Having been captured, Juliet is taken back to Neo Verona under heavy guard and is brought in front of Montague. The Duke thinks that Juliet tricked his son into going somewhere and questions if she tempted Romeo to destroy the Montague family. Juliet doesn’t say anything, so Montague goes on to announce her execution on the day after tomorrow. Hearing this, Juliet asks if the remaining people connected to the Capulet family can be helped if she dies, but Montague makes it clear that he won’t pardon any Capulet people. Montague later tells Romeo that he was deceived because Juliet only got close to him in order to defeat his father. Knowing that this isn’t true, Romeo declares that he loves her and that they love each other with all their heart. Ignoring this, Montague starts questioning his son about Juliet’s allies, but he doesn’t mind that Romeo doesn’t know anything because he’ll find out sooner or later after Juliet’s execution. Upon hearing this, Romeo demands to know what Juliet’s crimes are, and Montague simply answers that her crime is being the Capulet daughter.

Having heard about Juliet’s capture, Hermione convinces Mercutio to bring her to the dungeon. After introducing herself as Romeo’s fiancée, Hermione thanks Juliet for giving the handkerchief to Romeo and asks her not to play with Romeo’s heart. Juliet, however, declares that she loves Romeo, and when Hermione turns to leave, Juliet quietly apologizes. Hermione tells Mercutio afterwards that she can’t be fooled and that it’s understandable that Romeo was deceived by the handkerchief embroidery. Back at home, Cordelia is in tears over how Juliet had been in love with the son of the Montague family, though Curio and Francisco are determined to save Juliet. That night, they strike by air via winged-horses with Francisco picking off soldiers with bow and arrow while Curio leaps into the front lines. Curio battles his way to the dungeon and finds Juliet, but she at first resists going with him because she’s afraid someone’s going to get hurt again protecting her. This causes Curio to question if she thinks that things will become easier if she dies, and he tries to make her realize that they’ve lived all these years with their hope entrusted to her. What’s more, if she gives up, then Lancelot becoming the Red Whirlwind and dying would become meaningless. Having risked his life for her for so long, Curio finally convinces Juliet to come with him.

The two manage to make their way outside and up some stairs, but Juliet suddenly feels the same sensation that she felt when she saw the large roots with Romeo previously. Water then starts pouring down from openings above them, and it sweeps Juliet away from Curio. When Juliet opens her eye’s she’s in Escalus’ room with Ophelia standing over her. Montague comes down to find them like this, but Ophelia summons a tree root to block his path any further and sends Juliet back down into the water. She regains consciousness in a fountain and is quickly surrounded by guards, but fortunately, Romeo – who had heard of what was happening from Mercutio – jumps down to protect her. With Curio and Francisco flying around above them looking for Juliet, Romeo leads her towards the stairs to a higher level where she can safely join her friends. Juliet wants him to go with her, but Romeo feels that he’ll just get caught again if he runs away, so he’ll stay and find the path that will allow him to be with her. It is not until he tells her that even if separated, they are together that Juliet finally parts with him and escapes with Curio, Francisco, and Antonio.


So Romeo helped Juliet escape, and it looks like he’ll be punished for it next episode. I think Mercutio probably suspected that something like this would happen, which is why he told Romeo of the intruders (Curio, Francisco, and Antonio) in the first place. Everything seems like a game for him, though I would assume that his loyalties still lie with Montague and not just with himself. Hermione’s role also seems to be getting bigger, as she’s met Juliet this week and drawn some lines in the sand in terms of how she’s officially Romeo’s fiancée. I wonder if she’ll end up helping Romeo get together with Juliet out of her love for him or if she’ll antagonize Juliet out of jealousy (or both).
The whole Escalus and Ophelia angle still confuses me, particularly in relation to Juliet, but we’re only around halfway through the series, so it’s still relatively early. Anyway, the preview shows that next week will probably be focused on Romeo for once, with him working in the mines. I can’t imagine that Portia will be too happy to learn that, but she’s probably too powerless to be able do anything about it.


  1. Ahhh… least nothing really bad happened to both of them. And asdffdsa, don’t even try to state the obvious. Everyone knows how the original play ended so its only natural for everyone to have a hunch about Romeo’s and Juliet’s death.

