With this stranger protecting her, Juliet gets up and moves back as the man quickly disposes of three knights. The stranger then allows the main assassin to flee on the condition that he tell Montague that Vittorio and his family are dead. Once the battle is over, he comments on how Juliet has grown up and seems to know her full name. The stranger finally reveals that his own name is Tybalt right before he flies off on his mount. The next day, Romeo is thinking about how he wasn’t able to do anything in both Juliet and Benvolio’s cases when Cielo flies him to the iris field with the adjoining graveyard. As he investigates the graves, Romeo notices that one structure in particular that has gotten its identifying name chipped out of the stone. He decides to visit his mother Portia to ask about it, but she reminds him first that today is the flower festival where you give flowers to the person you like. When he tells her about the gravesite that he found with no name, he explains that there’s only one family whose name would not be allowed on a grave. He got to know a girl visiting that grave who was like a pure white iris, and so he now wants to know from his mother the name of the only daughter of the previous Duke. Since Romeo is so passionate about it, Portia reveals everything to him.

Meanwhile, Juliet, Francisco, and Curio bring Vittorio and his family to a hidden safe house, and Francisco reveals that they want to restore the Capulet family. Because of what Vittorio had overheard Tybalt say, Juliet reveals her true self from under her wig. From this, Benvolio and his father realize that the tyrant Montague was oppressing the people to satisfy his own greed. Conrad and Antonio then make a visit, and it seems that Conrad and Vittorio are old acquaintances. Francisco told Vittorio everything because of that, and he thinks Vittorio could be very useful as an ally. Though the flower festival soon starts outside, Juliet’s group helps Vittorio’s family clean up their new home, though it seems that Benvolio is unacquainted with brooms. They eventually return to the theater, but Juliet (still dressed as Odin) quickly gets dragged out again by Emilia who wants an escort for the festival. Emilia in turn dumps Juliet for the first guy she sees, leaving Juliet all alone. At that time, Romeo gets paid a visit from Hermione who wants to watch with him tonight the special fireworks that are being launched in commemoration of their engagement. She interprets Romeo not having any other plans as a sign that he’ll come, and as she leaves him for now, she mentions how she thinks he likes roses. With his mind on what flower he really likes, Romeo heads out to the festival and finds a vendor selling irises.

Juliet is leaning against the railing of a bridge staring at her own iris when she accidentally drops it. By chance, it falls on Romeo and he sees the person above him. Juliet immediately runs away, so Romeo gives chase through the festival crowds. She manages to lose him by cutting through the middle of a parade and then taking a side alleyway, leaving Romeo to only call out her name in vain. It’s dark by the time Juliet stops running and falls to her knees, but somehow Romeo finds her again. When she tries to run away this time, Romeo catches her arm and pulls her close, causing her wig to fall off in the process. Although Juliet resists, Romeo hugs and kisses her as the fireworks start exploding in the sky above. By now, Romeo has completely forgotten about Hermione, who is waiting for him with a table full of roses. After their lips part, Romeo gives Juliet back the iris flower that she dropped, and the two watch the fireworks together.


I knew it! There was only so much that could happen this episode given the preview from last week showing Juliet closing her eyes in that way, and indeed that happened during the kiss scene. I thought they did a fantastic job with it, particularly with all the fireworks going off, though a lot of the credit will also have to go to Lena Park’s English version of You Raise Me Up that was playing in full force during those final minutes. Her voice is so beautiful, and I really can’t wait until the single is released June 20th – this English version will be the second track. On the topic of the fireworks, I find it a bit ironic that they were in commemoration of Romeo and Hermione’s engagement, yet he and Juliet were the ones enjoying it together. I don’t feel bad for Hermione though, and I half expect her to go psycho eventually.
As for Tybalt, he sure knows how to make a grand entrance and exit. I expect we’ll be seeing a lot more of him and his sword skills in the near future, particularly since he’s shown again in the preview for next week. And now that Romeo and Juliet have kissed, I’m left wondering how long it will be (if ever) until they take the next step in their relationship…or if it’s about time for them to have to fight each other.


