Continuing his explanation, Shouta reveals that on the day of the accident, he and Yui were separated from their parents. They couldn’t find them no matter how much they looked, and on one particular night, Shouta woke up in the park to find that Yui was gone. Her scream eventually led him to her, but upon discovering his being threatened by the pseudo-Arrancar, Shouta ran away in fear instead of saving his sister. Regretting it later, Shouta returned to the park and encountered the pseudo-Arrancar again, and that’s when Rangiku had gotten involved. With Shouta now crying because of what he did, Rangiku comforts him by reminding him that Yui survived and by saying that it’s not too late for him to protect Yui now. However, Rangiku also knows that if Shouta’s story is true, then Yui encountered the pseudo-Arrancar. She then gets a phone call from Hitsugaya who had lost sight of the pseudo-Arrancar he was chasing. Hitsugaya is still with the soul that he had run into earlier, and this soul surprises him by suddenly transforming into the pseudo-Arrancar and attacking. Hitsugaya easily manages to cut off one of its legs, so the pseudo-Arrancar transforms back into the human disguise and runs away.

Back at their apartment, Rangiku tells Hitsugaya of how Yui was probably the first to have encountered the pseudo-Arrancar, but they don’t know how she survived, and Yui doesn’t remember anything. Hitsugaya, however, is more concerned about how the pseudo-Arrancar can disguise itself as a human soul. This makes Rangiku suspect Yui, so Hitsugaya goes ahead with an attempt to send her off to Soul Society. When he isn’t able to do so with the hilt of his sword, he confirms his suspicions that the pseudo-Arrancar must have done something to her. Hitsugaya then contact Soul Society so that they can do an analysis of Yui’s spiritual pressure, but until the analysis results come back, he places her behind a force field. Shouta objects to this, so Rangiku tries to explain that it’s to protect her from the pseudo-Arrancar. Since Yui is still afraid, Rangiku decides to give her the whistle item she bought at the shop earlier. With Yui now cooperating, Hitsugaya sends Yumichika to Urahara’s to tell Renji about what’s going on and leaves the children in the care of Rangiku again.

The next day, Shouta recalls how he and Yui had searched for their parents without any luck. When Yui wakes up from her sleep, she says she wants to go outside and wants to see their parents. To Shouta’s surprise, Yui claims that with his power, she can leave the force field, and she gets him hold his hand out to match hers on the other side. The force field disappears as a result, and Rangiku returns later from the convenience store to find them both gone. Before she and Hitsugaya can go look for the two, they get a transmission from Soul Society with the results, so Hitsugaya sends Rangiku ahead to look while he listens to the analysis. According to the findings, Yui is actually a clone created by the pseudo-Arrancar. She had been a human with strong, latent spiritual powers, and when the pseudo-Arrancar absorbed her soul, it gained tremendous power that allowed it to multiply. Akon thinks that there’s a high probability that she’s being controlled by the pseudo-Arrancar and her outward appearance is just acting. As for Shouta, Akon admits the possibility of him having an equally high spiritual power, making Hitsugaya realize that the enemy used Shouta to get out of the barrier and its target is Shouta’s power.

Unaware of what Hitsugaya just learned, Rangiku finds the two kids in the park, but Yui tells her not to interfere. Yui then starts emitting a great spiritual pressure that brings forth many of the pseudo-Arrancar. She motions her brother to her, and when Rangiku tries to stop him, Yui uses her power to pull him in. Rangiku can’t help because the pseudo-Arrancar are keeping her busy, and it is ultimately Shouta crying out Yui’s name that seems to knock her out of the trance. In pain, Yui now tells her brother not to come.


You know, this might be a little more interesting if there were some reason that Yui and Shouta had such powerful souls instead of just saying that they did, though it probably wouldn’t help too much since the plot to these episodes is just so uninteresting. Assuming everything said in this episode turns out to be true (like Yui being manipulated) I think the only thing left unexplained now is the flute noise, and I just don’t foresee that being some huge plot twist that makes everything better. Fortunately, next episode appears to be the conclusion to all this. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be the end of the anime originals since episode 132 is called “Hitsugaya, Karin and Soccer Ball.”


