When Rin and Asa go on a date to an amusement park, the two almost have a kiss on a Ferris wheel through a cookie, but they get interrupted when the ride ends. Rin then stays by Asa’s bedside after she had to go to the hospital because of the Kaede incident. In the aftermath of his talk in the rain with Kaede, Rin meets with Asa in the spot overlooking the city, tells her that he likes her, and asks her to go out with him as his lover. After he promises to protect her, she kisses him as her answer to his request. However, soon after Rin moves into his own apartment, Asa collapses and has to go to the hospital again. This time, Ama reveals to Rin that she was a test subject in the Yggdrasil Project. Her secret is that she is actually a devil, though she says that Asa is human. Since Asa’s body can’t handle the magic, Rin tries to convince her to use it up, but she refuses. Asa explains that the one time she saw her mother cry was when Ama revealed her past and her devil background. Because of that, Asa decided to live as a human and will not use magic. Rin finally takes things into his own hands after Asa quietly leaves the hospital one night and he finds her at that spot overlooking the city. With a box cutter, he slits his own wrists and quickly starts bleeding to death. Not wanting him to die, Asa finally uses her magic to heal him, and in the process she saves herself too.

This episode covers all the major Asa events from episodes 18 and 21-24. It feels a bit odd seeing the end to the original anime placed before the stories of Nerine, Primula, and Sia, but it ultimately doesn’t really matter since this is all recap anyway. Three more episodes to go before we hopefully get something new…


  1. They’ll release it on DVD normally but if it is ever broadcast on TV it might get some heavy editing.

    And Meh it’s Asa the stupid, insane, emo Rin-dominating girl who needs to find time to do more than just play around with people.

  2. It’s a series of recap episodes… whoever thought of this idea is a freaking idiot.
    “Hey what do our viewers love the most about anime?” “Well anything but recap episodes” “Recap episodes you say?!? Genius!!! Lets make a whole season of them.”

  3. ” buh at 6:35 pm on February 25th, 2007
    It’s a series of recap episodes… whoever thought of this idea is a freaking idiot.
    “Hey what do our viewers love the most about anime?” “Well anything but recap
    episodes” “Recap episodes you say?!? Genius!!! Lets make a whole season of them.” ”


    I always think about every recap episodes and complete series the same way you do!!!

  4. @ Hypernova and AnimeFan159

    Please, PLEASE don’t start a Sony fanboy/Ninty fanboy flame war. Save your garbage for Joystiq, please.

    And off the record, I’m no fan of the Wii, but the PS3 sucks so utterly its sick.

  5. For the record I don’t own any of the consoles, just making a very valid comparison that can be backed up by any reputable tech news sites.

    I’m very curious about the TV rating of this show since everyone who’s seen the origional hates it and new comers will find it comfusing.

  6. Make…. fillers… recaps… stop…

    This is one of the most transparent marketing gimmicks I’ve seen in a while. Only time I have seen schemes this obvious is in professional wrestling storylines. Then again wrestling at leasts waits longer to recycle old stuff. Shuffle though? Barely a year…

    Yuri Rocks
  7. I’m not telling him what he CAN or what he CAN’T blog. Am just really wondering why is he blogging this. I didn’t say “OMNI YOU CAN’T BLOG THIS” DIDN’T I? I respect his decision in whatever series he wish or doesn’t wish to blog but like I said in the previous post I’m really C-U-R-I-O-U-S.

  8. I thought this was already mentioned, but this is for the people that couldn’t watch Shuffle! due to its high-rated content.

    Besides, they were planning to do that ever since they bumped up Ep 9’s content to R-15. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have done this AND made everything past 9 all-age wise (in terms of nudity, nothing about themes).

  9. Actually, the closer reason is that SHUFFLE aired on a Pay Channel in Japan (WOWOW) who also has exclusive airing rights. This rehacked travesty of a travesty is being aired on a Free Channel so that the peasants will get spazzy and go buy the merchandise (i.e. isn’t moving fast enough).

    Shuffle originally aired after midnight … and this puppy is late night as well.

    The pre-season hype and buzz was exceptionally misleading – there’s really no reason to watch this because even if you *hadn’t* seen the original series – this is a broken crappy “memory scrap” edit that is unlikely to inspire new viewers.

    Shuffle…. lovely premise, interesting characters — massive crash’n’burn on execution.

    Memories really just highlights how inconsistent the art and animation was by splicing scenes together that accentuate the offmodel and deformation against the better stuff.

  10. Vexx is too smart for all of us. All bow down, orz.

    GT, Omni was most likely blogging this since he enjoyed the original series and hoped for new content which hasn’t happened so far but he is still being optimistic which is a lot more than I could say about myself.

  11. My own humble impression by this time is that “Memories” is not worth the time unless you have infinite bandwidth and only actually watch the OP/ED sections.

    The contents of each episode really are a poorly stitched together *incomplete* collection of each character’s screentime — worse is that several of the episodes actually contain more of other characters than of them. Its just horribly done even as a scrapbook of the episode title character. What immediately grabs my attention is the really awful inconsistency of artwork and animation – which is reinforced by the edit/stitching of scene to scene.

    How this is going to attract the peasants who couldn’t afford the WOWOW channel to watch the series is incomprehensible – though it tells me a bit about the opinions the decision-makers have of the fans.

    The OP/EDs are actually pretty interesting (since they are new material and have new songs). I’m tempted to do some video editing and just stitch those together for an odd little omake file. I probably won’t have anything else to say unless the last episode is actually new material.


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