Hitsugaya is surprised to see Hinamori, but he quickly realizes that she finally woke up. When Hinamori apologizes for doubting him and pointing her sword at him, Hitsugaya acts like he doesn’t care about small things like that and instead urges her to go back to bed since she looks so tired. After teasing her about her looks, he reminds her to call him Captain Hitsugaya as opposed to the “Hitsugaya-kun” that she normally uses. A moment of silences passes before Hinamori asks if Hitsugaya is going to fight and kill Aizen. She desperately wants him to save Aizen and thinks that Ichimaru or someone forced Aizen to do it. Before she can get too far with this however, Yamamoto steps in and knocks her out with one hand motion in front of her face. The commander suggests that they might have let her do this too early and then bids Hitsugaya farewell. Around this time, over at Urahara’s, Sado is going through some rigorous training against Renji in ban kai form. Renji had initially not wanted to do this, but Urahara had earlier convinced Renji to train Sado because Sado needed opponents who had achieved ban kai and Urahara’s own ban kai was not suited for it. Renji had eventually agreed to the training after Urahara offered to answer all his questions in three months. Now, as he watches the two men fight, Urahara thinks to himself that Sado’s power isn’t Shinigami or Quincy, but rather something else.

Inoue meanwhile has tracked down the building hidden behind a special barrier that Ichigo is in and notices that the barrier feels similar to her own power, so she’s able to pass through it. Inside the training area, Ichigo is fighting Hiyori with short bursts of putting on his Hollow mask. The point of this training is to extend the length of time Ichigo can keep the mask on, but the length that Ichigo can currently manage is only four seconds. The Vizards all had to go through this training with the exception of the female Vizard named Mashiro who was able to keep on her mask for 15 hours from the very beginning. Hachigen suddenly detects someone entering the barrier he set up that is impenetrable to Shinigami demon arts, and to their surprise, Inoue appears. After learning about Aizen’s plot and the special key, Ichigo tells Inoue not to worry and promises to stop Aizen because he can get stronger. Inoue notices how calm Ichigo is and attributes it to how he’s found his strength and became stronger. Realizing that she needs to get stronger too, Inoue leaves and runs into Yoruichi outside. Yoruichi had been looking for Inoue because Urahara wanted to talk with her. Back inside, Love questions how Inoue was able to get through Hachigen’s barrier, so the large Vizard reveals that Inoue seems to have the same power that he does, even though she’s only a human.

Training is also continuing at this time between Ishida and his father. Ishida is spending most of his time running away from his father’s blasts and attempting to counterattack with his silver tubes of stored spiritual energy. He recognizes that his father’s spiritual energy is getting weaker, so he decides to stop his father from moving with his last silver tube. The technique, however, does not work on Ryuuken, and father shoots son in the chest with a spirit arrow. After Ishida falls, Ryuuken reveals that the only way for a Quincy to regain his powers is for that person to be taken to the limit mentally and physically before being hit with an arrow exactly 19mm to the right of the sinoatrial node of the heart. With his son lying on the ground with a star shape now on his chest, Ryuuken is disgusted with how Ishida didn’t use the right technique earlier with the silver tubes. Still, he’ll let Ishida off the hook for tonight.


Well that final scene was animated pretty well, but they really made Ishida seem a lot buffer than I remember him being. I still think Ishida getting his powers back is a little too convenient and could have been a bigger part of the story than just him training with his father. That being said, Ishida’s scenes later in the manga probably make up for it, so I can’t complain too much. This episode also makes me want to see all of the Vizards in action against real opponents, especially since they hint at Mashiro having so much control and power over her inner Hollow. There are almost enough of them to match up with the ten Espada, though I think the strongest of the Espada (or even Aizen) wouldn’t have any trouble with any of them.
We’re quickly approaching the next big battle arc, which should either start next episode or the episode after that. Unfortunately, there is no Bleach next week because of a baseball game (Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters vs. Yomiuri Giants for anyone who cares), so episode 127 will air May 30th, 2007.


  1. lol i thought yumi was the prety one ^^
    seems like ikkaku-san looks cuter 😀

    off topic- but still bleach- is there any subs for bleach movie memoeries of nobody?

  2. cool! move through the chaps faster!!! and yeah! why the hell they be stalling out with the release of the subbed movie?? IT’S GONNA BE A FREAKING RELIC BY THE TIME THEY RELEASE!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  3. When I read this part in the manga, I couldn’t help but feel as if the way Quincy powers return is the most retarded thing in the universe. I still do. But whatever.

