Welcome to the world of Dennou Coil (電脳コイル), the very latest anime production from Madhouse, which has begun its run of NHK broadcasts on Saturdays at 18:30 JST. The story appears to be set two decades into the future and follows a bunch of kids who’ve started a cyber detective bureau called Coil, where they help people find their cyber pets, which are only visible if you wear virtual reality glasses (with built-in phones!). It boasts true HD quality production where it finally feels like they’re making use of the extra pixels, by giving cybernetic pets a different kind of texture effect that’s slightly glitchy, setting them apart from real animals. On the audio side of things we get excellent voice actors in the form of Orikasa Fumiko, Yajima Akiko and Kuwashima Houko.

ANN has it listed at 26 episodes, and it seems to be the first real direction/script job for the guy in charge (Iso Mitsuo), so I’ve no idea where it’ll end up, but it has a very slick style and pleasant mood, so personally I’ll keep watching.

Reminds me of: Zettai Shounen

Omni’s Note: This is the first entry of a new column called “Snapshots.” The author, Patrik, is a good friend of mine who probably watches more anime than I do, and since I don’t have the time to introduce all the new shows at the beginning of a season, he has offered to do so. Patrik will be presenting an informative blurb and a few images for new shows which will give some general impressions on the first episode and its art style. He’ll be concentrating mostly on first episodes, so the majority of his writing will come at the beginning of a new season. This way, if you’re unsure or curious about what a new show is like, you can check here and see whether it is worth your time.


  1. This show was extremely awesome and when I watched it, had the potential to be the best show of an already awesome season. It’s a pity shows like Ohedo Rocket and this aren’t getting much buzz. Rocket isn’t even getting subbed. For me, there is just so much stuff to follow this season, among them, Darker than Black, Claymore, Romeo x Juliet, Toward the Terra, Sola, and those two aforementioned shows. I can barely keep up…no…I can’t keep up.

  2. Am I the only one who found this EXTREMELY boring? I mean I know many people love it, but I was barely able to keep awake especially with THAT kind of soundtracks. -_-;

    Then again I love shows like SHnY and Lucky Star so it just may be that I don’t get it.

  3. mushroom
    I have to agree with you my friend I can´t even get long times to sleep after this season…
    have no more social life…..NEXT GEN + PSP + ANIMES + WEB = HIKIKOMORI MASTER!!

  4. I wish to watch this first episode but after downloading the torrent, I had to whack myself in the head to remember that it’s a different quality .avi that can’t play on my media player. >__

  5. Beautiful and deep anime…nostalgic, reflective…funny and enjoyable…great story, fresh concept. Densuke’s so cute. Highly recommended. Definitely worth watching…


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