With Euphemia’s announcement in effect, Suzaku reports to her that over 200,000 people have applied for the Specially Administrated Japan. Euphemia attributes Suzaku being here as the representative of the Japanese people to why everyone believes in this new place, but Suzaku thinks that it’s because of Euphemia’s proclamation. When she tells him that she’ll be needing his help for various things from now on, he at first answers with his usual “Yes, Your Highness,” but her disapproving look cuts him off and causes him instead just to say yes. The television news is meanwhile reporting that this Special Administrative Zone will be a first for Britannia and is Euphemia’s own idea. In addition, tomorrow’s ceremony for this will be broadcast all over the world. At school, Nina tells herself that she’ll go with what Euphemia says. Schneizel is meanwhile complimenting Euphemia to Cornelia, and he talks about how this helps them with the Area 11 terror groups and public order. Cornelia says that she is personally opposed, but she’s still going to get the public policy moving as the Governor-General.

As for the Kyoto group, they don’t think that a Specially Administrated Japan is a bad thing, and Kirihara feels that this concession came about because of their resistance efforts. One of the others notes that he heard Kirihara had been promised a position in the new zone, but Kaguya is more concerned about what Zero and the Black Knights are going to do. At that time, the senior officers of the Black Knights are discussing how they’re losing supporters and members. Diethard attributes it to how there’s no risk in the new zone unlike in the Black Knights. They know that Kyoto is going to cooperate, but Kallen doesn’t believe in the promised equality. All this reminds Ougi of the conversation he had with Villetta about her wanting to enter the new zone. Because of this, he wonders to the group about participating in the new zone because it doesn’t conflict with what Zero’s been saying. However, Nagisa Chiba says that they could be disarmed under the pretext of peace, and Toudou feels that they would lose their independence. Diethard, however, notes that if they don’t participate, they would become enemies of freedom and equality.

In town, Lelouch gets dropped off by Rivalz so that he can meet with Shirley for some shopping. Both of them see and hear a noble beating a Japanese with his cane because he believes that the inferior people should obey the superior ones. Lelouch interrupts and uses his powers on the man’s bodyguard to get him to go away. When the noble tries to stop his bodyguard, Lelouch says that the noble has mistaken a borrowed strength for the noble’s own ability. He is about to GEASS the noble to go die, but Lelouch ends up quickly shutting his left eye right as Rivalz steps in to defuse the situation. Watching from nearby Shirley saw how Lelouch saved the Eleven, but she questions why he was with Euphemia before. She realizes that it is dangerous for her to get too involved with this. Returning home later, Lelouch tells Nunnally that Shirley never ended up coming and didn’t contact him. Nunnally notices that he’s worried and asks if it’s about Euphemia. He takes the chance to ask his sister if she likes Euphemia, and Nunnally says that she does. When she asks him the same question back, Lelouch says that he liked Euphemia.

The next day is the day of the ceremony, and the news reports state that there are many Japanese here in the arena and even more gathered outside. All attention seems focused on how Zero isn’t there, but he soon appears standing on top of the Gawain right as Euphemia is about to being the ceremony. Kirihara isn’t so sure what’s Zero intends to do and thinks to himself that everything is over if it’s found out that Zero is really a Britannian prince. To Euphemia’s surprise, Zero says that he wants to talk with her privately. Although Euphemia’s men don’t find any weapons on Zero, Suzaku still thinks that he’s dangerous and wants to come too. Nevertheless, Euphemia says that it’s okay and asks Suzaku to believe in her. They go inside her command vehicle, and she turns off all the cameras so that he can take off his mask. After doing so, Lelouch pulls out a ceramic and bamboo needle gun that wasn’t found by the earlier detector. Euphemia doesn’t think that Lelouch will shoot, and he agrees with her because she’ll be the one who will be shooting.

Back outside, Suzaku suddenly gets a flash in his head of the GEASS symbol and then turns around to see a green figure materializing beside the Gawain. Inside, C.C. notes that Suzaku can see it and wonders if it’s because of indirect contact and what happened on the island or if it’s because of that person. Because of this, she gets out of the Gawain. Meanwhile, noting that this ceremony is being broadcast across the world, Zero proposes that Euphemia shoot him. He thinks that if she surprise attacks him, Zero would become a martyr and her own popularity would plummet. This causes Euphemia to question what Lelouch is joking about. She wants to make Japan with him, but he feels that she’d be the same as Clovis if she forces it unilaterally. He plans to be revived miraculously and explains that people are weak to miracles. Right as Lelouch is saying that a messiah must be one person and that the people will know she’s an impostor, he experiences pain in his left eye. At the exact same moment, C.C. is trying to question Suzaku about something and gets the same pain.

The GEASS symbol on top of C.C.’s head lights up, and when Suzaku goes over to see what’s wrong, he touches her shoulder. This results in him seeing another set of visions similar to last time, except that now he’s also shown an image of Marianne. After Suzaku collapses, Euphemia’s guards rush over and also see C.C.’s GEASS symbol. Their eyes all turn red, and they experience visions that cause them to fall to the ground. Back inside the vehicle, Euphemia tries to help Lelouch, but he swats her away and tells her not to pity him any more. He opens his GEASS-active eye as he calls out her full name, but Euphemia stops him by saying that she gave up that name – she has relinquished her right to succeed the throne. Lelouch thinks that she did it for his sake, but Euphemia laughs and explains that she did it for Nunnally. She reveals how Nunnally had said that as long as she could be with her brother, she didn’t need anything else. That’s what led Euphemia to this decision. Lelouch calls her an idiot for doing this, but his tone has changed and he says that she was always Euphie before she was vice-Governor-General and a princess.

Euphemia then holds her hand out to Lelouch so that they can promise to work together. Although he says that she was the worst enemy for him, he shakes her hand and calls this her victory. The two then get to talking about how he was trying to get her to shoot him, and Lelouch reveals that no one can defy him if he gives a serious order. He says that it can be any order, but since Euphemia thinks he’s joking, Lelouch insists that it’s true. Turning towards her, he says that, for example, if he orders her to kill the Japanese, it would have nothing to do with her own will. Suddenly, however, Euphemia comes under the influence of GEASS and her eyes light up red. Although she tries to resist the order, she soon falls to its control. Knowing that his GEASS eye is active now, Lelouch realizes that he has become the same as Mao in that he’s unable to turn it off. He then tries to get Euphemia to forget the order, but she picks up his ceramic gun and runs out.

Around this time, Schneizel is calling General Bartley to say that he’ll be returning to the home country by the end of the day. Bartley reports that their experiment’s intelligence is limited to Area 11, so Schneizel suggests that they talk with the Rosenberg Laboratory. When the communication arrives, he wants it sent to him with the experimental machine. Bartley then mentions the ruins on the island, but Schneizel is thinking more about how everything will go well thanks to Euphemia. By this time, Euphemia has run back onto stage and asks the Japanese people if they could die. She wants them to commit suicide, but when she realizes that they won’t, she orders her soldiers to exterminate everyone and cheerily announces a massacre. Hearing this, Darlton immediately orders all the microphones and cameras to be turned off. Zero then rushes onto the stage to stop Euphemia, but two Britannian guards get in his way. He opens the slit on his mask to GEASS them, but before he can do that, he sees Euphemia shoot a man in the audience. When she orders her soldiers to hurry to kill everyone, Darlton questions what she’s doing and tells her to stop. Euphemia responds by shooting Darlton in the abdomen, and although she immediately apologizes to him, she also says that she has to exterminate all of the Japanese.

Suzaku wakes up around this time to the sound of screaming and gunfire. He tries to stop the soldiers and is shocked to learn that Euphemia was responsible for the order. Running through the bloody stands, Lelouch calls for Euphemia to stop and realizes that this is all because of his GEASS. A dying woman grabs ahold of him, but Lelouch now knows that he’s not the savior or a messiah. As she breathes her last breaths, the woman tells him that he’s their only hope. Feeling that he’s been burdened, Lelouch then runs into a wounded Darlton in the hallway. Pointing his gun, Darlton questions what Zero did to Euphemia, but he collapses soon after. Outside the arena, there is mass confusion even amongst the Black Knights, and images of the incident are breaking through the normal news broadcast thanks to Diethard. After Lelouch gets back onboard the Gawain, C.C. comments on how she’s surprised with this, but Lelouch says that it wasn’t him. Turning around, C.C. sees that Lelouch’s GEASS eye remains active and realizes what happened earlier. Elsewhere, the Emperor of Britannia laughs evilly with all that’s going on whereas Schneizel is shocked when he learns the news.

The rest of the Kyoto group has noticed that Euphemia is different compared to how she was up until now, and they talk about how they’re the only ones left. Kaguya finds it shameful that after everything, they consider themselves most important. When the men tell her that they remain for the sake of Japan, she asks what they plan to do if only they remain. She then questions what the point of the Kyoto group is if they don’t act now. Back at the arena, the Avalon arrives to pick Suzaku up and he then launches onboard the Lancelot. He doesn’t think that Euphemia could have ordered the massacre and is determined to find her. As Lelouch watches the Britannian forces break through the wall towards the rest of the Japanese population, he decides that the only thing he can do now is to make the most of this. After destroying an oncoming fleet of aircraft with the Gawain’s cannons, he starts giving orders to the Black Knights. After explaining that Euphemia has become their enemy and that the Special Administrative Japan was a trap to lure them out, he says that he wants them to destroy the Britannian military and to hurry to save the Japanese. As Lelouch sheds a tear with his now perma-GEASS left eye, he orders them to find and kill Euphemia.


Even though I knew that this episode would be called “Bloodstained Euphie,” I hadn’t been expecting her to personally go out and start slaughtering people. That just made it even harder and more frustrating to watch since I liked her character. I mean, here she was having finally gotten through to her brother Lelouch, and then what amounted to an accident changed everything. A part of me had hoped that she would survive to the end of the series, but that just doesn’t seem possible now unless they find a way to get rid of the GEASS control on her mind. If that doesn’t happen, then she’ll continue her path of blood and violence until someone kills her. I personally think that it would be fitting if she went after Suzaku because he’s Japanese, and then he was forced to kill her because of the GEASS order to live that Lelouch gave him from before.
Actually, for everything not working out for Lelouch, everything actually worked out very well for Zero. I make that distinction because Lelouch had agreed to work together with Euphemia, but it’s Zero as the head of the Black Knights who profited the most from Euphemia going berserk. With all those dead Japanese, Zero’s now got plenty of reason to rally his troops against the Britannian forces. Still, Lelouch really shouldn’t have used that example about killing the Japanese when he was talking to Euphemia, but I guess there was no way he could have known that his GEASS activated. The root of the problem goes back to C.C. and Lelouch both experiencing pain at roughly the same time, and it’s still not clear to me why that happened. Nor do I understand why the image of Marianne appeared when Suzaku touched C.C. again. It would seem that much would be explained if and when we learn more about C.C.’s background.
I also want to go back to how shocked Schneizel looked after what Euphemia did. Certainly he was plotting through Euphie’s plan, but that look he had seemed so genuine that I keep thinking that he’s not as evil as he initially appeared. The Emperor, on the other hand, seems to know what’s going on and really is as bad as initially thought. Then again, that’s hard to say for sure since there’s so much mystery surrounding the Emperor. I wonder how much of a conclusion we’ll get with these characters in the next three episodes and what will be saved for next season. Next week is the final regular broadcast episode since the air-dates of episodes 24 and 25 are still undecided. Regardless of when that is, I get the feeling that things won’t end well…


  1. Oh My God! I cant believe it! GEASS turned on permanently, Euphie went on a killing spree….Just….Oh my God!
    There is Still 3 episode left for this season!
    When Will the next season Start

  2. Oh My God! I cant believe it! GEASS turned on permanently, Euphie went on a killing spree….Just….Oh my God!
    There is Still 3 episode left for this season!
    When Will the next season Start?…Just……Oh My God!

  3. Well, apparently, Lelouch’s GEASS turned on and he didn’t realize and he joked about killing Japanese, according to the brief summary up there.

    My question is: C.C. is seen with her left hand over her left eye, with a shot of Marianne. Does that have anything to do with Lelouch’s GEASS permanently going on?

