and Cornelia is, if not the epitome of, then at the very least a representative of the ‘rotten’ system of Britannia against which Suzaku professes to be fighting against.

    Conclusion: Suzaku is in the end not self-dependent AND also a hypocrite.

  32. This’ll be my last post.

    I can’t disagree with you Oblivion that Suzaku is majorly dependent on others. His “method” of peace requires the cooperation of many people.
    Because he does not have many connections, nor many people that are willing to support him, he is fighting a solo battle. He unfortunately will have to persuade both sides of the argument to work together. Not to mention, he has no powers. I’m sure that if Suzaku had the powers of Geass, it would change the situation significantly. However, he does not and so he is going to have to achieve peace through his own abilities.

    Most of your examples clearly describes the struggles that Suzaku has to endure. He lacks the trust of others: Purists don’t want him to be included and Elevens see him as a traitor. He does not have an abundant amount of resources: no true allies (people that accept his ideals), lack of power (despite having Lancelot, he is limited to what the army provides him), poor reputation (not much to describe).

    The anime truly makes those two characters foils of one another. Lelouch can be characterized as aggressive, not highly visible (the public sees only the mask, not the person behind it), intelligent, charismatic, etc. Suzaku however is calm, highly visible (he was reported on the news), strong, stiff (lack of sentimentality), etc. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike Lelouch, nor do I truly like Suzaku. However, because of the overwhelming favoritism towards Lelouch, I feel compelled to defend Suzaku. There is no reason for me to defend Lelouch, because everyone has already made clear what it is that is great about him.

    When it comes right down to it, to say you hate someone really is to hate everything about them. It has a deeper connotation than disliking. If you hate everything about Suzaku, then you must feel that Lelouch is perfect. I just really don’t feel that either character is perfect, and so I am really just trying to offer a rebuttal.

  33. Kira is way different from Suzaku, his actions r base on the truth.Unlike Suzaku who always believe he is right, Kira think about his doing.
    Also Kira think about the enemies as well, whether they r good or bad
    Thats why his friend follows him

  34. Moreover like in episode 15, even though Suzaku knew the Japanese surrendered,he watched them getting kill by Britainians b/c his “Lord” order to kill them…
    He feelin painful as he watch them died and didnt even make a move to stop the Britainians, wat sup w/ that…even though he didnt want to kill them, i think that is worst. Just dont want to get his hands dirty, bastard…

  35. i think the way of peace that Suzaku tries to obtain is that he wants the Japanese to feel that they have no chance of victory against the Britain, thus no civil war will occur.

    Even though he becaomes Euphy’s knight or lover, wat will he b able to achieve???Usually or almost always a princess cant do anything like in ep.17, she cant even choose the pic. that she wants. And it is more difficult if an emperor like that is the ruler.
    Can any of Suzaku’s fan give me opinion of how Suzaku wants to end the cycle of war????

  36. Sorry :(, just too hard to ignore.

    Suzaku did not intend to become Euphemia’s knight, so I don’t think that is valid (it’s not a situation where a young man is trying to get rich by whoring himself to a rich old lady). You’re absolutely right, Euphie is undecisive and rather unfit as a leader. But what does that have to do with Suzaku and his goal? Between him and Lelouch, both foils (two characters who have highly opposite traits/personalities to the other) of one another, he is not the manipulative one.

    Try not to let Gundam Seed set your standard for anime. There are a wide variety of other shows to draw comparisons from. Kira is definitely charismatic and highly intelligent. But let’s not forget, he was “created” as the super-coordinator. As I said before, you shouldn’t compare the two.

    In Suzaku’s eyes, or at least what I believe he is understanding, it’s not that he doesn’t believe that Japan has no chance of victory, but it’s the death toll that will be incurred as a result of war. The leaders of Japan will be blamed regardless of the decision they make (surrender or fight), but at least in surrender, more people will survive to continue the struggle.

    My opinion? Suzaku is fighting against his fellow people because he needs to quell the violence before he can promote his goal. Who of the Britannian empire will listen to him, when there is a war going on against the Japanese “terrorists”, of whom Suzaku is ethnically related? Face it, all people are racists at some point in their lives, and it is really just the extent to which people express that racism. With the ongoing events, I hate to say it, but the odds are stacked heavily against him.

  37. People don’t like Susaku because he’s a follower that takes orders against his own people.

    He says he wants to change the army from the inside and yet he doesn’t do anything but listen and do exactly as he is told.

    Every battle he is in he is doing nothing but trying to kill the very people that are his friends.

    He’s so obviously fighting on the wrong side that he seems more like a fool that’s to stubborn to wake up.

    The only up side is if they take the same stance now together they’ll have some of the royal family sympathetic to there cause. Instead of Zero just having to kill them all.

    Hmmm, I guess that could be why susaku is fighting on that side but it only works if they eventually all end up fighting for the same cause.


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