With the Arrancar on the move, Ichigo and company immediately sense the incoming spiritual pressures. Rukia counts six of them all headed for different targets with spiritual pressure around the city. She thinks that Inoue will be safe with Rangiku and Hitsugaya, but she notices that Sado is alone and that there’s an Arrancar headed his way. By now, Rangiku and Hitsugaya have both come out in their shinigami forms and are soon confronted by a pair of enemies. The taller Arrancar immediately attacks Hitsugaya and introduces himself as No. 11 Shawlong. He feels that he’s hit the jackpot by getting a captain, but Hitsugaya disagrees. Meanwhile, Sado has almost finished getting healed, so he runs out of the building, but is immediately met by the Arrancar D-Roy who’s about to plunge his hand into Sado’s chest. Fortunately, Ichigo arrives in time to stop D-Roy and tells Sado to step back. Since Ichigo insists on handling this, Sado retreats as he wonders if he’s not strong enough to fight by Ichigo’s side anymore. When Rukia learns that Ichigo told Sado to step back, she proceeds to say the same thing to Ichigo.

Rukia then surprises Ichigo by bringing out her own shinigami self. She has her own powers back, and her gigai is now being occupied by the Soul Candy she ingested. While her gigai restrains Ichigo, Rukia’s battle starts when D-Roy attempts to make a first strike. At first, Rukia is able to block his hand, and when she counter-attacks, he’s able to block her zanpaktou. Although D-Roy introduces himself as Arrancar No. 16, he has no interest in knowing who Rukia is because he plans to kill her immediately. Hearing this, Rukia suggests that he then learn the name of her zanpaktou as she brings out and releases the Sode no Shirayuki. D-Roy is caught off-guard by the white zanpaktou, allowing Rukia to freeze him to the ground. Nevertheless, he quickly breaks free and flies up because he thinks that her zanpaktou’s power is useless in the air. Unfortunately for D-Roy, a column of light then rises up through the sky and envelopes him in ice, soon shattering him into oblivion.

Since Ichigo is shocked at the sight of Rukia’s white zanpaktou, her Soul Candied-body explains that it’s an ice element type renowned in Soul Society as the most beautiful. Furthermore, Rukia has always had officer level strength, but a certain someone kept her from becoming an officer because the missions would have been a lot more dangerous. That person is of course Kuchiki Byakuya. This conversation is interrupted when Ichigo and Rukia suddenly feel an enormous spiritual pressure and find Grimmjow hovering above them. The other Arrancar have also sensed D-Roy’s death, though they all also think that he was the weakest of them. Around this time, Keigo is going out to buy some drinks when a wall nearby explodes and a bloody Ikkaku emerges from the smoke. Ikkaku recognizes Keigo from earlier, but while his face is turned, the Arrancar that he’s fighting smacks him. Getting back up, Ikkaku makes a deal with Keigo where he saves Keigo from the Arrancar in exchange for Keigo providing a place to stay for the night. After coercing Keigo to agree, Ikkaku tries to get the Arrancar to reveal his name, but the Arrancar only gets as far as proclaiming that he’s No. 13 before he stops himself and decides that it’s pointless to give his name if he’s going to kill Ikkaku anyway.

Ikkaku feels different about revealing his own name since he and the other Shinigami have a rule about letting the other side know who they are before they kill them. He then introduces himself as the third seat of the Zaraki Division, Madarame Ikkaku, and asks that the Arrancar to remember it because it’s the name of the man who’s going to kill him.


I remember when I first read this part of the manga that I was quite surprised and impressed with how Rukia was able to finally come out and show her power by killing one of the Arrancar without some long drawn out fight. It’s been a while, but I’m glad to finally see the Sode no Shirayuki animated. My only issue is that that Bount arc might have significantly weakened the impact of this episode, at least for those people unfamiliar with the manga. Whereas in the manga we had Rukia going from not doing much in the SS arc to kicking ass in this arc, in the anime the SS arc leads into the Bount arc which has Rukia doing quite a bit of fighting. In other words, for better or worse, the Bount arc got us used to Rukia being more than just a battle support character, so her coming out with her initial release here might not have been as big a surprise.
That’s a fairly minor and very specific complaint though. The episode itself was everything I expected it to be and the animation quality was pretty high. I actually don’t consider Rukia using her initial release, despite how impressive it was, to be one of the best highlights or shocks of this battle, all of which are still yet to come. Next week will be Ikkaku versus the Arrancar Edorad.


  1. woohoo!! rukia’s sode no shirayuki! this ep is really cool, this part was one of the best scens in manga, especially Show Spoiler ▼

    can’t wait for the subs!! T-T hitsugaya taichou’s back in action! yay! XD

  2. @ jesus
    did u mean to say “at its peak”? 🙂 yah.. the animation is at greater level than the previous episodes, well, it should be since these scenes were one of the best chapters in the manga. They probably do not want to disappoint the expectations of the bleach fans in terms of the animation level in this episode. (hope the next episodes too!)

  3. Yay Rukia, you go girl! My god what a beautiful zampakuto! Anyway, the fact that Rukia ‘saved’ Ichigo (again) makes what’s coming more poignant and agnsty for a certain orange hair boy, can’t wait for that.