  4. OMG O-O!!! does this mean that the geass is slowly taking over our protagnist? I didn’t expect a turnout with Euphie actually massacring the people…but YYYYYYESSSS way to go Sunrise on always putting me on the edge…

  5. OH SHI­­, it finally happened him. Complete massacare by Euphie? WOW, that really caught me off guard!!! I wonder what will happen to Lulu now that he can’t turn off his geass………will he suffer the same fate as Mao?

  6. Maybe Euphie can be saved if C.C grants another person., for instance, Suzaku, Geass power so he could order Euphie to stop so she won’t be killed anymore. However, I think this is very unlikely to happen.

  7. >>Lelouch so deserves to die, he may have been joking but he is responsible for turning a pure hearted sweet girl into a cold killer.

    Responsibility entails that he had some sort of free will or made some kind of choice that lead to Euphemia doing what she did. While you could argue that his actions lead to it, I would hardly say he made a conscious choice to cause her to massacre people – he didn’t know what he was doing because he has a power he doesn’t fully understand and can’t control.

    Otherwise, it seems like Lelouch is finally starting to stray down the dark path of Light – doing things he knows are morally wrong because of mistakes he’s made and to cover his ass. More than anything else, Light became a villain not when he started using the Death Note to punish criminals, but when he started using it against innocent people to defend himself and his own megalomaniac ideas. At least there’s hope for Lelouch – he clearly has qualms with ordering Euphemia’s death, whereas Light showed no such remorse.

  8. I hate to double post, but something else occurred to me…

    As horrible and inhuman as everything that has happened is… doesn’t it do nothing but further Lelouch’s ambitions? Euphemia’s plans, which would have hindered him, have been torn asunder. Could it possibly be that he actually subconsciously, deep down inside, wanted this to happen? Now he has the perfect justification to rally the Black Knights and the Japanese people however he wishes.

    In which case, although I won’t argue that people can be held responsible for their subconscious thoughts, that does put a more demonic spin on Lelouch…

  9. @ yamamotoyohko

    Not likely to happen like you mentioned. Each person that is granted the Geass power has different results. Mao could hear thoughts and Lelouch can control/order people through his Geass eye. It may not be the same if C.C. were to grant Geass to another.

    @ Freedomangel

    It was mentioned somewhere on here that the next season will air this fall. Something about the creators taking a break between seasons.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  10. @Rift:

    Lelouch’s eyes are tearing up as he orders the Black Knights to attack the Britannians head on. He knows that as freak an accident it was, he did something terrible. But he has the responsibility as Zero to retaliate against what appears to be blatant Britannian cruelty.

    Lelouch is a far better person than Light. He at least understands the suffering that he’s putting so many people through, as we’ve seen with Shirley, Suzaku, and now countless numbers of massacred Japanese.

    random passerby
  11. What if the other Geass girl grants Lelouche another Geass? Is it possible to have two Geass and use a certain one on a person? If the Geass power is determined by the user and not the granter, theoretically Lelouche could get a second Geass in his right eye and Geass people again that he already Geass’d before.

  12. I don’t necessarily think this event makes Lelouch inhuman. It wasn’t his intention to turn Euphemia against the Elevens. This really sets things up for later, and it’s the breaking point for Lelouch to really become Zero more and abandon his original identity. Things up until now have been relatively calm and just when you think things couldn’t be worse (apart from the proposal), it is. This is really just a stepping stone for Lelouch to commit himself to his goal. Euphemia is the only half-sibling that Lelouch really cared for, and after her, there’s no restraining him from killing the others. Good episode.

  13. @Omni:

    Suzaku being the one to kill Euphemia would be the most logical irony and best storytelling. Different spoilers have hinted and said that Lelouch will use Geass to “bring death to someone”, and that Euphemia “will die by his hand”.

    But that depends on how you interpret that. In theory, using Geass on both Suzaku and Euphemia does mean that he used Geass to “bring death” to Euphie, in the sense that he was responsible for making her a target that Suzaku cannot ignore if he is to live.

    I’m hoping that this “bringing of death” isn’t literal, but instead means that Suzaku and Euphemia’s orders will collide with each other.

    THAT would make some great storytelling. =D

    random passerby
  14. Well, I got it half right. Euphie definitely got Geassed, went insane and lost her innocence.

    Excellent! Cornelia lives! I didn’t look at the spoiler summary, and I wonder how they made Euphie stop; oh Boy…

    It looks like the director tried to salvage Lulu’s decency by making it an accident. I still think he should hang.

    If the second prince is shocked by his sister’s actions, then it would indicate that he has at least a brother’s caring soul. He may not be as evil as some people think.

    On a last bit of speculation, you asked: why is the King laughing maniacally?

    Could it be that he also has a Geass power, one that made him the way he is? Only the strong willed who overcome and control their Geass become King, according to C.C. – and C.C. has apparently been alive long enough to gift more than two little boys. Could she have succeeded (more than once?) We still don’t quite know why or how C.C. is distributing this power (to find suitable Kings in the heat of competition, just like the current Brittanian King prefers).

  15. Lelouch made a contract (whose exact terms he probably still ignores, which is a bad sign in itself) with C.C. in return for power, knowing that he’ll become lonely as a result. That equals tragedy, in essence.

    I don’t think Lelouch is going to be a Light clone. Even if he does end up becoming much more ruthless about his way of executing his vengeance, he’s been far more conflicted, internally, than Kira ever was. He’ll probably be forced to “kill” his feelings, on the surface, but I doubt he’ll be totally beyond redemption or, at least, internal conflict.

  16. Also, is this Geass power, in some why responsible for Marianne’s (Lulu’s mother’s) death? If it is, that would make one hell of a plot twist.

    I wonder what Lulu would say to C.C. about that…

  17. Just shocked…that’s what I’m thinking right now.

    Looking at the next episode’s teaser, it looks like the massacre led by geass-ed Euphemia may continue. Either way, there is a high-probability that Euphie will actually die by the end of the series or before. I don’t know why for sure, but she may get killed.

    I’m wondering how everyone, especially Cornelia, would react to this. Would Lelouch come out and say that it was his fault (yeah right…), or something completely unexpected?

  18. Okay, everyone seems to be misunderstanding exactly what happens… after watching the episode myself, events unfold fairly differently than what people are expecting.

    Lelouch meets with Euphemia and agrees to her plan, whole heartedly, and surrenders to her – genuinely, not an act. He decides to try her method of solving things, and the two are on friendly terms. He then jokingly asks her, “If I told you to kill the Japanese, what would you do?”

    For some reason, this triggers a command order to Euphemia – she’s also the first person to actively resist a Geass, although not for very long. (she screams that she doesn’t want to kill and clutches her head, but eventually the geass power overwhelms her)

    Given the circumstances of how it happens, I can’t say that Lelouch is at all at fault. What he says to her does not amount at all to an order to kill the Japanese – it’s tantamount to you saying something absurd to a friend as a joke, in a light hearted manner. There was no way for him to predict what kind of result it would cause.

  19. The events of this episode also fundamentally change Lelouch’s character and motivations – no longer is he only out for his own personal gain or to make a world safe for his sister, but now he feels he needs to atone for his sin in, even accidentally, causing what has happened.

    Strangely enough, I think this could actually make Lelouch into more of a hero.

  20. A) You’d think there was a way to become immune to GEASS by e.g. covering one’s eyes… In the future, can’t Lulu just keep his left eye covered, with a mask, or…?
    B) Euphie killing is very surprising. It also broke my heart. I wonder what Suzaku’s response is…
    C) I am thinking we’re going to be left on a cliffhanger soon (for some next season…)

  21. I don’t think Lelouch can be a hero. He could easily try to atone by revealing the truth, and saving Euphie’s reputation (he is a crown prince after all), but I can easily see him allowing Euphie’s reputation go deeper into the sewer. It will just be another event that he justifies w/ some logic and moves on. That’s the dark path he’s taking when any action can be justified as long as the results are achieved.

  22. this…this episode is EVIL! such a plot twist, simply OMG

    Even though I knew what will happen thanks to those spoilers, I never expected it would be like that I mean look the smiling Euphemia killing people with her gun! it’s totally a slaughter >_

  23. *sobs*
    I don’t want Euphie to die! But……if she survives, how is she gonna face the people around her. Either situations are horrible. She and Suzaku should just elope after this.
    I wonder if there’s a Geass that turns back time. ‘_*

  24. haha!!! killem all!!! but, it sucks now because we all know that at this point the series can only end with the fall of lelouch or most likely his death. bummer. but hell, should be fun anyway..” i wonder how he’ll die

    brooklyn otaku
  25. Euphie will probably die, but perhaps the Geass effect will be temporarily suspended before that, if the person who kills her isn’t a Japanese / there aren’t any of those standing around for her to massacre.

  26. well lelouch is DIFFERENT than Light. Light has choice to not use the death note, but Lelouch has kind of no choice. Without that contract, he would have been death that time.

  27. This is such a cruel spin for all those involve. And I would have never thought of Euphie as a cold blooded killer, well, now all similarity she shares with Lacus is gone…
    Lelouch will have to cover his eye all the time now until he can understand his eye. And the only way all of this could be saved, is if Lelouch’s limitations change as well. Like he can geass someone more than once. Then he could stop Euphie from her rampage.

    However, her guilt could also lead her to commit suicide…

    Irene Sharda
  28. /sigh this one episode has probably made me stop watching this anime… when ever I’ve watched an anime that brainwashes a character into their reverse personalities I can’t stomach to wach anymore of it. This is what killed Salty Rei for me.

    It was an accident but he has other alternatives to killing her, they could sedate her and confine her until the geass weres off (mind you they probably showed us the geassed girl last ep to show that commands last a HELL of a long time), mind you this would have to have Lelouch confess his ability and his accidental geassing her but that will be a cold day in hell… he hates to loose as we’ve already seen multiple times.

  29. Well since we know all know that Geass orders are permanently in place and that they are active whenever the situation applies, we should know then that Euphie is on this “kill Japanese” rampage until no more Japanese are left.

    Once again I bring up my theory that Suzaku and Euphie’s orders will collide, and Euphie dies by Suzaku, as a result of all Lelouch’s Geass abuse.

    random passerby
  30. @Sniper: I think the reason Lelouch’s geass became permanent is because he used it too often/much
    as for C.C she have some suspicion about Suzaku when she was gonna ask him, her mark on her forehead resonate with the Geass of Zero.

    after a second watch, I wonder what Darlton and Zero said to each others it’s not like Darlton letting Zero escape without an explication, as for Orange look likes he is close to being completed
    so at the end C.C is worried about Lelouch’s geass 2.0; as for Kaguya she is more strong willed than expected it’s a good surprise 😀 Kaguya=win

    P.S: Viletta naked on the bed seems kind of wrong, Ougi…you crossed the line, huh

  31. >>It was an accident but he has other alternatives to killing her, they could sedate her and confine her until the geass weres off (mind you they probably showed us the geassed girl last ep to show that commands last a HELL of a long time), mind you this would have to have Lelouch confess his ability and his accidental geassing her but that will be a cold day in hell… he hates to loose as we’ve already seen multiple times.

    Well, while he does hate to lose, he did openly admit to losing against Euphemia to her, rather admirably… see, you know during a scene like that, where everything is going along smoothly and perfectly, that something needs to go horribly wrong.

    But yeah, like I said before, Lelouch can either take the path of repentance and become a tragic hero or he can take advantage of the opportunity this has created. While most might think it to be more admirable for him to do the first… what would that accomplish? Sure, he would save Euphemia’s reputation, but she’d still be a killer psychopath. But if he takes advantage of the situation, he can arguably become more powerful in hopes of throwing down his crazy father… who seems almost like he knew everything that was going to happen and laughs about it. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he and all those robed guys that were around him at the time had something to do with Lelouch’s geass becoming permanent when it did.

    …and if that is the case, and the Emperor really is the mastermind behind everything, and the true cause, so to speak, of Euphemia going insane (somehow, I think this is how it’s going to end up – makes everything more black and white, and I can’t see Code Geass remaining constantly grey – Sunrise isn’t that masterful in its storytelling) – then I’d say the most admirable thing Lelouch can do is use every resource at his disposal (within reason) to take his evil father down.

    Oh… and Schneizel, despite everything, doesn’t seem that bad a guy. He seemed genuinely horrified by the massacre – and I don’t think it was just because some plan of his was ruined, I think the massacre of the Japanese really did shock and disgust him.

