OP Sequence

OP: 「ALONES」 by Aqua Timez
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Since the Arrancar are confused as to what the Limit Release is, Hitsugaya, Renji, and Matsumoto explain that captains and vice-captains have seals on their bodies to restrict their spiritual pressures so that they minimize impact on souls in this world. Their power is thus normally reduced by 80%, meaning that they are now 5 times stronger without the limit. Faced with the massive power boost, Shawlong tries to get the others to retreat, but it’s too late and each of the Arrancar meets their end. Despite the victory though, Hitsugaya is gravely wounded and Renji is exhausted. Renji thinks to himself that he was lucky his opponent was caught off guard because of how strong the Arrancar was. In particular, he thinks this bodes poorly for Ichigo. While Matsumoto gets Inoue’s help to heal her captain, across town, Keigo brings Ikkaku and Yumichika back home to his sister. To Keigo’s surprise, his sister takes a liking to Ikkaku and lets them stay.

Meanwhile, Ichigo is already in his ban kai form, but he’s barely able to do anything to Grimmjow. Using only his fists, Grimmjow is able to beat Ichigo to a pulp and is quite disappointed with Ichigo’s ban kai. Ichigo responds by using the black version of his Getsuga Tenshou attack, and this actually causes a little damage to Grimmjow, but nothing significant. Frustrated, Ichigo knows that the black version of the attack is his Hollow side’s, and using it allows that side to come out faster. He estimates that he can probably use it two or three more times without completely losing control. Unbeknownst to Ichigo, Tatsuki is actually watching his fight from around the street corner. In addition, a certain someone is also arriving in this world via a dimensional rift from Hueco Mundo.

Grimmjow has become quite excited by the prospect of an actual fight. However, as he starts to draw his zanpaktou, Tousen suddenly appears behind him and stops him. Tousen isn’t happy at all with how Grimmjow attacked this world on his own accord with five other Arrancar, all of whom are dead now. He says that Grimmjow completely disobeyed his orders and claims that Aizen is furious. With Tousen around, Grimmjow has no choice but to return to Hueco Mundo where his punishment is waiting. Ichigo can’t believe that the Arrancar is just leaving and tries to get him back so that they can finish this. Grimmjow responds by saying that Ichigo is the one who’s getting his life spared. He can tell that Ichigo’s black Getsuga Tenshou damages Ichigo too and that Ichigo can only use it a few times. But he also feels that even if Ichigo could do it an infinite number of times, he still wouldn’t be able to defeat Grimmjow’s released form.

Grimmjow then tells Ichigo his full name and predicts that the next time Ichigo hears that name will be when he dies. After Grimmjow disappears, Renji arrives on the scene and grimly declares that they’ve won since the Arrancar have gone back to Hueco Mundo. Ichigo, however, feels that he had lost, especially since he couldn’t protect anyone. Both of them head to Rukia’s side where Inoue is healing the wounded girl. Inoue notices the look on Ichigo’s face as he stares at Rukia and sighs quietly to herself. Around the same time, Ururu is also getting healed at Urahara’s shop. Back in Hueco Mundo, a smiling Aizen welcomes Grimmjow home.

ED Sequence

ED: 「爪先」 (Tsumasaki) by オレスカバンド (Oreskaband)
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I really like both the opening and ending songs, but it’s the opening animation sequence that has me most excited. I like how it started out with Kon singing in sync with vocalist Futoshi of Aqua Timez. The OP is very Inoue-centric and hints at all the stuff we’ll be seeing in the arcs to come to the point where I guess you could say that it’s too spoilerish.


Well that was a lot of fun to watch. They really extended the part where Grimmjow beats up on Ichigo, making Ichigo seem very much like a punching bag. And yet, despite that fight lasting longer than I thought it would, they still managed to get through three and a half chapters worth of manga material. This was an action episode though, so it’s understandable, but I still worry about what happens if or when they catch up to the manga.
Tousen’s appearance in this episode has me wondering about power levels again. How much stronger is Tousen now if he can order Grimmjow around? I guess what I’m getting at is that I wonder if he’s stronger than Zaraki now. I’d love to see them in a rematch of their Soul Society battle (then again, as I’ve said in the past, I’d love to see more of Zaraki in general).
Anyway, new Bleach OPs and EDs always manage to get me excited about this show all over again. And the preview for next week shows lots of juicy bits, including more of Tousen, and Ichigo going up against Shinji.


  1. I dunno…
    Show Spoiler ▼

  2. Never has Getsuga Tensho looked so cool. So strongly colored and outlined, nice movement and intense of fights…excellent quality and details. Only grip was recycled looking Hichigo shots…

    Sure few minutes of ep is retelling events and they used nice slow motion and such tricks to keep pace low, but still very VERY enjoyable, not sure though how many chaps they got used for this, but eventually fillers awaits…

  3. sorry for the double post but after watching the opening i only have this to say: MY GOD! i haven’t seen so many spoilers in one opening before. it even has spoilers of the latest manga chapters with espada number 9 and stuff(chapters 260 and above). i can’t believe they decided to put almost all the major incidents in the OP. it kinna takes away the excitement but a damn nice Op nonetheless.

