In order to give his report to Aizen, Ulquiorra crushes his left eye and lets the dust convey the information. When another Arrancar named Grimmjow heckles him for not killing Ichigo, Ulquiorra explains that their problem isn’t with the current Ichigo. Rather, Aizen is concerned with Ichigo’s growth rate: Ichigo has a considerable amount of dormant power, but it’s very unstable. With the possibility that Ichigo could either destroy himself if left alone or the possibility he could fall under their control, Ulquiorra didn’t kill him yet, but is ready to do so if Ichigo ends up fighting against them. These words and Aizen’s confidence in Ulquiorra shut up Grimmjow, but he’s still unhappy about it. Back in the real world, Ichigo is finding out that Renji and company aren’t planning on leaving until the end of the war with the Arrancar. Since Ichigo can’t give them a place to stay, Rangiku leaves for Inoue’s place, Ikkaku and Yumichika wander off, and Renji heads for Urahara’s shop. The only person left is Rukia, who intended on living with Ichigo all along, so she makes up a sob story for Ichigo’s father and sisters to convince them to let her stay. Meanwhile, Keigo and Mizuiro are walking through the streets when Keigo notices a large flying Hollow in the sly. What he doesn’t see is that Grimmjow soon arrives in this world.

At home, Inoue is telling a photo of her brother what happened with Ichigo, and she feels jealous that Rukia was able to get him back to normal. Rangiku arrives at her apartment a little later and quickly gets Inoue’s permission to stay. She really wants to take a bath, but she first tells Hitsugaya – who secretly followed her here and is sitting on the roof of the building – that he can come in if he’s got nowhere else to go. Once Rangiku gets into the tub and gets comfortable, she questions why Inoue’s so depressed today. Inoue eventually starts talking about how Rukia cheered Ichigo up and how she should be happy that Ichigo got better, but instead she’s jealous of Rukia. As she starts crying, Inoue admits that she doesn’t feel this way at school – it’s only when she’s alone at home. After hearing all this, Rangiku emerges nude from the bath and hugs Inoue. Rangiku then gets Inoue laughing through some tickling until she finally stops and says that Inoue and Rukia are fine the way they are. She thinks of Ichigo as a kid who can’t stand up on his own yet, so he still needs both of them. And since Inoue isn’t taking the easy way out by running away, Rangiku thinks highly of her. Elsewhere in the city, Grimmjow meets up with five other Arrancar who just arrived: D-Roy, Shawlong, Edorad, Ilfort, and Nakim . Together, they are able to detect many strong souls, including Ichigo and all of the Shinigami current in the real world. Grimmjow tells them that there’s no need to hold back or discriminate because they’re to massacre anyone that has any bit of spiritual pressure and let no one escape. Under those orders, the five Arrancar scatter towards their targets.


As much as I like Rukia as a character, I really favor Inoue more to be paired with Ichigo. It’s mainly because, as this episode shows, Inoue is portrayed as a complex character who has really deep feelings for Ichigo whereas Rukia appears to be more of a partner to him (in the non-romantic way). It’s not to say that Rukia doesn’t also like Ichigo, but, well, she’s not the one crying her heart out to Rangiku. Still, I highly doubt this is going to end up like any romance-comedy where the guy and girl end up happily ever after (especially since Ichigo currently has too many of his own problems to worry about), and I look forward to seeing how the romance (if any) develops in both the manga and anime. For now, I’m still looking forward to when chapter 237 gets animated.
Next week should be the start of some very exciting battles. The preview even hints that we’ll finally be able to see Rukia’s zanpaktou in its released form.


  1. Grimmjow’s VA “Junichi SUWABE” sure talks a lot like Renji’s VA “Kentarou ITOU” in my opinion. Heck, he even looks like Ikkaku!

    Is it just me, or did i just heard a background music they used in the Bleach movie in there?

