A few quick things before I go to bed:

  • The big news of yesterday was that Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru was getting a second season according to Getchu. As excited as I was to hear this, I had my suspicions because I don’t consider Getchu to be a reliable source of news. Lo and behold, the site changed it’s news item a little earlier so that the second season part was no longer mentioned. It’s unclear at this point whether this was an incorrect report or if it was them jumping the gun and leaking something too early, so I wouldn’t get too excited yet in case this turns out not to be true.
  • Sousei no Aquarion’s OVA, Wings of Betrayal, has a website now and a release date of Friday, May 25th, 2007. The website features a promo that plays the original opening song by AKINO, but it’s noteworthy that the credits list her singing a new theme song called 「素足」 (Suashi – Barefoot).
  • For those of you following Pumpkin Scissors: I haven’t dropped the show, but recent circumstances have kept it at the bottom of my priority list in terms of catching up. I’ll try to get back up-to-date this weekend.

    1. aquarion OVA on may 25th. seeing as last time I checked their webblog they mentioned june or later mabey they put the R1 licence money to good use to speed up things.I gues i will check the website now.

    2. Getchu usually deals with new merchandise that are coming up (it’s a paradise for us otaku/H game players, get the hint), rather than new shows and that sort of stuff. I didn’t even know they did news that’s not about merchandise.

    3. Aquarion is one of THE BEST ANIMES i´ve seen on my life!!!!This 2 OVAS will rock baby!!
      otoboku is nice….in a cliche way from an otaku taste!!!but I kind like it too!!!

    4. season 2 of otoboku? that would be nice 😛
      i hope this time they make things much more deeper
      maybe mizuho failing for one of the girls
      the first season only down part was there is no signs on who is getting Mizuho or Mizuho chasing after anyone but overall it was a decent harem story
      Or maybe it was a bad anime for those who really expect Mizuho and Shion till the end of the series but ended up with no one. XD (i’m one of them who got depressed with mizuho ended with no one)

    5. I think this makes me want to play otoboku @_@ and get some mizuho goodness lols hmm sousei no aquarion OVA seems interesting but I better make some wild guess on what part of the series that would be happening


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