  4. Tousen is stronger than Grimmjow, is that what you’re saying? He
    Show Spoiler ▼

    But Grimmjow wouldn’t sit there and take it if he could do something about it. My impression is that Aizen, Tousen and Gin are the three tops, Tousen and Gin obviously underneath Aizen.

  5. @ tenkaichi

    its safe to assume that tousen/gin/aizen have achieved
    Show Spoiler ▼

    im a bit surprised that the vaizard group (who are very unique and interesting, may i add) weren’t included in the OP. VERY orihime-centered, i must agree…

  6. Arrrggh~ New Opening!! (O_O)

    i’m still doubting Tousen’s new strength.. Coz hasn’t any solid proof that he’s been able to match-up with Zaraki’s Monstrous Power.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Can’t wait for the part when Ichigo undergo training with the Vaizard~ it’d be Reall COOL!

  7. OrihimeXIchigo centered openings always rule…really constant usage of IchiRuki by animation team, began to bother. its always nice to see, that they havent forgotten another lead female of bleach…god…so many spoilers… :E

  8. I am so disappointed with the op, too much spoiler and nothing of the Vizards, and just a few seconds of the espadas, what the hell is that? though i like orihime i think it was too centered in her, great ep by the way, i watched a few parts this morning and the animation was awesome, pretty much better than last ep!

  9. Damn~ just watched the OP… T_T; Totally Ruined my Mood. I mean, Bleach’s story is getting to a more serious phase and they did a semi-funny OP like this!? what the heck are they thinking… We need more UVERworld!! or Just any Catchy song that would fit nicely

  10. i loved this episode, it was probably my favorite since the fillers ending (and since they began for that matter). Personally, i’d rather that they move at a good pace (not too slow or fast) and then when they catch up, they either stop producing (omg, wouldn’t that be revolutionary) and wait a little while, or just go back to crappy fillers which i can skip. I was really getting tired of crappy episodes that went at a snails pace along with crappy animation.

    Keep up the good work.

    AiZEN: Orihime chan I can help kurosaki with his hollow side IF you join me and try to convince him to come here!!!
    Orihime: ok , anyway, I hate that bitch( rukia) and if I help ichigo I could score some points with him!!

    Ichigo: Orihime DON´T GO TO THE DARK SIDE !!!(LOL)
    Orihime: what did you said ichigo????? you really only love rukia…….

  12. This has nothing to do with bleach. Instead, I wanted to comment about the current poll.

    I think the 48 hour maintenance should be done on Saturday and Sunday because, if i remember correctly, barely any blogs are done on those days.

  13. @Wonton
    I was just thinking the same thing. There’s xenoglossia, d.gray-man, and death note to blog on mondays and tuesdays… i look forward to the death note blogs especially.

  14. WOW they really messed up the OP and ED this time… everytime they do it wrong, god kills a kitten. please, think of the kittens. in other news, eh we are finally getting to the initiation practice

  15. very good episode. not prefect thought. mod souls always ruin the mood for me. so when they show them it’s bad. especially in the opening. I don’t think the opening is mega a spoiler. if you don’t read the manga I don’t think you can figure out what will happen from the opening. the only thing think that they spolied is when spoiler>they show all the espada and Inoue you know where . I think it will be the same with the ss arc. we will get really close to the manga then they will break of fillers. the only thing that worries me is that this time unlike ss the current arc is far from finished.Show Spoiler ▼

  16. honestly with all the characters, intense battle animation, awsome stroy, is there anything better then bleach now?
    am having a hard time with naruto shippuuden, it’s just to damn slow and 80% pointless scenes.
    i am thinking about trying death note, but the story sounds kinda wierd.
    for now bleach rules!
    and shinn say he finds it endless!! uh… why do u want it to end?
    just stop watching dude!

  17. @tensai_otaku

    nah of course not, me n your mom were watching the ep and when the ending came up she said to me “Look at Ichigo!!, what he’s doing to Keigo, I’m doing to you!”

  18. 1) I heart new opening. So very much. =]

    2) Matsumoto-sama needed more ass kicking screen time. Ash + fat, dead corpse (superfluous no?) = unsightly.

    3) Is it just me or does Ichigo’s hollow mask look dog-ugly? I mean, Grimmjow’s “jawline” looks hawt.

  19. i have no idea why but i find it cool in the OP just like a spilt frame where they introduce Aizen and his crew. Aizen throwing away his former captain no. 5 shirt was like super cool to me..did anyone notice that?

  20. This episode was great!
    The animation skyrocketed from the previous episode and the fight between Ichigo and Grimmjow was stunning, Grimmjow literally owned Ichigo with beating him up. I must say it again, Great Episode!

    Also, the OP and ED was a kinda disappointment, because the song of OP is not so good as Rolling Star. But the animation of the OP was superb, because this time is the spotlight on Orihime! And it also showed alot of spoilers for people who don’t read the manga. And as a last thing, the ED sucked. What music was that? Weird….


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