Seeing that Tsukasa is ready to say something that she doesn’t want to hear, Shigeru reminds him that he was the one who chose her. He had said that he’d make an effort to like her, but she feels that he hasn’t actually made any such effort. Shigeru then starts to take off her clothes in front of Tsukasa, but he acts cool and says that she’ll get a cold. Tsukasa claims not to feel anything towards her, and she eventually puts her dress back on. When Tsukasa tries to be serious with her again, Shigeru jumps on his bed with her ears covered. Despite this, she still hears him say sorry for claiming that he’d make an effort, so she yells for him not to apologize. Tsukasa then declares that he likes Tsukushi. He was going to give her up, but in the end it was impossible for him to do so because she’s the strongest part inside of him; she’s his destined woman. Shigeru reacts by throwing a chair, and the noise alerts Tsukushi to Tsukasa’s room. When she goes in to see what’s going on, she finds Shigeru on top of Tsukasa in bed. The shock from the sight of this and from the look on Shigeru’s eyes makes Tsukushi run back out. Shigeru claims that Tsukushi was supporting her, but Tsukasa knows Tsukushi was suffering too and that it’s his fault for putting things off until now. In tears, Shigeru takes up his offer to let her hit him until she’s satisfied, all the while calling him cruel.

The next day, Tsukasa tells Soujirou and Akira that he broke up with Shigeru. Akira points out that the problem is still his mother, and in addition to that there’s Rui. He doesn’t think that Rui will back off so easily, and Soujirou warns against letting a dispute over a woman ruin a friendship. At that time, Rui is meeting with Tsukushi as per the appointment that they had set. Before she can say what she came to say, he tells her that he’s not giving up on her. Despite hearing this, Tsukushi tells him that she can’t answer his feelings. She knows that it’ll be difficult and probably painful, but she’s decided on Tsukasa. Before he leaves, Rui again refuses to give up because he remembers how she came to him numerous times crying. As a result, he feels that he’s the one who can make her happy. Sometime later, Shigeru pays a visit to Tsukushi’s room at the same time that Tsukasa goes to Rui’s home to talk with him. Shigeru reveals that Tsukasa had a bout of sexual lust last night and had asked her to marry him. Not letting Tsukushi say anything back, Shigeru departs as abruptly as she came, leaving Tsukushi wondering if it was all a lie.

Over at Rui’s, Tsukasa asks if his friend met with Tsukushi today. Rui confirms that he did and reveals that he said he wouldn’t give up because he feels that he – instead of Tsukasa – is the one who can make her happy. Hearing this, Tsukasa rushes up to Rui, but then surprisingly gets on his hands and knees to ask Rui to give up. Although he had felt that Rui could do what he wanted in terms of liking Tsukushi, Tsukasa now feels that she’s the destined woman for him and begs Rui to give up. Soujirou and Akira are surprised to find out the next day that Tsukasa did this. Rui feels that things don’t look like they’ll go well with the person that he likes and that he’ll to tell Tsukushi to do her best when he sees her. That chance almost comes when he’s sitting on a bench on the sidewalk that she’s walking along. However, he gets up as if he didn’t see her and walks the other direction right as Tsukasa approaches her from the side to tell her that he’ll protect her. He wants her to come with him, but Tsukushi notices first that Rui stopped walking and has turned around. Tsukasa sees Rui too and responds by hitting his chest and then pointing his finger at his friend. Rui does the same thing and it confuses Tsukushi enough to prompt Tsukasa to explain that it was a conversation between the souls of men. Rui then smiles when he hears Tsukasa concerned with Tsukushi being mad about this.

Back at school, Soujirou is saying that he doesn’t understand how Tsukasa can be so serious about one girl. Akira explains that Tsukushi is special to Tsukasa and reminds Soujirou that he has his special people too. Tsukasa is meanwhile still chasing Tsukushi and trying to figure out why she’s irritated. He eventually puts out his hand so that they can hold hands, but she’s reluctant to take it after what Shigeru had said last night. Not knowing this, Tsukasa thinks instead that she’s still concerned about his mother, who at that moment is arriving back in Japan, and so he suggests that she stop the servant work for a while. During all this, Shigeru has been meeting with her parents who think that she shouldn’t overwork herself if she doesn’t like the marriage. Shigeru responds by saying that she’s going to be together with the one she loves, and then she asks for her father’s support. Later that day, Tsukushi is forced to hide herself out of sight when Kaede returns home. Kaede suspects that Tama is keeping a secret and wonders if Tsukushi had been allowed to come and go from this mansion. Instead of denying it, Tama reveals that it’s true and it causes Kaede to remind Tama of why she was called here. The Doumyouji matron then bans Tsukushi from coming to this home anymore, but Tama makes a stand against Kaede. Because she’s worked there for 60 years, Tama is able to invoke the will of Kaede’s predecessor, including the provision that says all responsibilities of things happening in the mansion are left up to her. Tama even goes as far as to warn against interfering with her, and Kaede can only stare at her with a look of fear and shock.