  1. CLAYMORE SUCKS, IT’S NOT EVEN FUNNY. THIS BLOG IS FOR ENTERTAINING GOOD FUNNY ANIME ONLY. GTFO. Just check claymore’s ratings in Japan. Comedic anime usually is at the top, **** almost all top animes are atleast funny and thats a FACT FACT FACT, and memes are always funny… and i said almost, don’t pull your death note and mushishi on me. claymore is like at the middle, Heroic age actually gets better ratings than ****ing claymore in Japan.

    GO Kaze no Stigma. Screw Claymore. Screw Narutards, WHY THE HELL DO YOU THINK NARUTO AINT ON THIS BLOG, HA! HA!.

  2. You fools! Lucky Star and other comedies are definitely good but there are times when you need action. And are you telling me that Bleach is better than Claymore in it’s current state?

  3. This looks pretty boring.

    And DIEEEE, Naruto isn’t in this blog because a million other people are covering it and this blog is already covering a bunch of anime at once. And if you honestly think that every show not covered by this blog is bad then you have terrible taste in anime and a very narrow scope in what you watch.

  4. Darker than Black all the way, everything else sucks major ass Including that retarded Naruto and claymore.
    does anybody know how many more fucking filler episodes are out there?

  5. Got to stop watching Bleach, this series is beginning to bore me….. Not to make anyone mad…………. I liked Naruto better, and D Gray Man. Cant wait for episode 37 of D Gray MAn. YEAP YEAP YEAP!

  6. bleach is great
    naruto is great
    one piece is great
    claymore is great

    and DIEEEE
    ratings doesnt mean anything in japan
    the top rated anime in japan are kids show
    so if you love to watch rated anime go and watch pokemon because it is one of the top rated anime

  7. Comedy appeals to more people because its more general while actual stories are more specific and appeal to to less people so its only natural that comedies will have better ratings. its better to judge a show after you’ve watched it without having your opinion influenced beforehand.

  8. @Alex

    i can’t tell if ur trying to be sarcastic or not because if you found this site and left a comment then u probably watch anime which would mean ur calling urself a total loser, but why would u do that?

  9. Nothing’s ever explained in Bleach. And if it is, it’s done with a “oh well, guess you’ll have to accept it” kinda way, much like the whole “knowing the name of the technique makes a great difference in the power of the attack.” WHY again? At least One Piece brazenly sidesteps the issue with “don’t change the subject” instead of implying there’s miles of pseudo-science beneath it and not explaining it.

  10. all of you who said claymore sucks im sure you didnt watch it so shut your mouth and DIEEEE …naruto shippuden and claymore rules and Is The Best Show Currently Airing

  11. hey DIEE I’M ALSO A “TOOL” and love bringing up topics like percentages and rating’s in japan. . .NOT! mother**ck critics and F the ratings. PEOPLE! watch what you like thats it. P.S= yeah these fillers are shit, but when they tease you with episodes like 118,Hmmmmm? gotta stick around

    BROOKLYN otaku
  12. What’s popular in Japan won’t always be popular here. I know one of the blog authors here said that, too, regarding Crayon Shinchan.

    And I watched some of Claymore, Layla… I just like the manga better. XD

    Also, Naruto’s not on this blog because the people who write the blog don’t seem like Naruto people. My order is One Piece > Naruto > Bleach. Hell, they blog Nagasarete Airantou and IDOLM@ster Xenoglossia and I don’t even like those shows. They blog what they want–not what’s inherently “good.” Christ. XD

  13. Even if it means filler arcs like this one will be reached sooner, at least what we have seen so far of the Arrancar arc has been reasonably fast paced, which is far better in my book than, for example, Naruto’s current agonizing snail-like pace.

  14. As long as we don’t have an entire 40-episode filler arc, I’m fine. These fillers just look supremely uninteresting though, so I’m just skipping them.

    Hitsugaya, Karin and soccer ball? o_O That’ll be interesting…

  15. I watched Naruto a couple of times…the whole thing seemed entirely to formulaic…Sometimes Bleach is like that too though…Especially in the beginning, oh, another episode in which a random hollow shows up (just an example) though it does have its good points. But I could never get into Naruto. O.P was too weird for scheduling state side so I never got a chance…And I have yet to see Claymore. Ah…I do remember the Slayers…its fun to be nostalgic. 😀

  16. Actually Toward the Terra and Claymore are top notch story and quality-wise.
    Then theres Hellsing Ultimate for the action and the >blood

    Well Bleach and Naruto is only your everyday anime fast food.
    Sometimes its tasty sometimes it tastes like crap. ^^
    (and it spoils your appetite)

  17. Lol… I watched claymore, it was boring ~_~… I think I agree with DIEEEE the most =x. And qwertypoiuy is wrong… ratings are EVERYTHING for tv they choose Whether an anime/show lives or dies, and no check the ratings again… pokemon isn’t at the top >_>. Tastes in anime in Japan seem to follow here too, if we look back and compare enough. Popular animes are usually the good ones, even tho thats not ALWAYS true… it usually is.

