Having been ordered by Yamamoto to send someone to look into making the limit-lifting procedure simpler and to examine Arrancar and Espada spirit residue, Mayuri passes the task along to the Technology Development Bureau. Rin gets the job because only she wants to go to the real world, though in truth she wants to go mainly to eat sweets. Joining her is Hanatarou, and the two first head to Urahara’s shop where Urahara appoints Yumichika to show them where the Arrancar appeared. After Rin manages to get the readings she needs, the two pass by a shop where Rin buys some cake with the help of a machine that lets other people see souls. However, before they can move on, they encounter the soul of a baker who is chained to the store. Yumichika wants to send him to Soul Society, but Rin and Hanatarou want to listen to what the man has to say first. It seems that this baker, whose name is Momoyama Heita, got hit by a car and has a mother who keeps visiting the spot where he died. Since his mother never tasted one of his cakes, Momoyama wants to teach Yumichika and the others how to make a cake so that they can give one to his mother to eat. Rin really wants to do it, so they use Urahara’s kitchen and get going on their first attempt.

After a few problems as the group learns the steps, they finish the cake, but Momoyama wants someone who’s eaten cake before to taste it. Since Hanatarou, Yumichika, and Rin all haven’t, the duty falls to Renji and Sado who are still in training. When those two find it disgusting, the newly trained bakers are forced to go through several more iterations until they finally get it right. They then make their way back to the bakery and find Momoyama’s mother laying some flowers where he died. When they present her the cake, she surprisingly turns it down, stating that she can’t eat cake anymore because it reminds her of her son. In trying to chase after his mother, Momoyama accidentally knocks the cake to the ground, though it lands right side up and manages to keep its general form. Desperate for his mother not to leave, Momoyama suddenly experiences great pain as his chain starts crackling with red energy. At the same time, a Menos Grande appears, so Yumichika leaps up to fight it. After Momoyama chains up his mother to prevent her from leaving, Hanatarou decides to use his zanpaktou on the baker’s soul. He stops Momoyama from becoming a Hollow by hitting the chain at the spot where it attaches to Momoyama’s chest, allowing the zanpaktou to fill up and transforming it into a scalpel. Hanatarou then uses the stored energy of his zanpaktou against the Menos Grande, and Yumichika finishes it off.

A recovered Momoyama now rushes to her mother’s side, and she can now seem him thanks to Rin’s machine. Momoyama then tells his mother about the cake, so she tastes it and finds it delicious. Afterwards, she apologizes to him and promises that she won’t say it hurts to look at cakes again.< ?p>


The whole cake and baker story was pretty boring one-shot to watch, but at least the battle with the Menos Grande and seeing Hanatarou’s zanpaktou in action made it a little interesting. The only other thing that got me even remotely excited was hearing Mayuri say that he’ll show up for the decisive battle in the winter. Hopefully that’ll actually come to pass since I like watching him fight with all the tools at his disposal. In fact, an entirely Captain versus Espada battle could be very fun, though I’m sure that it won’t end up happening quite like that since the (manga) story has the potential for several plot twists to change things up. In any case, maybe next week’s episode with Kon will be more entertaining, but I’m not gonna get my hopes up.


  1. 2007-08-01 136. Civil War in Hueco Mondo! Ulquiorra’s death
    2007-08-08 137. The Malicious Battle, Aizen’s Trap

    well if you didnt read the manga then the titles do sound like the end of fillers

  2. “Ulquiorra’s death”

    my god, what the FUCK are animators doing with bleach these days? at this point i really want the anime to stop so it won’t get any more ridiculous than this.

  3. A filler mini-arc concerning Aizen and co. might just be an interesting change. What might be the problem is if Kubo plans to describe the whole Aizen-establishing-Las-Noches backstory that the titles of 136 and 137 are hinting at.

  4. beh, it’s a good thing this is being blogged, so I know it’s filler and don’t have to d/l the episode myself.

    For those who fallow the manga, it’s at a good part right now, story wise.

  5. “GP at 8:54 pm on July 18th, 2007

    beh, it’s a good thing this is being blogged, so I know it’s filler and don’t have to d/l the episode myself.

    For those who fallow the manga, it’s at a good part right now, story wise.”

    Haha… very true, and thus… I must say:

    -One must come to appreciate the blogger’s demonstration of immense will power by sitting through one episode after another of utter c***.-

    Props to you Omni… I must say you are a man of great fortitude to bear it week after week, fortelling what’s to come, so that we may avoid it.

  6. @random passerby n king:
    true true

    But I ain’t complaining. At least there’s something extra from Hueco Mundo. Besides, don’t watch a lot of anime anyway (in order to balance studies n play, haha)

  7. I’m starting to give up on this series. I mean it been fillers for like 10 epi’s now. And where the hell is Ichigo I mean is he even alive, wheres Aizen I thought he was going to make more of an apperence. Where are the Arracar’s? I hope the series get’s back on track soon.

  8. I can’t see why people are expecting the fillers to end anytime soon. The show has caught up to the manga.

    Last year, it was not so subtly revealed in the show how long the fillers were going to last for. When the first division captain said “aizen will take one year”, the fillers really did last for a year, and this season we were told when the upcoming battle will start, “winter”.

    So in all honesty I’m not expecting the fillers to end until then. If I’m wrong and they start before hand, well then fine, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

    As for the quality of the fillers, compared to the encompassing plot of the bounto arc, these fillers suck. They may have an interesting scene or two, but they still suck and are comparable to the horror of Naruto filler.

    This however, is the price to pay for some really kick-ass bleach eps. Can you look back at Shippuden and name an ep that was better than the best of bleach’s eps? I don’t think so.

    The molasses like ep pacing, and filler padding don’t really make any of the Shippuden eps memorable, except for the amazement you felt at how so little can happen in one episode and how long it could drag on.

    I hope at the very least, they will stop making these one shot fillers, and make a a huge arc that is at LEAST as good as the bounto arc.

  9. We’ll leave the fillers to you guys. Enjoy.

    To think that I abstained from reading the manga of both bleach and naruto just to be rewarded with two buckets of pee. Now I’ll have no regrets. Prolly the only reason I’ll watch an anime episode is if they did something like that Ikkaku bankai one.

  10. The cake idea is stolen from Kekkaishi Ep 7, instead of doing for his mom, he’s doing it for his brother. They’re both dead, are bakers and wants to make cakes for their family(brother/mother). Really sad they have to steal ideas really…

  11. Referring to the change of opening sound…

    It has been like this for more than a couple of weeks and here is why. Remember how Orange Range deceived fans with a different tune for Bleach OP1 when they released their single? Instead of making the same mistake, I think it was wise for the anime production team to give a preview of the actual single in TV Size for the latest Bleach OP that is going to be released in August.

  12. I read DB’s message ‘Worst Bleach episode ever’ at the beginning of the episode and thought ‘ Oh, it couldn’t be that bad. It’s Bleach after all’.

    After watching it – it is that bad.

    Really, what has Bleach come to? The plot was just weak, so weak.

  13. Wow, haven’t watched Bleach since the fillers started and it seems i won’t for a while. But that’s what i get for reading the scanlation, it just spoils everything. I’ve enjoyed more anime not based on manga (or not scanlated for the matter) than those based on scanlations that i have read. I’ll probably have to sacrifice one or the other, but i can’t…i’m just too addicted 😛


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