  2. Doesn’t matter wether GrimJow has Blue or Green hair.. He’s still the Coolest ESPADA in my view~ XD

    I guess this episode will give us a Good LOL… ^_^; Especially the parts when all the shinigami’s making reasons to find a place to stay~ hahaha

  3. It seems that I disagree. XD You see, I’ve never cared who ends up with who, AS LONG AS it’s not Ichigo x Orihime. Why? I don’t find their relationship interesting at all. I’d like Orihime to be paired with Ishida. During their time in Soul Society, they both consistently out-weirded each other and it was hilarious to watch. Other than that, I don’t really have a preference. I wouldn’t mind if Ichigo was paired with Rukia, or perhaps with Tatsuki, and I also wouldn’t mind if Renji ended up with Rukia. (You have to kind of feel bad for Renji.)

    My prediction is that after the Aizen thing is taken care of, Ichigo’s other school friends will play a larger role in the story. Especially Tatsuki, who clearly has spirit powers of her own.

  4. It’s nice to see you have the same opinion about the parings in this show, Omni. I’m also of the opinion that if there is to be a pairing at all, it’s more likely to be IchigoxOrihime, and that Ichigo and Rukia are much more like partners rather than lovers.

    Just like Omni, I have nothing against Rukia, but this is just how I see things. And it’s Show Spoiler ▼

  5. quote “As much as I like Rukia as a character, I really favor Inoue more to be paired with Ichigo. It’s mainly because, as this episode shows, Inoue is portrayed as a complex character who has really deep feelings for Ichigo whereas Rukia appears to be more of a partner to him (in the non-romantic way”


  6. I dunno what… from the pics here, Grimmjow’s hair looks like the same colour with Hitsugaya’s. I’d expect it to be more like when he appeared in one of the earlier filler’s OP, but this… crappy colour.

    I guess the problem with the filler has to be the quality, but now, already in the arrancer arc, the colour is the problem……..

  7. I really do feel the need for more romance (any) in Bleach between Rukia and Ichigo. I don’t mean to compare anime here, but the romance between Shirou and Saber in Fate/Stay Night just made the anime that much better. Then again it was a major part of the story for that anime. Anyway, I just hope the writer puts enough in to please the people who really want it.

    Ichigo anata wa honto no kiso yarou da na!!!!!Orihime…rukiya…Tatsuki chan… and now even Matsumoto pays him a visit sometimes……and they say in South Park
    ” YOU BASTARD!!! ” 🙂

  9. I’m hoping Orihime gets killed because her entire function in the show is to merely be a plot device, and spends probably 75% of her screen/page time either crying that she’s not able to help, whining about ichigo, or getting her ass kicked by someone.


    Bleach doesn’t need any kinda pairing to be successful. Ichigo’s devotion to his friends is more than enough reason for him to fight.

  10. You make Ichigo sound like Yusuke. Of course, Ichigo still has to deal with his Hollow self inside of him. We’ll see if Ichigo does develop feelings for Rukia or Inoue, but it’ll be a long time before he starts having these feelings. Let’s hope the Arrancar put up an interesting fight and the Vizards appearing to help out Ichigo’s latent Hollow powers.

  11. As much as I love Rukia, I completely agree that IchigoxOrihime seems more likely. Rukia doesn’t seem very interested in him in that way, and Ichigo really does depend on the both of them. However, I think as the manga progresses we’ll see more of his feelings towards Orihime…

    … or maybe not, because Shounen Jump is evil.

  12. Inoue’s only srying her “heart out” cause so far she’s weak compared to Rukia.

    Rukia + Ichigo for me. KT drew them in total opposite attract since he describes Ichigo as “Black Sun” and Rukia as “White moon” and stuff like that. There’s more though but I can’t get bothered typing

  13. Inoue is portrayed as a complex character who has really deep feelings for Ichigo
    And it’s “complexity” to you? I don’t know, most people want Inoue to “win” Ichigo out of pity, because we can’t let the poor hot girl cry at night because she don’t have the balls to confess to him…
    Gah, give me some IchigoxRukia interaction anyday.

  14. I never liked Orihime much. I’m not saying she’s weak or anything, since in this chapter/episode she really did her best to stand up on her own and face her feelings squarely. I just…really didn’t like her from the start. x3 So with that bias, I’m more of a Ichigo x Rukia shipper – but I do get your point about them being more like platonic partners than lover. One can still hope. xD

    I’m excited to see the upcoming battles, hehe.

