After their kiss, Romeo tells Juliet that he doesn’t want to be apart from her anymore, but she feels that they have a hopeless love. Although Romeo knows that she’s a Capulet, he explains that to him, Juliet is just Juliet. She then gives him the handkerchief that she embroidered along with a flustered explanation for it that ends with her saying goodbye. Romeo tries to stop her again, but Juliet only pauses momentarily before leaving him. The next day, Juliet engages in some practice sword fighting with Antonio, however when she tries to sheath her sword, she drops it. Cordelia notices that Juliet’s hand is hurt and questions if something is the matter because Juliet is acting a little strange. She suspects that it has something to do with the noble Juliet is in love with, though Juliet denies this.

In a meeting with his father, Romeo gets slapped for breaking his promise to meet with Hermione. When Romeo makes up an excuse saying that he took Cielo out for a ride, Montague decides to get rid of Cielo. Fortunately, Hermione bursts into the room and convinces Montague that she’s always wanted to ride on Cielo, so Montague spares the horse. Afterwards, Romeo apologizes to Hermione for last night, but when Hermione thinks that he went to see Benvolio instead, Romeo decides to come clean about his feelings. He shows Hermione the handkerchief that Juliet embroidered, and before he can finish telling her that he likes someone else, she cuts him off. Although she tells him not to worry about her, Hermione runs off crying. Romeo later encounters Mercutio who offers to help him through whatever is bothering him, but Romeo just wants to be alone for now. Back in his room, Romeo is surprised to find a letter from Benvolio revealing that he’s alive.

That night, Juliet has Conrad hand over her father’s sword and declares that from now on, she’ll carry it in her father’s place – she is resolute about her identity as a Capulet. The following day, Benvolio meets with and tells Romeo about Montague’s plot to kill Vittorio. Romeo had no idea that this happened, and Benvolio further explains that he got saved, but he doesn’t reveal by whom. Benvolio, who is now living with Curio, is content with not being a noble any more and says that he’ll be waiting for Romeo to become the next ruler so that Romeo can change Neo Verona. Juliet meanwhile is staring at the spot where Lancelot sacrificed himself when she gets approached by Tybalt. He knows about her role as the Red Whirlwind, and when she demands to know who he is, he convinces her to follow him. As they walk past Lancelot’s old house, Tybalt shows that with money, he can obtain all the information he wants from informants around the city.

Tybalt then takes Juliet to a tavern where there is a picture of Montague sitting to the side, used for target practice. Thinking that Juliet hates Montague, Tybalt offers her a throwing knife, and she hits the Montague family crest under the picture. Explaining that he hates that man, Tybalt quickly fires off a pair of knives that hit Montague’s picture squarely in the face. The next place Tybalt takes Juliet is to the church where he shows her the priest secretly taking money from Cerimon and tells her that the priest is the one who ratted out the Red Whirlwind and Lancelot. Juliet finds this unforgivable, and after Cerimon leaves, she confronts the priest for his betrayal. The priest doesn’t become afraid until Juliet pulls out her sword, but when she can’t kill him because he begs for his life, he secretly pulls out a dagger. The priest then notices the Capulet family crest on Juliet’s sheath, but before he can act, Tybalt rushes in and kills him.

As he watches Juliet cry uncontrollably afterwards, Tybalt feels that it’ll be impossible for her to defeat Montague in that state. Through her tears, Juliet can only say that she is not able to kill, and Tybalt finally comforts her by hugging her. By chance, Romeo is flying by on Cielo at that very moment and spots Juliet in Tybalt’s arms.


I don’t like to compare this series to Shakespeare’s original work since they’re clearly two very different entities, but I can’t help but wonder if Romeo seeing Juliet in Tybalt’s arms means that Romeo will eventually kill Tybalt like in the original. I say eventually because Romeo doesn’t seem like the type to rashly confront Tybalt about this and probably isn’t strong enough to take on Tybalt in a one-on-one fight. Tybalt’s shown himself to be too much of a badass (I swear he’s like Batman or something with that dark and mysterious demeanor and the way he swoops in to save the day) to be killed off right now, but this certainly complicates the Romeo and Juliet relationship.
Hermione meanwhile won some points with me because she saved Cielo’s life and does not appear to be taking the psycho path – at least not yet – but I don’t expect her to just let Romeo go because he likes someone else. She has enough favor with Montague to get Romeo in a lot of trouble if she wants, but she hasn’t done that yet. Perhaps that will change if or when she meets Juliet. The thing that interests me from the preview for next week, however, is Montague meeting with the gardener Ophelia (who is probably taking care of the tree Escalus from episode 3).