  32. Well, looks like suzaku will be the one to kill Euphie now. (“Kill all elevens” Geass vs “Live at all costs” Geass)

    I just hope the show doesn’t go all mopey and dark from here

  33. Ok just watched the raw and Lelouch is 100% responsible guys, he was having problems controling his geasse from the start of the episode, thats like walking around with a fully automatic weapon, the safety off, and a hair triger. The fact that he was experiencing pain and he was aware of having problems turning it on and off should have made him more carefull… and Lelouch is no slouch in the brain department… C.C. warned him what was comming with his geasse powers.

  34. LOL this ep was just GREAT!

    I can’t believe it! Lulu’s gift isn’t the geass, but the INCREDIBLE ability to do SHIT! From the beginning he’s just screwing everything! He’s rolling a big katamari of mistakes! And now we can finally confirm that.

  35. Code Geass is becoming more and more like an Aristotelian tragedy D:

    Maybe a further “level up” of Lelouch’s Geass power could provide the way out of the current messy situation (such as being able to cancel orders like he so desperately tried to do in this ep).

  36. I have to say, it is getting better and better. I am for lelouch method. The peace would never last anyway. After all, Euphie would have gone against her father wish. He would have put a stop to it, this way Lulu have a bigger army at his back now for the battle against his father.

    Of course, he would plunge the world into chaos the moment he does succeed in overthrowing Britannia. After all, beside the Holy Empire, there is 2 other major power, the moment he shatter the Britians he would leave them ripe for conquest.

  37. @Duzell

    If the emperor was planning on stopping Euphie’s plan from coming to frutition, he would’ve done so. Apparently the kids can do whatever they want in their little own countries, hence why Schnezil approved of the plan, otherwise he would’ve mentioned it. It is also why he was watching, to see how it would turn out.

  38. Welcome to Tokyo, I’ll be your tour guide. Here in this wonderful country what the Britannians called area 11, there are boys who pilots giant robots that stand as tall as 50 feet and don’t need a driver license. Also high school students that will dress up every now and then, command u to do whatever they want and u won’t remember a thing about it. Let not leave out the male population that seems to read people minds and females who could be over 100 years old, but look no older than sixteen. Fortunately for the Gaijin, we have an special event every spring with our very own vice governess princess to start the celebration off by KILLING EVERY LIVING MOTHERF—ING JAPENESE THAT SHE SEES!!! OUR BEAUTIFUL EUPHEMIA SAMA NEEDS A LITTLE BLOODBATH TO REALLY GET THE PARTY STARTED. NOW U LAZY BASTARDS OF THE PUNCH-DRUNKS MOTHERS,LETS ENJOY THE BLOODY GLORY FOR OUR GREAT NATION BRITAINNIA!!!!! I hope your stay will be present one 🙂

  39. .. Any chance of Euphie going after Suzaku? I mean He IS JPN after all.
    Really wierd plot twist though i did expect her and a slaughter… Jus tdidn’t know that she was the one that did it. o.0.

    Wow…. That just puts her far away from goody goody lacus clyne…… hehe Euphies Geass mode is her “seed” mode LOL

  40. It’s just another one of those spontaneous situations where the timing of one event collides with another (Lelouch’s Geass flaring up at the same time he is discussing the matter with Euphemia). How to explain it? As with Mao’s Geass, it was only a matter of time before something ‘evolved’ with his Geass. The timing of it is a bit unreasonable since, but it’s not entirely absurd.

  41. And the most tragic part of all is that she’s not going to remember a thing. She’ll have no idea why the Britannians will be treating her like a closet psychopath and why the Japanese will be screaming for her death.

  42. All those elvens should be blame on euphie she is the onw who created the Special Administrative Region. Which force Lelouch to show up. So I don’t think Lelouch should be blame.

  43. >>Ok just watched the raw and Lelouch is 100% responsible guys, he was having problems controling his geasse from the start of the episode, thats like walking around with a fully automatic weapon, the safety off, and a hair triger. The fact that he was experiencing pain and he was aware of having problems turning it on and off should have made him more carefull… and Lelouch is no slouch in the brain department… C.C. warned him what was comming with his geasse powers.

    First off, this is the first actual coherent reason to blame Lelouch, rather than just a “LOL LELOUCH MUST DIE”

    But it’s not very logical – do you expect Lelouch, from the mere fact that he had a headache slightly earlier while using the geass, to suddenly assume that when just talking to people he’s going to start geassing them? It’s also worth nothing that as viewers, we get a 3rd person omniscient view – we see Lulu’s eye flare up when he’s talking to the Britannian on the street, but he doesn’t. There’s really no way he could have known what was going on earlier. And even then, should he then assume from that that his geass powers are going to become permanent, and a stupid joke made to his sister will cause her to go berserk?

    No matter how you look at it, that’s rather unreasonable. It requires Lelouch to have somehow known there was something wrong with his Geass, which he had no substantive reason to believe, and then to act on that suspicion – and how? By never showing his face to anyone? …that would have gotten a little suspicious, wouldn’t it?

    The only real way to blame Lelouch for what has happened is to go back to the source – blame him for accepting the Geass power, without fully knowing what it does and how to control it. Then you can rationalize that a result of his decision to accept the Geass is the tragedy that occurs in this episode… but then think back. Could Lelouch have freely chosen not to accept the Geass? If he hadn’t, he’d have died.

    I have to say, I’m not a big fan of Lelouch… and yet I find it odd that I’m the only one defending him in this episode, where I can see no real way to blame the events on him. Obviously, as viewers, we’re horrified by what has occurred and want to place blame… sadly, that’s not something you can do. This was a tragedy of circumstance – if you want to a take a deterministic view, the laws of nature (unless you consider the Geass a violation of nature) made the results unescapable.

  44. Sorry for the double post.

    I was just thinking….. if Orange-kun was killed like 3 times and still is in the show, why not make Euphemia resurrect as the PinkTerminator we already have the OrangeTerminator… 2 is much better than 1 xD.

  45. No. Lelouch cannot be blamed 100%. That is true. But just like the time he got civilians killed at the Battle of Narita, his actions (though completely unintentional) have brought about the deaths of so many unconcerned people again, the ones who look at him as a savior even.

    Unintentional doesn’t make it any less of a crime and a sin. It just means you can’t be directly blamed for your wrongdoing.

  46. And yes. Even people should understand that to be able to do something, people have to be killed. And even though I completely adore Suzaku’s way of doing one’s best in not killing others, I myself am more of the train of thought that goes “an eye for an eye, till the other side dies”.

  47. this is just…lol, especially when it comes after a big debate in the animesuki forum about Lacus becoming evil… It shocked me so much, I don’t have enough words to explain this x_x

  48. ugh…this twist is making me all sad…
    i dont want euphie to die, let alone suzaku to kill her (if the theory is correct)

    and this is just false hope but i say that someone else with geass will come out to “Save” this whole situation

  49. >>Unintentional doesn’t make it any less of a crime and a sin. It just means you can’t be directly blamed for your wrongdoing.

    Unintentional doesn’t change the sin, yes. But it does lessen the moral responsibility.

    Take two situations: one in which a man coldly bloodily shoots and murders another man. Another in which he does so on accident (*coughCheneycough*). Obviously, while the action is the same, the intent changes the crime committed (in a legal sense).

    The Battle of Narita situation was different – he knew that as a consequence of his actions, people would die. He might not have pulled the trigger, but he knew he would lead to deaths – this puts weight on him, because he consciously made a choice knowing the result.

    Here? He was SURRENDERING to his sister, and as a bizarre side effect of the conversation, she became a murderous killing machine. There was no intention or knowledge of consequence – while you can blame Lelouch for talking to her, you can just as easily blame Suzaku for letting Lelouch and Euphemia be alone together (if they hadn’t been, Lelouch wouldn’t have taken off his helmet, fiasco avoided). You can place blame on just about anything – but that means nothing, because there was no malicious intent or knowledge of consequences.

    So yes, intention does change things quite severely.

    As a character in a fictional show, you may still want Lelouch to die, because you just want to see him die to pay for things he’s done. And hell, you may even say blame him for Euphemia going crazy – but realize that this is just personal prejudice and desire to blame someone.

    Ironically, all the people that want Lelouch to die would probably use the logic “he’s a horrible person and the world would be better without him”, which is the same logic he uses to justify his actions – he wants to take down his father. So I ask you this: if to kill Lelouch, innocent people had to die, would you still want him dead? Because Zero biting the dust probably would lead to things just become worse for the Elevens.


    I’m reading waaaaay too much into this show, but oh well.

  50. Absolutely agreed to the argument that the Elevens are going to side with Zero. Despite all the negativity and horror of this situation, it has really given Lelouch a lot of support (not that he wanted it in this manner). It’s more personal spite than real reason for Lelouch to die though.

  51. I think everyone here is assuming that when his geass flared up when he was talking to the Britannian on the street his geass was accidental but I think it was intentional and he wanted to use it on him but his friend Rivalz or w/e got in front of him so he had to close his eye so it wouldn’t effect him as well. Lelouche was taken by suprise when his geass started being permenant and he cannot really be blamed for what happened in this episode.

  52. No. Shooting a man by accident and killing him is manslaughter. You still killed the person. That person’s future, that person’s relationships. THEY WERE ALL KILLED WITH HIM.

    Also, before the Battle of Narita, Lelouch was just thinking of people as chess pieces without as much thought for their lives. Those people just died because he didn’t expect his toy to be as destructive as it was. SO killing ALL those people is grounds for forgiving that killer?

    The moral responsibility may be lessened, but murder is still murder. Accidental or not, successfully killing people that SHOULDN’T have died is still a sin. And whether you like it or not, Zero must do two things to atone for his sins.

    1. Succeed in what his goals are, without stopping, for the sake of the innocent lives that he has taken.
    2. He should DIE.

    That’s all.

    And yes, if it were to sacrifice only a few more people just to END all this bloodshed, then yes, I WOULD sacrifice those lives for the future.

    Suzaku may hate me for that, but that is why I have a great dislike for Lelouch. We are all too much alike.

  53. WOW, that was a huge twist in the story. I just realized something, back in episode 20, didn’t Euphie confess love to Suzaku? i wonder how that relationship will fare, seeing as how Suzaku is japanese and Euphie is on a japanese killing spree. What will happen to Suzaku’s status as her knight? If sunrise pulls a “love conquers all” twist, i think i’ll take a break from the series. Anyway Lulu can now use this to his advantage for a bit of political maneuvering.

    The only person he can’t geass is his sister, Nunaly since she’s blind(lucky Nunaly, poor Euphie). But now what will happen? Will Orange kun come kill Zero? or will he kill Euphie? anyone have a clue to what he is now, probably not human. Schnezil and Cornelia are probably going to be in a world of pain, trying to make Euphie come to her senses. Will they have to use brute force to contain Euphie? i think Schnezil was more shocked that a innocent flower like Euphie could become a cold hearted killer. It also could have been that he was caught off guard to finding out that Euphie could be so cold heart (without knowing that she was actually geassed by Lulu). Threat to his life and chances at the throne. Euphie may be a new candidate trying to compete for the throne in his eyes as well.

    Well the Purist Faction should be pretty happy now, since Euphie will probably let them make the Brittania army become Brittania only. Suzaku will probably lose his rank. Anyone wanna take a guess at how much longer the perma-geass effect last compared to the temp-geass? Lulu will have to find a really good way to explain to Cornelia, Nunaly, Suzaku, and Euphie(possibly after the geass effects end).

    I don’t think Lulu’s death will do anyone any good. Schnezil porbably had planned on letting Euphie create this Special Administrative Region, possibly to lure Zero out and hit Zero with an ambush or something. But i think the unexpected factor, Zero’s Geass, threw the plan out the window. Anyway you look at this, if the Special Administrative Region was not created, this episode would probably not have taken place. Then Lulu would probably have found out his geass became permanant when he used it on someone else and Euphie would probably not have become a killer/eleven (japanese) hater.

    i think sunrise took the personality of Kira Yamato kill in seed mode(Euphie in Geassed mode)regret later in the G-Seed Original series and Shin’s beserk heartless killing seed mode into Euphie for now. May Sunrise burn to a crisp. Euphie will bear the wieght of the sin of killing since she pulled the trigger, even if she was geassed. The only time i’ve ever seen Lacus look not innocent was when she was angry. That’s how Euphie looked like except with a smile. It’s scary even.

