Based on the responses from the initial Power Rankings post, I’ve updated the rankings and descriptions for each, as well as removed/added shows. Keep in mind that I’m only doing this “reseeding” as a follow-up to the first post – just because a show might have dropped 10 spots doesn’t mean the latest ep really sucked! Subsequent power ranking posts will come about once a month!


  • Between the previous post and this one I’ve watched an obscene amount of anime for the purpose of providing a better ranking – I am now watching almost all the shows on the list save for a select few.
  • Shows that have been going on (or will be going on) for an extended number of episodes have been removed. This includes Naruto, Bleach, Eyeshield, Gintama, D.Gray-Man, Kekkaishi, Major, Conan, One Piece, Yugioh, and of course, Keroro. This ranking would get boring with Keroro in the top 10 every month and some other shows constantly on the bottom.
  • Another exclusion criteria involved the availability of fansubs – being an English site, I will assume that most of you watch the subs, and will therefore not include any shows that do not have a steady fansub group translating. This includes shows such as Saiunkoku Monogatari s2, among others.
  • Still other shows have been left out because they frankly just don’t appeal to me, and I haven’t been given any reason to change my mind.
  • OVA/DVD-only releases such as Marimite, Kyou no 5-2, or Mai Otome Zwei will be added on an as-released basis. Code Geass will be reinserted when the final two episodes are aired.
  • Keep up the discussion! I was not able to come up with this updated list had it not been for everybody’s input.
  • Finally, for those wondering – I am trying to keep it as objective as possible, without confusing popularity for quality. Both have an effect on the ranking, but I assign more importance to quality over anything. Furthermore, it is physically impossible for me to keep up with every single anime currently airing (there are over 70), so I am including the most pertinent ones and ones that I feel deserve mention. For those shows I am unable to keep up with, I have no choice but to rely on the comments of you readers as well as those from other blogs.
  • June 2007 Rank (LW) Title Comment
    1 (1) Gurren Lagann A great beach episode that not only elevated Nia to the Tessa stratosphere, but also had Yoko using her much-needed screen time well. Notice how Yoko looked a tad bit cuter this episode? The action remained nothing short of insanity, we saw the dramatic death of one of the prime evils, and there was even time for a haircut scene. In terms of sheer volume of enjoyment, the other shows don’t even come close to this.
    2 (4) Lucky Star What’s this…consistency? Even the dialogue-exclusive episodes are really starting to be enjoyable. Whether this has to do with the dialogue getting better (maybe), the subject matter being more interesting (not likely), or just me getting used to this group of friends (there we go), Lucky Star has really, truly, deeply become a special, special show. Episode 11 was pure love.
    3 (6) Claymore One way I evaluate anime is how badly it makes me want to read the manga after a cliffhanger – for those who haven’t done it already, this seems to be an issue that becomes more and more prevalent every week. Meanwhile, the anime is doing a great job of keeping it together and keeping it legit – somewhat of a rarity these days so far into the series!
    4 (2) Dennou Coil While not as bonkers as the previous, episode 5 maintains a strong beat of action while keeping up the intrigue. The believability of the techno-world they live in continues to be a marvel. The plot thickens, but not in the expected direction – looks like it’s going towards more of a kids vs kids situation rather than a kids vs huge mysterious organization. Well, battles have to be fought and alliances formed before a full-scale war breaks out, right?
    5 (8) Darker than BLACK The rabbit hole continues to get deeper and deeper, and now, “finally, we’re getting some more main character story advancement…I really liked the direction this episode is going. It got me really excited for what will be probably an even more interesting episode next week…” Looks to be shaping into a real worthwhile show.
    6 (9) Romeo x Juliet Initial doubts that an anime adaptation would butcher the original seem to have completely dispelled – the anime is a fearsome beast in its own right, not ashamed of using the original material and molding it into something that works in this context. While the early episodes were somewhat weak on how the flurry of emotions surrounding the story were conveyed, recent eps have really stepped it up. Only to rip our heart out later…sigh.
    7 (13) sola Episode 12 finally found a better use for paper – slicing stuff instead of paper cranes. After episodes of continued drivel the characters finally started to shine through – and to think, it took the irony of a movie theater to pull it off. To pose the same question as I did for GL last time – Aono or Matsuri? Either way, having those two duke it out down to teeth and bone for his affection is pretty sweet – lucky bastard Yorito.
    8 (10) DEATH NOTE This show is ending soon – very very soon. It’s fallen from its pedestal since origin-L was written off (ha ha), and while the Near arc isn’t anywhere near as interesting, it’s still enough to keep it aloft. Episode 36 helped the show claw its way back to the upper echelons with its insane SAKUJO SAKUJO and heart-stopping cliffhanger – who will be the victor? I’m almost scared to find out.
    9 (15) Seirei no Moribito As many have claimed, this show really is that good. It stays honest to itself and doesn’t gorge on endless action or show off its stunning animation – there is a calm confidence in its ability to weave a wondrous story, and it continues to impress. Recent eps have seemed like filler, however – the intensity of the first arc is gone, but it’s adapted a standalone style filled with intrigue, similar to Mushishi. Absolutely fascinating.
    10 (5) Hayate no Gotoku! Hoh, the appearance of Nishizawa as Nagi’s rival sure spices things up a bit. More Maria screen time and facial expressions never hurt either – then again, she could just record a cd of her talking for 72 minutes and I’d still be all over it. Is this sort of loose plot going to hold up for so many eps though? Guess we’ll find out.
    11 (7) Nodame Cantabile Nodame’s participation in the Maradona competition was a welcome twist – even the way it ended was quite unexpected. How will she come out of her funk? Is it possible that she joins Chiaki’s orchestra for a piano concerto? Will Chiaki finally make the trip overseas? The pace has really picked up with 22 as seemingly rounding the final turn…there’s still plenty of time to work out a satisfying end, but I’d rather see this show go to 52 eps!
    12 (3) Seto no Hanayome The addition of the Terminator dad is, well, hilarious. Luna’s jealousy shot is reaching an all-time high, and while the humor is getting quite repetitive, it still gets me riled up every single time. Maybe it’s the lack of gag comedies like this one – besides Kanban Musume and Magikano, have there been any comparable comedies of this caliber since Fumoffu?
    13 (17) Lovely Complex The ups and downs of this show…the trap character took me completely by surprise as I thought this show had enough firepower with its manzai combi, and for those eps and the few after that, the gag level was high enough to cover for what has otherwise been a long, dragged out process of a one-sided relationship… until ep 11 when the pace finally picked back up!
    14 (23) Terra e… psgels from SCAB: “…I kept comparing Toward the Terra with Heroic Age, and then I really realized how truly crap the latter is. Both anime feature exiles who struggle to survive, though Heroic Age had to come up with an unbelievably strong Age who keeps on fighting until there is peace, and that’s about all there is to the storyline. Compare that to Toward the Terra and its complex storytelling from three different parties.”
    15 (NEW) Maria-sama ga Miteru OVA Konata-oneesama will have something new to fawn over as this episode piles on as much action as Maria-sama will allow: it’s the sports festival! Not as yuri-stalkertastic as the previous episode, this latest installment chooses instead to show young, nubile, innocent girls sweating it out to represent their class! Not to mention plenty of onee-sama cosplay. Years in the making, the Marimite formula has pretty much been perfected.
    16 (12) Kaze no Stigma To fans of this show – I’m sorry, but this show just doesn’t rub me the right way. Sure, it’s got nice action and a pretty cool protagonist, but the writing is too retarded and full of holes. I’m not even nitpicking – would you forsake your family and kill hundreds of people to get back at a guy who didn’t really kill your brother, just cuz a random bishie told you to? Stuff like that really gets to me. Oh well, it can’t really fall any further, right?
    17 (16) Nagasarete Airantou Much like the dwindling post count, interest in this show has continued to plummet week after week. When a different nosebleed variation is the highlight of the episode, you know we got a problem. Outside of the show turning into a weekly Machi exhibit or IkuIku finally living up to his name, there seems to be little left to save this show. And even then, it still wouldn’t be that good. At least ep 12 was all about Machi~
    18 (11) Heroic Age Ep 11 finally took the struggle from the politicians’ home court to the soldiers’ home court. The addition of the highly idiotic brother duo is a cheap move though, much like the purple haired idiot in GSD who was set to marry Cagalli. Still, the attitude taken by the commanders was unexpected – are they planning to mutiny? I’m almost cheering for them. The star that’s going to die – the solar system getting nuked from the Nodos’ battle?
    19 (22) Bokurano By now we’re pretty much all in consensus that this is a difficult series to watch – but where do we go after that? The excellent technical aspects allow the discussion to be focused on the story itself, and that’s where opinions can vastly differ. Personally, I prefer shows that are lighter, and well, there’s nothing heavier to stomach than this show. Still, it’s very good, there’s no denying that.
    20 (18) Ookiku Furikabutte Raws have this show up to 10, but the subs are only at 3. Is this a sign of bad things to come? I really hope not – isn’t the big game against his former team the next episode? Really, though, this show seems to have some real potential beyond a loser learning his secret talents for some sport (see Drive, Over), but until more subs come out, it’s sitting in limbo..
    21 (NEW) Oh! Edo Rocket It’s definitely niche humor. The sub for the first episode finally came out, which was a huge step, as trying to understand this show without subs is hopeless. I’m sure it’s a hilarious show once one falls into the groove of it, but to do so seems to require a certain unique level of… open-mindedness. Like with those messed up shows on Adult Swim that intentionally make absolutely no sense. Flame away if you want – but at least it’s on here.
    22 (24) Hitohira Seriously, it’s kinda boring… even Ayako sounds like she’s falling asleep. Her character’s name, Nono, seems to be a subtle warning to all those who are curious about the show. And she’s the only character that’s actually kinda likeable. To be fair, however – the pace does seem to be picking up…slowly. And it’s really not that bad of a show if you have the patience of a sea turtle. Speaking of sea… summer training camp at the beach!
    23 (25) Touka Gettan I still can’t bring myself to watch this show, but I’ll believe that it can’t be worse than the shows below. The character designs are kinda purty though. Supposedly the reverse gimmick is actually doing some positive things, but is it really worth the confusion and psychological burden?
    24 (NEW) Kyou no 5-2 The first episode of this series would have made it to the top 10 – its semi-worksafe all-titillating tales from the classroom are an absolute hoot, and the punchlines for each story are snappy and rather creative, in an ero sense… anyways, this final episode lost a bit of that creativity and instead went for what seemed to be…character development?
    25 (19) Idolmaster XENOGLOSSIA “ once again fell flat for me… I’d really like them to introduce more plot twists because the story as it stands just isn’t interesting enough or progressing fast enough. I’m quite frustrated with this show at the moment and would say that I’m considering dropping it, but there’s nothing in particular I’d like to replace it with this season or next, so I guess for now I’ll continue watching.” …ouch.
    26 (14) Gigantic Formula One of the few blogs keeping up with this show has episode 6 rated 8.5/10 – which sounds pretty good, until you see that Nagasarete pulled a 9.7/10. Well, to each his own – but it just sounds like the kind of show one has to make excuses for and try hard to appreciate – why’s it have to be like that? I guess if you’re really into the mech designs it’s a pretty sweet show.
    27 (20) Nanoha StrikerS When this show is supposedly a cult favorite, and the subs can’t even keep within four episodes, well, that smells of “OVERRATED” all over. Minaide Hazukashii sums it up best: “I’m really only continuing to watch this show because of the Nanoha pedigree.”
    28 (NEW) Devil May Cry The main pull with the games was how “sick” it was – the whole idea that you could uppercut slice a demon into the air and keep it suspended with an upwards shower of bullets from twin hand cannons is pretty sweet – but the anime is short in that department (maybe later), and decided to throw in a loli ojou-sama instead. Oh well, there’s a lot of gore, the animation is nice, and the fights are ok… God of War is vastly superior, btw.
    29 (NEW) Wangan Midnight Guy gets obsessed over demonic car that tries to kill him every time he tries to plow through construction signs. I can see why people would like this show – what I can’t see is how it can be considered a good show. Having Mamiko voice the chick is nice, but like many of her roles, it just isn’t enough!
    30 (27) Overdrive I keep looking for a reason to move this up – I mean, how hard is it to do a sports anime? Have a guy learn new tricks every once in a while, have someone that he constantly competes with, and have a cutie keeping him in check and providing him with constant distraction. With the exception of the cutie (I think it’s that awesome hair), this show fails hard on all fronts. Even the comedy, which it tries so hard to pull off, is poorly executed.

