When Makoto calls Kotonoha one night, her little sister answers the phone and is very excited to be able to talk to her big sister’s boyfriend. Kotonoha takes back the phone after she gets out of the bath, but she’s less than happy about how Makoto decides to call her little sister Kokoro-chan while he’s still referring to her by her last name Katsura. During lunch the next day, she reveals that Kokoro wants to meet him, which Makoto interprets to mean that he’ll get to go to her house. Sensing reluctance in Kotonoha’s voice, Sekai advises that she shouldn’t be too lenient with him, though Kotonoha claims she’s okay with it. When she returns back to class, Kotonoha is confronted by her classmate Katou Otome who demands to know where she went for lunch. Otome blames Kotonoha’s brief absence for personally getting stuck with committee work, and the other girls in her posse then figure out that Kotonoha went to see her boyfriend. This causes Otome to question if Kotonoha’s boyfriend is more important than her committee work, and after Kotonoha denies it, she gets left with all the paperwork.

On the way home that afternoon, Makoto notices something bothering Kotonoha and urges her to tell him if something happened since they’re lovers. The thought of being lovers with Makoto causes Kotonoha to touch his collar, and Makoto thinks that she wants a hug. What really strikes a chord with Kotonoha is how he continues to call her Katsura, and when they arrive at her station, she pushes him away and runs off the train. Unbeknownst to either of them, they had been seen by one of Sekai’s friends Hikari who then sends a text message to Sekai telling her about it, except that Hikari refers to Makoto as Sekai’s boyfriend. Sekai replies back that he’s not her boyfriend, and she proceeds to give Makoto a call to lecture him on it. Makoto thinks that the hug was okay since they’re lovers, but he gets an earful from Sekai about considering Kotonoha’s feelings. Sekai wants him to apologize to Kotonoha, but Makoto doesn’t get his chance the next morning because Kotonoha takes the bus instead of the train.

Makoto doesn’t see Kotonoha again until lunchtime when she joins him on the rooftop of the school. He thinks that she might be still angry, but since she’s not, he changes the subject to visiting her house to meet Kokoro. Although today is too sudden, Kotonoha suggests Sunday, which makes Makoto very happy. Sekai meanwhile didn’t join the two for lunch because she didn’t want to get in the way and instead ate with her friends who tease her about her closeness to Makoto. At her job later, Sekai gets paid a visit by Setsuna who wants to know if she really isn’t going out with Makoto. Sekai immediately says that she’s not and reassures Setsuna that there’s nothing going on between them. Sunday soon arrives, so Makoto pays a visit to the Katsura home and spends the way playing with Kotonoha and Kokoro. During a tea break, Kokoro suddenly asks why Makoto calls her sister Katsura, causing Kotonoha to look away painfully. It’s not until the walk home that Makoto asks Kotonoha if what he calls her is that important. She quickly answers that it is, so Makoto decides to start calling her by her given name, and Kotonoha decides to do the same for him to.

On the train platform before they part ways, Kotonoha asks Makoto to close his eyes. Makoto thinks that she’s going to kiss him on the lips, so he puckers up, but to his surprise, she kisses him on the cheek instead. That night, Makoto tells Sekai over the phone about what happened. She feels that this is the real start of his relationship, but after thinking about it, Makoto tells her that that it’s tiring dealing with Kotonoha.

ED Sequence

ED3: 「ウソツキ」 (Waltz) by いとうかなこ (Itou Kanako)

The episode’s overall pacing was a bit on the slow side, but they ended on a pretty good cliffhanger with what Makoto says. And here I had actually been thinking most of the episode that he hadn’t done anything quite as bad as last week and had maybe even redeemed himself a little by getting things smoothed out with Kotonoha. Still, I suspect that the placement of that line at the end of the episode makes it a bigger deal than it really is. It may be an indicator for how he’s feeling at the moment, but I don’t expect Makoto to stop trying with Kotonoha until he gets her in bed. Whether or not that’ll come to pass, I don’t know, though it should be noted that next week’s episode title is 「無垢」 (muku), which means innocence or purity.
I guess this could also be a good place for Makoto’s feeling to start shifting towards Sekai a little, so the story could head off in that direction too. As much as she continues to deny it, Sekai definitely has feelings for him, especially since the subject up keeps being brought up. However, without something big happening to disrupt Makoto and Kotonoha’s relationship, I just don’t see her stealing him away yet. “Yet” of course is the key word there since there are plenty of episodes left for something big to happen.


