A long, long time ago, there was a beautiful girl named Tsunderella (Takako) who was forced to work for her wicked sister-in-law Mariya. Through use of Ichiko and violence, Mariya is able to make Tsunderella do what she wants, including going out to draw water from the well. It is there that Tsunderella meets her friend Snow White (Kimie), and Snow White points out the prince (Mizuho) that happens to be lying on the ground nearby. Tsunderella immediately falls in love with the prince, but before she can tell him her name, Hisako finds him and drags him away. The prince happens to be having a dance party a few days later, and everyone is excited at the opportunity to dance with him and the chance to be chosen as his bride. Tsunderella wants to go, and the night of the dance, she’s paid a visit by a forest mage (Shion) who offers to help her. Although Tsunderella doesn’t actually want Shion’s help, Shion uses her hair to capture Tsunderella and forces the help onto her. Shion’s first spell is supposed to give Tsunderella a dress, but it instead strips both of them of their clothes. The second time around, Shion gives Tsunderella a dress, but she also warns that the magic will be gone after midnight. As for transportation, Shion calls on Kana to give Tsunderella a ride.

Using her hair ribbon, Kana flies Tsunderella toward the castle, but the two then get shot down by Snow White who thought that Tsunderella needed saving. Joined by Snow White, Tsunderella tries to walk the rest of the way the castle. Along the way, the pair get into several misadventures and until they finally spot Little Red Riding Hood (Michiko). Michiko leads them to a candy house where the evil queen (Kei) is waiting with a poison apple. After forcing Snow White to eat the apple, Tsunderella has to face Kei and her magic mirror. Fortunately for Tsunderella, Shion arrives again to help by battling Kei. Tsunderella somehow makes it out of the destruction – though not unscathed – and finally arrives at the castle. However, there is already a long line to get to the prince, so Tsunderella ends up sulking alone. By chance, Mizuho notices Tsunderella in the crowd and finds her out on the balcony a little later. The two dance, but it’s soon time for Tsunderella to go because the clock strikes midnight. Mizuho tries to stop her, so she gives him her glass slippers before tumbling down the stairs and out of the castle. In the aftermath, Mizuho searches for Tsunderella, and the two get reunited when the slipper fits perfectly onto Tsunderella’s feet. Though they are together, the two both somehow end up cleaning and serving Mariya, Yukari, and Ichiko.

One word: Tsunderella. And of course the perfect person to play the role would be Takako. Actually, all the roles were pretty well cast (Shion especially) and it made for quite a hilarious episode. I had initially been hoping for a post-graduation special or something to see the group back together again, but I think this was even better. The plot follows the general Cinderella storyline, but of course they added in a lot of OtoBoku jokes. As you can see form the screencaps, the majority of the episode is spent in the chibi style, though they revert back to their normal forms at some parts for various reasons (usually funny). All in all, I really enjoyed watching this and would love to see more.


  1. NOOOO…i didn’t want some random storyline, although that does look interesting

    I really had hoped for some guy falling for Mizuho or a bath house/hot spring episode…

  2. “Tsunderella”?! Hah! It’s a real surprise how classic names and common words can create a very silly pun (and story premise?!). This episode looks like it’s full of win.

    Also…tentacles? Ahaha…I wonder who they had draw that scene. Must’ve been an interesting event at the production studio.


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