  18. Btw Tower “Actually Toward the Terra and Claymore are top notch story and quality-wise.” is an opinion, not a fact. Therefore you argument is pretty useless. Then again, I said claymore was boring… which it is really. Generic blood slashing and killing with some Scottish sword name and women fighting… Sounds like a man’s gore and fan service all in one.

  19. Cornholing
    rating might choose Whether an anime/show lives or dies but doesnt mean they are good and thats what i mean
    and i didnt say pokemon is on the top but its fact that its one of the top rated anime and its rated higher than deathnote does that mean that it is better and should live longer than deathnote
    i think i wasnt wrong at any point it seems that you read my comment fast so you didnt understand what i mean

  20. Claymore is respected in my opinion for having, y’know… next to NO fanservice of any kind. As much as I love t3h bew-bees (hurr hurr), the best action material on Earth focuses on the action and storytelling FIRST.

    My problems with Bleach stem with how many fans say it’s better than, say, Naruto or One Piece, and yet they never really get into WHY, only stating that it simply IS.

    Oh, and Gintamai, my order was in this way: “One Piece is greater than Naruto, which is greater than Bleach.” Although Bleach is in a very, very distant third for me in this case. XD

  21. @Cornholing
    Yeah its true its an opinion like all the other opinions here. After all its your own choice which anime you like to watch. ^^
    And I first thought that claymore was like that too. But after the flashback of Clare´s past and the story twist in episode 11, the world of claymore doesnt seem so black and white anymore. At least way more creative then Good guys (Ichigo/Naruto) vs. Bad Guys (Aizen/Sasuke). I prefer psycho Ophelia ^_^

  22. To each his own, WE are all different and have different taste of anime, I personally like claymore for its action gore and interesting story, i like code geass for its amazing plot twists i like ………..the list goes on. We should enjoy the shows we really like and not try to make others think the same way we do by saying bad things about other series that we dont like.

  23. @DIEEEE
    That’why I prefer Claymore. Anime these days rely too much on fanservice and cute character. In addition, many animes are from bishoujo game which contains many moe character to capture fan who play that game.

    Just BORE them already…

  24. I, actually, grew tired of all these “OMG SUPER CUTE LOLI/CATGIRL/BOOBGIRL” shows… It is a rally good thing, that such anime like “Claymore” and “Death Note” in this season, still exist. I grew tired of these forced-comedy moments in most shows, where action and mood is ruined by small gags…Comedies tend to be forgotten,while really good shows are engraved into the brains of those who watched them.

  25. @Truther
    Yes. And I just express my own opinion. It looks like I’m spamming because I press stop, modify message and push enter. I realize that it’s like this when I re-open this page again.

    If it bothers you so much then I’m sorry. But I want to tell you that your comment is also very useless. Is it wrong to write my own opinion? At least I don’t offense other people like someone else.

    And please don’t tell me that “Arguing on the internet is like running in the Special Olympics…Even if you win, you’re still retarded.” I’ve already knew it.

  26. Ugh…*beep*! not again stuiped dumb fillers …please no more and get back with the story !!! jeez ..watchin fillers makes me bored to death…the bleach manga is damn great but the anime i dunno wtf is wrong with them air’n on tv the stuiped fillers ._. *beep* *BEEP*!!!!
    Btw people saying claymore sucks and whatever ..its not true ..this anime is so amazing i love the story of each character.

  27. OI STFU YOU ASIAN NERDS AND GET A REAL LIFE PLEASE, ALL YOU NERDS DO IS RUN AWAY FROM REALITY (SOCIAL WITHDRAWL) SO STFU AND GET A FUCKING LIFE GEEK. And i bet one of you nerds are going to ask me “then what are you doing here”WELL I’LL ANSWER IN ADVANCE, i wanted to download some bleach, since i HAVE REAL SPARE TIME, but the comments were full juvenille


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