Keigo’s sister Mizuho arrives at the kendo club to find its members all beat up after having been attacked the previous night by a rival school’s club. The goal of the rival club was to get them to pull out of the upcoming district tournament, and Karakura High School’s club is ready to do just that if not for Mizuho stopping them. She brings in Ikkaku to train the five first-years who didn’t get hurt, and to Keigo’s surprise, Ikkaku agrees to do it. He thus begins the freshmen on a training regiment from hell, and by the end of it, only one of them – a boy named Shinji – still has the spirit to spar with Ikkaku. Seeing him work so hard at this, Keigo asks Ikkaku why he’s doing it, and Ikkaku replies that it’s fun, but he also admits that it’s been a while since he’s seen eyes that desperately want to become stronger like Shinji has. The next day, Ikkaku finds the other four freshmen too injured to continue, and since Mizuho refuses to pull out of the competition, Ikkaku decides to go ask the other Shinigami to help. Unfortunately, both Rangiku and Yumichika turn him down because the kendo gear stinks too badly for them to wear.

Ikkaku eventually coerces Hitsugaya to help and gets Urahara to send Renji, but they’re still short one person even with Shinji included. They have no choice but to use the completely inexperienced Keigo, though Ikkaku isn’t worried because only three of them have to win out of five matches total. During the actual tournament, Hitsugaya easily wins the first round and Keigo loses the second round as expected. Before Renji’s match, he senses a Hollow, so he quickly gets the second win before heading off. The other Shinigami have to go too, leaving just Shinji behind as the fourth fighter. Ikkaku knows that he’ll win even if Shinji loses, but he feels that the person who wants to win the most is Shinji, so he urges him to go become a man. He then fights and defeat a Menos Grande with the others, and afterwards, Ikkaku rushes back to the competition. He arrives in time to see Shinji win, but Ikkaku still wants his own chance to fight in the competition, so he beats up the entire opposing team, including their leader that Mizuho has a grudge against for dumping her.


Not that to say that was badly animated – in fact, the quality was rather good compared to recent weeks – but watching this episode was like experiencing an exercise in different animation styles. I can only imagine what Bleach would be like if every episode looked like this or this, though those were admittedly the most amusing parts of this episode. Anyway, getting to see Ikkaku in the spotlight again isn’t bad (even fun with the way it was presented), but I still would rather we get back to the main story. Next week, however, looks to be about Yumichika and the soul of a baker.


  1. actually liked this episode. Hey wait! did i say i Liked a filler episode?1 0_o
    For the first time in nearly 2 years, i enjoyed watching a filler episode!! There should be something wrong with me…

  2. @Tensai Otaku

    And what does that have to do with Bleach? Take your videogame fanboyism somewhere else, kind sir. We don’t need a discussion going on here like there is everywhere else. Actually, they’re not even discussions. They’re retarded arguments with incoherent points.

    This filler episode looks rather interesting. I’ll give it a shot. Last week wasn’t bad.

  3. HOLY SH*T!! GAINAX IS DOING BLEACH NOW!!!!!YAY!!!..but seriosly i thought that some residual pcp that i ingested in the 90’s came losse from my spine! very strange pics, interesting..oh yeah QIN i agree totally!!HILARIOUS

    BROOKLYN otaku
  4. hahaha its all the same like Naruto first few filler was quite good then suddenly everyhing went down down down DOWWWWWWNNN hope this so called Bleach filler wont sink that much like Naruto

  5. oh man, i hope all fillers will atleast have the quality and crazyness like thsi :DDDDDD. Seriously, its about half a hour already after i watched it and i cant stop laughing, while remembering some of scenes lol :DD

  6. I think its safe to say that there will be 2-3 more fillers, well who else is there in the real world that hasn’t had their own filler ep? Next week: Yumichika, week after: probably Chad and Renji, after that: maybe Orihime and Rukia. After those 2-3 filler, then maybe 1 or 2 weeks off for new eps. That’s just my guess just so they don’t catch up to the manga.

  7. “Next week, however, looks to be about Yumichika and the soul of a baker.”

    Soul-ar hands. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    Again, I’m glad to see Bleach’s generally-neglected supporting cast getting some screen time. Ichigo’s training is never anything amazing, and by cutting away from it so regularly, we get more of a sense that he’s really working hard.

  8. Strange. On a technical note, Keigo was supposed to be jiho. However when he was having his match, the spots both he and his opponent were sitting in seemed to be that of chuuken, the position that goes after jiho.

  9. man i really hate bleach filler episodes

    i let that uneeded filler season go because it was a filler that still reatined some of the bleach main story(?)

    but man im sick and tired of them

    im giving one more week after next episode and if its another lame ass filler im killing off bleach on my watch list

  10. Well, given the stage the manga is at, the anime is catching up way too fast — seriously, it would only take another 6 or 7 episodes of the anime to completely catch up to the manga if they continued pacing it the way they were. If they paced it more like Shippuuden is going, then maybe 13 episodes. In light of that, I would expect these fillers to go on for at least 15-20 more weeks.

  11. Shippuuden pacing is… well, it’s SPECIAL to say the least.

    Kakashi: “Okay, so this is a five-point seal, and we need five people to remove all the seals at the same time in order to break the seal.”

    Naruto: *nod*

    Gai: “So there are five seals…”

    *Camera pans around everybody for like thirty seconds*

    Tenten: “And we need to remove them all…”

    *Another thirty-second pan*

    Lee: “At the same time!”

    *Ten-second pan back to Kakashi*

    Kakashi: *pause… nod!*

    I’ll admit it, I like filler better than that, no matter how bad the filler is. XD


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