    Saiunkoku Monogatari, Kissdum, Emily, Emma, Polyphonica, El Cazador, Blue Dragon, Skull Man, Monster Princess, REIDEEN, Kono Aozora, Precure, Wellber, Saint Beast, Tears x Wind


    1. In Sola, the fight was for much more than Yorito’s affection. Aono’s power was awe inspiring. For some reason, I shed a tear, just one drop, when the movie projector showed blue skies. I don’t care if you call me shallow, but Sola is pushing all the buttons in me.

      I believe Saiunkoku Monogatari to be better than 70% of shows ranked here. It promises to get even better as I heard much praise about the book materials for coming episodes.

    2. I didn’t like RxJ so much, couldn’t sit through episode 9 without finishing Sumomomo Momomo — wait, I haven’t finish watching RxJ 9! Okay this is quite bad.

      I love Bokurano! Even though it seemed to be taking a different direction from the original story. It may be quite deep and dark, but I didn’t find it emo. I think it’s just me.

    3. 1# Gurren Lagann= it’s just fun.
      2# seto no hanayome= f@$king hilariouse!
      3#history’s strongest diciple Kenichi= .”i know it’s been done, but i like it”
      4#claymore/Kekkaishi= “i feel like i’m the only person who watches kekkaishi, it rocks!”
      5#hayate/kaze no stigma= wouldnt have put “kaze” but i feel it gets a little better each ep

      “nodame” is definitly entertaining/ “toward terra” keeps getting better+rockin op song/and some others…Lucky Star can’t even make my list. BEcause it’s wasted on me. the cultural and referencial humor passes over me like a warm breeze. i can see the seinfield-esq way it roll’s but really doesnt make me laugh..I AM A NIGGA FROM BROOKLYN AFTER ALL. peace

      BROOKLYN otaku
    4. For me, Claymore, Darker than Black, and Seirei no Moribito are the best anime out right now, probably in that order. Claymore just keeps getting better, and probably will continue to keep getting better, at least for me, as I have not spoiled myself with the manga. Darker than Black continues to push all my Bebop buttons, whether it be the pacing, the music, or the standalone episodes with the slowly revealing overriding arc-slash-world background thing (well, standalone episode pairs, at least). And as for Moribito, well, Balsa is just God. The Mushishi comparison is so right on so many levels.

      Lucky Star (despite the OP) has managed to completely sway me to its side, as it has gradually gained coherence and shed much of its Azumanga Dash! wannabe image to become enjoyable enough between its (gradually more successful) jokes to keep my attantion. And Lucky Channel is consistently the best 3-4 minutes of anime each week.

      Hayate no Gotoku is WIN and awesome as always, is consistently funny, and is just pure gold every time either Kugumiya Rie or Wakamoto Norio speaks.

      My inner fires have ebbed a bit for the phenomenon that is GARren LaGARR, as I watched (and enjoyed immensely, despite myself) the hated “clocked” subs to get myself up to episode 8 (best anime episode of the year), and have waited patiently for someone to catch up with the “clockless” subs. Episode 9 clockless has just come out, though, so it looks like the game is back on, if a few episodes behind…

      I don’t want to talk about DEATH NOTE, as I am dreading it being almost over, but it has been very good, too.

    5. getting a lil better…. it seems you finally realized that Reideen exists. though i doubt you watched it. and DMC should be higher. its first episode was a great one.

      have you see skull man?

