For those who might not be familiar with her, Nakagawa Shouko is an insanely popular idol who seems to be able to do everything, including singing, acting, voice work, being an otaku, and blogging ridiculously often (something like 10 to 20 blog entries per day). I first found out about her from the now infamous Private Lesson segment from last year where she – dressed as Suzumiya Haruhi – explained what being an otaku meant to a dumbfounded Wada Akiko. Sorairo Days, which is the opening song to Gurren Lagann, is actually the first time I’ve heard her sing, and I have to say that she does a pretty good job, much better than I expected anyway. I thought the PV was a bit lacking though since it basically just showed Shocotan (as she’s known as) in variations of the same three shots cycled over and over again, and most of the time it looked like she was just holding that guitar for show. Still, I liked the full version of the song, so I’ll probably just listen to the music and not bother with watching the PV again.

Nakagawa Shouko’s single Sorairo Days is due out June 27th, 2007.


  1. I vaguely remember that segment when it came out, Half my brain died laughing(which is why I can barely remember it!). And her singing is ok I guess, not the best nor the worst.

  2. She looks cutest on the set where she’s got the guitar, but throughout the entire video it felt like she wasn’t singing at all, instead it seemed like she was just lip synching the whole time. But hey, they just use the studio recording anyway, so it doesn’t matter.

  3. Thanks for the info Jaalin!…imo the direction of the video was very bland. nothing sticks out or grabs the audience’s attention (not saying Naga isnt good cuz she has an amazing voice but the music vid was 🙁 )

  4. It’s always amazed me how animation studios manage to convey such emotions and meaning in their OP and ED sequences and yet their real life counterparts fail so horribly sometimes…

    Love her voice though, wish I’d just kept the image I had in my mind of her singing from Gurren’s OP.

  5. Mareg Said: I just wish that i could find the instrumental version. i don’t like her singing all that much.

    Here here Pal. If there’s an instrumental version on the single that’s the one I’m listening too. The only reason I like the song at all is because of the good instrumental part, without her the song would be great, without the good instrumental though it would be atrocious. Shoko Nakagawa is just another wailing idol-pop singer in a sea of many so she only brings the songs uniqueness down with her typical style.

    Kaioshin Sama

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