You ever have one of those days that’s completely filled with only highs and lows? That’s what I went through today, and it’s quite exhausting. Anyway, Nodame and Darker than Black will be up soon.


  1. My days are always filled with highs and lows. For example, my high today was that I wrote my last exam. My low was that I haven’t gotten my hands on Bleach raw yet. 😀

    Hey, everybody has their standards. :p

  2. I was working and then my friend called me on my cell… I went to the lobby to answer the phone then went to the washroom. Out of no where I see a purple paper on the ground and walked up to it. It was a $10 bill, I looked around and saw no one in sight. I picked up the $10 and ran to the washroom. I guess not one wants to know what happened in the washroom or do u? ^_^;;

  3. Well, feel free to take a break if you need to. My days are like that on a usual basis, all good things and bad things perfectly balance eachother out. I assume that’s better than a day full of lows though, right? I can admit it does get tiring to get your hopes up and then get shot down by something else later in the day though.

  4. its better than low only
    from few weeks there was a day
    my grandmother died and also my mobile and clothes were stolen
    dont feel down it happens to every one and from experience good things happens only after bad ones
    sorry for bad english

  5. i love those days…it means i hav nothing to do….not like today where im studying for an exam…sigh…

    oh n random rant…just finished watching venus vs virus n it turned out to be really damned good! =p think mai-hime ^^


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