    6. I just love the craziness of Gurren Lagann…and RomeoXJuliet drives me crazy cuz you know. the lastest episode.

      I haven’t watched Bokurano, but I know the overall plot. Which one’s more emo, Evangelion or Bokurano?

    7. also…. i actually like blue dragon… its very kiddy some times, but it for some reason feels nostalgic to me. i’m ok that it doesn’t have a high ranking, but i recommend watching it if you have free time.

    8. Well, technically, 11 raws for Ookiku are out.
      My Top 5 so far would be:
      1. Seirei no Moribito – The animation is very much top-notch, and the plot just keeps getting better. What hasn’t been praised about Seirei no Moribito that other people haven’t said. They would probably do better than me, that’s for sure. :3

      2. Ookiku Furikabutte – I’m a sucker for Seinen series. The animation is good,I like the character designs, and the emphasis on the development of the team and the players themselves leads to a wonderful cast of characters. The show finds a nice balance between drama, comedy,and character development. I commend Tsutomu Mizushima (the director) for a good job, and the original manga, which is very good too. Also, the baseball portion for Ookiku tries to keep things as realistic as possible. Mihashi doesn’t have a super-special-chocolate-fried-chicken super pitch. He relies on Abe and his instincts to throw the right pitches. I could go on, but this is getting a bit verbose :3. The only flaws that I can think of is that the fan subs seem to be in limbo, and there’s enough BL innuendo to cut and feed a third world country (This can be treated as a pro too.) …That’s all.

      3. Denno Coil – It’s a very unique concept with a sort of light-hearted nature. I’ve only seen the first episode and a clip of episode 4, but that was more than enough to get me interested in it. It’s cute, the animation is terrific, and the plot intrigues. P.S. Densuke’s cute.

      4. Emma – It’s nice to see it back. It’s the same old Emma I remember. Elegant, but simple art, nice music, and a good old fashioned Victorian romance story. It’s a nice relaxer, overall. The opening also helps me relax. It’s also amazing how the setting feels, since the Manga-ka did not go to England when she first started.

      5. Nodame Cantabile – It’s kind of a shame it’s ending soon. I would really like a season 2. At first I was very disappointed at it because I thought it would be a sort of spiritual successor to Honey and Clover, which is one of my personal favorites. Once I got over that, I really enjoyed the show. The characters are endearing, the comedy is good, and the music is good. Overall, I would say it’s a solid series. Now i’m gonna be rude to JC staff and say second season plz.

      Whee, glad I got that off my shoulder.

      Awooooooo~ Howling Launcher, fire!

      Rein Weiss Ritter
    9. Regarding Claymore 12, and the Show Spoiler ▼

      , I was like all “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHx10” for a moment after. What you said about the manga’s pretty true, too — I’ve got 12 volumes waiting to be read, and the temptation to crack them open’s pretty strong at this point.

    10. DMC needs help. A lot of help. That loli is annoying. Also, God of War isn’t really better… but that’s probably because I like the dark demon world and playing a half demon in a trench with handguns as opposed to a half naked dude with no long distance attacks. Plus, my God of War game crapped out cause my old PS2 is a piece of junk.

      By next month, I fully expect to see Touka Gettan disappear off of this list. I honestly quit the show after about 8 minutes into the first episode, just because it looked so ridiculously crappy (nice art, but still crappy overall, sorry)

      You should shorten this list to like 20 (like the NBA “Race to the MVP” lists instead of an actual Power Rankings list) since at 30, a bunch of crap that doesn’t deserve list space ends up on the list. It’s like the problem of playoffs, eh? You just know the first round will suck because half the teams don’t deserve to be there at all (that last comment was aimed at NBA and NHL fans, respectively)

      Hard to argue with the list though. C’mon, Ookiku, the manga was awesome, reach that level! Fight-O! Fight-O!

    11. I wouldn’t rank Nanoha StrikerS lower than Xenoglossia and Gigantic Formula. Ranking things from 1 to 100 where 1 is the highest, StrikerS would be a 44 and Xenoglossia and Gigantic Formula would both be a solid 500 (yes… 5 times the worst rating possible) for me. I don’t see how “overrated” Nanoha StrikerS is, especially considering it’s rarely rated highly at all. I do like it though and I can’t see how anyone can rate it higher than boring messes of crap like Xenoglossia and Gigantic Formula. But hey, that’s my opinion, and you have yours.

    12. Well, Claymore is one of these shows, who go up, instead of down. Claymore has a really great story, which improoves and deepens with every episode. I grew to like the character designs(constant animation quality helped alot) and its one of my favorite anime this season.
      Sola was a pretty big ride from down to up and again to down and again to up. yes it has its ups and downs,but i really love the character designs and mood used in show(as i said, the color pallete helps alot too…its just gloomy, dark with Evening/morning feel and i really like it)

    13. i like this ranking thing… it really lets me know how the animes are doing…
      glad to see Claymore up there… at first i thought it was boring, but somehow i was drawn into watching it more and more after every week’s episode… the current arc is where things finally get started… from here u can tell that i couldnt resist the manga temptation, since they are so readily available.
      Disappointed to see Seto no Hanayome so low now… it’s one of those out-of-the-world wacky animes that picks my spirit up at the beginning of a new week… really enjoy it.
      Gurren was good, but somehow im losing interest in it.

    14. Damn it…All the supposedly good shows shown here, and I’m only watching a few of them. Maybe I should just take a pinch of salt and watch Gurren Lagann as well.

      I do agree very much with the Claymore ranking, though previously I thought it to be generic, a deeper storyline about the Claymores and what happens to them when they go over their limits is starting to attract me very much to it.

      Owaranai Destiny
    15. I gotta agree with the Lucky Star part. It starts off very unimpressive and a bit of dry laugh but as the series goes on, we got to learn a little bit more about each characters and their funny side. Lucky Star is the sort of anime that’ll make you laugh on the inside and makes you go WTH.

    16. Why does people rate claymore so highly? i mean its an alright show, i watch it, but it seems kinda too cheesy here and there, and nothing really special happened, most of the episode have been “k lol yoma over thar lemme brb raki” /*gfgdgdgd* lol its doen lets go sumwher els!!1″

      The story might get in a real direction in the future, but it doesnt deserve to be top 10 anything right now imo.

    17. I’m happy to see that almost all of the shows I picked last week in my top 5(save 1) have climbed up in the rankings. I have also updated my own list accordingly. Here’s how it goes:

      1) Claymore – This is probably the only show right now that just keeps getting better and better. I also could not resist the temptation and read the manga and I was literally glued to the screen until the end. Once I read it, I realized even more what a great job the anime does at bringing the manga atmosphere to life. Well done Madhouse!

      2) Gurren Lagann – This show remains solid and action-packed, though the newer episodes lack the “edge” that the earlier ones had. It stays consistently strong, though at the same time it does not offer anything new, which is why I put it in second place. The supporting characters need a bigger role in the show, since so far it seems only 3 characters carry the “weight” on their shoulders.

      3) Terra e – I am really glad this show jumped up in the rankings so much. I think this is the biggest jump for any show on the list(9 places up). I hope now more people will watch it and will begin to appreciate it for the great show it is. I was slightly disappointed in the last couple of episodes, since they were not as good as the previous ones, but I guess this is normal for any show.

      4) Kaze no Stigma – Well…you can’t get everything:). I agree with a lot of what you say about the flaws of the storyline, but still the main protagonist is one of the coolest anime characters and the action scenes are indeed great. Therefore, I’m still sticking with this show.

      5) Darker than Black – Nothing new to say here, since I have still not seen the last 2 episodes. However, from the reviews it seems like we are finally getting some insight into the main character’s past which means we are getting a real storyline, which was my biggest problem with this show. I am still very impressed with the animation quality.

      Maybe I should start watching Seirei no Moriboto and Dennou Coil, since they seem to be getting good reviews from almost anyone here. I’ll see how it goes. Until next week, keep up the good work with the rankings.