  1. Thanks, Omni. This season hasn’t attracted me much. I watched Ikkitousen Dragon destiny and it was just ok. I picked up Romeo & Juliet about the time episode 4’s running and read your summary and screenshots. Decided to watch and it’s a good choice. Thanks for showing the preview.

  2. nyaan….tybalt is kewl..romeo is kewl…juliet is awesome too!
    damn u gonzo for remaking the character~~!!! heeee..!! >XDDDDD sumarry yet.. O_o..
    seems to me Cordelia makes Benvolio to do the chores..too…
    since he’s stayin with them….izit..?? O.O”

  3. Is anyone else seeing how this story is strikingly similar to that Victorian Romance Emma?

    – Prearranged marriage than man doesn’t want (arranged by overbearing father)
    – Mother of husband-to-be living in seclusion
    – Husband-to-be madly in love with another woman
    – Bride-to-be totally in love with arranged partner and totally unaware of partner’s actual feelings
    – Etc., etc.

  4. I’d prefer if Hermione doesn’t go insane (unless her original Shakespearian counterpart does, then I have no problems; and yes, I know I’m weird like that) 😀

  5. Ty for the summary! I would have been lost without it. ^^;;
    x3 I liked the chase scene. This episode went by really fast..
    *sigh* This Romeo is as impulsive as the Play!Romeo.

    “I don’t feel bad for Hermione though, and I half expect her to go psycho eventually.” LOL?
    Hmm. I wonder if she really does love/like Romeo or if she just wants power.
    Anyway ty!! ^____^

  6. Tybalt was awesome! His sword fighting skills are wow. O.o Slice throug one guy. Next guy is down too. Amazing, but as his profile on the official site says, he’s an uncertain enemy with a secret. As for the kiss scene, it was bennisimo! 😀 Looks like Juliet will get super angry in the next episode. Watch out…

  7. Man, Tybalt’s a badass. Too bad that he, like Mercutio, is 100% screwed. GONZO *might* screw with the plot and give Romeo and Juliet some kind of happiness, but I think it’s almost a foregone conclusion that most of the cool side characters are going to end up dead.

  8. u mention it..i notice Tybalt’s pegasus has a unicorn horn on the head.. O.o
    Cielo doesn’t….
    ergh! why izit the side-kick always cooler than the main!!! >XDDDDDD
    kissu~ kissu~!!

  9. I can die happily now T_T OMG I loved that kiss scene and how Romeo held Juliet and Juliet resisting…*sadistic* Yumm. I sooo love this anime ^___^ Please Gonzo, don’t kill them off but let them have little Romeo and Juliets ^____^ J/K…I like a bit of drama in anime~

  10. I smiled when Gonzo executed that movie trick of leaving a sentence dangling, and then with a swift scene change, having an unrelated character answering the question.

  11. This life is full or ironies, like the life itself…

    I agree with you, Lena Park version of You Raise Me Up was just perfect for that sequence and their first kiss. Is time for a forbidden love between those who born under fated stars. Damn it! I can’t wait to have in my hands that Single, those crappy bastards.

    The only thing I have to complain is the way Romeo finds out about Juliet, at least that show us that he has a very sharp mind and that her past it doesn’t matter to him.

    Please GONZO, you’re doing well. Keep the excellent pace.

    Syaoran Li
  12. haha~ i would surely buy her album when it’s released..! i’ve been waiting for ages for her full version of Inori~ you raise me up..yeah i hope Gonzo will create an ending that is satisfying for all the audience~..not the shakespeare’s ending!.. definitely not!!

  13. hey, well i’ve been watching the episodes on but now i can’t watch them anymore because they want money. so i was just up the half of this episode (i didn’t get to see them kiss. they just opened up the gates for the festival) and i really want to watch the rest of the episodes. i was wondering if anyone knows any good FREE websites i can watch them at. i can’t find any one youtube but if you know any users that have them please say so.


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