Despite Yui telling him to run away, Shouta still rushes to her side and is shocked to see the real form of the pseudo-Arrancar appear behind her. Yui pushes Shouta out of the way right before the pseudo-Arrancar tries to crush him, but Shouta still says that he doesn’t want to abandon her again. However, Yui then gets turned back into one of the pseudo-Arrancar’s minions and gets sucked up by its true form. When Rangiku tries to fight it, she manages to get in a few hits, but it then sends its minions after Shouta, distracting her long enough for the pseudo-Arrancar to go on the offensive. Fortunately Hitsugaya also enters the battle by freezing the minions and using his ice dragon on it. Faced against a captain now, the pseudo-Arrancar claims that destroying him will cause Yui to disappear too, and although Hitsugaya isn’t affected by the threat, Shouta is. Shouta’s attempt to stop Hitsugaya gives the pseudo-Arrancar the opportunity to escape into another dimension. While it is gone, the pseudo-Arrancar’s minions fill the skies and get sent out in every direction to consume more souls.

Upon contacting Soul Society for information about the location of their enemy, Hitsugaya learns from the Technological Development Bureau that the transmission source of the sound the pseudo-Arrancar uses to control souls can be determined based on the way its minions are distributed around the city. While they are trying to find it, Rangiku meanwhile explains to Shouta how the Shinigami are trying to save Hollows as well as souls. She feels that although they couldn’t protect Yui, they can still save her soul, and she wants to work together with Shouta to do it. The Technological Development Bureau eventually discovers that the pseudo-Arrancar is hiding in the area by the river behind a special barrier, so they need to destroy that barrier. Hitsugaya initiates ban kai to do this, but he doesn’t succeed until Shouta calls out to Yui and the flute sound suddenly starts up. Shouta can tell where the sound is coming from and helps Hitsugaya direct his attack there, revealing the pseudo-Arrancar. Despite transforming, the pseudo-Arrancar cannot beat Hitsugaya, though it is actually Shouta and Rangiku together who finish the pseudo-Arrancar off.

In the aftermath, Shouta digs up the flute from the ground where the pseudo-Arrancar disappeared and feels that Yui definitely made it to Soul Society. He’s ready to go after her, so Rangiku sends him off after one last hug.


Well the concluding episode of this mini-arc was better than the other episodes if for no other reason than it being faster-paced and featuring more action. I particularly liked how the Yui parts in the beginning were actually kinda creepy looking (when the pseudo-Arrancar minion ripped out of her back), though the ending with Rangiku and Shouta stabbing the pseudo-Arrancar together felt rather cheesy. I also wish that they wouldn’t use ban kai so freely against average enemies like it’s just another normal power up since it lessens the impact later on.
Anyway, next week appears to be a one-shot about Karin playing soccer and maybe getting Hitsugaya to help. I’m half expecting Don Kanonji to show up for it…


  1. GStrike- said: is there a new OP or is it next week?

    ^Actually, there’s going to be a new ED that premieres in next week’s episode. The song is “Daidai” by chatmonchy.

    And FalenXangel, they really can’t go to the Hueco Mundo arc because they’d catch up to the manga very quickly, and they really can’t do fillers when they choose to animate that arc. Besides, wouldn’t you rather the fillers be here instead of interrupting the Hueco Mundo arc when the anime catches up to the manga?

  2. I agree with “fool” I think I would prefer a break than a continuation of anime that I really don’t want to waste my time with. It’s all gone very Naruto-esque, its a shame, I really enjoyed this anime. If it continues I think I’ll have to just stick with the manga,
    the bonutu arc was one thing, this is just annoying now…

  3. I agree with “fool” I think I would prefer a break than a continuation of anime that I really don’t want to waste my time with. It’s all gone very Naruto-esque, its a shame, I really enjoyed this anime. If it continues I think I’ll have to just stick with the manga,
    the bountu arc was one thing, this is just annoying now…

  4. I hope they continue with shity quality through the entire arc and save some money for the Manga materials. I’ve heard Next week is going to be the end of these fillers and the episode after that has a new Op, is that true?

  5. yeah… fillers do suck…
    and a break would be nice…
    but that depends on the broadcaster, right?
    ‘TV Tokyo, care for a rest for Bleach? The anime can resume once the material is sufficiently available…’

  6. Was the opening song sounded a little different than before I heard it, or is it just me??
    Anyway, what Fool said, WHY don’t the producers create breaks for the anime? People wouldn’t mind if there is a brief hiatus betwwen anime arcs would it??

  7. Those bastards never learn? First Naruto fillers,now Bleach fillers? I’m gonna stop watching the anime. Just like Naruto. It takes a whole episode to enter into a f***ing cave? Wth? And those Gai/Lee jokes…Bah.. Both Bleach & Naruto manga is so f***ing awesome but the anime sux.

