Rangiku allows Shouta to come with her to track down the flute noise, and the two arrive in time to see a businessman’s soul get eaten by the Arrancar. It seems to grow in power after eating the soul, and when Shouta starts throwing rocks at it, it fires a blast at him. Shouta fortunately is caught by Hitsugaya, and the captain helps Matsumoto attempt to capture their enemy. However, the Arrancar starts laughing evilly, and soon, more of it appear in front of them. In fact, there is a small army of them that all look the same, each with the power to divide into two. With Ikkaku and Yumichika also fighting more of these Arrancar across town, Hitsugaya orders all of them destroyed and tells Rangiku to head to an open area. Rangiku thus takes Shouta to the park and get surrounded, allowing Hitsugaya to then jump in to destroy all the Arrancar in one large ice attack. Afterwards, Shouta notices a girl sitting on a nearby park bench and recognizes her as his younger sister Yui.

Once they bring Yui back to their apartment, Shouta finally explains that she had been with him – blowing a flute – when his family was headed to the amusement park one day. They had gotten into an accident, and Shouta woke up with the chain attached to his chest and his parents gone. Yui had been the one he was searching for, and he’s very happy when she wakes up and recognizes him. Hitsugaya finds it strange that Yui would just appear suddenly in the park and questions Shouta, but before he can answer, their conversation gets interrupted by a transmission from Ukitake and Akon from the Technological Development Bureau. Akon explains that the spiritual pressure of all those Arrancar matched, meaning that each of those Arrancar are part of one and share the same consciousness. The multiple bodies allow the Arrancar to absorb more souls while its main body can remain hidden and issue orders. Before cutting off the transmission, Akon promises to look more into the flute sound that they’re hearing before the attacks.

While the others go out to keep watch over the town, Rangiku stays behind to keep an eye on Shouta and Yui. Later that night, she finds Shouta looking depressed despite being reunited with his sister and suspects that he’s still hiding something. Shouta thinks that it’s none of her business, and the two suddenly hear a noise from the other room. They find that Yui has disappeared, and all around town, the flute noise and Arrancar have appeared again. In chasing one of the Arrancar, Hitsugaya comes across a soul that seems too scared to talk to him, but that soul smiles evilly after the captain leaves. With Matsumoto following close behind, Shouta heads directly to the park to look for his sister. She is indeed there, sitting almost lifelessly on a swing set, and when Shouta questions her, she tells him that she just wanted to come to the park. Yui seems happy that Shouta came and says that she’s not scared since he’s here. However, this gets Shouta frustrated because he knows that he originally ran away and abandoned her here at the park.


Well, this episode really couldn’t keep my interest – I practically fell asleep watching it. The entire thing just lacks creativity, and even the battles weren’t that great. With the way Yui appears and disappears, I expect that she is somehow connected to the Arrancar. The thought crossed my mind that maybe she IS the Arrancar, but that doesn’t seem likely. Instead, it probably has something to do with the flute noise and how she was playing it before the car crash.
Anyway, you can probably tell that I’m not a big fan of this mini-arc and want it over, but unfortunately there’s at least two more episodes of it left.


  1. I knew they would eventually go to fillers but why the hell so soon? They could have finished ichigo/grimmjow fight and then started this filler crap. At least then I knew I have to take a break for couple of month. Who ever is in charge of bleach anime is a retard. I can’t understand why they are unable to comprehend that people watch the anime because of the Manga not because they want to see this fillershit.

  2. How far along are they in the manga? Is it perhaps because the anime is progressing faster then the manga story line? (I know that volume 20 is due out in the US in August…but I don’t know where it is in Japan)

  3. Interesting filler. They couldn’t do the filler further up because there’s really no other place to do it. Doing it later would mean really disrupting the flow of the story. Here’s the best place to do it.

  4. Haven’t been reading the manga religiously, but this does seem to be just the right time for a couple quick filler arcs before they Show Spoiler ▼

    . Besides that, I didn’t find the Bounto arc NEARLY as trite and insipid as the hundred episodes of “Naruto: Now for ninja babies!”. I knew there would be a huge hunk of filler, but couldn’t the filler… I don’t know… have had SLIGHTLY the same vibe as the show? I guess filler is filler.

    Although the one with the two guys pretending to be Gai and Lee was pretty funny, in the absolute worst way.

    Anyway, we’ll suffer through a few more weeks of this and then it’ll be super badass again. In the meantime, just keep watching the fight from 121 over and over again. It’s what I do. Yea, it would be great if EVERY episode was as cool as that, but Bleach is a long series, not a one-shot. Gurren Lagann can get away with it, because it knows exactly where it’s ending and it’s all laid out already. Bleach is freakin’ epic. Can’t wait for Ichigo’s first real battle as a Hollow.

    And hopefully we’ll get more “Arrancar Research Time” with Gin-sensei!!

  5. The episode wasn’t as bad as I expected – probably because my expectations were around 0.

    Well, it seems that the Arrancar can take the form of the souls it has eaten. That’s why the soul Hitsugaya spoke to smiled evilly – because he tricked his pursuer. Whether Yui has also been eaten or not remains to be seen. In any case that’s probably her flute playing, so she’s clearly connected to the whole thing.

    I just hope the fillers will end after two more eps…

  6. Hey Myst, there are reasons why they put filler episodes in. 1. Sometimes they do it to allow the Manga get further ahead of the anime. 2. Sometimes the Manga actually has filler chapters when they can’t make the next chapter fast enough, and they show these as well.

  7. I think we can handle a few episodes of filler, as long as it doesn’t go much further than 5 more episodes. There is some progression throughout the filler episodes so far, such as Ishida and Orihime’s training. I wouldn’t have been surprised if this was part of the manga also, considering that something needed to happen while all the main characters trained. I haven’t read the manga so I’m only guessing, but don’t go comparing a couple eps of filler to Naruto’s 60+ ep filler block, all of which I refuse to watch.

  8. who ever says that bleach suks is a fuking asshole bleach is the shit it isnt shit bleach is a great anime with great quality and storyline whoever says it isnt they must’ve been dropped when they were born fuking assholes


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