    18. The only one on there that I don’t quite like is Gurren Lagann. Mainly for two reasons: One, the char. are Breath of Fire knock-offs (boisterous samurai wannabe is Ryu from BoF 4 and emo-goggle boy is a cheap Ryu look-a-like from BoF 5). Two, I hate shows that glorifies the “Pathetic loser, male protagonist character,” whose three seconds of bravery and heroism (after everybody has already been slaughtered, beaten, ran to the ground, humiliated, enslaved, raped, rebelled against their persecutors, fought and won…THRICE) at the end of an eighty episode series, after all they did was act emo and depressed the entire way, is supposed to more than make up for their inability to act earlier. Sure it’s action pack, breasts, has a weird mech, breasts, girls with guns, breasts, a village of women, breasts, and has a girl with one hell of a rack, but every time I see the main character go Shinji (which felt like every three seconds), I wanted to punch my monitor.

    19. Just a quick note of thanks to the guys who recommended Seirei no Moribito – I decided to check it out after the last post, and it’s fantastic! I can’t believe I’ve missed it so far.

      Can’t wait for Sola 12 to be subbed, I’m on the edge of my sofa. And as for Claymore 12, well, I didn’t expect that!

      Kaze no Stigma is a dissapointment. I like the magical realist setting, but the plot is full of stupid. And when will whatshername stop being useless? (I do quite like the pixie, though ^_^; )

      panda monium
    20. I too am shocked that I didn’t start watching Claymore sooner. I had the first three episodes, and then once I watched them I had to download the other nine and kill the weekend. Houko Kuwashima does such a wonderful job voicing Clare, capturing all the complexities of the character.

      Seirei no Moribito has been wonderful to watch. For those who haven’t seen it, Anime-Kraze is doing it, and their translations are wonderful.

      Oh, and woohoo! Marimite is on the list. Pity Satou Sei only showed up for one episode.

      Yuri Rocks
    21. how the hell did Kyou no 5-2 get into the power ranking?(its finished) but i like it nonetheless.. on to the rankings (again..), well it really is better but claymore on 3rd? wtf (totally over rated)!!? KnS is better than claymore.. not to say DTB also… and WTH, DMC 3rd last? ok, i’m now gonna ignore the next future power rankings.. it just sucks! Chai Chien (good bye)!

    22. o0 Was waiting for this!~

      I also have updated my Top 10 Ranking Show for this season so far!~
      It’s goes like this:

      1st(1): Claymore
      2nd(?): Seirei no Moribito
      3th(2): Seto no Hanayome
      4th(3): Kiss Dum: Engage Planet
      5th(8): Sola
      6th(?): Naruto: Shippuuden
      7th(4): Nagasarete Airantou
      8th(5): Romeo x Juliet
      9th(?): Darker than Black
      10th(7): Hayate the Combat Butler

      ~Claymore~ Unstopable, I just can’t get this show out of my head!~
      ~Seirei no Moribito~ This show has the best animation qualilty of the season~!
      but recent filler has stop it from climbing to no 1. MORE BALSA and u see this topping my chart!
      ~Seto no Hanayome~ Still as lame as ever! The lamest show of the season so far~!
      ~Kiss Dum: Engage Planet~ I don’t understand Y seldom people watch this!
      Good story line u see =D
      ~Sola~ Wow wow wow Unbelieveable turn of fate!~ By far the best sky of the season =D
      ~Naruto: Shippuuden~ I manage to catch up to eps 18 and wow ! It’s alot more addictive then Bleach =D
      ~Nagasarete Airantou~ Arg! The lame story line is still there but but but It’s getting bored No much development =X
      ~Romeo x Juliet~ The OP single just released and wow it’s a blast!~ I following Shinsen Sub there no show this week and therefore dropped abit
      ~Darker than Black~ Weee eps 9 and 10 bring it to 9th position!~
      ~Hayate the Combat Butler~ Out of top 10 soon if they don’t do it like Eps 10!!

      Just outside the top 10 is : Kishin Taisen Gigantic Formula, Kaze no Stigma, Death Note ( I am stuck at eps 31 =( ), Heroic Age.

      Hot stuff: Denno Coil!~ I going to watch the 1st few eps but so far, their OP is nice =D

    23. For Claymore, Teresa of the Faint Smile really upped the ante for that show, I checked out the manga after that and now I can’t get enough…

      mmm Miata vs Galatea… why do I have to wait a month???

    24. 1. Claymore – it’s really good. interesting. I bet it’s many people’s favourite this season.

      2. Lovely complex – Never thought it went to confession part. Thought it was just comedy-all-the-way show. Risa gd luck!

      99. Bleach

      100. Naruto shippuden

      Havent been watching a lot of anime recently… That’s it.

    25. I really like these power rankings, and this one is vastly improved from last time’s, not the least due to Jaalin having seen more of the shows. However, the burden of one person trying to view all these shows is really overwhelming. I think for upcoming months, you should form a group to make the lists, like other ranking programs (ESPN, IGN). That way, individual biases are minimized (“I just like this show!”) and more series can be given a fair shot.

    26. I’ll get back with my top shows next month when i watch the in-between ranked shows of the ones i’ve already seen on the list. Thanks for your hardwork!! This is by far the best idea ever 😀

      All the shows that were up there, i tried and found them to be very enjoyable. Maybe not at first, but eventually they do really become fun to watch.

      This is very effective because There’s no way Omni can blog nearly as many shows and often things like bleach and D-gray man are blogged which i find is a waste of time. Really. They probably represent the worse of animes out there.

      Not to mention half of the good shows on the list aren’t even blogged hahahahahah. Good one Jaalin 😀

    27. I almost disagree with the listing and how low ranked some of the shows are. Personally I would remake the whole list due to my intrest but the list doesn’t invole me, it’s up to you. Plus I didn’t watch all of the shows listed,I follow the other bloggers. So I really can’t give my oppion.

    28. I still can’t really enjoy Lagann… I definitely love how the show looks, but the characters just don’t work for me. Yoko might be the only character that is starting to interest me, and I didn’t really care for her before ep12 either. But at least I can understand its #1 spot.

      My top5 would probably go like this:
      1. Ookiku Furikabutte — truly wonderful characters, and that is enough to make me totally crazy about the series.
      2. Kekkaishi — definitely the best shounen currently airing – and the manga just gets better, so I have high hopes for the adaptation done so well by Sunrise so far. Why are people stuck on much worse shounen series?
      3. Dennou Coil — Isako is great, Mojos are awesome, animation and setting are stunning. And yet so much more to say.
      4. Seirei no Moribito — I’m not bothered one bit by the lack of action – on the contrary, I like seeing the characters evolving in this new environment.
      5. Darker than Black — after a slight drop due to boring characters (and not enough Hei), it seems we’re back on track for exciting episodes.

      As for the rest of the shows which can’t be put in an order that would make sense:
      – Unfortunately, Kaze no Stigma seems to be getting uglier and uglier, which didn’t really help to enjoy the last arc. Neither did Sakai Kanako as one of the characters, who happens to be one of the most boring seiyuu to listen to, IMO.
      – I am enjoying Gigantic Formula. Rina Satou in a role which reminds me of ZEGAPAIN’s Shizuno is really interesting to hear (I had only heard her boy roles such as Negi before this).
      – Emma needs more love. Great characters, great pacing (although the first season was slightly better here), a very nice change from all the other shows.
      – I just don’t know how I feel about Bokurano. Let’s call it… interesting for now?
      – Lovely Complex is decent, but I had higher expectations. I think the show is getting better lately though.
      – I think these shows are getting the love they deserve so I won’t develop much, but Terra e… and Claymore have been enjoyable. Hayate no Gotoku is also nice to kill some time, and can even be fun (see episode 10).

    29. Quoting from Jaalin’s Overdrive comment: “I mean, how hard is it to do a sports anime? Have a guy learn new tricks every once in a while, have someone that he constantly competes with, and have a cutie keeping him in check and providing him with constant distraction.”