    Episode looks pretty cool, but comparatively uneventful.

  4. i don’t know about the vaizards not being as strong as some of the top espadas because we’ve still never seen any of those vaizards even use a bankai. they all fight in normal hollow mode while ichigo is hollow and bankai’d.

  5. Training in Bleach consists of getting your ass kicked until you either realize why you’re fighting or arbitrarily gain “power.” It’s like gravity training in DBZ minus the pseudo-science.

    But yeah, this episode had some really slick animation at the end. They might drag out Show Spoiler ▼

    or turn Show Spoiler ▼

    into a whole episode with lots of flashbacks. They’re cutting through chapters so quickly it’s insane, but I’m sure they’ll figure out a way to make it all work.

  6. Anonymooo: In regards to your comment saying “Training in Bleach consists of getting your ass kicked until you either realize why you’re fighting or arbitrarily gain “power.”

    In actuality, the same principle applies in real life as well, take me for example: I wanted to become a better basketball player and a Tekken player. But I didn’t start off as good as the pros but if I continued playing and training with the pros, I would eventually become better at a faster rate then I would playing someone who was of my same level because if I’m willing to learn, I’ll catch on quickly. I eventually got good enough in both my interests to beat the opponents I was training with and overcame them.

    Sorry for the rant but I just wanted to prove a point.

  7. Does anyone else think that maybe Ichigo is the king (or son of the king) of soul society? All that hollow talk about the king & the old dude talking about the kings bodyguards could be orihime & chad maybe? I do seem to remember tht when orihime first got her bondage fairies 1 of them said that ichigo would be able to see them because orihime got her power from/because of ichigo. Anyone else got any theories?

  8. We have to expect the fillers at some point but at least we’re getting somewhere.

    I have to say it is a tad boring without the arrancars around and its even more boring when the vizards aren’t even doing anything. But that last scene when Hinamori theroizing that Aizen might be manipulated by Ichimaru were really disturbing when her eyes are like that of a mentailly ill person before the captain-commander knocked her out.

  9. So this is when Konata of Lucky Star would complain about baseball games ruining her primetime anime… now I feel her pain for what was supposed to be next week’s Bleach.

  10. Ben: I understand what you mean, but in basketball and Tekken you “train” by understanding the fundamentals of what you’re doing, working from the inside-out in a sense. In Tekken you might work on the idea of “if they’re glowing, hit them; if they’re attacking, block; if they’re blocking, throw,” or how to develop the manual dexterity to link 10-strings or chain throws, or dedicate techniques to memory. The Bleach equivalent of this would be having your friend hit you with the other controller until you somehow improve.

    But there really is no “right” answer to this and what you said made perfect sense as well. That’s just my side of this. XD

  11. N, I so agree with you over Ishida looking like Byakuya. I noticed it first in the manga, and again just now….and is it just me, or has Ishida grown up a lot more recently? Like, he looks a lot older (and slightly hotter and less dorky!) now?

  12. Good quality episode. I guess thats what happens when you switch form RVMB to AVI. Reminded me of dragonball z the way that ishida fired that energy blast thing. One thing that bothers me is that they don’t show those lines indicating that someone is releasing reitsu anymore. Not that it was needed in this ep but it is clearly missing in the fighting scenes of this arc.

  13. Argh, I hated Hinamori for what she said in the episode. i was actually intersted in their coversation since last ep but then this stupid girl starts saying such things as “save Aizen!” – I just couldn’t believe that! She’s just stupid. Maybe she should have died, or Hitsugaya just should beat her up or something….sorry for this, but my emotions are just overflowing..:)
    I liked the episode though, I hope for some action ahead, but it is sooo clear and inevitable that we’ll get a BIG FILLER ARC SOON. They sure will not stop anime from going, again like Naruto they will make up some stupidity, I hope that Bleach fillers will be good though, as the last filler arc was not that bad, even though the quality went down, but aa…let’s see what happens next 😉

  14. step at 12:44 pm on May 17th, 2007
    Does anyone else think that maybe Ichigo is the king (or son of the king) of soul society? All that hollow talk about the king & the old dude talking about the kings bodyguards could be orihime & chad maybe? I do seem to remember tht when orihime first got her bondage fairies 1 of them said that ichigo would be able to see them because orihime got her power from/because of ichigo. Anyone else got any theories?

    I think u have an interesting theory there, although it is pretty clear that ichigo is NOT the son of the King cos his father is Ishhin….but ichigo himself being the king or related to the king is kinda possible becos both sado and orehime received their power from ichigo…


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