    I think Lulu’s power will get exposed sooner or later, probably when Euphie talks to Nunaly about the experience. I hate to see that scene, Lulu getting questioned and possibly hated by his own blood sister. Probably break his heart. My guess, depending on the possiblity of the Emperor having the geass power, went through the same thing Lulu did when he was young, and that’s why he’s crazy now. If that happens to be the truth, then wow, that is one messed up, cruel, brutal, and another horrible series, brought to you by Sunrise. Okay enought talking, i’ll be waiting for some responses.

  54. Uwaa~! Omgosh….such an intense episode…but I agree…I don’t knnow why, but I don’t want Euphie to die just yet….also, I don’t know why, but I sort of like the thoery with the emperor having Geass….I mean..He mysteriously talks to others like CC, he laughing crazily, and how CC said only those who can control it can become king. It makes sense….partly? He’s like a psycho person, he first geassed people to kill Marianne knowing Lulu would revolt and be sent away, then war would start. Then he would enjoy his own game of chess with his chidren as the pieces, and also, Clovis and whats his name had CC captured…though, it didn’t say, the King could’ve known and also he likes all of those mysterious artifacts and ruin things.

    Uwaa~!!! I want to see this, Lulu….I feel sad for him…you can clearly see he’s hurt by what he did on accident….uwa…..Lulu…..NOT like Light..Light was….well…..EVIL~! Hehe~!

  55. Perhaps there is a ray of shining hope – thus far in the series, Euphemia is the only character who has resisted a Geass command at all, even if she did so very shortly and without much success.

    I don’t think Lulu’s death will do anyone any good. Schnezil porbably had planned on letting Euphie create this Special Administrative Region, possibly to lure Zero out and hit Zero with an ambush or something. But i think the unexpected factor, Zero’s Geass, threw the plan out the window. Anyway you look at this, if the Special Administrative Region was not created, this episode would probably not have taken place. Then Lulu would probably have found out his geass became permanant when he used it on someone else and Euphie would probably not have become a killer/eleven (japanese) hater.

    Yet more evidence that you can’t really blame anyone in particular – it’s a tragedy of circumstance. Even Schneizl… maybe it was an elaborate trap to lure in Zero. But does that mean it’s his fault Euphemia went crazy? That seems just as weak an argument as to say it was Suzaku’s for letting the two talk alone, or you can even claim it was Euphemia’s fault for proposing the idea in the first place or for talking to Zero alone.

    >>Euphie will bear the wieght of the sin of killing since she pulled the trigger

    While if she ever gets ungeassed, I agree, she probably would suffer from a serious guilt trip, I don’t think many people (viewers) would blame her. Of course, within the world of the show, is another matter entirely…

    >>I think Lulu’s power will get exposed sooner or later, probably when Euphie talks to Nunaly about the experience. I hate to see that scene, Lulu getting questioned and possibly hated by his own blood sister.

    Would Euphie blame him though? Like I’ve said time and time again, he didn’t do it on purpose – of course, matters of emotions often outweigh those of pure reason and logic, so she could hate him just because she needs someone to hate and blame.

    >>My guess, depending on the possiblity of the Emperor having the geass power, went through the same thing Lulu did when he was young, and that’s why he’s crazy now. If that happens to be the truth, then wow, that is one messed up, cruel, brutal, and another horrible series, brought to you by Sunrise. Okay enought talking, i’ll be waiting for some responses.

    I would actually find that very interesting… I kind of hope the Emperor does have Geass.

  56. Sorry for the double post, but wow….

    The “2nd Prince” looks: shocked and a bit sad
    CC: A bit sad…or…the same…(The bottom pictures)
    Lulu: TOTALLY sad
    Ogi: SURPRISED at the end
    Nina: Wierd….or….more nervousness…?
    Viletta: Like she enjoyed it
    Kallen: Can barely see…but spying…?
    Suzaku: Knocked out
    Euphie: Tainted by Eleven killings
    Kaguya: Demanding or saying a command…? Expressing something…
    Shirley: A bit disappointed…? shocked…speechless…

    LoL, I think my obseravtions are wrong….well….xDD

  57. omg….geass is a curse, after all, and c.c.’s warning turned out to be true…
    sunrise just HAD to create the worst possible scenario T.T and create a complete mess…and UNLIKE the first OMG NO!!! moment in mai hime (takumi going sparkles) this one has no reset…D:

  58. Another post…
    couldn’t Lulu stop Euphie…? Wait..that wouldn’t work…she’d either want to kill herself or Suzaku wiill hate her….well…sad…for Euphie stuck in the middle…

  59. >>The “2nd Prince” looks: shocked and a bit sad

    This is in response to seeing what Euphie is doing on screen – and yes, it freaks him out.

    >>CC: A bit sad…or…the same…(The bottom pictures)

    This is in response to her learning that Lulu’s geass is now always on, and that he hadn’t meant to geass Euphemia. I guess this indicates that she doesn’t know everything about the geass either.

    >>Lulu: TOTALLY sad

    Self explanatory.

    >>Ogi: SURPRISED at the end

    Ogi was the only supporter of Euphemia’s plan among the Black Knights. Guess that turned out to be a mistake, thus his response.

    >>Nina: Wierd….or….more nervousness…?

    As we know by now, Nina is afraid of Elevens. This is before Euphie has gone crazy, and she’s just saying to herself that “everything will be alright” because it’s Princess Euphemia’s idea.

    >>Viletta: Like she enjoyed it


    >>Kallen: Can barely see…but spying…?

    Zero posted the Black Knights around the Nippon area in case something happened while he went in on Gawain to talk to Euphemia. In toher words, she’s trying to figure out what’s going on.

    >>Suzaku: Knocked out

    I guess whenever he gets near CC now, he’s going to have his same violent flashback thing that incapacitates him… It’s also indicated that he has some weird kind of connection to Gawain and the powers behind CC, or something. He can see CC’s spiritual presence when no one else can.

    >>Euphie: Tainted by Eleven killings


    >>Kaguya: Demanding or saying a command…? Expressing something…

    All the other Japanese leaders are being wishy washy – she wants to take a stand, and isn’t afraid to say that to their faces.

    >>Shirley: A bit disappointed…? shocked…speechless…

    She watches Lulu confront some Britannians bullying an Eleven and if confused – her end decision is to not get involved with Lulu/Zero, because it could be dangerous.

  60. It seems that the title of this episode – “Bloodstained Euphie” literally meant that she got stained in blood. Also, noticed that Code Geass has and is still gaining popularity.
    Alot more people watch it now compared to when it just started out. Most probably due to Pizza supporting the rebellion XD

  61. After seeing this episode it really disturbs me. Euphie from being an innocent teenager to becoming a genocidic maniac. (Srry World History) I really am feeling sorry for Euphie as she won’t remember what she did, but when she sees a video of what she had done I really don’t know what might happen.

    Some people might completely blame Lulu but he’s not exactly 100% at fault, but he is somewhat as it occured because of him and he also took advantage of the situation by making it look like Britiania is a bunch of liers including the sweet sister Euphie. Suzaku will also take a blunt of the blow but we never know if he might realize that she was under an influence of something.

    Now on another point it seems that Suzaku might have some kind of power of some sort, as he’s able to see C.C in a spirit form or whatever, and it could lead to another twist in the storyline for the last episodes of this season and the next.

  62. Man, none of this would’ve happened if he could geass people more than once… hell, even that was a bit of a ripoff, since if the geass was always on, he should’ve been able to give her more commands. Or maybe he can’t counter commands that are already given.

    It just breaks your heart, though. Euphie was definitely the next important person to him after Nunnally, and he had to watch her fight geass and have her personality twisted completely inside out, turning her from her sweet innoncent self into a ruthless Japanese-killing machine. Heck, the way she was telling the Japanese people to die, it was in her usual cheery self… “Hello there, Japanese people and everyone! Could you do me a favor? Would you please die? Umm… I’d like to you commit suicide if possible?”

    Then there’s Darlington who is like “WTF are you doing? Please stop this…*urgh*shot*urg*”.

    Then there’s Guilford having a field day killing off all the Japanese obediently and trying to kill Suzaku…

    And then Lulu saying to himself, OMG, this was all because of my geass?! what have I done?!

    The King is having a grand time laughing his ass off saying “OMG, he actually did it!”. He must have some premonition/clairvoyence geass or something, since he seems to know stuff before other people even know it, sorta like Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars (you will join us, young Skywalker… I have seen it…).

    Hell, even Schniezel was like WTF, OMG, this is crazy, this isn’t what I wanted (he wanted to trap Zero)!

    Suzuku can’t believe that she Euphie ordered a massacre.

    The old guys want to save their forces and not make their move yet, but Kaguya pretty tells them off, “we’re moving now, otherwise what’s the point of Kyoto? (as far as the resistance)”

    Lulu must be really depising himself, he had to order the killing of his other beloved little sister. “Find her and kill her! *tear*” 🙁 🙁 🙁

    Man, these producers know how to put you on the edge of your seat. I guess they’re not afraid of offing characters like in the old-school Gundam style…

  63. lulu has no choice.. he says it was his fault he exposes his trump card to the world as well as looses support from his organization…. he blames Euphie because as far as everyones concerned it was under her own cognition. There seems to be no shut off to the geass so like a dog with rabies theres only one thing you can do. I see Suzaku doing a turn around soonish and joining up with the black knights but I dont see him killing Euphie not by his own heart atleast. If anything Euphie will break free for a bit due to her strong will and probally kill herself or force Suzaku to do it. Just my ideas… its also possible she lives and overcomes it but is forever changed in which Suzaku clicks with what happened to him earlier when he was face to face with lelouch.

  64. Hrm… Guilford did a teleport to Cornelia… I guess it wasn’t him.

    CC getting incapacitated when Lulu’s geass was upgraded… maybe there’s a constant flow of geass coming from her going out to him and she got some sort of power surge. 😉

  65. well….
    i can’t say it’s all lelouch’s fault….
    he didn’t realize that it was going to be permanently….
    well, i never supported euphemia’s idea in the first place…
    the special region will just be like when sawasaki is controlled by the chinese federation.
    except this one it’s controlled by Britannia..
    what’s the hole point of that?

  66. might the geass turn on permanent because of Suzaku had touched the geass mark on C.C. forehead?

    that might be the reason… of why it turn out permanent could it not?
    bad timing of lelouch joking about killing all of japanese

    i can feel a bad ending to this anime somehow now that this have happened…
    i bet lelouch will be blaming himself now

  67. Thank you so much dearest blogger for your prompt updates and always a really nice, neutral summary of events. I found I agreed with you on your opinions more often than other blog sites as well.

    Not that it matters, but I’m tuning out the rest of this anime’s run. But, I shall probably be back when Romeo x Juliet begins – assuming you’re going to be blogging that one as well.

    All the best to you.


    tired of sheep
  68. I voted: Euphi will die.. At the hands of suzaku.
    For some reasons.. i feel that suzaku will take the plunge at killing her. I mean She might not die. But it’s one of those feelings you get. I doubt Lulu would be the one to kill her for some wierd reason…I mean. Wouldn’t that be to straightforward than? i mean Sunrise makes up a whole bunch of retarded plot twists to “amaze” us.
    I don’t think it’s Lulu’s fault at all. I feel it’s more fate….I mean if that didn’t happen than the show would be boring XD. The geass power just came out on the wrong time. But you knew it was gunna happen sooner or later.
    I just find Euphie creepy right now… did she actually say “Hello there, Japanese people and everyone! Could you do me a favor? Would you please die? Umm… I’d like to you commit suicide if possible?”????? If she did than *cricket* *no comment*
    I actually feel bad for Lulu it’s not his fault it happned, its the producers fault XDLOL. And now he must kill his sister…. Any chance of Euphi and Lulu dying together in one of those sappy shoujo-like scenes? LOL just kidding XD. Still i find great potential in LuluXEuphi. KallenXSuzaku’s all good too XD.

  69. Poor Euphie!
    Show Spoiler ▼

  70. Storywise, it’s more of geas vs the emperor, and all the victims in between(including lulu ).
    …Why couldn’t they have done this with Relena(WHY!WHY!!)…Euphie is not deserving of this…Lacus maybe…best thing i could do was superimpose Relena in Euphie’s place.

    **Warning: gundam references.

  71. Euphemia had it coming, that annoying little bitch. I’m very happy and pleased to see her being trapped in an indefinite chain of misery. I hope she suffers and dies in agony, that makes it for a superb episode; perhaps the next episode?