  2. Ok anime news network stated the anime has 14 episodes. Next weeks episode doesn’t seem to be the end. Any clues how long will this series be running? Need to plan for future anime timing HAHA

  3. Wooo, Romeo will do hard labor, get a bit buff, then start to kick more arse later on. And it’s about time people started forgetting about the original play, this version is different enough to warrent a different ending as well. I don’t think the creators of the show would stick to the original ending that half the world knows already anyways, that’d be no fun. Besides, making the changes they did, might as well change the ending also.

  4. I’m only watching to see if mercutio will say the best line from the enitre shakespeare play “look for me tomorrow and you will find me a grave man.” If they can even say that in japanese.

  5. Managamaxx: I’m pretty sure that’s Romeo after he got sent to the labor camp for saving Juliet.

    Though I find it kinda odd that Montague would send his son to a labor camp of all places. House arrest is what I would do if it were me. 😕

  6. “Though I hope for a twist”

    How’s this for a twist…

    Tybalt is actually Romeo from the future, came back to change the past. In the original future, Juliet’s rebellion ended in tragedy, meaning she lost her life. Heart broken, and possibly half dead, Romeo sought out the mysterious powers of the Land of Neo Verona. The Tree of Neo Verona with it infinite power granted Romeo’s wish and gave him a chance to undo the wrongs and take revenge against his father while at the same time prevent Juliet’s death. Tybalt, the future Romeo, successfully completed his mission at the cost of his life, granting the present Romeo and Juliet a chance to truly realize their love, and rule Neo Verona as husband and wife. The final scene of the series will be comedic in nature as both Romeo and Juliet attended ‘Willie’s’ new play and ‘witnessed’ the death of their respective characters. Juliet a little upset with Willie, as his reason for writing the tragic ending was because he always wanted to write tragedy that would bring tears to his audiences. Romeo then tells Juliet that the ending to the play did not matter, as they have each other. They kiss and thus concludes the story of Romeo x Juliet.

    …That was more than I intended to write… My fingers just took off… Well if any of you got this far, I thank you for reading.

    Passing Pedestrian
  7. Re: Passing Pedestrian
    Yeah, that was very good for a twist. 😀 Can’t help smiling about it. I wouldn’t actually be surprised though if that was somehow true. I mean, Tybalt has some really high kept secret which I can’t quite think of any other reason as to exactly what that secret is.

    This episode had lots of arrows flying. Heh… But my mouth hanged open a little to hear Mercutio speak in English, “This curse”. Did not expect that.

    Episode 14 summary:
    Show Spoiler ▼

  8. Juliet escapes again, but Romeo stays behind to calm his father’s anger… at least he’ll try.

    For a moment I thought that Hermione will go crazy and slap Juliet o the cheek, but it seemed a little hard considering Juliet behind jail. Maybe in the near future she will play a big role in this outcome. I’m still hoping that GONZO will keep Shakespeare’s original work and both will die in some way, maybe not the same as the novel, but surely will die.

    Romeo will learn in the hard way…

    Syaoran Li
  9. I can’t help but love Mercutio’s character. He seems so ambiguous, and considering the rol that he has in the original play, I keep wondering what’s it gonna be for him in this version.

  10. Hermione is slowly teetering on the edge of a possible metal breakdown o.o -wants to see a Hermione vs Juliet fight in the future- One without bars–now that’d be fun to watch.

  11. Escalus and Ophelia are probably primarily concerned about the tree(s). My guess is that the one tree that died is because of Montague’s tyranny and Juliet’s probably the key to preventing the other tree from dying. Which would explain why they keep helping her out.

  12. can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait ^_^ i believe there’s gonna be a tragic ending like chrno crusade but i desperately want otherwise which is kinda hopeless since the original story turned out that way…but who knows!weeee ^_^ can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait ^_^

  13. OMG!!! I love this series! It’s just sooo good. Every episode is really good and makes you want more! Oh yea, Hermione is starting to scare me now. Before, I didn’t really hate her since she seemed realyl understanding and nice. Now I just hate her. >.


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