Afterwards, Tsukushi visits Tama’s room to thank Tama for everything. When she notices that Tama has an old black-and-white photograph of herself and her husband, Tama explains that he died in war when she was only 19 years old and the previous family head – Tsukasa’s grandfather – took her in. She remembers how the house had been full of energy for many years, but how no one could stop Tsukasa’s violent attitude. When Tama attributes Tsukasa’s change to Tsukushi, Tsukushi admits that she hated Tsukasa at first. Tama feels that Tsukushi punching Tsukasa is very important and promises to protect Tsukushi with her life. Tsukasa is meanwhile elated to hear from Nishida about what Tama did, but Nishida warns Tsukasa not to lower his guard. Nishida is surprised to learn that Tsukushi is actually living here, but he’s not so shocked when Tsukasa declares that he’s not going to marry Shigeru. Right after Tsukasa makes that statement, Kaede comes into Tsukasa’s room and tries to make sure that her son doesn’t still have feelings for Tsukushi by reminding him of his mistake in New York that led to Ken’s suicide. Once his mother leaves, Tsukasa asks Nishida if Ken would be disappointed to see going to Tsukushi, but Nishida thinks that Ken would definitely understand.

On the day that Tsukasa is to meet with Shigeru’s parents, Akira, Soujirou, and Rui are at school discussing how he’ll refuse the marriage. Rui feels that Tsukasa is resolute, but Soujirou is more worried about the repercussions to the Japanese economy, the Doumyouji Group, and its employees. Akira, however, sees it instead as a symbol of how much Tsukasa loves Tsukushi. Meanwhile, Tsukasa arrives at the meeting place and is greeted by Shigeru who didn’t think that he’d come. He explains that he’s here to apologize to her father and mother, but Shigeru doesn’t think that they’ll forgive him. She knows that marriage with her is the last option the Doumyouji Group has in order to recover, and she claims to have a special plan worked out. Tsukasa then gets a phone call from Tsukushi, but when she can’t find the right words to say, he chides her for being timid and not encouraging him. Nevertheless, he feels that their fates are intertwined. After Tsukasa hangs up, Okami-san tells Tsukushi that it’s no use to worry about it and that she should leave it up to fate now. Tsukasa then goes to the dining room where everyone is waiting for him. Shigeru’s father suggests a toast first, but when Tsukasa tries to speak up, Shigeru cuts him off and announces that she wants to cancel the marriage talks.

Shigeru claims that she wasn’t able to like Tsukasa enough and feels that the person she spends her life with must be someone she decides on. After apologizing for the timing of this announcement, Shigeru turns to her father and asks him to proceed with the company merger talks despite her selfish breaking off of the engagement. She then toasts to the growth of both companies to seal the deal. After it’s all over, Tsukasa chases after Shigeru because of what she just did for him. Shigeru calls this her special plan and says that it’s her apology for getting in the way of his relationship with Tsukushi. She knows that Tsukushi is the strongest part inside of him, and so she thanks him for being with her for this short period of time. In the end, she has one more selfish request for him: to make Tsukushi happy for her. Shigeru seems to leave gracefully, but she’s actually starts crying as she remembers all the time spent with Tsukasa. Tsukushi later finds that Shigeru left her a voice mail saying that the marriage is off. Shigeru explains that nothing happened on that night and apologizes for lying to make Tsukushi jealous. If Tsukushi will forgive her, Shigeru hopes that they can meet again as friends next time. For now, Shigeru is returning to New York with her parents even though she would like to get along better with Tsukushi. And when they meet again next time, she wants Tsukushi to call her Shigeru instead of using the more formal Shigeru-san.

Having heard the entire message, Tsukushi calls up Tsukasa in a panic to tell him that Shigeru’s leaving. After redirecting his driver, Tsukasa informs Rui about the situation so that Rui can also take Tsukushi to the airport. Thanks to Rui’s driving, Tsukushi arrives at Narita before Tsukasa does and finds Shigeru about to pass through a security checkpoint. As she gasps for air from running through the terminal, Tsukushi can’t seem to find the right words to say to Shigeru. Despite this, Shigeru thanks her for coming and tells her to become happy. Seeing Shigeru about to leave, Tsukushi is finally able to tell Shigeru to come to her home again to play. With a smile on her face, Shigeru salutes Tsukushi goodbye before disappearing down the escalator. Tsukasa arrives on the scene soon after Shigeru is gone, and he says that they have nothing to be afraid of since Shigeru accepted the two of them together after all this time. He then extends his hand again so that they can hold hands, and this time Tsukushi actually takes it. Their happiness is short-lived, however, because Tsukushi immediately lets go of Tsukasa’s hand when she sees that Kaede is standing behind them after having figured it all out.


