Investigating L’s computer, Light finds that L had kept a file on everything in the Kira investigation. With it, L had left a message acknowledging that he was dead if someone was reading this. The message however, then appears to be deleted. It has been 10 days since L was buried, and the newspaper now prints an article about the death of Watari. His real identity was an inventor named Quillsh Wammy who had established many orphanages. Aizawa feels that without L or Watari, the investigation can’t continue there anymore, though Light does reveal that he’s got it set up now so that they can emulate L’s computer voice. The question now remains of who’s going to replace L and what they’re going to do about the notebook. The others suggest that Light should take L’s place, and although Light initially pretends to resist the ideal, he takes the role. He convinces everyone that he could do the work of both L and Watari if he could live alone, so his father gives him the go-ahead. As for the Death Note that they got from Higuchi, Light lets his father take care of hiding it some place where humans can’t reach. Sometime later, Light meets with Misa to propose that she live with him. Ryuk follows him back that stormy night, and, standing on the rooftop of the building, Light promises the Shinigami that he’ll show him the creation of a new world. Light then prepares his pen and starts writing furiously in the Death Note. Along with all the criminals that he has to deal with, he also kills off Aiber, Wedy, and the remaining Yotsuba executives.

Unbeknownst to Light, an isolated computer somewhere has counted down to 0 and sends off a transmission. At an orphanage called The Wammy’s House, an old man named Roger receives a message saying that L is dead. He then summons two boys and informs them of the news.


This episode was 2/3 recap and 1/3 new stuff. I would be rather disappointed that this is what follows such an awesome episode, but after seeing last week’s preview, I had been prepared for a complete recap. In that sense, I’m glad that they kept in at least some new stuff, and they did a pretty good job with those parts. I really liked that scene where Light starts killing again in a very grand manner – as if he were conducting an orchestra of death.
With this episode though, I really am starting to wonder if they’re going to keep the show at only 37 episodes total. It just doesn’t seem possible that they can finish the second half of the manga in less than half the time it took them to get through the first half. But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.


  1. Geez, Mello looks so insanely retarded. If he looks anything like that in the actual episode then I’ll be severely disappointed since he’s the only slightly decent post-L character (aside from Teru but he wont be around for a little while yet).

  2. I think they can fit the rest of the manga……..only if they cut alot of the second half.

    I might actually watch the next episode…just for the introduction of Near and Mello.

  3. As far as the 37 episode thing goes, there’s two things I can think of:

    1. They create a completely different ending instead of the one that was in the manga.
    2. They ridiculously rush the second half or cut out a lot of stuff that was in the 2nd half of the manga.

    Still, I can’t help but think that DEATH NOTE would’ve been better off as a 50 episode series rather than the currently scheduled 37.

  4. I hope they creat a different end the one in the manga sucked BIG TIME so….
    I think now that the main even I wanted to see (L’s death) is over I’l download this epi b/c of the grad manner Kira kills (yeah just for that) and then stop downloading epis, once I see they’re going diffferently I might go and download once again if not then I’ll just stick to reading thid from here
    …. as you can see I’m not a big fan of what happens later on DN and it’s not b/c L died people who have finished the manga might understand me ^^

  5. I agree that the anime SHOULD go off on to another ending than the one in the manga. I was so disappointed in the ending to the manga that I almost feel as if I’m watching Princess Nine all over again. Good grief. Anyway, I’m crossing my fingers on that one – but I certainly won’t be holding my breath. 🙁

  6. *weeps* L’s absence was so hard this episode. I loved it that instead of moving on straight to Mello and Near at once they included recap and L’s “ghost” which freaks Kira out. It showed…more respect to such a character.

  7. As for the 37 episodes, season 2 maybe? haha

    And that’s just how Mello looks. Mello sux btw, one of the most annoying characters in the manga…trying to overcome the fact that he’s second best, and can’t face up to that.

  8. Well, I want to see how they are going to handle the Near and Mello arc, i don’t really like that arc thus far(up to the 10th one), so maybe it’ll be better in motion than on paper. LightShow Spoiler ▼

  9. I find that the anime is much more better than the manga alot more watchable and more easier to follow than the manga which I find is a big plus they tend to say things. In the manga they repeat a whole lot of crap (altered it by a large margin (e.g by tagging on a couple of words that werent there before) and made the situation more muddled when it was clearly explained before) almost every chapter which tends to drag on and gets pretty well boring for example they cut out this Light could be kira by ## percent which got extremely annoying after the 100th time it was put in unnecessary in the right places its interesting but in the wrong places it gets really annoying.

    @41nano, they didnt mention this part in the manga which made it pretty much a big jump. L died and he instantly in the future without too much explanation when it was needed (confusing readers made ppl hate this arc).


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