      XD ahahaha, I’ve just realize that it’s so true with all sports animes I’ve watched except for Ookiku Furikabutte. Oofuri has none of them even after over 3 years of serialization of the manga (3 months time in the story timeline). Too bad Gintama would not be included in the list. I don’t understand why people like Hayate ep 10 so much. That ep is poorly written in comparison to the way Gintama parodises itself. Anyway, I’m being subjective. Glad to see Lucky Star rises above Dennou Coil. I’ve always thought that Dennou Coil hasn’t had enough character development yet to deserve the 2nd position. I think a voting system for everyone is the way to go for the next rankings. Anyway, thanks for doing this. (Off checking the Claymore, the only top 10 show that I haven’t watch)

    30. my top-5 this month will be:

      1-Claymore. I really love this manga, and I really love his anime. Great adaptation.
      2-Seto no Hanayome. I don´t remenber any anime as fun like this since Magikano (and SetoHana es better)
      3-Lovely Complex. Episodes 7-9 was boring and very slowly, but now the series remembers me the first episodes.
      4-Darker than black. Episodes 7-8 was really bad, boring and… ¿stupid? The 9-10 was better (and, of course, they have a Kirihara Misaki) and now the principal story seems to be back.
      5-Romeo and Juliet. Sometimes I think that Romeo and Juliet must die, they are very stupid, nobles and idealist.. but, I really love this anime. The work of Gonzo is very good and bring me memories of “Gantkutsuou”.

      This will be my top-five and… sorry by my poor english.

    31. My top 5 this week:
      1. Claymore – Every episode ends with me wanting more.
      2. Darker Than Black – It’s become more and more interesting of late. I can only see it becoming better.
      3. Death Note – Only an episode left, I’m left in complete suspense over how it will go down.
      4. Romeo X Juliet – I can’t help but love this anime, it’s very well done.
      5. Sola: This show’s getting pretty good as it boils down to it’s conclusion.

    32. “I’m not even nitpicking – would you forsake your family and kill hundreds of people to get back at a guy who didn’t really kill your brother, just cuz a random bishie told you to?”

      Well, guess I AM nitpicking then ;-P – her brother was the only person in her whole family that cared for her at all, for the rest of them she was just an unecessary extra… so killing them isn’t really a big step after killing hundreds of innocent people (actually, it would be the other way round, if she had had the power). Secondly, she just lost the only (see above) person that really protected and cared for her, so she was a _little_ crazy with grief. And Kazuma did have some part in their deaths after all… so really, her trying to kill Kazuma and killing her family (if given the opportunity) weren’t really “unrealistic”.
      Her killing other innocents to get that power would be, if that was only her idea, but that was Michael Harley’s idea who manipulated her (while she, again, was crazy with grief and thus highly suspectable to such things.)

      So it’s not really the writing, but not trying to understand it (which might come from just watching it rank it ;-))

      Anyways, my top ten:

      1. Lucky Star – Especially with Konadad being around more often…
      2. Kaze no Stigma – The Tsuwabuki arc is interesting as well.. now if Gonzo would just stop to save at the wrong end (I mean the animation…)
      3. Claymore – I just read up to current on manga… nuff said.
      4. Hayate no Gotoku – The “Shana” bonus is slowly dieing, but it since has been replaced with a “Kimiaru” bonus…
      5. Serei no Moribito – Beautiful, and it has it’s own, particular “feel/pace”…
      6. Darker Than Black – I still dislike the bi-episodic approach… but that we will soon have Amber (not to mention that the next 2 will probably be Jin-centric) will hopefully solve my other problem… “no interesting female main characters”.
      7. Terra e – Epic.
      8. Heroic Age – yes, it’s less complex than Terra e, and yes, Age is very powerful (as are all other Nodos, BTW. As are Superrobots per definition – ). No, it’s not just about Age fighting until there is peace (the Golden Tribe setting it all up, the contract between teh Saviour and the Iron Tribe, the contracts between the other Nodos and teh Silver Tribe, the create stars thing – all that has much potential).
      9. Sola – Very nice, but somehow I’m not that fascinated in it atm… dunno
      10. Kaibutsu Oujo – I’m not really sure why I enjoy this that much (animation is pretty much substandard etc), but I do.

    33. Mine would be…
      1) Dennou Coil – The only show that I am actually looking forward to every single week. Every Saturday, I can’t help but to smile about it. Saturday night, it’s torrent hunting. Mwhaahha. Isako, Yasako, 4-4-2, Densuke, Fumie, Haraken, Hackers’ Club, mojos, Sachii, etc. It’s a great mix of stuff and the uniqueness of the show really out shines itself.
      2) Romeo x Juliet – I am not that fond of romance anime but this is just one of the exception. Plus, I love Lena Park’s single of Inori! ^___^
      3) Darker Than Black – Mystery on top of mystery. Looking forward to when the fake sky can finally disappear.
      4) and 5) Terra E and Heroic Age – Something about these two interest me. Whether it’s their characters or their odd story pacing, I haven’t quite figured it out yet. I don’t even care much for mecha related shows that much. Besides these two, Gundam W., Escaflowne, and RahXephon were my other exception.
      6) Kaze No Stigma – Reminds me of Avatar: The Last Airbender a little bit. It’s the only series of this list that I haven’t been able to follow that much but it has its own interesting concept. Hopefully, I can pick up on it again when I can.

    34. Didn’t expect KnS to rise up that much but certainly didn’t expect it to get slapped down like that.

      That is nowhere near close to a good family that cares much about each other. As it was said her brother was the only person who could be called family in terms of closeness. This is a group that would burn the main protagonist as a child because he had no power. Loss of life in this group really isn’t something they are all that concerned about. If you have a problem with a plot hole blame Gonzo for not including the minor piece of information about her being hypnotized so her morals were withdrawn and mass murder was a much easier thing to rationalize. I suppose they thought just making her filled with grief and having the protangonist intentionally try to set her off would be enough.

      1. Claymore – Series is getting interesting. Story moving along nice with good action.
      2. Kaze no Stigma – Current arc fleshing out Kazuma’s younger brother. Should be finding out more dark secrets of that family soon.
      3. Seto no Hanayome – Thought the Terminator bit was funny. Seeing the interactions now with a growing cast.
      4. Nanoha StrikerS – Could just be the subbers are busy in their lives. It’s not like they are releasing anything else, now if guys at yesy were just ignoring the series as a second priority it’d make sense. Things are picking up in the action and plot.
      5. Bleach – Falling a bit with the filler stuff right now. Alright, but hopefully can improve.

    35. Well I understand you can’t keep up with 70 + shows at a time, (I’m only keeping up with 32 >_> ) I must say that you should include Kiss Dum, & Reideen in that list. Kiss dum being somewhere along the lines of 15-12, & Reideen which has REALLY picked up (Watch episodes 9-15 & you’ll see) around the lines of 11-8.

    36. OMFG you are such a stupid cunt, Jaalin! You have the taste of a broken Avril Lavigne fanboy with the proper shoes to match, and you should be castrated before being allowed to blog anymore!

      The show of the season has been and will always be Touka Gettan, and I’ve been madly in love with it ever since the first episode blew my brains sixty feet across the room, colouring the wall in patterns as comprehensible as its exquisite plot. Just watch the damned thing, and stop putting it below utter crap like Airantou and Stigma.

      This spring has been so strong that it’s hard to pick out the best stuff, but I’ve been enjoying Dennou Coil, Gurren-Lagann and Darker than Black more than the rest.

    37. Firstly, I don’t dig God of War. Over-the-top-hyper-violence just doesn’t do it for me. I’ll admit it has some pretty sweet boss battles, though.

      Finally! Toward the Terra is getting love! Oh yes!

    38. My current top ten, after the latest two/three episodes:

      1) Dennou Coil – the way this show is storyboarded is simply amazing. This is almost like movie-quality. No wonder some of the japanese press labeled Iso as a potential new “Miyazaki”.