  72. SPOILER for those of you who don’t lurk the Animesuki Forums:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Why do people believe this to be another series with a happy ending o_O?

    It’s really making nice progress as far as plot and drama. Who would’ve thought the protagonist could cause such a catastrophe? 🙂 It’s really developing nice future conflicts. Though it is very tragic that so many civilians had to be involved, it’s part of setting up a more “explosive” series of events.

  73. Chances are, Zero will not be killed. That would be pure foolishness because firstly, Lulu is the protagonist of this series, secondly, the full title contains the phrase “Lelouch of the Rebellion” and thirdly, there is a second season. Should Zero die, there would be nothing interesting to watch in the second season.

    Euphie will probably die. Having her locked up in a cage to control her Geass-edness would add nothing to the plot. Perhaps this is punishment for her (political) foolishness of creating the special region…

    A quick question/comment…if you look back on episode 1, C.C. is watching Suzaku and Lulu play…is this some kind of foreshadowing perhaps?

    Also, V.V. (see list of code geass characters on wiki) has yet to make a definitive appearance; he should add something to the story with regard to the power of the Geass.

    All in all, this series is going very well, I’m glad there’s going to be a second season. But now Lulu probably cannot go to school anymore because of the perma-Geass.

  74. Lelouch should be blaming himself b/c in the end it was his fault. While he’s not evil (the emperor definitely is and I think Schneizel is looking more like a decent guy), Lelouch is easily arrogant and cowardly. He was easily warned about the Geass being unstable and he was arrogant to believe he could be stronger. He might understand what his Geass can do, but he never understood what it was, and as long as it was useful, didn’t need to know. If we look at this as a criminal law case, even if the gun accidently went off, he still brought it. While Lelouch may not be charged w/ murder, it’s most definitely manslaughter.

    He’s also a coward for using the situation to his advantage. He can shed all of the tears he wants, but Euphie’s name is being dragged ragged through the mud and he won’t admit that he’s the cause and instead makes the matter worse by using the Black Knights to stop the Britannians from slaughtering the Japanese which he had “nothing” to do with. He may redeem himself at the end, but it will be too little too late and it’s better if he doesn’t b/c there will be more fodder for the next season.

  75. “Zero” can die. Lelouch might even intend to ‘kill’ him off to leave us off in a cliffhanger by the end of the first series. Killing off Lelouch IS foolish however. There’s still a lot of potential in Lelouch’s character, not to do ‘good’ or righteous deeds, but to do great things given his manipulative, deceptive, and cunning personality. Now that he’s potentially ruined the future of the only half-sibling he’s ever really cared about, there’s no reason to restrain Lelouch from hunting down the rest of the royal family.

    His ability is activated primarily through eye contact, so as long he covers his eye, he could potentially negate the ability. It’d look weird for him to have an eye-patch, but people wear eye-patches for a variety of reasons.

    Suzaku and Lelouch playing together is probably best seen as revealing a cordial relationship between the two. Although barely showing the C.C. look-alike in the background definitely foreshadowed later events in the same episode.

  76. Using the situation to his own advantage? Lelouch’s intention was never to compromise Euphemia’s well-being, but he probably intended to manipulate her. He has no choice but to stop Euphemia. Look at how much chaos she has caused. If this continues and Zero does NOTHING about it, consider what the Elevens will think. Who will save us?

  77. Chances are Suzaku will find out what Lelouch did to Euphemia at some point. If Lelouch does end up killing her, what better way to fewl the battle between the two then to throw in pure unadulterated hate. We all know that when Suzaku finds out that Zero is Lelouch he will probably pull the same thing he did with Kalen, if you all hope for a major show down between the two I think this revelation will be needed to make Suzaku truly want to kill him.

  78. I don’t think Suzaku has related Zero to the situations in this episode. If and when he does find out that Zero was the instigator of this event, it could set him off completely. But it’d be more interesting to see what situation comes first, if it does happen: Suzaku finding out that Zero is Lelouch and/or Zero Geassing Euphemia.

  79. Oh seriously… it’s more interesting if the innocent one isn’t safe from the harsh fate of reality. And besides, peace is boring. A lot of you people should be happy now that the impulsive and simple-minded Euphemia is out of the picture. Imagine all the differing opinions… first you say you hate her, now you say that she shouldn’t die like this. It’s almost as if you wanted to be another one of “and they lived happily ever after” fairy tales.


  80. A pretty shocking twist; I have to hand it to the writers. Euphie’s innocence and goodness seemed so sacrosanct that this episode just comes flying out of left field. However, I find Lulu’s wording of the geass interesting, “If I told you to kill the Japanese, what would you do?” Since it came in the form of a question, we can at least assume that Euphie always had the potential to kill, much less kill the Elevens, and this episode proves just that. Poor innocent little Euphie is innocent no more.

    And this is one situation where Zero’s pragmatism and sense of self-preservation win out over any affections Lulu may have had for his siblings. He’ll undoubtedly end up killing all of them just to get to the Emperor, whether Lulu likes it or not. He already started with Clovis, why stop there? I really wonder if Nunnally will ever discover the truth about her brother, and if she does, will she join Lulu or try to stop him?

  81. I wonder if C.C. feels anything after literally fucking up people’s lives.

    Lelouch is forced to cut himself off from everyone he knows. Nunnaly, Suzaku, his classmates, the Order, all know only a shade of the true Lelouch, since he cannot unveil the truth to them all. He has to be the loneliest (and most screwed) person on the planet at times.

    Mao is, well, kind of unavailable for comment.

  82. Drey: You know, on that point, you have to wonder what Lelouch might have been feeling when he offered to reveal to Kallen his true identity and she turned him down. I think that it would be an interesting little thought experiment to see how the series might have turned out differently. Kallen graduates from Zero fanboy to perhaps Lelouch’s second partner and certain other events take on an entirely different shade. If Lelouch knows he has another person other than himself an C.C that he can trust, who knows what plans he might be able to enact? On the flip side, because it didn’t happen, Lelouch is that much lonelier and pushed into a corner. You have to wonder if he really did want Kallen to say yes just to relieve some of the pressure.

    1. I read that situation differently, I think Zero would’ve distanced himself from her if she said she wanted to know and might have considered it a risk. Kallen turning him down (and I don’t even know that he was offering, maybe he just wanted to know how she felt about it) was already the best shot at having some true intimacy between them. But Zero didn’t pursue it.

  83. The identity behind the mask may be more shocking than you can imagine. Would Kallen be able to accept that Zero is Lelouch? I don’t think Zero being a Britannian is of any importance since she hasn’t shown the slightest bit of reluctance in following Zero’s orders. But she won’t take orders kindly from anyone other than the person with the mask. It may not matter, but considering it’s not exactly the same when staring at this mysterious character who you’ve come to accept and rally with, compared to your classmate who you really know nothing about. Because he is Zero, Lelouch can disguise his objective in many ways. But as Lelouch himself, one can only wonder what kind of agenda he has in store for the Britannians, for the oppressed Elevens, for himself, etc.

  84. @Spectrum: Revealing himself completely to a 3rd party (1st being himself, 2nd being C.C.) is likely to be impossible. Remember, being let into the entire “gig” involves knowing about the geass as well. That, in itself, is the greatest barrier to trust. Lelouch simply cannot risk revealing his trump card to anyone else in its entirety. (I suspect he told Euphie the general layout of his ability, but didn’t explain where he got it.) If he lets Kallen see his true identity, then she will inevitably question the true relationship between Lelouch and C.C. Lelouch’s ace in the hole is entirely based on the geass power he obtained from C.C, so he will likely never reveal the intimacies of that part (read: voluntarily).

    The only person I would think (besides C.C. and Kallen) that Lelouch would likely reveal himself would have to be Nunnaly. No matter how screwed up he is, no matter what he suffers, no matter who he has to kill/maim/screw over, Lelouch will cling to the belief that he is forging a new world for Nunnaly to live in. Such is the case that Nunnaly forms the complete foundation of his existence. Given that he has not laid all the cards out on the table to Nunnaly, I find that Lelouch will be even more reluctant to tell anyone else (besides C.C.).

    On a random tangent, I think Lelouch is practically doomed to die at the end of the (maybe 2nd part) of the series. I find Nunnaly’s words to be oddly prophetic during the earlier episodes of Code Geass, where the siblings did a little pinky swear to tell the truth. IIRC, the exact wording was something like “if you tell a lie, you’ll be pierced by a thousand needles.”

    I guess we’ll have to see.

  85. Well, to all those people who thinks Lelouch is like Light…that’s wrong because Light shows no remorse when he kills, while Lelouch shows guilt (Shirley’s father). Light also accepted the title of “savior” and proclaimed himself as God, when the dying japanese woman asked Lelouch to help them then called him a “savior”, he rejected the title because he knew what he did was evil, even if it’s accidental.

    P.S. Those of you who want Lelouch to die after watching this episode, suck it up. There are people in Code Geass with worse intentions than Lelouch…or are you forgetting “that guy” who sacrificed his wife in order to piss off one of his son enough so that he’d compete with his siblings/overthrow Britannia. (Natural Selection and all that crap)

  86. LOL, I don’t know why, but I keep thinking of something like, Lulu will somehow will stop Euphie, since he now has PERMA-Geass, then fake her death by Geassing some people and then let her live with them….secretly….lol….that seems HIGHLY unlikely….but…it’s a hope…I don’t want Euphie to die….lol, espeicially not by Lulu, he MAY just turn into Light…espeicially seeing how much he loves her to cry….compared to how he just shot Clovis, wa bam~!….but it’s wierd…lulu should’ve like Clovis a bit at least…I mean they DID play Chess together and all..

  87. LoL, I voted for I don’t think she’d die….since you never know what can happen with his NEW Geass…but it all depends on the director…I hope he reallt doesn’t off Euphie so soon though, it’d be interestin if they ended the season with Lulu and Euphie caught together as Lulu is either trying to stop her or hi did and he’s hugging her..I mean….Cornelia’s, the second Prince’s, Suzaku’s, Student Council’s, and Nunally’s reactions….it’d be pretty darn cool to hang it there…and let us think more…lol

  88. I don’t think Lulu will die at the end of this season. I think his side will win the upcoming battle in Tokyo. But I definitely think he’s going to die at the end of the 2nd season, unfortunately. Believe me, I don’t want him to die…but I think it’s going to happen.

  89. The good relationship Lelouch/Euphie is gone forever, THAT is really sad…I actually liked the idea they would work together and be on good terms…But since he didn’t do it on purpose, I guess that’s it…

  90. I know….i’m totally dragging on about this…but…why….I REALLLY didn’t…want Lulu to have to kill Euphie…I mean….omgosh….ha…, I’m just denying that hhe’s gonna kill her…lol…well, I can’t WAIT~! For next week, that’s gonna be an OMGOSH episode along with the other 2 last episode of the season~!

  91. Figures something like this will happen one day except that I didn’t expect it to be so dramatic. Hopefully Lelouch learned something from this and…change for the better I guess.

  92. I don’t care how Lelouch ends up in Season 2, really, as long as we don’t get a Death Note ending when everything’s done (not going to spoil DN here, but that would be very annoying if it happened here as well…horrible ending).

  93. It’d be more interesting if he used this whole event to reaffirm his determination on destroying the empire once and for all so that nothing of this sort has to happen again (having to kill someone he’s cared about and the deaths of many civilians). Lelouch shouldn’t lose his sanity in his ambition, but he shouldn’t fall onto the expected path of righteousness either.

  94. @Camario – OMGOsh, i totally DISLIKED the DN ending…omgosh…
    Show Spoiler ▼

    @Juvyniled – So, you’re saying he’s not going to be bad or good, but he’s just going to do what he wants, and it depends on how you look at it, to see if his actions are for good or bad?

  95. I see it comming, we get an Elfen Lied end, a few characters live, some dead and most open and unknown and we have to wait for season two.. oh yeah 😉
    Bloody hell, I never saw so much comments on an anime entry..
    A little question since I heard that there’s a season two in progress:
    Is there a manga Code Geass is based on or is it original work of Sunrise?

  96. there’s one mistake in your summary

    “He is about to GEASS the noble to go die, but when Rivalz steps in to defuse the situation, Lelouch quickly shuts his left eye”

    Lelouch shut his eye because ti was starting to hurt, indicating that his Geass was already on the brink of evolving and not because Rivalz came in between

  97. somehow i still get the feeling that its because suzaku touched C.C. geass mark on the forehead that make lelouch geass went permanent…

    i wouldn’t be surprise to find that Suzaku is be able to use geass later on but i doubt that could happen

    somehow C.C. is worried about Lelouch when they r back in Gawain.

