Because she’s so concerned about her brother, Karin one day accidentally kicks her soccer ball too hard and causes it to fall towards the nearby road. Luckily, a stranger – Hitsugaya – stops it before it enters the intersection and returns it to her. However, he then disappears. Karin is on her way to practice soccer with her friends, but when she gets there, she finds that the junior high school students are unwilling to give up the field. She ends up arguing with the older kids through the afternoon until one of them finally suggests that they settle it with a soccer match the following Saturday. Her friends don’t think that they can win and suggest getting Ichigo to help, but she tells them that he’s on a trip. On the way home, they run into Hitsugaya again, and, after trying to get to know him, Karin asks him to help them with the game. When Hitsugaya starts to walk off, Karin kicks her ball at him, and he surprises them by returning it via a bicycle kick. The kids gather around him in amazement, but Hitsugaya soon gets a cell phone notification of a Hollow, and he notices that Karin seems to sense something too. Since he’s the closest one, he runs off to fight it.

Karin goes searching for Hitsugaya again the next day and finds him in the same spot again. In an attempt to talk with him, she asks why he comes here, so Hitsugaya explains that this spot is the best place to view the sky – it brings back memories of the time he spent with Hinamori in his childhood. Hitsugaya then gets another cell phone notification of a Hollow and when he attempts to rush off again, Karin stops him because she senses something bad again. Fortunately, one of the other Shinigami soon defeats the Hollow, making it unnecessary for him to go. Karin then tries to get him to come practice with her friends, but Hitsugaya doesn’t give her a straight answer. He does end up coming to watch Karin and her friends practice, but he leaves when Matsumoto shows up and starts teasing him about having an interest in Karin. Hitsugaya doesn’t show up when the day of the match arrives, leaving Karin and her friends to play the junior high school kids by themselves. To make matters worse, in the opening play, one of the older kids injures Karin’s leg and rendering her ineffective, further crippling the team. The junior high team quickly goes up four goals to Karin’s team’s none, but then Hitsugaya finally shows up.

With Hitsugaya’s skills, the team is quickly able to even the score, and he even lets Karin kick the goal that wins it. Afterwards, he wants to talk with her about something, but he never gets around to it because a Hollow suddenly appears. Karin is surprised that Hitsugaya can see the Hollow, but she’s also unwilling to run away because of her friends there who are now unconscious. When she kicks a soccer ball at its face, the Hollow responds by trying to smash her with its fist. Acting quickly, Hitsugaya brings out his Shinigami form and saves her. He proceeds to use his ice powers to defeat the monster and manages to slice it in half before it can use its cero blast. Once the battle is over, Karin asks him if he knows where Ichigo is since she just saw that Hitsugaya is a Shinigami too. He’s shocked to find out that she’s Ichigo’s little sister, but he admits to not knowing of Ichigo’s whereabouts. Still, he does say that Ichigo is becoming stronger, just like she is, and he tells her not to worry. Karin then gets to meet Matsumoto, and she’s impressed that Hitsugaya has a vice-captain even though he’s a grade-schooler. This of course gets him really mad because, despite how he looks, he’s not actually in elementary school.

ED Sequence

ED: 「橙」 (Daidai) by チャットモンチー (Chatmonchy)
Watch the ED!: Mirror 1, Mirror 2
This is another interesting ED not because the song is particularly good (it’s okay, but nothing special) but because of the continued focus on Inoue, including the spoilerish beginning of it. Heck, the title Daidai even means bitter orange, which seems like a reference to her and Ichigo’s hair colors.


I actually didn’t dislike this episode as much as I thought it would (and no, Don Kanonji didn’t show up). I wouldn’t call it a great episode, but it managed to stay entertaining enough with the soccer theme combined with how Karin is searching for Ichigo. Maybe it’s because it’s been a while since we’ve had a Karin-centric episode – she’s been in some of the recent episodes, but I think the last episode she played a big part was probably back in episode 50. The other part of the reason might be because she knows Ichigo is a Shinigami, so there’s potential for something to happen with her in the story (much like Tatsuki). It’s yet to be seen in the manga if anything will happen in that regard, and hopefully the writers here haven’t dug themselves into a hole by revealing who Hitsugaya and Matsumoto are to her.
Unfortunately, the anime originals don’t appear to be over yet, as next week seems to be about Ikkaku, and future episode titles show that the weeks after that will be about Yumichika, and then about Kon and Rangiku.


  1. How was the animation quality this week? This episode doesn’t seem to be putting me off as much as the last few.. I might check it out.

    But, man, am I tired of fillers. Especially after this weeks manga chapter.