      2) Seirei no Moribito – It’s solid, the dialogues and the interaction between the characters are probably the best part of this show, besides the gorgeous animation.

      3) Gurren Lagann – The latest beach episode was ok, it wasn’t as “useful” as the previous ones in terms of plot or character development (it’s just Yoko being sort of “tsun tsun” towards Nia and that’s it), but as usual I just love how the guys at Gainax handled it (the scene with the Dai-Ganzan wearing huge fins in order to sail across the sea cracked me up)

      4) Darker than Black – The latest two episodes were the best in quite a while. Atleast we got to know more about Hei and his past.

      5) Romeo x Juliet – The quality kind of degraded a bit, but overall I’ve gotta compliment Gonzo for doing a rather consistent job so far with this “spin-off” (I don’t really like to call this an adaptation since it’s totally different from the original play).

      6) Claymore – Although it does feel like the usual shounen action (the manga is better, or probably I just prefer the manga) it is way better than most of the average crap (Bleach, Naruto, D-Gray Man and so on) because it probably has a more serious and adult tone, which makes it entertaining enough while not being silly.

      7) Seto no Hanayome – Because it can only get crazier.

      8) Terra E – It is indeed waaaay better than Heroic Age. It really feels like science-fiction opera, and it does feel epic.

      9) Nodame Cantabile – I only wish this show would last longer and cover the european arc.

      10) Kaze no Stigma – This show doesn’t really attract me that much, but I have to admit that I enjoy watching the protagonist bashing and being mean to the red-haired girl.

    39. I like the Near arc in Death Note. It’s a little more interesting than the L arc.
      1. Gurren Lagann
      2. Gintama
      3. Lovely Complex
      4. Seto no Hanayome
      5. Claymore
      6. Death Note
      7. Darker than BLACK
      8. Romeo X Juliet
      9. Murder Princess

      Gurren Lagann rocks!

    40. ok, Im looking for the claymroe manga, Im a kinda of person that likes to read spoilers for my fave good animes and still watch the show. . .so can anyone help me out? (I cant read Japanese well enoguh to get raw’s so ill have to get scanlations. . .) Help blezzzz??

      jackson burger
    41. Oh, my list.. Hahah..

      1) Gurren Lagann – Consistently staying strong and awesomely entertaining, but lately not much new has been brought to the table. Since we’re nearing the mid-point, though, I’m sure we’ll see some developments.

      2) Toward the Terra – The last few episodes have been focusing more on plot development for the Mu and have moved a bit slow, but that doesn’t matter when the plot’s so darn great and the characters are so well done.

      3) Darker than Black – Still striding along, rocking hard but not quite hard enough. Pacing’s a bit slow, but it’s still a good show. I can’t wait to see how everything develops towards the end.

      4) Devil May Cry – Love the game, love the show. Animation quality is great, and while the action hasn’t quite hit the stylish level of the games.. Dante hasn’t exactly had to engage any opponents that require much effort. With other major characters from the games appearing, I can’t wait to see where this show goes.

      5) Romeo X Juliet – Takes the low spot this week, though I still enjoy watching it. I have to be in a specific mood to watch it or I get bored. Still good, though.

    42. This week’s ranking was very competitive. There were many series that had outstanding episodes from variety of genres. However…one episode stood out the most.

      Here are my take on this week’s top 10.

      1. Major (Season 3) – What is the difference between being stubborn and having a strong will? Simple. Being stubborn is for your own selfish needs. This week’s episode (25) was just outstanding. It demonstrates how far a person is willing to go, not just for himself but for others. In fact, I think it is FAR greater than the episode where Kamina died in Lagann. All I can say is that there was some kind of liquid substance in my eye while I was watching this episode.

      2. Oh! Edo Rocket – This episode (12) caught me by surprise. It had so many references. From a typical Shounen comic panel to Galaxy Railway and a hilarious FMA references (Unless you know the seiyuus, you won’t get the joke), it was very entertaining and made me laugh. I know this is another parody anime and I’ve said that I only watch one parody anime at a time per season. However, Oh! Edo Rocket is a rare exception because it does something different. This is not some ordinary parody anime that takes place in school on a modern day *cough*LuckyStar*cough*. If people watch the episode, they would know how different Oh! Edo is.. I just knew Mizushima Seiji had to sneak that FMA reference, but, the way he did it, was just brilliant.

      3. Kekkaishi – One of my favorite chapters in the manga comes to life and it did not disappoint me. Yoshino Hiroyuki, who seiyuus Yoshimori, is doing an outstanding job. This is best role ever. Yes, it is even better than his role as Hibiki Tokai in Vandread. He really captures Yoshimori’s jealousy and anxiety perfectly.

      4. Nodame Cantabile – Just when I thought this series has lost its edge, it comes back with 2 well-crafted episodes. Episode 21 and 22 finally reveals more of Nodame’s past. It is a shame that they are showing this just before the final episode. I wonder if the DVD-only episodes will help reveal more about her. I wish this was shown earlier since it will provide more depth to Nodame. Nevertheless, it’s better to show something about her now than never.

      5. Hayate no Gotoku – Kugimiya Rie vs. Takahashi Mikako. That’s what this episode was about. Surprisingly, I was more into the story than the references, which is very rare for a parody anime. Hayate’s report on his dream was very disturbing yet very funny. Here is a little ‘Do you know.’ trivia for you. Takahashi Mikako’s birthday is 5/29, a day before Kugimiya Rie (which is the same as mine :P).

      6. Seirei no Moribito – How do you adapt to a different lifestyle? It was very surprising to see how quickly Chagum manage to fit in. Episode 11 demonstrated how Chagum used his wits to outsmart a fraudulent gambling ring. It also proved how he can handle situations without any assistance from either Balsa or his *fake* brother, Tohya.

      7. Bokurano – I just watch episode 8 yesterday so I’m a bit behind. As you all may know, there is an issue of how the director, Morita Hiroyuki, expressed his dislike for the manga of Bokurano. He asked the creator, Kitoh Mohiro, if he can make changes with his permission. For now, the series is safe since it dropped some interesting theories. However, I will drop this show like a brick if I find out these kids come back to life from the dead. If anyone comes back to life, a minor or main character, I’m dropping this series without hesitating. Does the last episode of Mai-Hime ring a bell to anyone? (Which by the way, ruined the series).

      8. Eyeshield 21 – A glimpse of a man who had to work hard for everything in his life. That is the story of Kongou Unsui. It is very saddening to see how people with talent sometimes get all the glory and act like jerks without any remorse for others. This week’s episode (110) shows how just unfair the world can be. But….the real challenge is will you just accept for how things are or fight it with all you got?

      9. Lovely Complex – What do you do when an EX wants get back with you? Ootani knew his answer easily. However, the road was very rocky for Koizumi, who just realized her feeling for Ootani a couple of weeks ago. Episode 11 had funny moments that make you laugh out loud. I am also sick and tired of people complaining about the accents that both Ootani and Koizumi have. The accent is there because it’s SUPPOSE to be there. I, personally, find it refreshing since you don’t hear kansai-ben from main characters.

      10. Claymore – There was nothing wrong with this week’s episode that deserves its ranking to be dropped this low. As I said before, this week’s anime episodes were seriously very competitive. I understand how much Rubel wants to help Claire because the feeling of uselessness can really eat up a person inside. However, it does not excuse his stubbornness because he would’ve only brought suffering to Claire in this week’s episode (12). I mean, he almost died for crying out loud.

      Honorable mentions: Hitohira, Romeo x Juliet, Sister of Welber, Lagann, Devil May Cry, Darker than Black

      Now, I know there is people out there thinking “WTF. This guy doesn’t know jack. He didn’t put Lagann in the top 10.” There are also people thinking “Why is Devil May Cry anime not as good as the game?”

      Here are my 2 cents on these issues.

