On top of Cielo, Romeo flies Juliet away from Neo Verona and towards a place where no one knows who they are. They first approach the lake house where Romeo found out about her Odin identity, and Cielo playfully touches the water to get them a little wet. Juliet isn’t afraid of where they go as long as Romeo is with her, so the two proceed past a mountain range and arrive in a deep forest where other winged-horses like Cielo supposedly live. Upon landing, Juliet finds some wild berries and starts to pick them, so Romeo hands her the handkerchief that she embroidered for him. Overjoyed that he has it with him, Juliet vows to sew him a shirt next time. As they feast on berries, Juliet tells Romeo about Cordelia and how Cordelia always combed her hair. Since Juliet had been disguised as a boy, Cordelia had felt that Juliet’s hair was their secret. Cordelia had called it her treasure, so Juliet had never cut it short.

Romeo suddenly picks up the scent of flowers and runs off on his own, so Juliet and Cielo follow him. He finds a large field of flowers nearby, and Juliet runs out to dance and lies down on them. Romeo lies down beside her, and the two enjoy their time together. Later, as they ride through the forest, Romeo explains that Cielo was given to him by his mother for his seventh birthday. She had left the castle the day before, so Cielo was in a ways her replacement because Cielo had prevented Romeo from feeling lonely. On the topic of Romeo’s mother, Juliet feels that Portia really loves Romeo, and he thinks that she’ll definitely be okay. Cielo suddenly notices something nearby, and from the bushes emerges a chestnut-colored winged-horse with an injured leg. Once Juliet manages to gain its trust, they bandage up the leg with some cloth, and the two winged-horses seem to get along quite well. However, they then are approached by three armed men who are after the chestnut horse, making Juliet realize that they were the ones who injured it. When these men attack, Cielo smacks one in the chest, Romeo elbows another, and Juliet kicks the third.

After Romeo makes the men retreat, he decides to let Cielo go so that Cielo can life freely with this chestnut horse. As he walks away, Romeo looks back one final time and wishes Cielo happiness. Seeing Romeo act a little distant afterwards, Juliet questions if this is really okay, but he tells her not to worry. He then notices that they’re approaching a town, and once they get there, he pawns off some jewelry to buy food. As the two eat by the riverside, Romeo reassures Juliet that they’ll manage somehow, and he suggests that they take a boat as far down the river as possible. Juliet falls asleep during the ride, and while she lies in his arms, Romeo thinks about how she must be worrying about the people left behind. When Juliet wakes up, she tells Romeo that she’s okay because he had stroked her hair while she was sleeping. She then reveals how she once saw a bride riding on a similar boat through the city and had wanted to one day wear a beautiful dress and become a bride like that. This had been her childhood dream, and she wonders if Romeo had one too. Romeo can’t think of anything, but he does say that right now is the happiest time of his life, and Juliet agrees.

The two sleep together on the boat as it moves silently down the river, and by morning, they arrive at rocky area with an arch opening. Beyond it is a path that leads them to a field of iris flowers around an abandoned church. In the end, the two enter the church like bride and groom because Romeo wanted to fulfill Juliet’s dream – and because it’s now his dream too. As they face the alter and then each other, Romeo and Juliet vow to share the joy and the sorrow and to be together for eternity through life and death. They then seal it with a kiss.


The whole winged-horse scene had me at first thinking that maybe Juliet would get the chestnut one and Romeo would have Cielo, but it didn’t quite work out that way. I didn’t anticipate that Romeo would end up setting Cielo free, and it was a little sad seeing him part with someone who was essentially described as a family member. Not having a flying horse is gonna be pretty inconvenient for him, though I guess he can replace Cielo with any generic winged-horse if he needs to.
The big surprise though was that I hadn’t expected them to spend an entire episode on Romeo and Juliet together like this, never mind it culminating in them walking down the aisle and getting married. It seems that we’ve proceeded quite far into their relationship fairly quickly, and I would guess that we’re really being set up for a fall soon. As much as I like seeing Romeo and Juliet happily together, I can’t imagine that the story will allow it go on much longer before their true family identities get in the way again and they’re forced to fight against one another. The question is of course how it will happen, and that’s what the next episodes will probably show.


