Itou Makoto rides the same train to school as the girl that he has started to admire, Katsura Kotonoha, so he takes her picture with his cell phone one day. It is believed that if you set the photograph of the person you like as your cell phone wallpaper, then your love will come true if no one finds out about it for three weeks. Makoto, however, thinks that this is ridiculous, and once he gets to school, he prepares to delete her picture from his phone. However, someone suddenly asks what he’s looking at, and that someone is Saionji Sekai, his classmate who has the seat next to him. Because she figures out that Makoto likes Kotonoha, he warns her not to tell anyone. However, when Sekai later leads him up to the school rooftop, she shows him a picture of herself and Kotonoha taken during gym class. She starts to fill him in on what she learned about Kotonoha, but he gets so mad when he thinks that she told someone that he pushes her against the railing. After she reassures him that she hasn’t told anyone, Sekai points out how bad it’d be if anyone saw him holding her like that. Once he lets go, she offers to help him with his unrequited love, and Makoto has no choice but to accept.

The next day, Sekai writes Makoto a few more notes concerning what she knows about Kotonoha before she drops the big news: they’ll be eating lunch with her. Makoto feels that he isn’t prepared for this yet, and it doesn’t help that he learns that although Kotonoha doesn’t have anyone she likes, she has someone she’s interested in. Sekai eventually forces him to go up to the rooftop with her, and after introductions, they have lunch. Kotonoha has made sandwiches, but both Sekai and Makoto soon find out how bad they taste. Not wanting her to feel bad, Makoto wolfs down the rest of the them anyway. Once he’s done choking them down, Kotonoha wipes his mouth, and both become embarrassed when they realize what she’d one. When Sekai excuses herself to leave them alone, Makoto tries to explain to Kotonoha that he’s usually more composed than this. Later that night, Makoto expresses his gratitude towards Sekai over the phone for getting him the chance to talk with Kotonoha like that. He also admits that he’s going to tell Kotonoha his feelings for her, so Sekai urges him to do his best.

During gym class the following day, Kotonoha reveals that Makoto confessed to her that morning. She had accepted his feelings and now reveals that the person she had been interested in was none other than him. Thus, Kotonoha is very happy and thanks Sekai for introducing them. That afternoon, Sekai finds Makoto waiting at the train station for Kotonoha who had committee work to do. Sekai explains that she did all this because it was fun, and since Makoto insists on paying her back for it, she suddenly kisses him. Before he can react, she runs onto the train, and as it pulls out of the station, she starts crying.

ED Sequence

ED: 「ウソツキ」 (Usotsuki) by CooRie
Watch the ED!: Mirror 1, Mirror 2
No OP this week, just an ED. It’s a CooRie song though, so I don’t have much to say about it since the more I listen to her songs, the more they start to blend together.

The first episode of School Days is about what I expected in terms of good production quality and covered pretty much everything I had read about in promotional material for the show (from Sekai setting up Kotonoha and Makoto to Sekai kissing Makoto). Given that this series is only 13 episodes long, it’s apparent that they’re not wasting any time in getting the plot going by setting up the love triangle between Makoto and the two girls. This first episode doesn’t make me hate Makoto yet, but I’m sure if they make him as bad as he’s rumored to be, that’ll be forthcoming.
Overall, this seemed like a nice romance show, but I wonder if it’s being deceptively peaceful now so that the later violent parts (if they should decide to go that path) have more impact. Even though it’s still too early to tell what direction they’re going to be headed in, I can’t help but question if the title screen abruptly shattering like glass means anything – a hint to the shattered peace later, perhaps. This show has a lot of emotional drama potential, especially since it starts out somewhat similarly to KimiNozo, so I’m really looking forward to what happens from here. For now, I’m rooting for a Sekai ending.


  1. The whole peaceful thing makes the anime so much better to watch, especially if you know what’s going to happen so I really hope they do go down the more violent path later.

  2. “This seemed like a nice romance show, and I wonder if it’s being deceptively peaceful now so that the later violent parts (if they should decide to go that path) have more impact.”
    I’ve played the visual novel a bit and it’d be tough for them to avoid an R15+ rating when they will choose THAT path.

  3. i’m rooting for the HEADFIRST SUICIDE DROP ENDING”KA-SPLAT!!!”, or the STAB’EM UP IN THE PARK ENDING” BLARGH!!!!!”.. just tell me when their out omni

    BROOKLYN otaku
  4. What the… are you really blogging this series!?
    lol I am also root for one of the bad endings. GO PSYCHO GIRLS KILL THEM ALL!

    “I’ve played the visual novel a bit and it’d be tough for them to avoid an R15+ rating when they will choose THAT path.”

    Dood this thing is 18+ rating, its hentai. The guy even H that loli in one of the route.

  5. I went on wikipedia and I was reading about the bad endings and there really sad.
    These are the endings (read the bad ones first; The Blood Conclusion freaks me out):
    Show Spoiler ▼

  6. For those who’ve seen the first ep arleady, and have also played the game. Do they have his personality the same? I always figured they’d change him a bit for the show, make him less of an ass unlike in the game.

  7. Let’s just hope that suicide, chinsaw, and blood spilling out won’t come out for the anime version of ending, but the animation is a lot nicer than the game. Still i was hoping that it will be a completely different ending in the 1st ep though 🙁 most of the main part in the game is still the same.

  8. Been waiting for this for some time… really glad you’re gonna blog this!

    I’m probably one of the few who wants a happy ending… but that doesn’t mean they can’t incorporate the “bad” endings either… maybe a “dream sequence” for Makoto on possible consequences… that’ll work for me 🙂

    And I’m with you… I like Sekai better, so I’m hoping for that ending.

