For the opening ceremony of Clovisland’s pool, Euphemia wants her older sister to put on a black bikini, but Cornelia worries that it exposes too much. Euphemia knows that this is the most acceptable out of the swimsuits that Clovis designed, and she hurries her sister to put it on. Guarding the outside of their dressing room are Darlton and Guilford, and Darlton comments on how his sons won’t be happy to hear about Cornelia’s swimsuit. Guilford realizes that Darlton is talking about the Glaston Knights who he had raised from orphans into knights, but he feels that Darlton is speaking a little imprudently. Darlton responds by calling Guilford stiff, which reminds Guilford to point out that Darlton hiding a gun in his swimsuit is unreasonable. With both men now staring in the direction of Darlton’s swimwear, Darlton decides that it does stand out and gives up on the idea.

Suzaku and Cecile are meanwhile already outside, supposedly here on guard duty, though Cecile is simply relaxing by the water. She isn’t too worried because no one will expect Cornelia to be here as a surprise guest, and Lloyd didn’t even come since Knightmares weren’t needed. This causes Suzaku to comment on how it’s regrettable that they all couldn’t come together, but that’s not what Cecile had meant when she mentioned Lloyd. When Suzaku then compliments Cecile on her swimsuit, she gets embarrassed because she thinks that he’s teasing her about it. To Suzaku’s surprise, the entire student council group shows up, including Nunnally and Lelouch. Nunnally in particular is here because she wants to swim in the pool that Clovis designed – although she can’t move her feet, she feels that it means she’ll have all the more freedom in the water. Nunnally then invites Suzaku to swim with her, but he tells her that he’s on the job.

When Cornelia makes her speech to commemorate the opening of the pool, Lelouch can’t help but glare at her. Shirley notices this and points it out to Milly, though Milly thinks that it’s normal for a healthy high school boy because of how impressive Cornelia is, referring to the size of Cornelia’s chest. Nunnally doesn’t catch on to this and questions how she can become like Cornelia, so Milly answers that she needs to be trained by men in various ways. Taking this literally, Nunnally asks her brother to teach her how to become as impressive as Cornelia, and Shirley is shocked when he agrees to teach her everything. Lelouch, however, says that he won’t go easy on her, so Nunnally promises to work hard to satisfy him. Milly teasingly interprets all this as beautiful but dangerous sibling love, which gets Shirley in a panic because she knows there’s been a misunderstanding.

This is probably my favorite picture drama yet, since it succeeds quite well with lighthearted sexual humor in the form of Darlton’s crotch and Nunnally wanting to become like Cornelia and promising to work hard to satisfy Lelouch. I laughed so much in that final scene because if there were ever a great phrase to misunderstand, that would be it. Of course, this episode also provided us with most of the characters in swimwear except for C.C., but it still managed to show less skin than the previous bath time picture drama. As for interesting things to add to the main plot, all I learned was that Clovis was an avid designer of both skimpy swimwear and pools, and that the Glaston Knights are probably very loyal to Darlton (and vice-versa).


  1. i’d rather see bath episode part 2

    of course, it’s clear by now that CC isn’t ever going to bare any skin. and yet, she’s still the hottest character out of all of these other pretenders. funny how that works…

    clothes make the woman? in that case, CC is the only woman… the rest of these girls look better without anything on.

    thats right, i sit here and think about smut like this.

  2. that pink haired girl (I forgot her name) and her sister are better off not wearing anything (actually all of them @_@)since they’re so close to being naked, one tug on those and everything will just fall apart

  3. Lelouch totally owns all the males in terms of hotness and I’m not gay btw. Nunnally wins in terms of cuteness. And Euphemia and Cornelia gets the sexiness crown. Brittania blood sweep.

  4. >miaomiao
    yes, the two were talking about how hiding Darlton’s gun inside his briefs wasn’t a very good idea… and it looks pretty.. ugh
    sorry if I confused you, I was just joking ^^

  5. maybe this is a stupid question but do people actually get nose bleeds in real life? haha, and what exactly causes nose bleeds anyway, it is something to do with a build up in blood or what?

  6. I usually don’t like Speedos on anyone but Lelouch… in Speedo with open shirt and necklaces… I’m really, REALLY liking this!!! I have a feeling I’ll be watching this picture drama again and again!! *is wagging tail and panting like a puppy* =^.^=


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