Hayate gets Nagi ready for school one morning, but she goes back to bed instead. Maria reveals to Hayate that since Nagi is the only daughter of the Sanzenin family, her life’s targeted on a daily basis. Nagi then gets a phone call, so she pretends to be an answering machine and hangs up. However, the very person who called her comes crashing through the window and starts talking as if she’s a welcome guest, ordering some Earl Grey from Maria. Nagi gives her the hot tea, but in the form of dumping it on her head. This girl is Nagi’s friend and relative Aizawa Sakuya, and she’s here to see how amusing a butler Hayate is. The problem is that Sakuya think of Hayate as more of a comedian than a butler, so she tells him that he’s missing impact as an entertainer. Hayate has actually already gone through all the things she suggests, like getting run over by a car or fighting a robot, so she beats him up. Maria then explains that Sakuya is the same as Nagi in the sense that she hates to lose, so Hayate decides to tell a one-time joke. This turns out to be an imitation of comedian Dandy Sakano‘s “Gets!” catchphrase, and Sakuya responds by beating him up again. Still, she doesn’t hate him and is willing to entrust Nagi with him.

Back inside, Maria finds that they’ve run out of tea and there’s another guest coming – a girl named Isumi. She decides to send Hayate out to get more and provides him with a very expensive cashmere coat that he’s not supposed to get dirty. After Hayate goes out, however, all he encounters are dangers that could get the coat dirty, including a falling paint can, soba tsuyu, and ink-spitting octopuses. Hayate manages to keep the coat clean through all three incidents and heads to the park where he thinks there won’t be any people. He recalls that this is the same park he met Nagi, and in front of the very same drink machines, he finds a girl wearing a kimono attempting to buy a drink by inserting a paper charm into the money slot. When he tries to explain to her the mistake she made, the girl surprises him by revealing that her friend told her not to talk with strangers, yet she’s speaking with one. Hayate realizes that if he gets involved with her, bad things will happen, but when she says that she’s lost, he can’t bear to leave her alone in fear that she’ll get kidnapped. Suddenly, the two of them get discovered by a large group of men in black suits armed with swords. These are actually the bodyguards of the girl – Isumi – but Hayate thinks that they are kidnappers. Conversely, they think that Hayate is a kidnapper and attack him.

Grabbing Isumi, Hayate jumps away and promises to protect her. However, Hayate soon notices that he’s jumped right over a pond. Faced with the decision of protecting Isumi or getting the coat dirty, Hayate chooses to take off the coat and use it to grab onto the nearby tree branch. At first, he manages to keep them both dry, but the sleeve of the coat soon tears and drops Hayate into the water. Hayate panics about what to do concerning the coat, so Isumi offers to reimburse him for it. Since he was the one who said he’d protect her from those evil men dressed in black, Hayate doesn’t accept the offer. Isumi realizes that those were her men looking for her, but she’s not able to interrupt Hayate to tell him. She does, however, wipe him with her handkerchief because he’s still wet. Hayate then decides to take her back to the Sanzenin home, but he leaves her there at the gate after ringing the doorbell since he can’t go inside yet.


I think the biggest laugh this week for me came from the three Kugimiya Rie roles they referenced in that one quick scene: Belle (MÄR), Shana (Shakugan no Shana), and Al (Fullmetal Alchemist). Apart from that, there was more MÄR, Conan, Ultraman/Pestar, and plenty of others I’m sure I didn’t get. Other than that, they’re jumping around the manga material and introducing new characters in rapid succession: Sakuya and Isumi this week, and Wataru and Saki next week. I’m looking forward to hearing Inoue Marina as Wataru (which I suspect will sound more like her Mucchii voice from Manabi Straight! and not her Yoko voice from Gurren Lagann).


  1. Mmm… that glowing hair’s a nice touch on the Shana parody. And it appears Wataru shows up next week… which means they may or may not combine that with the ‘Isumi’s Shawl’ story.

  2. Does anyone know what “マネしちゃダメだよ” means? I have a feeling it means “don’t copy this with tea” (i.e. don’t waste tea the same way Nagi did), but I’m not sure.

    Also…Show Spoiler ▼

  3. Does anyone know what “マネしちゃダメだよ” means? I have a feeling it means “don’t copy this with tea” (i.e. don’t waste tea the same way Nagi did), but I’m not sure.

    It means don’t try it at home.

  4. Some thing from me:
    If they wanna use Rollerskates scene, parodie Air gear (Riding on Wing in the Air, under your feet)

    Bleach… Ichigo in his Spirit form (robe and Sword)
    Peach thing.
    Fist of the north star (His famous charup roar and finger play that make holes in wood etc.etc)
    Nausicaa, the scene where she is riding her Airwing/Airplane

    and so on. they can take almost everthing, but they should forget. The Viewers must knowing it, what kind of joke is one if they are to young to know it? 🙂

    keep them in mind…

    Fight-o, Fight-o

  5. There is another parody on the part where Hayate was tellin Izumi what she think of UL*beep*man (ultraman) where she replied that she prefered BE****** (this part i not sure, anyone knows?)


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