      First of all, Lagann took a huge hit in the rankings this week because it didn’t offer much to the table. Fansservice does not deserve bonus points because all it does is show how horny guys have on simple drawings that have oversized breasts, big ass and long legs…or how they glorify fictional things instead of attempting to find a real relationship with a girl/woman (or a guy for the ladies). I’m not saying you can’t comment on how great it is. All I’m saying is don’t go overboard saying ‘OMFG THAT IS HOT. I WANT TO BANG HER’ (or HIM for the ladies) as if you’re some kind of emo guy (or girl) who locks himself (or herself) in his (or her) room like a hikikomori.

      Secondly, what Simon did this week is nothing new. It is him finding new powers through courage and defeating the anime. I’m hoping something will change story-wise (especially the Underground story in episode 16). I will give credit for the story development between Yoko and Nia in episode 12. Nonetheless, it is not enough to warrant a top 10 spot.

      As for Devil May Cry, when are you going to realize that this anime’s strong point is NOT THE STORY. I will repeat this again. This anime was meant to show characters kicking ass in high quality animations. It is not going to follow the story of the games nor will it have some kind of deep storyline. I understand that non-DMC gamers may think this way…but as for the others, you should know by now that DMC was never…and I mean never…used its story as the foundation of the franchise. It was the characters and their personality. So stop complaining about how it sucks. It’s your own fault for not realizing the true nature of DMC. Stop whining and get over it. That’s how it is and it’s not going to change.

      As usual, if anyone is free to come at me for my comments, please do so. I will listen to any arguments with legit reasoning. For those who do not know how to type except through acronyms and insults, seek counseling or go back to school. Take your pick.

    43. 1) Lucky Star

      What, there are other shows this season too? XD (/bias)

      But yeah Saiunkoku should be on there and the reason it may not be subbed is because I think iirc it got licensed and a bunch of subbers dropped it. But yeah, amusing post as usual.

    44. Yeah, judging a series’ quality by how fast subbers sub its episodes (Nanoha StrikerS) is a horrible way to judge a series. There could be any number of reasons unrelated to the show’s quality for why they aren’t keeping up with the episodes.

    45. Lucky Star 11 good? O_o

      My opinion to this show has changes quite a bit over time. Episode 1 was and remains horrible (sorry), the food talk was neither funny nor enjoyable. Then, gradually, the show began to win me over, and I enjoyed it quite a bit – however, episode 11 jumps back to LS at its worst: The “getting sleepy on the train” was once again not in the least funny and dragged out to ugly lengths like a chewing gum. My my my…

      Funny to see Claymore rising. YOU CAN’T RESIST! Start blogging that 😉

    46. Claymore is an awesome show stays true to the manga love it 😀 even tough i read the manga the way madhouse is animating it is truly awesome.

      Darker then black well still a bit to early to tell if it’s gonna be good or not imo i am thinking of dropping it is getting a bit well boring.

      Death note just should have ended after the L arc it’s gotten utterly boring dropped it

      Kaze no stigma well dropped this after 3 eps

      For the rest i haven’t picked up anything else yet this season been a bit busy with work

    47. “God of War is vastly superior, btw.”

      Ouch, I felt that one. You silly people and your not wanting complete in-game control. XD

      I’m personally surprised that OverDrive is even on the list at this point, with Wangan understandably near the bottom. I did appreciate that they used actual, y’know, RACING CARS instead of grocery-getters, but all in all it seemed like “Initial D meets Christine.” Claymore and Seirei no Moribito are in fact very cool shows that deserve attention, so it’s nice to see them higher up on the list.

      Problem next month, though: what’s gonna replace Death Note after the next episode?

      By the way, Jaalin, a nude transformation sequence is the only KIND of transformation sequence. Even the (in)famous DBZ has them. XD

    48. Besides if they were using transformation scenes every episode that would be valid. Really only been a couple episodes and that’s about it. Started off a bit slow to build up the plot but seems to be turning a corner. (StrikerS)

    49. From three to a twelve??? No wai. Seto no Hanayome deserves to stay in top 5 until the end of it’s run. Same with Hayate and Nodame falling off the top 10.

      As for the rest, I agree 70%.

      (And yes, Keroro would very much ruin the rankings.)

    50. well jaalin i cant argue you with your picks. i pretty much agree with most of what you said ^^. dennou coil’s ep7 seems to finally promise some “bonkers” again like in ep 4 so im looking forward to it ^^.

    51. I’m enjoying Precure 5. Too bad most western viewers won’t “get it” since it IS a magical girl show.

      Also, I think OverDrive keeps getting dissed for the wrong reasons. I think it has a unique feel to it beyond the sports aspect of it.

      And Jesus, Jaalin. Constant putdowns of Gigantic Formula and Hitohira? Gigantic Formula a straightforward mecha and I think it’s fun enough to watch, compared to a lot of action shows this season. And Hitohira’s strongpoints are that it’s slow paced and is character centric and not based on wild action fantasies that anime typically is made of.

      I admit, the shows I like aren’t like able by everyone. But wow. For an objective list, those are some harsh putdowns.

    52. I’m enjoying Precure 5. Too bad most western viewers won’t “get it” since it IS a magical girl show.

      Also, I think OverDrive keeps getting dissed for the wrong reasons. I think it has a unique feel to it beyond the sports aspect of it.

      And Jesus, Jaalin. Constant putdowns of Gigantic Formula and Hitohira? Gigantic Formula a straightforward mecha and I think it’s fun enough to watch, compared to a lot of action shows this season. And Hitohira’s strongpoints are that it’s slow paced and is character centric and not based on wild action fantasies that anime typically is made of.

      I admit, the shows I like aren’t likeable by everyone. But wow. For an objective list, those are some harsh putdowns.

    53. KK: “By next month, I fully expect to see Touka Gettan disappear off of this list. I honestly quit the show after about 8 minutes into the first episode, just because it looked so ridiculously crappy (nice art, but still crappy overall, sorry)”

      I totally disagree. The show’s art and animation is actually one of the most consistent out of any shows this season and I’m saying that from hard experience. The thing was that the show is run BACKWARDS and it’s meant to be crazy-confusing. Either you ‘get it’ or you don’t. I don’t get it either, but at least the girls’ antics are pretty crazy and amusing.

      Also, another lack of a mention if Kamichama Karin, which I think is fairly fun.

    54. considering that i’m not following all of the anime’s listed above, my list of favorites will be somewhat limited to those shows… o_O
      but so far, this is how i’d rank the one’s i’m following:

      1. Darker than Black/Lucky Star – I like them both really… they’re so different though, it’s hard to compare, but for DtB, I’m just enjoying the storyline and the style of presentation and I like the bi-episodic pacing. Hei is one of the more interesting main characters in the series i’ve been following, especially since a lot of his past and personality has to be gleaned from the little amount of information presented.
      And then… there’s Lucky Star and all it’s awesome greatness, for basically the same reasons as listed in the rankings, and because Konata is awesome. =P
      3. RomeoxJuliet – It might just be because it surpassed all hopes and expectations I had of the anime, but the animation quality and the completely changed storyline has kept it interesting and enjoyable. Of course, the overly repeated “Oh Romeo, Romeo” and “Juliet”s can get a bit irritating after awhile, but overall, I find the presentation just amsuing along with all of the other Shakespeare references.
      4. Claymore – I just burned through 73 chapters of manga… in 2 days… i don’t know why. Actually, it’s a solid anime with a solid storyline. Though it’s not something that appeals to me to the extent animes like code geass and kanon did, but it does keep itself interesting and the characters are interesting too, even if they get killed off a bit to quickly for my liking. oh well.
      5. Gurren Lagann – The animation’s great and the storyline is decent, but it doesn’t appeal to me even as much as Claymore does, but then, i was never a big fan of Gainax ^_^;;. But at least, it’s not making my head hurt in the same way FLCL and Eva were…
      6. Hayate no Gotoku – It started out entertaining, and it’s great for brainless amusement for anyone who doesn’t really want to think, but recently, it just hasn’t been keeping my interest as much as some of the other shows.

      and i think… that’s the ones i’m following…
      i only have so much hard drive space anyhow >_

    55. Touka Gettan was based off the hentai game (and OAV) Moon Light Lady, which actually drew BOOS during a Hentai Night at a con. At the time, I had never even thought that any hentai of any kind could draw boos from a crowd that had come with no expectations whatsoever, but the sheer mental scarring that was Moon Light Lady has made me avoid Touka Gettan to this day. I’ll probably suck up some courage and watch it if so many good things are being said about it (by people other than the blog authors).