  1. Is that why his father slaps him? Because Hermione was crying?

    Ooh, this episode looks good. The animation looks back to normal and not so weird. And look, ’tis that mysterious person from the opening. Escalus?

    And why was Juliet crying?

  2. @sakura: lol i totally agree! that was the first thing i thought the episode when the girls threw flowers at franscisco. that screamed fye, and curio’s actions screamed kurogane

  3. @Sakura: Show Spoiler ▼

    wooo, I quite like the pairing TybaltxJuliet XD I dun wasnt him to die T__T Btw, I smell a little CurioxBenvolio here…? XP

  4. Well, it is not strange for relatives to fall in love or get married in medieval times so I don’t see why Tybalt and Juliet will make for bad pairing. But since this anime is ROMEO x JULIET, I’ll rather see Romeo and Juliet together rather than Tybalt and Juliet. And is it just me or this whole show is starting to give people the whole Romeo and Juliet (as in the original thing) feeling?

  5. yeah TybaltxJuliet is cool too bad that pairing is doomed ^^U
    uhmm… people who’s the whitey woman of the preview who’s talking with Romeo’s dad? Hermione’s mom?

  6. Wait, nevermind my comment about it being a women, I misread what you said.
    But yes, from what I remember Montague was talking about in episode three, it should be something interesting, perhaps even the reason why Neo Verona is a country that flies. :O

  7. What is going with Benvolio in this scene? I always wait for subs but go ahead and look at spoilers so I’m very confused now. ;-;

    And no… do not want Benvolio x Cordelia! D=

    I’ve been a supporter of Mercutio x Benvolio since I read the original play and seeing that that pairing has little to no chance in this adaption makes me so very sad. Actually, the fact that Mercutio has only been in… what, two episodes so far? Makes me very sad. ;-;

  8. Haha, in pic 23, it looks like Benvolio is waking up the morning after a long night of sex.

    TybaltxJuliet would be so cool… Too bad Romeo’s the main guy. Compared to Batman!Tybalt, he’s such a wimp. XD

    Magical Poof
  9. this has been a great ride… an anime to remember for its unique twist on an old play. Unlike every other anime this season even if its copying off an old play to a degree its fudging original compared to everything else.

  10. Oh~ Interesting development. At least Romeo knows his BF Benvolio isn’t dead; I’d hate to see the EMOness that would bring. :p Show Spoiler ▼

    I actually ship BenvolioxCordelia. 😀 I can see Cordelia trying to make sure Benvolio doesn’t do something stupid while living by himself as a commoner, and Benvolio being thankful to Cordelia for watching out for him.

  11. I agree with what one of the first comments said, that Fransisco and Curio are like Fai and,that pair is very entertaining when they are not serious.
    I think the female figure in white that appears at the end of the episode is a female version of Prince Escalus. Maybe, I’m not to sure….

  12. I like Tybalt!!!! He’s so cool!! I just really don’t want him to die especially by Romeo’s hands…
    …this is going to get so tragic…
    Though I can’t keep wondering that if both Tybalt and Juliet die, then the Capulet family will be no more and then the two families won’t be able to make up in the end you know? Or perhaps all the Montagues will die too?

  13. The name of that mysterious woman doesn’t seem to be Escalus btw. Her name’s Show Spoiler ▼

    It seems that Montague Show Spoiler ▼

    What’s Montague up to?? D;

  14. Yes.. When I look at those two, I also think of Fai and Kurogane. Although, I am in no way a Fai x Kuro shipper (let alone, a boy x boy shipper), I won’t be surprised if fan girls start drawing Lancelot and Curio fan art in the near future. >_>

    And dun dun dun.. I had a feeling that one way or the other, Romeo would come across a scene between Juliet and Tybalt. I also agree that Romeo doesn’t seem to be the type to be very jealous all of a sudden or something like that. Tybalt’s little hide-away reminds me of a thief’s den but that portrait of dear ol’ Montague is priceless. Also, it was cute of Antonio to have a mini fight with Shakespeare! Hahaahah. Wonder who won?