  4. haha yeah, i totally agree with the whole “lessened impact” of rukia’s power due to the whole bount arc -__-” which…. was pretty lame in my opinion. i rmber when i first read this in the manga i was totally stunned O__o” all in all, rukia kicks ass =) i love whats currently happening in the manga so far, we’re about to see more of her power soon ^^

  5. OK what the hell is wrong with the Arrancars. Aren’t they suppose to be really strong to the point where even captains have trouble? How does Rukia beat one? She got owned by a regular hollow early in the series.

  6. @WonTon

    Well, not every arrancar is captain level. They are all fairly strong though. Just wait until you see Grimmjow in action, now HE is certainly higher than a captain’s level in strength.

    Her having to deal with Ichigo during that first fight with that hollow could have played a roll in her getting “owned”, but other than that it does seem rather strange now that she busts out her shikai.

  7. I felt Rukia’s mod soul fooling around with Ichigo had wasted too much time this episode.

    Also, does Chad become an useful character anytime soon? I’m not sure since I’m not following manga, but I feel sorry for the guy for feeling so useless. 🙁

  8. ZOMG YAYNESS Rukia’s 袖の白雪 at last!!!! Waited so long JUST to see it in action!! WOOOT!! *dances around*…. but hw so i can’t watch it yet!!!! Nuuuuuuuuu~!!! D:

  9. ugh why do people compair rukia when she 1st showed up in the series and say why did she have such a power boost… 1. Ichigo had to get his powers somehow so rukia had to be written to lose to get them. 2. Rukia really didnt give a shit about her life since she was still very depressed about killing kien. 3. She trainned people! Please stop going by the filer to say omg how did this happan. Over 6 months past before the arracar show up. She was regainning her powers and trainning to get stronger, knowing azien was going to being something to troube ichigo and their friends. Rukia gives a shit about her negima as they call them in the anime. Just like Ichigo she gets stronger to protect her friends. Jeaz just read the last 3 chapters of the new bleach manga and u’ll get rukia in 2 seconds.
    In the series rukia and rengi train to become shingumi at the same time. There the same age, rengi has leveled up enough to learn a bankai but her knowing her sword release is a rip off? Please. For someone of her class its really long overdue.
    She is a main character of Bleach Ichigos partner she has to be strong in this series to suport him. Its simple as that. Shes Vegeta to goku, Ichigo being goku and vegeta being her.
    She just needed a push, having nothing to fight for as she did in the past, its really hard to get stronger if you dont have that. Well Rukia has it now. Dont be surprized if she has her bankai by the winter arc if not by the time she is done fighting a certain character in the manga right now ^^. I’m gald to see theres more love for Rukia chan then hate. A Anime has to have more then just ichigo fighting everyone in sight then we have the dbz formlua poping up more then we want lol. Lets not forget Rukia is the second most popular bleach character in the series she is second to ichigo. Dont you think thats what the creater wants? So no bitching please, its what he set up since rukia 1st showed up on screen and met with our main character ichigo. Yhere partners. If shes weak and ichigo saves her all the time then she wouldnt be much of a partner now would she? lol. She did what a good partner does, she tagged in ^^. Ichigo has issues with his hollow side so she fought for him. One to teach him how to treat your friends, namely how ichigo treated poor chad and know humanilty to show ichigo that he can also be told to step aside. Rukia sama is the shit pyon! ^^

  10. To Rasmiel: Yes, Chad gets a power boost fairly soon and becomes able to fight on captain level, with several new powerful abilities that I can’t wait to see animated.

    Cluttered Mind
  11. She will ^^ Since these new enemys are getting stronger and stronger even bankai’s are not enough to kill them so the cast needs a new strong bankai and rukia’s is probley going to be right up there with ichigo’s power wise ichigo will have her beat by a iittle when he masters his bankai more but speed wise her’s will be even faster hehe. Some people think it will be a white shythe which will look pretty kick ass but rukia likes zankokus so I think her sword will basicly stay the same, though she may get white angel wings on her back, and of course her kimoto will be white. Her belt most likely will be black. Just a guess but we’ll see for some reason something is telling me shes going to do it against “that certain someone” I dont wanna even put a spoiler tag. I cant wait for 265 chapter wise! Come out already raw ugh! lol probley within the next few days ^^. I hope they dont show more of the rengi fight and go back to rukia’s fight later 😛

  12. I think that if she obtained’ll have a gorgeous shape of ice or something
    lol you describe her bankai as if she’s an angel ^ ^
    yah I hope kubo’ll concentrate on her fight in the entire chapter and give us a break from renji’s fight >_> can’t wait for chapter 265 + 266

  13. Frankly, I’m surprised that so many people like Rukia so much. Myself included. She’s not the kind of character I usually go for. As a general rule, I tend to not like leading female characters. But gahhh~ Rukia is just so awesome and the thought of one day seeing her bankai gets me giddy.

    And, right, I don’t want Bount in my Bleach. Dammit. Ruins the flavor entirely.

  14. Ooh!i finally had time to watch. Sooo beautiful. I almost cried cos its Rukia’s first BIG action scene (although it was pretty quick).
    Bankai, eh? I sure hope so:

    LOL at the last bit with Soi Fong

  15. Bleach has definitely stepped up a level. I actually laughed at the ichigo+rukia gigai moments. Great Kubo Tite humour! Grimmjaws introduction to Rukia and Ichigo was great and i’m looking forward to the battles ahead.

  16. Ikkaku and Rukia’s Zanpacto abilitys are cool, but if you dont know the truth about ichigo’s dad Show Spoiler ▼

    you can not imagine your suprise at this anime’s big spoilers


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