      And honestly, Shippoyasha, I do enjoy the wild, over-the-top fantasy of anime. Animation allows creators to do things that live-action just wouldn’t carry well, so I like seeing things I normally can’t (although having a realistic martial arts series like Shamo would absolutely rock).

    56. I would still put Kaze no Stigma higher…. about that point you mention, she was actually hypnotized into doing those things, though that wasn’t as clearly shown in the anime as it was stated in the novels (so I can understand the confusion).

    57. Here’s my ranking of the anime that I’m watching:

      (1) Nodame Cantible – Once the subs come out, I immediately watch it.
      (2) Claymore – I’ve already succumbed to reading the manga. Nuff said.
      (3) Terra E – I’ve also read the spoilers from the movie. :p
      (4) Murder Princess – I’m really enjoying this OVA series.
      (5) Kekkaishi – It’s not that original, but something about the show keeps me coming back.
      (6) Hitohhira – I recently started watching this one, and I still like it. I’m just waiting for the dramatic breakthrough we know is coming.
      (7) Major – I tend to like sports anime, so I’m watching this as the subs come out.
      (8) Deathnote – Waiting for the final episode …
      (9) Bleach – I lost interest after the filler episodes. I now just check the blog to see if anything interesting happened, and if it does look good, I watch it.
      (10) Naruto – I lost serious interest after the endless fillers. This current arc looks somewhat better, but I only watch if it looks interesting.

    58. Question: Another exclusion criteria involved the availability of fansubs – being an English site, I will assume that most of you watch the subs, and will therefore not include any shows that do not have a steady fansub group translating.

      I’ve been looking everywhere for Terra E fansubs – since you blogged ep 1. I’m guessing they’re out there, but not on the regular channels. Can someone point me to the fansub group?

      Thanks a ton in advance. 🙂

    59. After seeing claymore went up to top 3 I was impress, went to watch the anime and found out that it was freaking awesome i use to watch d grayman also but it was getting to depress. good choice drop it.. I would love to see u blog on it..

    60. jb: They use the english name – “toward the terra” (and yeah, that “the” confuses the hell out of me too). A-E&Saizen is the group that is most up to current.

    61. Top 10:
      Lucky Star – “Hai..! Nomu Nomu”
      Darker than Black – Feels like Cowboy Bebop
      Sola – Getting really good now
      Gurren Lagann – Overrated*
      Hayate no Gotoku – Ankles!
      Lovely Complex
      Kaze no Stigma – Last few eps didn’t have enough Ayano 🙁 but the sprite/fairy is cute and funny.
      Kyou no 5-2 – Collar Bones!
      Death Note – ****** Dies!

      Will soon watch:
      Romeo X Juliet
      Seirei no Moribito
      Seto no Hanayome
      Heroic Age
      Ikkitousen DD – Boobies!
      Touka Gettan – Miki Ito awesome, but too confusing with so few eps will wait.
      Wangan Midnight – Mamiko and Initial D!?
      Overdrive – Wow she’s cute! … cute!

      Haven’t kept up/too slow/boring:
      Nodame Cantible

      OMGZ soon!
      Higurashi 2
      Shana 2
      Zero no Tsukaima 2

      Gurren Lagann
      I’d say would easily overrated, not so much because it’s not good or anything but since it’s really good and really popular there will be some that don’t find it “the best thing evar”, I Liked Kamina, like Yoko, Nia, Shokotan and Gattai, not so much blood boiling courage/bravery super robot cheese.

    62. Heres my top 10 from that list:
      1) Claymore
      2) Gurren Lagann
      3) Kaze no Stigma
      4) Seto no Hanayome
      5) Death Note
      6) Saiunkoku Monogatari
      7) Nodame Cantabile
      8) Darker than Black
      9) Hayate no Gotoku!
      10) Sola
      Heres my Top 10 of all time:
      1) Code Geass
      2) One Piece
      3) Bleach (Yes, I didn’t watch the fillers, so It’s really high ranked)
      4) Naruto + Naruto Shippuuden (Yes, I didn’t watch the fillers, so It’s really high ranked)
      5) School Rumble + Ova
      6) Full Metal Panic Fumoffu
      7) Kanon (The one Kyoto Did)
      8) Full Metal Alchemist
      9) History’s Strongest Disciple (It didn’t finish yet, so it may get kicked off. Although, the animation isn’t that great, the anime itself is great.
      10) Hikaru no Go (First Anime that i watched with japanese audio, it was also the anime that brought me into the world of anime in japanese audio)

    63. I’m working on Sola and RxJ right now. After that i only got 1 more anime to watch until i can comment on the new rankings. I must dispute what you say about Seto no Hanayome being comparable to FMP Fumoffu. Don’t get me wrong i like SnH a lot now that i’ve adjusted to the characters and taking on a different view of the show. However FMP had a whole series preceding it that really helped us familiarize ourselves with the characters for maximum impact in FMP:F. I don’t think anything has made me laugh nearly as hard as FMP:F did. Some of the stuff in there were totally stomach busting original material. It doesn’t rely on the same tactics to get you laughing. Like say irony.

      I think i said this already but i really do like Lucky Star now. Once you get used to the characters you can really appreciate them. And their circumstances. Even better if you got similar friends you can relate them to.

      Anyhow more later. I still think these ranking is the greatest thing to ever be here. It really helps me select the good stuff to watch. Thanks Jaalin!! Totally awesome. Beyond awesome even.

    64. Lol, Wangan Midnight really had a huge drop of ranking here, and negative comments there. But viewers of Initial D and fans of WM manga and arcade game already anticipated the anime adaptation in an “initial d”-dedicated forum. And by the time the torrents came up, they’re downloading it like crazy, even if it’s just a raw. Oh yeah, the manga already existed 3 years before initial d, y’know. You guys have your own tastes, but let me tell you why I like this show:

      1) I like cars, especially japanese-manufactured ones
      2) I like racing, whethere if its street or pro, drift or curcuit, anime or live-action, real car or video game
      3) OB Planning, Pastel, and Avex are one huge collaboration when it comes to racing-related anime production, and thank God they made this possible

      BTW, this anime airs 2 episodes per month (it’s a PPV after all, just like initial d), so this reason alone should give this anime title a benefit of a doubt, and we’ll just see in 2 or more episodes before jumping into conclusions whether this anime is worth the rating or not.

    65. I’ve seen up to episode 11 of RxJ and i honestly don’t think it deserves the 6th spot. I’ve mentioned in the past that i’m not very good at expressing why, but i just never felt immersed at any point. Sure there were a few cool and climatic moments, but they never managed to capitalize on it and make something out of it to keep me fully interested.

      Just when it gets good, they decide to do something else, taking the focus away from what we want to know. Or maybe i’m just misunderstanding this series. It’s meant to be a love – tragedy anime mainly right? Or something of that sort? Perhaps i’m not made for lovie animes, but i seriously doubt the enjoyment factor of this anime justifies its position on the rankings.

      Similar to what a claymore said in Claymore: There’s a BIG difference between the top 4 and 5-7. I haven’t seen no.9 yet so i can’t give my opinion of the re-rank but i enjoyed 10-12 more than RxJ at least.

    66. Arigatou’s Top Ten List last June 2007
      1. Gurren Lagann
      2. Seto No Hanayome
      3. Claymore
      4. Nodame Cantabile
      5. Sola
      6. Darker than Black
      7. Death Note
      8. Hayate No Gotoku
      9. Lucky Star
      X. Dennou Coil, Seirei No Moribito, Lovely Complex, Romeo X Juliet, Kaze No Stigma


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