  2. I could probably say I like these fillers a lot more than the previous (yuck) bounto arc. I actually liked Bleach the most in its beginning stages, when the focus was on fighting hollows in the town. Still, I wish they didn’t have to resort these types of things. =\

  3. is he really 100 years old??? AND HE’S GOT A 10 YEAR OLD SMECKLE!!!!! he should just kill himself..

    ps= i hate fillers as much as the next dude, but i can actually stand bleach fillers, bounto arc wasent that bad. especially when you compare it too shitastic, D GRAYMAN, AND NARUTO.. fucking naruto could go three episodes with these stupid kid ninjas talking about the enemy their about to fight WITH THE MOTHERFUCKER RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM!!!!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  4. Be fair to the episode, now is Copa America time.

    Apparently if you look at the picture Large 19.jpg,
    Hitsugaya is doing a Mexico Blanco move, which he show off
    in the world cup some year ago.

  5. did i notice that ? next preview is about renji and ikkaku going bankai against menos grandes :0 that 133 episode could be enuff to saves a 1 week break 😛 of waiting again @@

  6. wads the point of the spoilers in the ending and opening if the anime will never get to it? the bounto arc fillers i can least it had a tad bit of plot..but this is just lame….maybe

    although i would be interested in them making some 13 filler episode depicting daily life of the gotei 13

  7. Toushirou’s starting to act like Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist since they are sensitive about their height.

    IF only fillers were as good as this one, then people wouldn’t have to complain so much. But still in my opinion, since there are a lot of characters in the Bleach universe, it’ll will be interesting to see how they encounter and interact with each other like Toushirou and Karin for example. Heck, it’ll be funny to see who encounters who, and what sort of misunderstandings they face.

  8. I haven’t seen the episode yet and honestly i gave up bleach like 10 episodes ago. Though i REALLY like the ED. Enough to pick up this episode at least. ^^ I’m gonna try to see if i can make an mp3 of it or something as well. I can’t wait for the single!

    Thanks for blogging of course.

    Bomber D Rufi
  9. I liked this episode, I was actually looking forward to seein it last week when I saw the preview.

    Fillers aren’t that bad I think, at least they are showing us how everyone is getting their training, unlike the manga. Plus its bridges Hitsugaya’s strenght from his fight with #11 to his upcoming fight with #6.

    As for the new ending, I love the ending song. They used Tatsuki instead of Rukia this time, guess it was an onlu human thing.

    Elementary Student
  10. @jlyn101: “hitsugaya and karin remind me of edward and alphonse (Paku Romi and Kugimiya Rie)…”
    @Karis: “Toushirou’s starting to act like Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist since they are sensitive about their height.”

    Having Paku Romi and Kugumiya Rie interacting in the same episode is obviously reminiscent of FMA, but Hitsugaya’s sensitivity about his height was more than just a subtle reference to their other roles in the second scene with Karin and Hitsugaya, right before the bicycle kick. The Ronald McDonald-looking friend calls Hitsugaya a midget, Hitsugaya gets pissed and responds by asking “Who’s a super midget?” and Karin remarks that that’s not what the guy said. That exact exchange, with a few variances (and a “nii-san”), was a running joke in FMA, with Paku (Hitsugaya) as Ed and Kugimiya (Karin) as Alphonse.

  11. Lol, one of the only fillers that interested me. Hitsugaya playing soccer, wa-oh. And there was a bit of a Hitsugaya and Hinamori flashback.

    But to me it seemed like it looked like he misses his big sister.

    And look, Hitsugaya has found someone that’s not that taller than him! If only age. Gaah, Hinamori is still in a trance, right? Sigh.
    (I’m a HitsuHina fan going down the drain.)

  12. At first I thought watching 132 won’t be so bad since it might be a funny episode about a shinigami playin football. Boy was I wrong. Nothing about it was entertaining. The Bleach filler team should quit their job and do something that dosen’t involve ANY creativity like tuna fishing or planting corn.

    btw just checking, is Karin an anime original character? Dosen’t she like, know too much?

    The hell, I thought eps 133 was gonna be the continuation of the bloody story. Does anyone have a list of upcoming episode titles?

  13. man guys, give it a rest with the “Fillers should die” or “Why are we getting fillers?” Seriously, if we were to keep going on schedule with the events from the manga, we would easily catch up with the manga in a few months, and thats a big problem when the anime surpasses the manga, then the anime needs to make up shit until the manga is ahead again. I really see that these fillers are neccessary to make sure the series has enough gap between where it is now and where the manga is now. Btw this ep wasn’t too bad, just OK, but hey at least these arn’t Bount fillers.


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