    Poor Cornelia… i hope she won’t go mad till she faint when she sees her little sister started killing every elevens in the stadium… I’m worried about her poor cornelia

  98. This is a horrible, HORRIBLE plot device. Who in his right mind would use “kill the Japanese” as an example? I would have liked it better if Lelouch had geassed Euphie on purpose.

    Lelouch is responsible for what he did. As someone said, carrying the Geass is like carrying a gun without the safety. He shouldn’t ever use a phrase like “If I order you to kill the Japanese”… He is absolutely to blame for what happened.

    I think he deserves to die at the end of Season 2, after he accomplished his task. He has too much lifes on his conscience.

    Son Gohan
  99. This is awesome.
    Finally things are starting to pick up.

    I think I can see where this is going…Euphie getting killed and Zero eventually killing himself out of desperation to prevent the power of the Geass from consuming him entirely.
    Nevertheless, this is sunrise…

    Hopefully, we might even get to see cyborg orange-kun against the geassed and blood-thirsty Euphie.

  100. Here’s another theory for all of you:
    Zero DIDN’T use geass on Euphie – it was someone else, with a similar, but different Geass. That’s why she resisted at first, unlike every other person. Besides, he asked Euphie a question, and his power works only when he gives an ORDER. So Zero THINKS he geassed Euphie because his Geass became permanent at the same time (how unfortunate). But in fact it was someone else – the Emperor, if you ask me.

    Perhaps what C.C. felt was another person trying to use Geass on BOTH Zero and Euphie, however Zero is unaffected because he used his own geass on himself earlier (but it may have been the cause of the pain he felt).

    And another thing – it seemed to me like he closed his eye so as not to affect Rivalz with his Geass. Could this forced ‘shutdown’ of the geass be the cause of the geass becoming permanent?

  101. I doubt many will agree, but Code Geass just went up a notch in my book. (Euphie was starting to get really annoying) But I’ve enjoyed every episode so far, they’ve done quite well, it would take alot to ruin it for me at the moment, and I mean ALOT. Though, I wouldn’t put it past them.

  102. Lelouch’s geasse is not evolving / upgrading its going out of control, he is gaining no aditional abilities from it he simply can not turn it off. From here on out Lelouch is fighting a downhill batlle with his geasse as it will continue to eat away at him, this is why C.C. told him not to over use it. I am wondering if his gease ability will continue to spread and eventually effect his other eye, Mau’s eyes showed geasse simbols in both and am wondering if he started out like Lelouch and it was in the one eye to begin with.

    Having a geasse ability does not protect you from other people geasse abilities, if this was the case Mau would never have been affected by Lelouches. C.C. is the only person we know of right now that geasse will not work on but you could summise that all C.C.s race has the same protection.

  103. @Omni:
    Quite a comments-generating episode is it…

    @Son Gohan:
    I would say I’m perplexed by the way the director put the plot progression this way, but this just adds more curiosity, like “now train wreck is happening, what’s next?”.

    And this is sunrise, they have plethora amount of plot devices at hand, so as to say.

    Not to add:
    Orange-kun: Help Suzaku escape, with all your strength (no idea for the geass to be still effective, but the episode before shows that the wall-scratching girl is still under effect. May be that hinted the outcome of this episode for the rest of the seasons?)
    Suzaku: I must live.
    Euphemia (terminator right now, the fanart has even started): Must… kill… Nippon-jin… desu… (asakura ryoko: your catch line has been pawned by euphemia right now, ‘minagoroshi kudasai’ ~ saying it like ordering something from a coffeeshop)

    I wonder what would be the rating for DVD, this is not healthy for kids in their right mind of course

  104. >>>I think he deserves to die at the end of Season 2, after he accomplished his task. He has too much lifes on his conscience.

    By the same token, Cornelia and Villetta both deserve to die as well considering they have taken their fair share of lives as well. If you say he needs to die because he has too many lives on his conscience, then wouldnt him dieing just be easing his conscience?

    Also it seems Lulu was explaining his geass to Euphie who thought he was joking and didnt believe them so he used an example of something that Euphie would never do of her own volition.

  105. >>Also it seems Lulu was explaining his geass to Euphie who thought he was joking and didnt >>believe them so he used an example of something that Euphie would never do of her own >>volition.

    Exactly. Using ‘kill all Japanese’ was NOT out of line because he was trying to convince Euphie that he has this power to get someone to do ANYTHING, regardless of that person’s character. Killing someone is something Euphie would absolutely never do, so he used that as an example to show he could get her to do something totally out of character. Unfortunately…it worked.

  106. My guess would be: She’s survive AND be killed by Suzaku: He is forced by his Geass to survive, so he attempts to kill her in self defence and apparently succeeds as far as Lelouch and he know. Obviously both will blame themselves, esp.- Suzaku, having killed someone previous to him for the second time. Then sometime in the 2nd Season she’ll appear out of nowhere.

    And unless we see her cold, dead body being certified by a doctor as being “dead and beyond recurrection”, thats what I’m going to expect after she is “killed”.

  107. >>And unless we see her cold, dead body being certified by a doctor as being “dead and beyond recurrection”, thats what I’m going to expect after she is “killed”.

    Me too, only I hope that Lelouch will fake her death – he’ll just pretend to kill her, knowing that Suzaku is watching. And then he’ll let Suzaku spread the news about her “death” while Zero too “dies”. The season ends with both of them declared officially “dead”, and C.C. disappears without a trace. Then all three reappear in season 2, with Euphie as a geass user, and much colder than before.

  108. [quote]Back outside, Suzaku suddenly gets a flash in his head of the GEASS symbol and then turns around to see a green figure materializing beside the Gawain. Inside, C.C. notes that Suzaku can see it and wonders if it’s because of indirect contact and what happened on the island or if it’s because of that person.[/quote]

    But, for all around the world. Eupie is the killer. She happly orderd to kill the people. Lelu knows it, too. it wouldt be a easy think to get her out of this… Eupie kills all Japanese, Suzaku is Japanese… No more EupiexSuzaku story.

    But, with this, they pushed Suzaku in Zero’s hands…
    i’m wating for the cliffhanger, to chose to stay or drop this show from Sunrise…

  109. > I bet the emperor planned all this from the beginning, even the encounter with CC and Lelouch.
    >Maybe he is training his successor.
    StarWars, anyone?

    ‘Good. Use your aggressive feelings, boy. Let the hate flow through you.’
    -The Emperor

  110. @DG04:
    Yes, Cornelia and Villetta are also cold-blooded murderers. But Lelouch destroyed one of the only good persons of this show. Now I just can’t accept a Lelouch that lives “happily ever after”. I want him dead at the end of Season 2.

    The choice of words is still awkward. He could have said “I can order you to kill SOMEONE”, not “all of the Japanese”. I call this a bad plot device.

    Son Gohan
  111. oh, just another note, Lelouch states that the only way is get out of this is to use Euphie’s action. So there will be no “I am sorry guys, I geassed Euphie by accident…” as some of you said.

  112. When you said this “I also want to go back to how shocked Schneizel looked after what Euphemia did. Certainly he was plotting through Euphie’s plan, but that look he had seemed so genuine that I keep thinking that he’s not as evil as he initially appeared.” from what i think, you are right to suspect that Schneizel was evil as he initially appeared because that look on his face doesn’t just say he was surprised of what Euphie did, but the fact that whatever he was planning has FAILED, since just as Lelouch realized from before that it was a no win situation for them, if they join they will be disarmed and will be in the control of Britannia which will be controlling the zone (its like all possibilities of terrorism is contained or isolated in the zone) or if they refuse then they will be branded as enemies, of course Schneizel is more than happy for Euphie to think of this plan! Even he supported Euphie’s plan fully and even tried to convince Cornelia about it, basically it was his hidden agenda all along which was to defeat zero, and this was a good chance especially because Euphie is also known as the kind princess, and knowing this was her idea, would be like checkmate for the black knights and zero/lelouch.

  113. @Son Gohan

    Pretty unreasonable point of view. I agree what happened to Euphie was horrible, but there was no way Lelouch could have seen that coming. The Geass power has always been a perpetual risk for him, but up until this point he has always been able to control *and* know when he is and isn’t using the power–both conditions did not apply here. In addition, he didn’t even give Euphie an order–it was a mock-question that was converted to an order. 3 major parameters of what Lelouch knew about his Geass powers did not apply *all at the same time*.

    What would he have done as a preventive measure if he had been mildly suspicious that something was wrong with his Geass? Taking off his helmet before Euphie is a sign of his mutual trust with her when they have a personal conversation. Not making eye contact would be strange under the setting as well. Covering his one eye constantly instead of during that one moment would likely make Euphie want to tend to whatever was wrong there.

    And while it is obvious that the phrasing of his question ‘If I told you to kill all Japanese, what would you do’ is a plot device, it is hardly a stretch because it is in complete context of the situation. Wanting him to say just ‘kill a person’ as a general statement is more wishful thinking than taking the situation in account–his intended joke was to say something ludicrous that Euphie would never even consider doing, and he decided to put it in context. The variation wasn’t something that was forced in–the fact that Euphie is the only member of the royal family that openly cares about the Japanese, the entire Special Administration opening ceremony to begin with… What’s so strange about the joke getting specific?

    Anyway, I don’t like the fact that his Geass increasing in strength was the reason why his mock-question was converted to a direct order. That makes the ability just harder to control and doesn’t improve any other aspect of it.

  114. I’m not sure how it turned out to be a joke since I haven’t seen this yet and haven’t gotten to hear their tone of voices, but that statement was really used to exemplify how serious his power was. Euphemia would probably think it’s highly ridiculous, but she would likely feel it is ridiculous if he told her that he could control her at all. Certainly the timing of it all is somewhat unreasonable, but it wasn’t so far-fetched that it couldn’t have played out in this manner since we’ve already been shown that Geass “evolves” to the point where your abilities are just permanently activated as with Mao.

  115. We well know that Lelouch has a double personality being Zero and Lelouch..

    He is always thinking as two different persons, so probably Zero personality is taking over his Geass power making the suggestion to Euphie and Zero had her as a treath more than a friend to Leloluch.

    We know that has Zero, he gets pretty serious and does whatever it takes to win, probably this was the only way to regain control of the order of black knights and give a final blow to Britannia as we know it.

    Interesting how the king is enjoying all of this and he probably well know that Lelouch is behind all this, I just wonder how Suzaku, Euphie and Zero triangle ends.

    I firmly believe that Suzaku will blame Zero for spoiling Euphie and after they deal with her, I assume he will aim vs Zero more than ever.

    What its most important is the connection now with CC, Lelouch mother and the King, something tells me that both of them came in contact with CC and got their own geass… Probably the king can see the future that why he was enjoying so much watching at Euphie gonne mad.

  116. Whoa, its the most comments of Code Geass so far at here!
    Back to this epi, seeing so many ppl always compare btw them, first of all i wanna say Lulu is completely diffrent from Light. Light is just a bored student with a boring life & nothing to do but found a funny thing & get stucked with it. But Lulu is different. He has more things to accomplish & the things happened always went contrast to his thought.
    About Euphie, my guess is rite. I had felt that its a epi about Euphie’s killing base on the epi’s title but im really surprised that she will slaughter by herself. Though some spoilers say that ‘the geass to live of Suzaku may seem good now but it maybe not afterward’ make me feel uncomfortable izzit really collides with Euphie’s geass that make Suzaku kills her. But i still believe that she will survives. In this epi i can see the potential that Suzaku is a geass user ( due to some spoiler that has another geass user as well) seeing the contact btw C.C. & him. If he really is then maybe his power is something that can saves Euphie instead of killing her? But still i think her death is the best way to herself. (if she get conscious at some way she’ll get crazy & commit suicide i think )
    What makes me really sad is Lelouch Lamperouge is being burdened too much. He has bears so much things since his mother’s death & this times, doing somrthing unexpectly by himself. Back to that time, he had feel guilty when he uses geass to Shirley. This times its even worse that it will cause such an unrevertable comsequence & on top of that he did it unintentionally. Yea, he can faces the public by saying that its all his wrong & has nothing to do with Euphie. But what about his true identity, Nunnaly & The Black Knight? He just find the best solution & cover his fault.I never ever believe that he will change to a real villain because what his initial goals is fight for his dearly Nunnaly, though seemingly its a redemption start from now. Besides, the director had said in an interview that he choose JunJun is because his voices is not sounds as a bad guy no matter how hard he pretends to be. I wonder how Lulu’s eyes after this.Do he really will wears a eyepatch? but how he explains to everyone?