  1. NOw i am sure – Makoto lamest guy is …i can only hope no one ever invents a character like him…god how i hate protagonist characters who are like this lamer >.

  2. for those ppl who wants to hate makoto more watch him on summer days video where she f**** kokoro in the dam summer days.

    if your looking for it too bad it’s torrent is probably dead by now.

    kokoro is cute btw!

  3. Impressive, what a bastard Motoko is. Had Kotonoha kissed 3cm to the left, he’d have been all jumpy-cheery.

    In a way, I almost already enjoy how much I’m probably going to hate him later.

    Good ep!

  4. about those bad endings: it would be funny if the show somehow make a reference to them like having Makoto thinking about being two-timer and wondering what will happen to him by the end of the show LIKE imagining those endings.

  5. Without seeing it subbed I will refrain from comment.

    I do say this, Makoto is not the worst male lead (read “Pastel”) … its a very common stereotype and I do not think its a bad thing since what the hell do you expect from a male lead? something that would wrap up in 2 episodes if they do not go under “the drama!!!” of shoujo?

  6. Drakron, Makoto is the worst male lead ever. The guy form Pastel is just a like the rest of the Harem male, a Wimp. But Makoto is damn Bastard, if you call him a jackass you would be insulting the jackass.

  7. Again … without seeing subs I will make no comment.

    Also NOTHING can beat the “male” lead of My Barbaric Girlfriend … NOTHING! but that is Shoujo so it does not count.

  8. KingOfBastards

    We can’t live without mitochondria and most bacteria actually play a very positive role in our bodies and the ecosystem. Grouping Makoto with them is still a insult to the world at large.

  9. Sure we cannot live without mitochondria and its all fun and games until some crazy experiment involving some scientist wife goes wrong and suddenly people start to bursts into flames.

  10. I’m pretty sure this series is doing one of two things:

    1) setting us up for one of the greatest pay-offs in anime ending history (the “protagonist” everyone loves to hate recieves a ghastly, gruesome, and grisly death befitting the unholy, unrighteous, unscrupulous unworthy spawn of the undead that Makoto is).


    2) setting us up for one of the greatest let-downs within our extended collective memories (he ends up with generic visual novel girl A and/or B, and thus not give us what we critically and desperately desire).

    We’re all seeing this production for one reason, and in more than one way, the end can not come soon enough.

  11. Meh…to be honest, not a lot of chicks in these harem anime are what I consider ideal for a girlfriend anyway. I hate girls who’re too shy, Koto., and chicks like Sekai pisses me the hell off, because they keep pushing their noses into my business. I think Makoto has reached the stage, and I’m certain we’ve all reached with any girl/guy before, where he realizes that he never felt anything more than a physical attraction to her. I’ll give the guy credit, at least he’s honest and outspoken about his feelings.

  12. Heh, whenever I read any comments about this show on any blog/forum, I start snickering.

    About 10% of the comments are about the actual content of the show, and 90% are about how the protagonist is such a lame jerk/bastard/insect and so on… Looks like there is a contest about who is going to come up with the best insult to describe him. And what’s even funnier, it seems like the guy was dubbed “worst male protagonist ever” even before the start of the show.

    It almost makes me want someone to defend him just once. Now that will surely generate some interesting discussion about the show. I wonder if it will be like that until the very end…:)

  13. Funnier is such comments are likely of guys that never even been in a date to start with.

    Honestly, I hate the stereotype male lead because when its romance manga/anime they cannot break away from a certain mold so I expect “him” but truth be told Makoto so far have not irritated me because I assume he is someone that honestly have no clue on what to do … he makes mistakes (the previous episode was him making a lot of errors due to relying on a “how to date” book, Sekai dating advice and honestly bad judgment calls on his part … I do not have a bad impression of him.

  14. “I don’t really bother watching this series.. i will do so right away if it ends up with murder ending. And the guy die!”

