Dressed as the Red Whirlwind, Lancelot manages to rally the crowd against the guards and Cerimon, but one of the archers then shoots Lancelot in the arm. After Cerimon lets the men falsely accused of being the Red Whirlwind go, Lancelot decides to end this. Grabbing the flaming arrow that he was shot by, Lancelot declares that the Red Whirlwind will disappear, but the wind will blow again – a new wind that brings hope. He then drops the flaming arrow into pit of oil and straw, causing a large fireball to erupt and envelope him. Juliet desperately wants to go help Lancelot, but Curio and Francisco won’t let her go. While this is going on, Romeo sees the plume of smoke from the fire and comes to investigate. He is shocked to learn of the death of the Red Whirlwind from Cerimon, but when he flies back into the air, he catches sight of Juliet standing nearby with only Cordelia beside her. Hearing him approaching, Cordelia hides herself as Romeo expresses his relief that Juliet is safe and explains that he had thought that she was the Red Whirlwind. Juliet finally tells him that it’s not possible for her to see him again, and when he asks why, she takes off her wig and reveals that she is the real Red Whirlwind. Before Romeo can do anything else, Juliet jumps backwards off the balcony and lands safely on a bridge below, allowing her a path to run away.

The next day, Benvolio tells Romeo about how his father Vittorio feels that the military police went too far with their attempt to burn to death innocent people. However, during the parliamentary session later, Montague introduces a new law that grants the military police independent authority to punish rebellious citizens and forms a vigilante corps under the direct control of the police. When Vittorio speaks out against this because it implies that martial law will be permanent, Montague strikes down his argument by talking about public order. And to punish him for objecting, Montague strips Vittorio of his nobility. Afterwards, Romeo questions his father about all this, and his father says that what the nobles need right now is power. Juliet meanwhile is still trying to get over what happened, and she visits Lancelot’s family with Antonio, Francisco, and Curio. Lancelot’s wife has decided to move away, and she tells her children that their father is staying behind in the city. When it’s time for them to leave, Juliet tries to tell Lancelot’s wife to travel safely, and she responds by asking Juliet to make the wind blow. She believes that thatperson lives on inside Juliet, so Juliet should cheer up. Juliet cries after hearing these words.

Since Juliet still feels that Lancelot died in her place, Curio reminds her that Lancelot entrusted everything to her. In addition, Francisco feels that at the time, Lancelot was the real Red Whirlwind. The group then encounters a person bearing a special crest – one that signifies an ally – who informs them that Vittorio is going to be assassinated and guesses that it’s an order from Montague himself. That night, Vittorio’s carriage suddenly comes to a stop and their driver attacks them. When Vittorio, his wife, and Benvolio try to run away, they are surrounded by a group of armored men with swords. Fortunately, Juliet, Curio, and Francisco arrive in time to save them, but Juliet has to make a dive to stop a thrown dagger from hitting Vittorio. This leaves her vulnerable to the assassin, however right as he’s about to stab her, a loud neighing interrupts everything. Juliet thinks that Romeo is here to save her, but it turns out to be someone she doesn’t recognize at all.


As I had suspected, Lancelot had to die to show to the police that the Red Whirlwind is gone. He died in a very noble way, particularly with the speech he made, and although they didn’t show a body (as per the Mai-HiME/Otome principle), I get the feeling that this isn’t the type of series to bring him back – especially not after Juliet spent most of the episode feeling bad about his death. I didn’t really enjoy watching those parts very much, so my favorite scenes of the episode were when Juliet took off her wig to explain that she was indeed the Red Whirlwind, and when the assassination attempt occurred at the end of the episode. I actually cheered out loud when Tybalt showed up to save Juliet, partially because Romeo didn’t accomplish much this episode so someone else had to step up, and partially because Tybalt made such a great entrance.
Speaking of Romeo not accomplishing anything, the preview for next week’s episode with the shot of Juliet slowly closing her eyes has me thinking that we might finally get to see a kiss between Romeo and Juliet. At the very least, they might get to share a tender moment together.


  1. Dang, poor Lancelot. It looks like a very emotional moment for Juliet. 🙁 And is it just me or does Juliet reveal her identity as a Capulet to Romeo in this episode? I didn’t see a screen shot of any incredibly shocked expression from him so I don’t know. ^^;; And Tybolt shows up! Hmm, do I see a parallel between him and Romeo’s “arriving on a dragon-horse to save Juliet” scene? –> Potential love rivals?

  2. All hail the king of cats!
    Tybalt is currently above Romeo in terms of awesome.
    -2 Points for looking like Sasuke with that metal plate thing around his neck, >.> sick of naruto.

  3. hmmm….the only reason i HONESTLY continued watching this was to find out who the hell that hot guy in the OP panorama was….

    but isn’t tybalt evil and dies??!

    NOOOO!!!! he’s too hot…

    Please to change this part of the story anime xD

    Have a nice day!