  117. I split it into double post since its long. ( sorry i keep spamming)
    In this epi I’ve confirmed that Schneizel is a good guy. I had doubt before seeing the different saying between the director & fans itself though i observe he’s not evil imo. But with that shocking face he really do cares about his sister & the Japanese. What he done before is just to gain peace & destroy The Black Knight in a less destruct way. He is a wise man & a strategist, its same with Lulu.
    In contrary, im definitely affirm that the Emperor is as evil as i thought before. he definitely is somewhat related to geass. I really hate him, seeing he laughing while knowing his daughter is slaughtering at that moment. Its my little guess, i feel that he may know who is Zero. When he is laughing, he is saying finally he/she do it & i think its refers to Lulu. Marianne death is really related to geass as well? Somehow i feel Lulu is follow his father’s step or may i say that its actually a trap for Lulu? since i have a feeling that the Emperor knows everything actually.
    Well, i dont want to think more since everything happened up until now is mainly out of expected. I really dont expect the director will go that far for this epi. I wonder what his mind will be for making such a twist moment but its my most favourite so far. its really intense now & i really do hope that someone will point that out that Lulu is Zero. Its the worsen situation now & i wonder is that any more worse things happen.
    Sigh, thinking of the official votes i feel that Euphie deserves more votes. Maybe the ranking will change if its votes after this epi.

  118. WITH this comment we beat the largest comentary record that was made in Blood+ epi 32 where Dive rapes and kills Riku ^^
    and now.. OMFG this is just too twisted, just too twistes really…. I feeel bad for Lelouch really he’s the one who’s hurting the most from this I can assure you that. how he cried when he stated that order just broke my heart, damm my eyes got wet! Schneizel is not that bad, but C.C. may have something to do with the fact of Lelouch Geass going cucko… oh and the weird girl I think SHE definetelly has something to do with it, she might’ve changedm comething in the Geass line to make Lulu’s joke an order… and now that we’re comming to a close the promise that Lulu had to make to C.C. is bothering me …. something isn’t right… heck NOTHING IS RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT!

    I somehow knew Code Geass would have a chaotic end… but this… this got me unprepared… I’ve definetelly have to learn that I have to expect the unexpected with Code Geass

  119. HAha, I think we ALL know that Code Geass ROCKS~! And omgosh….I really can’t wait to watch the rest of this seeason~!!!!! They’re probably gonna leave us hanging badly~!!! Grrr~!!!! LoL 🙂

  120. This was a pretty awesome episode, probably the best one in a while. I’m not sure if anybody has mentioned this, but, is it not probable to say that the Euphie massacre was one of Zero’s intentional plans?
    My opinion may change when the sub comes out, but I believe that Lulu actually considered having Euphie start killing the Japanese at random. He probably mentioned it as a joke to demonstrate a very unlikely, radical way of action, something he probably considered at one point.

  121. I haven’t watched it yet but by the summary it looks to be one of the best episodes of Code Geass yet. I really hate the fact that they’ll probably leave us with a big cliff-hanger and that we may have to wait a whole season before geass comes back. I hate the feeling when your watching anime and then it suddenly finishes but you wish it could last much longer.

  122. wow, i seriously didnt see it coming, and the number of comments here is really skyrocketing!
    Anime, awesome…. story, a little sick and sad, but totally twisted…

    great job Sunrise… great job!

  123. lol. the comments for this episode are insane.

    I don’t think he’ll ever be a complete villain either. He’ll continue the path of carnage, but he still is a good person deep inside. He feels remorse for what he has done and he DOES blame himself. I really feel for him….he’ll have this hanging on his head for the rest of his life. A very heavy burden, one of many to come probably. Poor Lulu, I feel like the screenwriter really takes great joy in torturing him. One bad situation after another. *sighs* I do hope he has some sort of redemption, but even so I don’t think he’ll live in the end. If he does, I bet anything he’ll lose his geass eye completely somehow.

  124. In my books, i have not seen a bigger plot twist than this. This had that shock, awe, OH SHI-, sadness, included. This has the potential to be one of thoes hugly populare shows. 200 GET!

  125. Oh man… with this episode, I don’t know how to rank the three biggest debuts of Fall 06. T______T

    Emperor: “JUST AS PLANNED!!!!!!!!”

    Omni, when’s the spring preview? There will be no double Haruhi entry as far as I can tell.

  126. Yep, Code Geass is the best for this season!
    Just come here to randomly babbling about my thought. Im not looking forward to next epi as much as this epi. Not because im no more interested but i really feel heavy about it. I think i way too much about it & i really take it seriously. At least with sorrow, i hope the agony of Lulu will stop at here. He really is a very miserable character. Not to mention it, he cant talks all this things he encountered to others. You know, its painful when you cant tells everyone else but keeps it in your heart and besides that’s all big deals. Thats why he always throwing his tantrum to C.C. who’s the one knowing his true identity. I wonder when will he burst in one day…

  127. well alot happened. but one tnihg is bothering me;suzaku will be a geass user or not.cause in episode 1 lulu see an image above the truck and this time suzaku sees too this item. (like c.c’s shadow or hologram.) and c.c says: he is also ? i think this is possible if so what kind of geass he is obtains and from who?. mao has mind reading. lulu has absolute orders and.suzaku wa? and one last thing lulu has using only left eye but mao has a 2 eye geass. in future lulus geass power growing to two eyes ? well in the end we must wait.

    but im sure one thing. sunrise doing a really good job and i will hope this shows continue to suprise me.

    take care dear lulu fans 😛

  128. No way Lelouch is dying. There’s a whole 2nd season to go and he’s the main character. He’s very dead at the end of season 2 though. Really don’t want him to die, but I just don’t see them keeping him alive. Hope he takes down that bastard emperor with him when he goes though. As for Euphie….eh…well I read the spoilers so I know what’s going to happen to her…

  129. hmm… i wonder if nina is gonna start killing japanese cuz yuffie said so…

    anyways, i hope they’re gonna keep kaguya and lelouch alive for the second season, they’re my favorite characters, and kaguya hasn’t even had many appearances yet…

  130. Wow, just watched it. That was one of the most intensive episodes yet, this anime surely has some of the greatest potential i’ve seen in an anime for a longtime. I hope the rest of this season and the next season is just as good.

  131. @ Ninjikiran, You better keep on that promise!!!
    Anyways… I watched the subs as well and im still shocked. Also, Euphie just might have to die to turn off the geass, but if that were to happen and Euphie did die, the probably Lulu would kill himself or the like around the second season.
    P.S. this is just my opinion so…

  132. Nina killing japanese ROTFL really that was a nice one… wow this is by far the largest record of commments on a episode in this website!

    oh and I love lulu, you just have to love the character, he’s a tragedy-magnet… oh and people this still isn’t over, we’re still waiting Orange-kun to join the oarty… and I know something’s gotta have to happen to Nalany,

    Fare thee well, Euphy, you are going to be the first major character to die in the series….

  133. =_= omg im watching it right now but its only uploaded to 15 minutes right about where those 3 guys go to stop CC… the suspense is killing me so much right now but damn its like the first episode again they havent shown much gore for awhile until now

    shouldnt of told her ANYTHING! fuck hasnt even told nunally yet -_-
    and hes fckn arrogant enuff to kill euphie now?!
    LIKE THE HELL? OMG i have so much to say but im just so PISSED!
    the only way lelouch can REALLY redeem himself is to kill himself and tell everyone
    what happened !laskjdf’
    like fuck!?
    i think he might die on the last ep or FAKE die -_-
    stupid stupid STUPID

  135. how about the season end this way:
    1. lulu fake his own death.
    2. C2 give suzaku geass.
    3. suzaku took over lulu position to be the new zero and lead the war.
    4. when lulu comes back in S2, he will be saying this, “you can’t kill the messiah”
    (with reference to some game) haha… this is meant to be a joke…

  136. It wasn’t intentional even if he was responsible.

    If Suzaku does receive Geass, it’ll likely be an enhancement on his physical abilities. I can really only wonder if Suzaku will ever interact with C.C.

    Likely, the second season will feature Lelouch once again as the main character. I doubt however that the “Zero” character will be around. I suspect that he’ll kill off his alternative personality to settle matters once in for all, and that will in fact be the big cliffhanger that we can expect. After that, it is all suspect as to what goes on in the next season, but it will likely revolve around the emperor and Geass.

    Lelouch isn’t ever going to die. Not that I absolutely love his character, but he is really driving everything at this point. Unless they make the second season a more general view of what everyone does, it’ll be all Lelouch.

  137. Yeah!! Euphie has to die, why you say? Becasue lelocuh joke was “kill japanese” and there isn’t only one, two, one hundred or one thpusend… so, nothing can’t stop Yuffie off killing until someone take her life…

    Ohh yeah SUNRISe, don’t screw this up!!

    Syaoran Li
  138. I suddenly thought that maybe Suzaku could be the one having the power to neutralise the power of Geass, in this case, perhaps Euphie need not die. He could end up being the true Messiah saving Euphie, Lulu or even C.C.

    Of course, I agreed with Tyllon’s comment. I don’t deny the possibility of Suzaku receiving the power of Geass from C.C. most probably to save Lelouch while Lelouch faked his death and gone on the run.

    Another possibility could be, since the title of the season is Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. The next season can be named as Code Geass: ‘Suzaku of the Messiah’ or something on the line. I’m joking with the title in case someone didn’t like it :P.

  139. @Saviour: if you can even read to this comment—Dalton is Cornilia’s right hand man, most likely Lulu asked him about his mother’s assassination.

    *All: this is really a record of how popular this ep is, just by the number of comments submitted.

    Hopefully Orange-kun wont get killed this season, but live on to the next.

  140. i donno if anyone mention this yet but my speculation is that in S2 Lulu could porlly be like a major/minor char like Kira in GSD since he’ll porlly be tramatized about his geass power and all since hes hurting everyone around,and porlly stay low with C.C and Nunally or sumthing and come out later in the series of S2. AND porlly Suzaka will be the main char like Athun…trying to figure out the mystery of the empire and stuff….

  141. @iRoar I hope your asumptions are wrong

    this is by far the best episode of the whole Fall 2006 season, and the 2007 year, I’ve watched this episode 50 time by now, rushing some things to find out more details about the episode and all myc conclusions:

    >Suzaku has something to do with Lelouch mother’s death, it’s by far 2 times he’s has seen her while in contact with C.C. altough we could say that the fisrt time it was just b/c lulu was in contact as well.
    >somwething is off with Vilieta (sp?) I think she got her memory back but it’s just pretending she hasn’t to infiltrate more. another point is that she is one of the people that can acuse lulu of being Zero and using geass eventough she doesn’t have strong proofs to back her statement
    >Orange-kun is almost finished and with the things as they are right now… this mean NO GOOD at all
    >Ougi well now he’s been proved wroing things will go from bad to worse, if what I think about vielete is true anyway
    >Euphy is a goner. period. good bye and say hi to the afterlife
    >Lelouch wil probaly dissapear by the end of this season (probaly with C.C.) telling everybody (or plainly just Suza and/or Nunalany) that it was all his fault w/e
    >the Geas ordes wil clash, it isn’t only Euphy’s and Suza’s what about Orange-kun’s “protect Suza with all your strength” since the wall-scratching-girls stills at it, Orange-kun order wil still going on.
    >V.V. is a guy
    >Schneizel isn’t such a good guy as I first deemed it to be while watchingb this epi, he might be shocked b/c he now found another enemy in the throne line
    >the emperor knows it, Zero=lelouch, and is the main responsible for Marianne’s death.
    >C.C. knows something we don’t DUH and it has to do with the promise between lulu and her, she might be seeking revenge on the empire b/c the empire had killed almost all her race (you know that thing about the flash back in the battle, where a lot of people like C.C. were being destroyed…
    >btw who was that crying girl…?
    >Kaguya is going nto die too….
    >this blooshed may en the next epi….
    >Cornelia isn’t as good as the previous episodes were portraying her………
    >Zero will die, the series is called Lelouch of the Rewbelion, which means lelouch will live but the legend of Zero will only stand if ‘Zero’ dies honorably

  142. Wow….just wow. There are hardly words to describe the horror that was unleashed in this episode. Oh I thought it was incredible and give the writers congrats on such a massive job they did there. Hard to even know where to begin since so much happened here.