    In the PV, the part where everyone is cheering and drawing out their swords, it made me want to cheer with them. “All for one and one for all!!” Yahhhhhh! It also looks like there is going to be some kind of battle that’s about to start. Flame arrows shooting through a window and Lancelot shouting with a warning expression (like “here they come!”). It is definitely going to be a wild ride next episode. ^__^

  15. I also read episode 9 summary on the official site. Her name is definitely…
    Show Spoiler ▼

  16. Well Romeo doesn’t seem to be the jealous type, and probably isn’t considering how generically nice he is, but Tybalt on the other hand would have reason to kill Romeo. Seeing as he hates Montague, he’d probably be the type to hate every last kin and crony, so he’s probably going to be the one to initiate a fight with Romeo.

  17. Maybe that tree’s the source of the power of Neo Verona (keeps Neo Verona up and floating in the sky) and Ophelia is indeed the ‘Gardener’ (more like a guardian) of the tree and Montague has some kind of pact with Ophelia~~! Argh, can’t wait for next week. I like her character design

  18. omg! i totally love the summary. I love how Romeo is a little jealous of Juliet/Tybalt. I hope Hermy doesn’t turn pyscho (even if the summary said she didn’t this episode but it did say she has a lot of influence with the king)

  19. @Lai: Uhmm but we don’t even know if Tybalt’s Juliets cousin in this anime XD But he could be her long lost cousin (as he knew who she was), but ya..we’ll see.

  20. That will teach a corrupt priest a lesson, good timing Tybalt that he knew the priest has a hidden weapon on his body try to stab at the back of Juliet. That’s why Juliet crying upset, she has not yet killed any single person and not fully prepared to assasin the Montague.

    I wonder what Tybalt real name?

    Next preview there hidden underground resistance were discoverd.

  21. i still think dat ‘romeo x juliet’ is better. It is starting to get interesting…anyway is it true dat tybalt is juliet’s cousin? i wonder how would juliet react if he dies of romeo killing him…i also wonder if tybalt likes juliet…hmm…how many episodes are there?…

  22. I was just wondering if anyone actually realized that the first few episodes it says “Original Story by Whilliam Shakespeare” and later on they changed it back to William Shakespeare?

  23. kyaa~ i can’t wait to c wat is going to happen at next ep!!! but i hate Hermione, grr…wish she dies faster…*bluek…she snatched away Romeo and Juliet’s love! i don’t care how many times she help Romeo but now i think she is going to get revenge…isn’t she? And how long can Montague last?…wish he dies faster too…

  24. I saw this episode!! You guys you do know in the real play Juliet and Tybalt are COUSINS!!

    and so don’t worry Romeo will end up with Juliet…I just jope that they don’t end up dying like the real play.. v_v and for those whu didn’t start seeing this good anime go to and make and I.D then type Romeo x Juliet and It’ll come out…
    now for episode 8 it didn’t come out yet in crunchy roll so you have to go to and type Romeo x Juliet now when you go over the pages there will be at lese three different type of episode 8…you have to see the one with one with the blur kissing picture..the others starts from ahead and doesn’t show you the part where Romeo syas “I don’t want to part from you” so make sure you pick the Romeo and Juliet episode 8 with the blur kissing pic. and also it say raw part 1 so yea.. the subs didn’t come out yet..

  25. Thanks so much for this and your summaries. You have great, clear screencaps! 🙂 I only got started on this anime last weekend and it’s fantastic 🙂 (i’m also not opposed to thoroughly spoiling myself, hehe). Great work!

  26. man…I’m liking Tybalt already X3 (I’ve been fangirling over him since he first appeared in the OP.yes.That’s how sad I am.) XD

    Yay love square!! Go go!! I can’t wait for Episode 8 😀 thank you for this entry!!! *hugs*

  27. Finally catching up with Romeo X Juliet; damn you Montague!

    Oh boy, Romeo has to be hurt after seeing that, or at least think something is going on, maybe not the worst-case-scenario, but still a deeper dagger in his heart. I’m with you about Tybalt; he easily is the Black knight of Neo Verona (I want to see that movie right away), and have some heart within him to comfort Juliet after realizing she can’t kill right away… maybe later.

    Well, next chapter is waiting for me… chapter 10 has the classic scene on the balcony. Great!

    Syaoran Li

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