  4. Ah, so that’s Tybalt. He gave me a bit of a chill when he appeared. At first, I thought… did Romeo go mad, but then I realized his hair style was different so I asked the same thing as Juliet asked, “Dare?” (Who?). In the PV though, I see Romeo running with a flower and his expression looked very serious. Hmm. And why do I get a feeling that Lancelot may still be alive? (But it’s sad, his death and his family. *sniffs*)

  5. If Tybalt is as annoying as he is in the play, then I expect to hate him. Don’t care how good looking he is. But then again, they’ve changed so much in this anime. Mercutio is nothing like his awesome self in the play. So it’s possible anime!Tybalt is not as much of a hot-blooded idiot as he is in the play.

    wuuu..i feel bad for Lancelot.. TT___TT gawd..That duke is pure..pure..pure evil.. poor Romeo.. ;_;

  7. Oh great…

    Tybault is now a good guy and Mercutio’s a bad guy. That’s VERY great >.>

    I’m still pissed off at how GONZO decided to make Mercutio a bad guy here.

  8. @RandomDendohfanboy

    Prentend you never saw/read the play of subconsciously change the title and replace every characters with different names and enjoy teh show based on it’s own merits.

  9. I’m so happy that Gonzo made this serie!
    But there are some things I don’t really get yet.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Just in case ^^

    Oh my, this anime is great ^^, but I agree with zaeris, is better to pretend not to know the play, and enjoy!!!

  10. Thank you for posting these summaries! I saw the first episode fansubbed, but haven’t seen more than a couple of little short scenes of eps since then… I am SO looking forward to seeing and/or hearing about more of this series!

  11. Show Spoiler ▼

    So assuming GONZO didn’t change anything, it should stay that way.

    And I can’t pretend I’ve never read the play before, I didn’t like it when I studied it in school but MERCUTIO was the only redeeming factor for me to even stand it. I’m not saying I hate the anime, it’s not bad, it’s just my favorite character from the original play is destroyed here.

  12. No, I totally am with you RandomDenohfanboy.

    Though I actually did like reading R&J and am a fan of Shakespeare. Still, Mercutio was my favorite. He really was the most interesting and amusing character in the whole play. Now, I don’t mind that they’ve made changes. On the whole, I’ve liked the changes but if there is one change that REALLY irks me it’s what they’ve done to Mercutio. He is just not the cool guy he is in the play. And they seem to have made him a villain too. It’s really disappointing. I’m curious to see what they do to Tybalt…not that I care too much if they’ve changed him cause I always hated him.

  13. Well, Lancelot is dead, how it has to be…

    I don’t think GONZO will make the same mistake that SUNRISE made with Gundam Seed/Destiny. Remember, in episode 49 of GS when Mu La Fraga saves the Arcangel with Strike, after the explosion his helmet was floating in outer space. Then in the Gundam Seed Special Edition they remove the helmet to imply that Mu was still alive, sick bastards. Lancelot gave his life to show Juliet something more than having only courage to save the people. Well done Lancelot.

    What a bastard, Romeo’s father. He’s ready to kill anyone that interferes with his plans… like a real madman. I’m wondering, he’ll do the same if that person is Romeo? We’ll know soon…

    Yeah! Maybe finally a kiss next week

    Syaoran Li
  14. The only way this story can go the same way as the play is if something happens like the chain reaction in the play. (Tybalt kills Mercutio, Romeo kills Tybalt, Romeo gets banished, Juliet’s marriange is speed up…)But I can’t see this happening here since Romeo and Mercutio don’t even seem to be close. However, if Tybalt kills Benvolio? That’s another story…but that still wouldn’t cause Romeo to be banished. And if there is to be true happiness in Verona, won’t Juliet have to live so she can become the new ruler? Hopefully with Romeo beside her…don’t let Lancelot’s sacrifice be in vain.

    Irene Sharda
  15. Oh snap Tybalt! Tybalt is pwning Romeo by a lot. I knew he’d show up after Lancelot dies. Didn’t expect him to burn himself though. Anime’s so off from the book but ohemgee it’s still good, WHY?! I want to see more Tybalt action. Though I wonder if they’ll still make him Juliet’s cousin? Hm.

    Shira Shira
  16. I’m kind of sad that they made it seem like Capulets are good and Montagues are evil when in the book they were both equally silly. Which comes back down to why they made Mercutio a villain and Tybalt a good guy (?) ? Either way, I’m leaning towards Tybalt’s side in the anime just ’cause he’s pretty

  17. The official site says Tybalt’s not good nor evil XD But ya, he’s helping the good guys so that makes him a good guy too lol. Maybe he’s Juliet’s long lost cousin and that’s why he’s helping her XP argh, can’t wait for tomorrow The name of the black night who saved Odin is Tybalt and he called Juliets name. Juliet wondered how he knows her name but before she could ask, the knight left.
    Romeo goes to the graveyard where he met Odin for the first time and he discovers something. He then visits Portia to ask about the name of Capulets daughter.
    On the night of the Flower festival, Odin and Romeo once again meet. Romeo runs after Odin who tries to run away.
    The moment he grabs her hand, Juliet returns to a girl. As they look at eachother in the moonlight, they….
    Okay, that says enought to me. x3 Tomorrow! Come quickly!!!

  18. Aaah!!!!! Why don’t the spoiler tags work T___T Please don’t read the comment above me if you don’t want to get spoiled for the upcoming episode D; Sorry guys >..>

  19. If Tybalt is as annoying as he is in the play, then I expect to hate him. Don’t care how good looking he is. But then again, they’ve changed so much in this anime. Mercutio is nothing like his awesome self in the play. So it’s possible anime!Tybalt is not as much of a hot-blooded idiot as he is in the play.

    Word. I adored Mercutio in the play, (OTOH, hated Tybalt. What a prick!) and the change of character is the only complaint about the anime that I have.


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