    I feel terrible for Euphie. She had her faults, was naive and impulsive but she didn’t deserve this. It’s almost like we were watching Lelouch kill her mind, her being with that geass. Sure she’s technically still alive runnign around the area shooting people left and right. But I really feel like we watched who she was die right there. Fighting desperately against the geass to stop what was going to be a terrible event. Even worst was this was a complete accident, coming from a relaxed kind of conversation. Reminds me of the last episode where Lelouch pointed out that even if he messed up in the festival no one would die. But here we saw it, he messed up more than he ever has and so many people paid the cost. I know it was an accident and he would never have wanted this to happen but it has and now he’ll have to carry that burden.

    He tried so hard to stop Euphie, to make her ignore the command to stop it from happening. In the end all he could do was watch the slaughter and have Zero get a great chance. While Lelouch will be broken up over this event, Zero has gotten everything he needed. An incredible reason for the entire country to support him and a chance to deal a great blow to Britannia’s power in Japan.

    The event with Suzaku and CC really makes you wonder what’s going on with Suzaku. CC gave her theories of why he was able to know she was in there but we didn’t get to find out since Lelouch’s geass acting up caused her pain as well. Lots of questions about Suzaku, CC, and Lelouch’s mother and how everyone is related in this.

    Really wonder if it’s possible for Suzaku to die in this show. I mean he had a knightmare shooting at him and apparently got through without a problem. Seems the end of Euphemia will come by Suzaku’s hand. While it would make some sense for Lelouch to finish her off and release her from the pain he has caused. Watching Euphie’s geass to kill Japanese and Suzaku’s geass to survive clash could be even harder on him. If Suzaku killed Euphemia it would really leave him broken and if Lelouch saw this it would hurt him even more. The deaths of the people, Euphie’s suffering and Suzaku’s on top of everything.

    What an incredible episode, I felt terrible for so many characters at the end of this. Lelouch is and will be suffering from his mistake for the rest of his life. He can’t change what he has done so at least he’ll use what’s happened to try and finish things with Britannia. Euphie I feel is dead in who she used to be, physically she’s alive though how long is open for debate. I don’t think it will ever end for her. Even if she gets taken away that desire to kill the Japanese may always be there, in the end she’s really gone I feel. Like that girl and the wall, as long as that wall is there she’ll keep going at it. Suzaku is going to have to deal with this situation and perhaps not know who to be fighting. The Black Knights will be an opponent, trying to find Euphie, and dealing with whatever soldiers decide to follow that order a little too closely. A great episode, but terribly sad at the same time.

    I really can’t wait for the black knights to tear those soldiers apart. Kallen for sure will take care of it and will go in with a rage once she sees the bodies. Who the hell would follow such an order? Plus taking the opportunity to kill Suzaku, a knight and a honourary Britannian.

  143. Well. You guys realize that Japanese company is making this anime. So,I am fairly convinced that Lulu will indeed free Japan from britannia therefore he will not die anytime soon. Also, that would indicate that Suzaku will not prevail against Lelouch as long as he serves britannia like a dog. And yes. I am lulu fanboy but I think your hopeful thinking of Lelouch’s death really won’t happen anytime soon.

  144. Well obviously Lelouch isn’t going to die soon. Will he die by the end of the second season? Maybe. If he takes down Britannia his life may end in the second season. After all he has done even by accident this time, those deaths are on him. Of course Japan is going to be liberated, but as we’ve seen it won’t be at a small cost.

    Lelouch and Suzaku both made their choices. How the next episodes will play out should be very interesting.

  145. Finally finished my download and saw the insane action. I loved it. A very nice plot twist that I hadn’t even considered. Though I have to say I really didn’t like the whole conversation they had right before Leouch accidentally Geassed her. Why would he ever admit defeat? His real goal is to get revenge for his dead mother not liberate the Japanese. If Euphie messed that up for him wouldn’t he just disappear to another conquered zone of the empire and start over?

    I can’t wait to find out what exactly he promised to C.C., probably a whole other plot twist waiting in that.

  146. *Gets Lelouch cheerleading squad* Die, Euhpie, die. Die, Euphie, die. Give me a D. Give me an I. Give me a E. What does that spell? DIE. Die, Euphie, die. Die, Euphie, die.

  147. Haha, so MANY comments, okay continuing with my lousy guesses:
    -Lulu will NOT die at the end of Sea.1 (Obviously). but Zero might.
    -Suzaku probably won’t recieve geass from CC
    -Kaguya may die in the second series.
    -Orange will join Lulu (unlikely….lol)
    -Viletta will regain her memories if not already
    -CC obviously knows something that’s VERY important
    -The Emperor is watching this game of chess that he has created since the beginning when he killed Marianne
    -Cornelia either dies with Euphie or tries to protects Euphie from Suzaku or the OOTBK and dies (Not likely…)
    -The 2nd Prince still doesn’t seem that evil to me…so maybe…iono…

    Okay, that’s my idiotic guesses~!

  148. So it finally happened. C’mon folks, we can’t say we didn’t see this coming (Lulu losing control of his Geass), it’s not as if it was mentioned episodes earlier. And I think most of us have to admit that we had an idea that when Lulu’s geass finally goes off on it’s own, people were going to die. But, I will admit, I didn’t see Euphie in the middle of all this.

    Once more, another grand reason why I think Lulu is a cut above the rest of the anime male protagonists that’s been spewing out lately. Not only is he a calculating and manipulative character (oppose to the ones who pretends to be victims of circumstances), but he’s able to keep his emotions in check during such a crisis to see how he can turn the situation to his benefit. Some say it’s cold, some say it’s awesome. I say, the latter. It took some damn resolve to know that he f’ed up big time, to accept that fact and continue on as if nothing has happened, it just shows how great of a character he is. How great of a character he can be. Lulu will definitely not fade away into anime character oblivion anytime soon.

  149. Remy, i’ll definitely agree with you. They dont make him into a super perfect person or like a hero. I usually dont like this type of character, they ways too fake. Lulu still has some weakness & he has a dark side, its a real person i think. I just like his characteristic. He’s can be destructive but at the same time he’s act is helping some people too. I like someone say at here that he’s a tragedic magnet. Yes, thats true & he will bring tragedy to others too. But he still have some kind of righteous in his mind. (if not he’ll not help Elevens who he dont know completely at the street) So of course he cant be easily forget by us. He is one of the best character at this latest years so far. 🙂

  150. this is why I love Lulu so much. He is a very human character that we can identify with, eventhough he is the main character and seems very intelligent and infaillable he too make mistakes like everyone else and is weak to kindness (he admits defeat after Euphie told him the sacrifices she made for Nanaly)

    I love Lulu and his chara got again the first place ijn my chara list. lulu will not be forgotten, and Euphynator neither (I do not like euphy that much but Euphynator rocks, not the fact that she’s killing but that SHE’S KILLING WITH A SMILE ON HER FACE!!!!!!!!!!) those two characters/events will be remembered till the days ends…… we’ve found another new meaning for the Anime Dictionary
    Euphinator: a person that goes on a killing spree/genocide out of the blue and without a mind
    and a new character to remember
    Raito: calculating guy who weeps a lot at the end
    LELOUCH: calculating chara who’s a tragedy-magnet and def. knows how to screw the things with style, and keep his face, accept the things (his mistakes) and knows how to take the most ot of it, eventhough it huts him. Over all a complete realistic chara.

  152. This episode really does make Lelouch’s character more favorable if people analyze beyond “OMGWTF he killed Euphemia.” He has finally regained the humanity he had abandoned previously as Zero. Even then, Lelouch’s character was still likeable. He’s an innovation beyond your stereotypical hero who tries to do the right thing to save everyone. Likewise, this has really revealed some light to his dark personality and I for one do like this development. But it’d still really destroy his overall character if he assumes the role of the noble hero, one thing that I would prefer they avoid at the cost of his personality.

    On the opposite end of the stick, Suzaku has really developed as well. He’s not so much as spouting that Zero is an evil bastard anymore. They both have pretty much the same end result in mind: either change Britannia so that everyone may have peace which will take more time and struggle, or destroy Britannia so that peace will be instilled immediately which will be a bit more costly but still essentially reach the desired effect. Unfortunately, after the turn of events, I somehow have the feeling that Suzaku will end up falling down into Shinn’s path (denial, unphased determination, reckless antagonism). Whatever the case, as long as it is meaningful/purposeful, then I don’t really care. I’m not playing favorites with these characters – they all have a variety of aspects that are favorable and unfavorable.

  153. OMG 255 Comments… truely goes to show how much this episode shocked everyone.

    I think that Lelouch is going to have no other choice but to kill her, not just to stop the killing but it will make the Black Knights come out as the saviors and put Lulu’s plans back on course. Still, I notice some people posting about Lelouch’s ‘cold and calculating’ personality, but I’d have to point out that unlike some other examples, such as Light, Lelouch still hold on to his humanity. Although he manipulates people and remains emptionally detached when he’s Zero, when he’s just plain Lelouch he’s 100% angst.

  154. I think the that the huge difference between Lulu and Light: Lulu isn’t out to be the saviour. He knows his goal: Vengeance. If anything, I think Lulu has willingly made a pact with the devil to achieve his goal(s). The Black Knights, his Geass, everything he’s assembled up til now, came about because of his desire to find his mother’s murderer(s) and bring them to his personal justice. Lulu is not as vain about himself in the sense that Light was, though Lulu is obtusively vain about himself, but that’s what makes him such a great leader – the fact that he has such an ego of arrogance, his followers can’t help but think he’s right. Lulu only cares about a bright future for Japane simply for his sister’s sake. Other than that, he’s only other goal is to avenge his mother’s death. I’m certain that had his Geass not gone berserk when he’d agreed to help Euphie in constructing the Specialized Area, he’d still be on a rampage to find his mother’s killer(s), with or without the aid of the Black Knights.

  155. My only regret is that Lelouch didn’t *intentionally* order the massacre. As an accident, it appears as a contrived plot device (though it is still breathtaking), and it means we’ll have to put up with a bunch of angsty nonsense for the rest of the season.

    Having Lelouch order the massacre as a last-ditch trump card after being utterly cornered by Euphemia’s plan would have been an incredible, dramatic Sunrise-hallmark ‘point-of-no-return’. It’s not half as contrived as what actually happened – we’ve already seen Lelouch using the JLF as bait, and his original plan to have Euphemia shoot him would have still ruined her (i.e. having to deal with the guilt of shooting Lelouch, and being accused of setting the whole thing up to trap Zero).

    By the way, I hate Euphemia, so it’s all good.

  156. Yeah, wear an eye patch just like in FMA. Anyway, he might suffer the same fate as Mao. I bet C.C. will say “try to be careful in using your geass next time!”.

    Lelouch really screw up this time now that he ordered the Black Knights to find and kill Euphie because of the stupid stupid thing he did.

    Looks like the emperor enjoys watching the massacre, disregarding the reactions of his children. I think he know that Lelouch has the Geass power and C.C. Is it possible that he also had someone like C.C.?

    Anyway here are some MY predictions that or will come out in upcoming episodes (maybe some and others are just guesses)
    *Villeta will regain her memory and might either sabotage the Black Knights and spill its secrets to the Britannia military.
    *Or because of Ogi’s kindness and gratitude to her, she might join in the fight against the empire
    *The Emperor might be the possible killer of Marianne since he didn’t react on her death.
    *Euphie will die and might be killed either by anyone (like any member from the Black Knights) or Lelouch himself.
    *Zero’s true identity will be revealed (obviously in the upcoming episodes when the time is right).

    Those are just guesses and probably might be right.

    The next episode is “with sorrow at least”. I bet Lelouch will do the thing that will really break his heart and feelings. I bet you know what it is.

  157. Man I remember what it was like watching this for the first time… it was surreal to see what was basically a joke idea in my head (Lelouch ‘jokingly’ issuing a deadly disastrous command and then having it followed)… lol… I was expecting it to be a fake-out somehow, a dream sequence or just plain rewritten. Amazing.


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