Ichigo is still in training with Hiyori, but up to now he’s only increased the amount of time he can keep on the mask by half a second. At home, because Yuzu is almost in tears over how Ichigo hasn’t come home, Isshin suggests that it’s just Ichigo rebelling from his surroundings. Isshin recalls a similar experience in his own adolescence and feels that Ichigo is currently out somewhere satisfying his heart’s desires. Karin is also confident that Ichigo is fine, so Yuzu calms down. Hitsugaya, Rangiku, Ikkaku, and Yumichika are meanwhile at the park discussing how they have to get stronger for the upcoming battle when Rangiku realizes that it’s time for her to go shopping. She ends up trying on and buying lots of outfits, and then checks out an accessories store after the clothing store. There, she finds a necklace with a flute-type object attached to it, but when she blows on it, she starts to hear another sound – one that reverberates through the city. Her cell phone informs her of a Hollow in town, and since she’s closest to it out of all the Shinigami, she decides to go investigate.

The sound eventually stops when Rangiku arrives at the park, but the ground suddenly starts exploding in front of her. A boy gets tossed from the smoke, and Rangiku quickly realizes that he’s a soul. This boy seems to be fighting a large Hollow, so Rangiku attacks it to protect him. It manages to catch her zanpaktou swing in its mouth, and it is at this point that Rangiku realizes that she’s actually fighting something similar to an Arrancar except that its spiritual pressure is murky. The Arrancar doesn’t seem to care about her as much as it wants the boy, so Rangiku decides to take the boy to safety. Fortunately, Ikkaku then arrives and quickly destroys the enemy. Yumichika and Hitsugaya also show up because of how the Hollow’s spiritual pressure pattern had suddenly changed. They figure out that Rangiku was fighting an incomplete Arrancar – but still an Arrancar – and Hitsugaya thinks that Aizen must have intentionally sent it. As for the boy, he manages to piss off each of the Shinigami by addressing them as old or bald (in Ikkaku’s case), and he refuses to go to Soul Society because he claims to still have things to do.

Hitsugaya manages to ask the boy about hearing the sound and if the Arrancar said anything to him, but since they think that the boy can’t tell them anything and just happened to be in the right place, Hitsugaya decides to send the boy off to Soul Society. The boy still refuses to go, so Rangiku suggests that he might be confused about what happened earlier and allows him to stay with them for the night. However, in the middle of the night, the boy sneaks out with Matsumoto’s zanpaktou. He doesn’t get very far before he’s caught by her again, and she gets back what is hers. When she questions why he took it, he tells her that it has nothing to do with them, so she makes him realize that it does have to do with them and gets him to apologize. However, the boy still doesn’t saying anything when she asks him about his name, family, or why he was at that place. He finally admits that he’s looking for someone and that his name is Toyokawa Shouta, but right after he says this, the sound starts up again. Across the city, the Arrancar is back, and Rangiku can sense his spiritual pressure.


Well, as expected, this was an anime original episode centered around Rangiku. I guess this was okay as far as these type episodes go, but I just skipped right through that part with Rangiku trying on clothes because it was clearly put in as fanservice and to kill some time. I’m not a big fan of bratty kids either, but it seems that we’re stuck with him for a while longer. Unfortunately, based on the future episode titles, it looks like this mini-arc will last until at least episode 131, which is a lot longer than I had thought. I’m hoping it doesn’t last anywhere near as long as the Bount stuff did, but at least they’re using Arrancar and not just making up a new race of bad guys. I don’t have high hopes for it, but we’ll see how this turns out.
As a side note, is this really such a bad punishment?


  1. omg
    yes it is
    the manga is so good that i wanna see it in anime form…well we soon willl
    i just hope the filler eps are good…character develop of other characters or it has to be funny…with action

  2. Yeah I agree with DaveJS, I actually did think that Ichigo’s training did seem a bit short in the manga.

    And I’m happy to say that I’m glad that there are anime-original episodes now. 😀 Instead of a whole super long arc when they run out of manga material once again.