  8. Whoo! Karin and Hitsugaya team-up! Looking forward to it.

    This Shouta arc was okay-ish, but I really would rather have stories based around people that aren’t Shinigami. But of course that’s not possible right now. Still, decent stuff as always.

    Filler hate is overrated, in my opinion.

    Kid Kuwagata
  9. Everyone went to soul society in the end. Too bad it’s such a disorganized mess that NO ONE EVER MEETS THEIR FAMILY. Keep up your false hope Shouta, I’m sure the crime ridden slums of Soul Society will fix it for you eventually. Being a soul eating monster looks better every time they show SS. Heuco Mundo has low morgage rates with fixed APR, not to mention Show Spoiler ▼

  10. Where the hell did Ichigo disappear to? I thought he was the main character, yet it’s been like 3 episodes since he last appeared. I know he’s training but it’d be rather nice to actually see some of that training -.-”

    I’ve read the manga and I must say I can’t wait ’till it gets animated, but these fillers are really killing the excitement for me. And the animation has been bad throughout the fillers…

  11. Oh, more filler bashing. As I’ve said many a time, if you don’t fucking like it, then don’t fucking watch it. The anime can’t just “take a break”, for hopefully obvious reasons.

  12. Lol most long series usually have fillers, manga is nice, but they added filler, WHY? cause they need to make money and stall for time, there one long run anime i know that to me only has fillers and it mostly about the filler, that is detective conan lol.

  13. OMG, why are fillers being blogged @_@

    Even non-filler bleach anime isn’t that good. Should just be left out like naruto. Isn’t there anything better to blog on bleach days? @_@

  14. I think when a show is as popular as Bleach or Naruto, people are more bothered by the absence of the show than by crap fillers it seems. Also, having that show still running means they can hold on to their sponsors and keep the project funded. And unfortunately, the manga just doesn’t move as fast as anime does, so it really ends up being a matter of biding for time. Tsubasa Chronicle did the hiatus thing, but I think they could afford to do so.

    At least Naruto is biding for time right now by simply going into more detail than the manga did, even if some of those details are totally superfluous (e.g. Team Gai doing the joining hands thing), which I think is still better than the 2 years of crap random filler we were getting all this time prior to Shippuuden, or even the idea of inventing a brand new race of people. I do wish, for instance, that Bleach would do something similar like going into detail about Ichigo’s, Ishida’s, Chad/Renji’s, or Inoue/Rukia’s training, and so on… There’s plenty of material there that could be fleshed out which the manga completely skipped.

  15. @DeadMonkeys
    YOu are wrong at one fact – tsubasa did hiatus think AND fillers(80percent of season being fillers, you just know somethings is wrong)…
    Naruto going to more detail? gimme a break lol. they dont’t “add” details, they just slow down every fucking scene…thats not what details is…put the detailsa l you want – but at suspense arcs like desert battle in naruto, you cant just cant draw the walking through desert into ~9episodes and then let one fuckin episode be about smashig the boulder…thats no no…im glad that bleach doesnt use the strentching up….lets be thankful that we dont have the horridness of second dbz >.>

  16. The Bounto thing at least was semi interesting. That was more of an original story arc, than these last 5 episodes. Which were garbage. True filler. The bounto was actually interesting for what it was.

  17. I agree with “someone” stop complaining about filler episodes and if you want the anime team to take a break instead of doing fillers why you don’t take a break from filler episodes instead then -_-

  18. YOU LOT ARE SO STUPID. I don’t know what it is, but all this complaining is pretty annoying. Bleach give us a nice little arc with a strong story, good animation, character development and allover entertainment; and all you do is say you’d rather a break!? Hint – STOP WATCHING IT IF U WANT A BREAK!! And comparing these fillers to the naruto fillers is absurd. These Bleach fillers kept the heart of the antagonist in them. Can’t you see that Shouta is Ichigo? It’s so obvious.

    Moan all u want, I like em.

  19. Omni, you should blog Gintama, after all, Gintama’s airtime is on the same day with Bleach right. Well, it’s already eps 63, but maybe you should watch these to be convinced ;D

    Tama Cure Silver Soul –
    Dragon-Blea-Piece –
    or the epic episode 25 –
    or horror trailer Gintama vers. –
    it gets even random –
    one last bit of trailer –
    and oh, yea, ep 34 –

  20. Just once, I’d like to see a shinigami get a modsoul that doesn’t act like a troublemaking clown. Bet they’re all like that, though.

    And this is my first time posting here. I could’ve chosen a better episode for it, but this is the one I’m up to.


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