  15. Was anyone thinking of the Torches from Shakugan no Shana when they depicted Ichigo and co’s reiatsus as blue flames? I lament that I will soon be forgetting about who they are and what they’ve done. lol

    Kinny Riddle
  16. i dont read manga but i downloaded chapter 199 and conversation between Ulquiorra and Grimmjow wasnt like that Ulquiorra said that he didnt kill ichigo because he want him someday be on thier side

  17. I can’t imagine orihime being with’ll be boring and if he faced any problem in the future she’ll not be able to help him..she has to learn to stand up by herself first..

    He needs a strong and a gentle person at the same time like RUKIA
    And we can’t deny his feeling for rukia( it still progressing)’s obvious in the manga though

    GO GO ichigo x Rukia XD

  18. Please, don’t let this turn into a an IchiOri or IchiRuki battle. I’m tired of those.
    I think it would be cool if Orihime and Rukia got together and that would shut everyone up! Anyway, I don’t like either IchiOri or IchiRuki. Gin x Rangiku is my favorite pairing. And this was a great episode. I love Grimmjow!

  19. Personally I like Matsumoto and Hitsugaya better he! he!. I love IchigoXRukia. orihime is too much of a limp noodle and generic cuteness for my taste. And I read the manga too, Ichigo is a kind boy especually to the girls, he was bringing fresh flower to a dead little girl in the first volume remember and dont think he treat Orihime any different from his sisters or tatsuki. Anyway in HM chapters and the next two eposodes you could see Ichigo’s feeling towards Rukia developing. Anyway cant wait to see Rukia’s shikai Go Rukia!!

  20. awww come on people rukia and ichigo are already basicly together ichigo is 15 lol. guys generally like ichigo dont wanna releationship at that age in japan. You see ichigo when Matsumoto was messin with him lol. Hes scared of girls that way, currently. As the anime and manga go as ichigo gets older He’ll start changing his mind about that. He’ll pick rukia simply because shes around him alot more. Every anime that has the characters share a house together they eventually get together. The way ichigo and rukia act around each other very couple like, when ichigo and oriahime are just act nice to each other cause there friends. lol

  21. *SHOCK* at matsumoto wif hitsugaya.

    GINRAN ftw!!!!

    seriously… Rangiku can end up with nobody but Gin. DOn’t realli mind the other pairings cept Rukia shud go wif Renji, which leaves ichigo with inoue. Tatsuki is too much the ‘childhood’ frend to get with ichigo…. but she’s cool XD

  22. I never knew people get so hung up on character relationships in a ‘shonen’ type anime.
    If I had to choose……
    Ichigo x Chado
    Orihime x Tatsuki
    Rukia x Kon
    Ichigo’s youngest sister x that red haired kid in Uehara’s shop

    By the way, has anybody here seen an anime called Gintama?…. lots of Bleach references and its bloody hilarious.

  23. Well Orihime is just Ichigo’s classmate to me plus he swore He’ll protect Rukia with his “soul”

    Anyway let’s leave this topic…
    Rukia’s Zanpakuto is on the next ep right? I luv her sword!

  24. Probably cause Orihime’s turning it into a love story. She’s kinda ruining Bleach with her Fairy Power -_-;;

    Anyway, yea Rukia’s Shikai rulez and KT better show her Bankai as well

  25. hehe ya Rukia chan’s sword release this coming week! woot!
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Show Spoiler ▼

  26. I’m a bit suprised with Grimmjaw’s voice. I thought it was gonna have more of a high/crazy tone to it but nevertheless, I was impressed with the ep. The real action starts now. Can’t Wait! Grimmjaws the man

  27. Im sorry but i prefer Rukia and ichigo. This pair look much cooler and they both seem to be strong in the way that they don’t cry(like orihime)i just dont like her (im sorry for her fans)…ne way Rukia is a really cool character specially when she hits ichigo thats where the comedy is hahaha


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