I thought Shigeru might crack from her emotions and go into a crazy-mode, but she ended up bowing out rather gracefully. Well, I guess there was the whole lying-to-Tsukushi part, but at least she didn’t try to kill her. I’ve said it before, but I’ve always liked Shigeru’s character, so I’m glad that she wasn’t too vilified and that she redeemed herself. Theoretically, her request to her father saves the Doumyouji Group too, so everything should work out. And with Rui also giving up after Tsukasa uncharacteristically begged him to, it would seem that Tsukasa and Tsukushi would have no more obstacles. Except, that is, for his mother.
Still, Tama showed that there is someone who can stand up to Kaede and really make her eyes bulge. Tama’s character had all the signs of becoming an ally to Tsukushi and Tsukasa’s relationship, though I hadn’t quite expected her to talk like that to Kaede. However, Tsukasa and Tsukushi can’t rely on someone else to protect their relationship forever, and the two will eventually have to make their own stand. The preview for next week shows a rather dramatic looking encounter between them in the rain, and so of course the drama isn’t over yet.


  1. Thank you so much for loading the pictures of the episode and preview every time. Since I’m not able to watch the episode as soon as it comes out however just looking at the pictures and reading the summary you have written is already a big help for me.

    Again, I appreciate your hard work. 🙂

  2. Tsukasa and Tsukushi WILL be together , as in the manga !
    But, however, if they use the end of the manga already (going to New York to study), how’d they end season 2 with ?
    I’m sure there will be nothing like a wedding or running-away in HYD2 .Still pondering about the end for HYD2 ?????!

  3. The last part of the episode almost made me cry…I didn’t like Shigeru much but it was really sad to see her go after what a sweet character she turned out to be.

    Oh yeah, LOL @ Tama recalling what Tsukasa was like before he met Tsukushi. 2 headbutts followed by a punch to the face does seem to be Tsukasa’s most often used move. XD

  4. xD;;. The rain scene looks a lot better in the manga, judging by the preview, but eh.

    As for Shigeru…I really did love her. Even her moments of jealousy, in my opinion, were understandable. She IS human, guys. Ah, but that one cartoonish scene — so adorable! Reminds me of Tsukushi in S1, where they show her from three diff grades beating up boys xD;;.

    As always — thanks for the reviews & such :].

  5. Thank you for the summaries. I have been meaning to write something for ages, but I always forgot. Anyway, I was watching it when I left Japan but then I didn’t get to watch the rest and now I am in Australia with a very slow internet connection so I don’t really have access to it, except for your site! Which, I might add, is very useful and you can’t find another site anything like this (with the pictures and summaries) about Japanese TV shows! Thank you very much again, *jyaaaaan!*
    Keep up the awesome work
    Love from Australia, sNoOpY

  6. Oh, I’m so happy to find this: I’ve only just recently gotten hooked on HYD and spent all weekend catching up to Season 2. I’m such a spoiler hog that I’ve been desperately trying to find any news for upcoming eps. Thank you so much for all your work – this is brilliant.

  7. i really enjoy hana yori dango, and hana yori dango 2. but i cannot seem to grasp why the hell it keeps constantly overreplaying tsukasa and makino not being together! i was actually enjoying watching rui put himself out there for makino, but then tsukasa had to get down on his knees and do the whole “I LOVER HER PLEASE SHE IS MY DESTINED WOMAN!”. i gurantee you i love tsukasa, however come on! it needs to be a bit more enthralling if they were going to drag out their relationship problems. if they are going to be together, then they should just let them be together, instead of dragging out the next six episodes of how they epically fall into one anothers arms. i actually would like to see what happens after they get together, their feelings fullblown right out boyfriend and girlfriend act. or have rui and makino ending up together in a twist of things. ahh. like i said, love the show, but other characters like yuki and soujirou should also be given a chance to let their characters grow together, and see if a relationship blossoms. anyone else like when the live action series spice things up?

  8. thanks 4 ur summary,,,its nice 2 know how d story goes,,,honestly,,I LUV MATSUMOTO JUN A LOT!!!n, mwy i ask ur help????pliz..plizzz send me all titlle of jun movie,,,if u deal with it,,,i really aprresiate it…thanks a lot…


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