    – T

  9. I’m sure they’ll have to keep the violent scenes off the TV series, given the nature of the story and to avoid the dreaded R-15 rating or worse. Mostly likely the drama will soar to great heights almost to the point that if it wouldn’t be diffused soon enough (i.e. before the series ends), things would explode in everyone’s faces.

    Sailor Enlil
  10. I can see it now. A new “Poll of the Day”: given a choice of any “good” ending and any “bad” ending to School Days, I predict that Random C visitors would lean at least 95% in favor of “bad” endings. Look, who reeeeeally wants to watch another “dating-sim-turned-anime adaption” when we can watch little girls cut each other up?

    Speaking of which, when does Higurashi start?

  11. Actually, the whole thing gets so messy that there is no one to blame. At least, that is what i remember from playing the game. But certainly Makoto is the number one to blame.

  12. yup… it’s gona be more and more voilence… the games seems to sux… it was considered the worst game released… lol!!! anyway… i’v finihs watching the whole thing and it’s not bad…

  13. @padfoot135
    the game isnt sux….is just annoying cause the patchs for the game is over 1gb…
    anyway hope they make a anime orignal ending cause the ending in the game is too bloody XD

  14. SCHOOL DAYS!!!

    Too bad 24 to 1 that it is neutered so badly that the whole point of the game is lost. You know…a anti-dating sim. “There’s Hell to pay for messing with girls’ feelings.”

  15. I hope they do something completely unconventional from other anime and GO FOR THE VIOLENT ENDINGS. Hopefully.

    I’m rooting for sweetheart Kotonoha. She’s just too cute.

  16. Heh, I hope they do not go for any of the “bad” endings.

    But on the other hand…I probably will not be following this show, so I do not care that much. I cannot stand pathetic male protagonists. Such characters give a bad name to all men in general. I still remember how I wanted to punch the screen every episode while watching KimiNozo.

    Well…I got that out of my system. To those who are looking forward to this show, please enjoy it!

  17. Aw shit…this anime better not follow the game’s endings. All of ’em sound pretty shitty and bloody to me (except for the happy ending and harem ending). Worse of all, I hate animes with an indecisive protagonist and I hate seeing the girls getting sad and all. That’s most probably one of the reasons why I enjoy animes with a harem theme. Well, I suppose I’ll read the weekly reviews (if any) before deciding whether I should get this.

  18. Hm…1 guy and a lots of girls. I’m almost 100% sure that they not make a bad/bloody ending. Probably (another) harem anime? I heard that the game was terrible. If thats so,than they need something new. They not gonna make the same mistake twice. Probably a Kotonoha/Sekai happy ending. No ones going to die. I dunno about this animes genre,but if this is a school/romance thingy than a happy ending. If theres drama in it,than bad,maybe bloody. So lets hope for the best. I prefer the happy ending better. yomax out

  19. I really like this anime the first time I saw it. The opening and the ending was good.
    I’ve watched some parts of the anime and it really shocked me!

    I hope you would continue in posting episodes for this anime because its really hard to search for a site where onecan get summaries/episodes…

    Take Good Care of Yourself!

  20. I believe the music in this episode gave pretty strong hints favoring the ‘bad end’ with all the non-harmonic tones thrown in to abruptly derail the natural development of initial musical idea/passage. I find it not surprising that Sekai will have many fans as she and her friend, Setsuna, are the most complex characters in this series.

    Makoto is already showing the signs of typical loser Harem male syndrome, for real man would have reacted much cooler and steady headed toward Sekai’s comments and would either firmly refuse Sekai’s invitation to lunch or accept and coolly prepare for it. No matter what the ending will be, they can’t make this ‘drama’ without making Makoto the losingest harem male lead ever, so I don’t see how this series will not make Makoto behave even worse and wishy-washy.

  21. omg!! this better be a good anime..cuz ive been look for one for the longest time..anyways im still tryin to finnish SOLA ..and its soo good.and tat girl with long hair reminded me of her lols xD hehe

  22. Watched the 1st ep just now. Firts impression….Makoto is an idiot and i hate Kotonoha’s character and voice. Sekai is the best. Dunno about the (game’s) story,but she MUST survive. 😀 When Makoto & Sekai was on the schools roof i though for a sec that Makoto go insane or something and drop down Sekai from the roof.

  23. Hmm about the same as the game version, although I liked the game version better it passes. Heh Makoto’s problem is that he FIRST screws the girls THEN picks one… what cunt.

  24. At this point i will take any ending except the bloody ending. For some reason i feel more depressed when someone is rapped rather than when someone is killed XP

  25. MeeM
  26. A romance high school drama, a long time without one…

    I’m routing for Kotonoha, I like more her character; but it would be interesting to see those violent paths that you mentioned. I’m going to read about it in Wikipedia, I need to very well inform of what the hell I’m seeing here.

    WOW! Very impressive… and if Makoto is really a bastard, he deserves to die…

    I’ll keep along with you…

    Syaoran Li
  27. To everyone that’s saying that the first episode came out months ago, that wasn’t the anime. That was just the game, which is fully animated, uploaded to look like an episode, if that makes any sense.

    I’ve been wanting this to be turned into a show for quite some time now. I’m glad it’s finally happened.

    Personally, I’m looking forward to a bad ending. I think there’s a good chance of going with one because it’s what the series is usually known for. I’m hoping for the ‘killing with saw’ ending. x3

    I like Kotonoha better than Sekai right now, but will probably like Setsuna the most in the end, since she seems cool.


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