  3. “Ichigo is still in training with Hiyori, but up to now he’s only increased the amount of time he can keep on the mask by half a second”
    This is the kind of thing I hate in Bleach, it’s use of time alot. “training to get bankai takes many years but you can get it in 3 days if you use this method”, etc bores me to death, everything takes an exact amount of time and has to be mentioned every other episode. I’d have dropped this after Soul Society if my twin brother wasn’t such a Bleachtard (I’m more of a Narutard, lol)

  4. ah! fillers. but i personally do prefer short “bursts” of fillers that slightly fit into the manga arc than a lengthy extended session that disrupts the timeline, so it cant be that bad. ^^

  5. Wasn’t there at least a one month gap in the manga between every one starting training and the next attack by the Arrancar?
    I’m fairly impressed by this first filler epi it fits better with the time line and was rather amusing, even though the fashion show was rather pointless.

  6. Good grief…. Fillers. Yay. The dress-up scene was so damn pointless and animation was from time to time horrible. Not to mention the annoying brat, who is so we’ve-seen-this-one-before.

    No fillers plz kthx.

  7. It’s nice to see the secondary characters getting more screentime, too. We see so much of “sorry, you’re never ever gonna get the girl” Renji that we tend to forget about everybody else.

  8. wow, just watched this and was wondering:
    1- why is matsumoto buying all those clothes? soon as she changes to shinigami or goes back to soul society, it`s back to drab black and white robes. -_-;
    2 – that necklace looks vaguely like an oracina of time…

  9. Gosh, just shut up with this filler whining, it’s really annoying, if they really show the anime in full manga storyline, they will catch up with the manga in 20 eps, would you want another full filler arc?

  10. To be perfectly honest, I prefer that they would keep the current arc free of “sub-arc fillers” then let them make another stupid 50-eps filler about alien hollows from planet saiyan. That way bleach fans could FUGGING IGNORE that next arc without fear of losing track of the original story like a lot did with that vampire hollows arc.

    Now is not the case, since the “semi-fillers” are evolving from itty-bitty scenes with the three colleagues of Kon wasting like 2-5 mins of every episode they show up in to the Byakuya, Kenpachi, and that red filler guy which took up prolly an episode and a half then to the current craptacular 4-episode long stand alone filler arc. What’s next? another set of 6-eps fillers about Chad using his powers to save another little girl from native yakuzas?

    Ah whatever. Sorry for the rant. Thank god for this blog warning me if the next episode is gonna be a fillurr.

    brb in eps 132

  11. @Reki
    You dont seem to understand…the long filler arc problems are exactly that EVERYONE IGNORES THEM…so..More long filler arcs means less viewers, and less viewers means less money, and less money means cancelling…seriously long filler arcs killed rurouni kenshin and many other animes…do you want this happening to bleach? I dont think so.

    As for everyone else, stop ranting about fillers, just because they are fillers – fillers can be enjoyed too and i preffer the short ~2-9 ep sidestories, as animation studios have ability to create enjoyable short arcs, but they seem to loose this ability if they create more than 11ep filler

  12. Wow, so peole cant have opinions eh? all I hear is: “Stop ranting about fillers blah blah blah, everyone has to worship all the shows that are blogged here and no one can find fault in them” Excuse me but. .FUCK YOU! If people want to bitch about something LET THEM. It makes you look like a retard to Whine about people whining. For chrissakes just stfu about other people if you dont like what they are saying.

    Other people have valid opions too, it’s time for you to respect them.

    jackson burger
  13. Fillers are a necessary evil, I hate them but they do serve a purpose. The reason they are doing fillers is becasue the Hueco Mundo Arc isn’t over yet in the manga. It hardly spoils anything to tell people whom only read the anime to be patient because the next arc is going to be almost as good as Soul society. I want to see it animated.

  14. i agree with Trathen.

    the Hueco Mundo arc (if done to its full potential) will be better than the soul society arc.
    And to prove it, have a look at the manga for this arc and the fights within it!

    I personally just cant wait to see the few seconds of ichigo in his hollow form.
    And i also want to know if he learns any more good moves from Zangetsu. Since he only knows the move Getsuga Tenshou at the moment…


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