• I’m having a small bout of insomnia, and well, the news out of South Korea that Starcraft 2 is coming out doesn’t help put me to sleep. The only odd thing I find with all this is that the Games Radar article I linked above is exactly right about everything, but it was available in its entirety quite a bit earlier than the IGN live-blogging of the event. In any case, I grew up playing Starcraft and Warcraft games, so I’m quite excited about this, and I can’t wait to see some of the videos that Blizzard is currently showing at their Worldwide Invitational. That was fast. It’s on YouTube. The official site is up with good quality videos.
  • In other news, famous manga-ka Akamatsu Ken confirmed that his popular series Mahou Sensei Negima is getting a live-action drama. It seems that the actresses for the 31 girls of Negi’s class have been decided, and as MOON PHASE notes, they’ll probably all be child actresses and gravure idols. The first thing I thought of when I read the news was PGSM, and that didn’t exactly leave me with fond memories. I’m a bit afraid to see what Negima will look like in a live-action format (wigs all over the place I would guess and maybe a stuffed animal for Kamo-kun), but morbid curiosity compels me to follow this.

    1. Three words: THANK YOU, BLIZZARD, NOW I WON’T HAVE TO SELL MY SOUL TO YOU (like I was planning to if they’d announced World of StarCraft). Live-action Negima should be silly-yet-fun stuff.

    2. I was always more of a war3 rts player, but I am pretty excited about SC2. As far as Negima goes, I’ll probably end up watching it, but I really doubt it will be any good xD. I just don’t see how they can make a good live action out of it.

    3. Story-wise, Asuna is middle school kid and Negi is 10 years old.
      How the hell are they going to do that in live action. The actor/actress really need to be out there.

      Also with ppl shooting magic, the show will looks plain… stupid.


      Good news for SC2! However as you know the release date is not set yet. It will probablby be another year or so. boo

    4. Woah! At last SC2!! And I’m extremely curious about Negima Live Action, never mind that it could be horrible. Let’s hope they have a huge budget and lots of special effects. =D

    5. Dun really game a lot, so StarCraft 2 doesn’t affect me the least bit…

      Negima live action… it’s going to be soooo weeeirrrd…
      but then again, it’s gonna be interesting to see how the actors/actress pull this off. XD

    6. Hate to brake it to you , but Akamatsu has just dis-confirmed any news about the LA Negima. One of his assistance had made the announcement which was incorrect. THERE WILL BE NO LA NEGIMA!

    7. I always liked SC over WoW so this is quite a news. Hopefully Blizzard won’t go SC: Ghost with SC2. That’d cause a BIG uproar which they won’t find pleasant. *loads desert eagle* 😀

      BTW Omni what’s your SC username? Maybe I’ve seen you around online. 😉

    8. If anybody wants to know as well, not only is Starcraft 2 in the making (it’s it tenth anniversary next year) but Diablo 3 and World of WarCraft Expansion 2 is also confirmed.

    9. Its true they show demonstration to the audience. They show some video footage a soldier standing for a assembled for the exo-armor parts by using mechanical arm to put armor parts pieces together. Also they show a game demonstration the Protos unit design were realistics and its WOW awesome graphics and a huge 4 legged Protos unit blast continous laser beam into large number of Zergs. It looks to me StarcraftII english language will come out very soon.

    10. Negima …. IF it had a Harry Potter level budget, it might work. But I’m betting this is bad in a Rotten Tomatoes, Plan Nine From Outer Space kind-of-way. They won’t pull it off — it’ll just look stupid.
      Just nailing the coffin in any future chance for a decent adaptation of the Negima series (after two failed series and a couple of promising OVAs…. bleh).

      I’ve almost decided Ken either has no clue or really doesn’t care as long as the check clears relating to the licensing of the manga for adaptations. Oh well….


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