  1. Romeo let Cielo go!? awwww T_____T
    oh well x3 romeo and juliet look so happy together~ gonna cry when the tables turn, prob have this ep stuck in my head when it does and that’ll be even more sad =[

  2. MARRIED~!!!!! T______T I got tears in my eyes when I saw that scene…and with a big grin on my face XD No more Cielo….T__T I’m glad Cielo now has a girlfriend of his own ^^ *I already see little Cielo’s flying in the sky with their little wings XD*
    I wonder who that old man was.. D: I dun have a good feeling about the upcoming episodes T_T What’s with the sad faces in the preview D; Just married and already fighting? XP
    Ah well…Congratulations, RxJ!!! …for now…

  3. I guess the old man will tell someone about Romeo and Juliet’s location or something… And they’ll run out of money at some point, maybe ^^
    I was expecting them to get married and stuff ever since I knew that Juliet talked about the bride thing… But when it finally happened I started crying like there’s no tomorrow XD

  4. hmm i dont know the original story except its end that’s why i’ve been wondering… Isnt all of this happening way too early ? I mean, isnt Romeo X Juliet like 24 episode long ?

  5. @captainhoc
    Not really…lets remember that its an adaptation…Knowing that it is Gonzo, Romeo and Juliet will probably divorce, there will be warwith both of them in different sides(oh and lets not forget mechs, what gonzo anime is without mechs?), then at ep 20 we will find out that romeos father is omg invincible, from ep20 to 23 all of supportive cast will be killed off, and at the ep 24, after 0.5sec long fight scene between romeo and juliet and zomg 1min lon fightscene between juliet ant romeos father, the entire city will faldown into the earth, killing everyone…[sarcazm mode off]

    Anyway,, knowing gonzo, Juliet and Romeo will probably end up in different sides, so this ep just adds up to the tragedy which will, inveitably, happen

  6. I see…so Romeo let his horse go…well, the fact that he let his horse go showed us how serious he was towards his relationship with Juliet. *SIGH*….the classic Romeo and Juliet ending seemed inevitable now.

  7. Haven’t you thought about not an extremedly sad ending? After all, this is an adaptation, and maybe it’s kinda Verona in the future, and that’s why it’s called Neo Verona. May be the classic Romeo and Juliet story had already happened in the past, and that’s why that tree is behind the door with the two shields. So, they might have a happy ending.
    Sorry, too wierd, but I love happy endings!

  8. The tragic ending you are expecting is from the play. Just a theory but Willie in the series is going to write it as a tragic ending, which becomes the play where they both die. What will really happen is that they live happily ever after (with some tragedy thrown in before hand) and Willie just rewrites it because it makes a better story for him.

  9. I don’t think this show will have the same ending as the play, while the names may be the same and all that, it’s doing it’s own story. I think they’ll have to split, but I don’t see them fighting each other or anything that harsh/tragic. It will be very interesting, and I also expect a happy ending.

  10. Eh, I was a bit off in my translation of this ep’s summary (and mis-typed Cielo’s name. Sorry horse!), but awww.. This episode is a super classic…awww. *sighs like a romantic sap and tilts head* Usually, I’m not into super romantic anime but this is just perfect. They’re cute together when lying there in the flower bed.

    Episode 12 summary:
    Show Spoiler ▼

  11. AloneinVoid:

    LOL! I agree that the ending you suggested would be outright hilarious. We have Pegasus like creatures, so what’s to stop an EVA from popping out of Escalus and slaughtering Montague in the name of all that is good and proper in Neo Verona.

    Yuri Rocks
  12. OMG I dont think I’ve ever seen an anime with the main character (well two main characters)actually marry. ^.^’
    Well I think it’s safe to say that they’re doomed though.

  13. Holy sh— that last picture of you summary deceives me, for a moment I thought they really married.

    So far I don’t see a clear reason for them to part from each other by own judgment, maybe Romeo will choose to go back and fight for what he wants and stop his father after what he learned from Juliet and Portia. There’re still 13 episodes to go… and obviously a happy ending isn’t possible for what we know about R x J; maybe along the way (like the infamous movie), they can have their wedding as a symbol of compromise and hope, hope for an uncertain future.

    Syaoran Li
  14. Loved this ep, this is what I was looking for when I started watching this show, it’d be nice if they could enjoy some common activities in the town they’re at and further they relationship, but it seems they may go their separate ways (for a while) next ep.

    I had hoped they dedicated a lot of time on their relationship deepening, but I think this is as far as it’s gonna get, not that its bad, it-s just that I was looking forward to an epic romantic and dramatic story, it’s Romeo & Juliet after all, and it has seen like they just want to do an adaptation rather than improving what what was best of the original.

    Cielo’s farewell was indeed sad, it gave me glassy eyes.


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