    See, that’s what I am talking about. It seems like most people are not really interested in the show itself, but they are just praying for the guy to mess up more and more so that he gets killed in the end. I don’t get it! If you want to watch blood, there are plenty of other shows that can satiate that craving.

    Now I actually want the show to end with a non-bloody ending, just to see everybody’s reaction. I’m sure many people will feel like they’ve wasted their time.

  15. I like Drakron’s assessment of the character. He’s not quite the same as most harem male leads. He is actually dating one of the girls, and he isn’t really sure what he’s doing since it’s his first time. Whereas a lot of leads act totally uninterested in women or hide their feelings, whatever.

  16. I like how this series is already causing a lotta ruckus, and we’re not even in “juicy” conflict parts yet 😉

    The bloody ending(s) is much too predictable for this show based on its source material, and I am sure 90% of everyone who watches this show saw those bloody endings already, either on youtube or somewhere on the net. A non-bloody ending would actually be a nice twist, even if it doesn’t end up being a happy one.

    Then again, the bloody ending(s) is probably why 90% of the people who watch this show still follow it 😉

    – T

  17. About Makoto,up till now l can’t really say he’s a bastard.I find his character somewhat realistic as someone who dates 4 the first time.Someone said it depended on the player picking the bad choices in the game.For anyone who played it,is the episode based on the worst possible choices?

    And imo Kotonoha is also kinda irritating with her”l don’t talk about what l want,figure out yourself how l feel” attitude.

  18. Omni actually you should’nt write “However, without something big happening to disrupt Makoto and Kotonoha’s relationship, I just don’t see her stealing him away yet.” If it does follow the game, it’s not Sekai who will act it’s Makoto by saying “Maybe we should not meet for a while” (atleast thats what i remembered) to Kotonoha. (what a bloody bastard playing with a women’s love) The school festival should start too, if what I say actually happens.

  19. Isn’t Makoto infamous for the fact he does the exact opposite or twists the player’s choice terribly? Really, I hope they make a new ending where he gets dumped and left alone with no one dying.

  20. oh man i really dont want anyone to die!!!! im just here for a good harem show. considering the fact that this is Makoto first gf i can understand his mistakes even though some are a little stupid. But what gets me is that if Kotonoha had a problem with what he was calling her why didnt she say something.

  21. Well, cuz the eps not out on sub yet, I cant really say anything about this episode. But in my opinion, the male lead is actually quite realistic and isnt afraid to say wats on his mind…although he should keep that to himself and not tell someone else (well maybe, we all confide to our friends every now and then). I mean i too would be tired if I had to take care of a little child like that for a while (I know cuz my eldest sister is already married and has a child(Demon)). Anyways, although he said he it is tiring, he didnt actually say he is starting to not like Kotonoha. Only time will tell what will happen and later I may change my opinion on this matter, but for now, I do not think Makoto is a horrible lead so far. And with, I conclude my 2 cents worth.

  22. So far…actually, in the game, he doesn’t really fair much better.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  23. im pretty sure this animes gonna turn out like note, where one student starts out all nice and , and gradually becomes an evil mass er/rapist in the end. first he says he’s fine just watching katsura, and now he’s ed that she kissed him on the cheek. goddam this animes ign me off

  24. I don’t get it at all; how can Makoto be tired of dealing with Kotonoha after a few days of becoming lovers. Did he really love her or it was only platonic’s love. Well, as you have said Onmi; Sekai has feelings for Makoto; is fun to see and reminds me a lot from Peach Girl; the only difference is that we had 26 episodes over there and we have only 12 over here. If everything goes smooth and equal as Peach Girl, Makoto will end with Sekai.

    I don’t know, but I’m still routing for one of the bad ends the game has to offer; if that doesn’t happen; at least one scene on the bed no matter with who. Still, this series needs a happy ending.

    I don’t know if School Days would be capable of left out an ecchi scene; but after seeing them naked on the OP, everything can happen from now on.

    Next week’s episode looks promising. Until then.

    Syaoran Li
  25. I actually think both girls did worse than Makoto on this ep, Kotonoha is by far more ridiculous and annoying than Makoto in this episode , can she be any more of a puritan? And Sekai just needs to be told to mind her own business…


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