One night, Kokoro finds her older sister doing research with books on love, and she asks if Kotonoha has kissed Makoto. When Kotonoha doesn’t deny it, Kokoro realizes that she has. At school the next day, Makoto tells Sekai about how fun he thought it’d be to get a girlfriend, and when he doesn’t say anything after she tries to get him to mention some fun times, she scolds him for being half-hearted about it all. During lunchtime, the conversation between her friends about how far Nanami’s gotten in her relationship with an older boy causes Sekai to look upwards towards the rooftop. At that moment, Makoto is kissing Kotonoha, but when he gropes her breast, she pulls herself away. He reminds her that she had said that she’d try her best, so she tells him that she is, however her heart’s still not ready yet. Kotonoha then excuses herself saying that she has things to do, and that night, she calls Sekai to talk about it. Since Kotonoha is feeling a little guilty, Sekai blames Makoto for rushing too quickly, however Sekai also asks her about not wanting to do ecchi things with Makoto in the future, so Kotonoha mentions men who ride horses and describes an idealized situation of being together in a mountain lodge in Europe.

Kotonoha later finds out that her father got two tickets to the water park, so she decides to invite Makoto. However, her chance to ask him on the train the next day is ruined when a bump causes her to fall towards him and him to accidentally grope her breast. Kotonoha instinctively turns away from him because of this, but when she faces him to apologize, he stares out the window and says that it serves him right. His distant attitude prevents her from inviting him, and this is all seen by Hikari who tells Sekai about it later. During lunch, Sekai asks Makoto about how his relationship with Kotonoha is going and mentions being worried about him being impatient with ecchi things. When he yells at her, she drags him out into the hallway and has him tell her about what’s going on. Since it boils down to Makoto wanting to do ecchi things to Kotonoha, Sekai says that wanting such things for someone you love isn’t wrong, but the way he’s doing it is. She decides to help him out with some special training, and during class, Makoto writes her a note asking what that means. Sekai replies that she’s going to teach him about girls’ feelings, and after class, she takes him to the park.

After finding a relatively quiet place, Sekai tells Makoto about the ideal situations Kotonoha had said it would be okay to do ecchi things, and she brought him here because of how much Kotonoha seems to like nature. As for their actual training, she offers to teach him how to kiss, but before they can, they get discovered by a bunch of younger kids. Their next destination is a karaoke box, but Makoto points out that they don’t any privacy here either because of the surveillance camera. With no other choice, Sekai and Makoto return to school and head to the rooftop where it’s just the two of them. Sekai first has Makoto link his fingers with hers and then has him touch her hair before getting him to gently embrace her. When she wants him to whisper into her ear that he likes her, Makoto uses her name instead of Kotonoha’s, so she corrects him. However, Sekai isn’t quite sure about him touching her chest next because she doesn’t have experience with something like this, so she suggests he gently caress her breasts. While he’s touching them, she accuses him of thinking that they’re smaller than Kotonoha’s, and he admits that he did.

After a little more caressing, Makoto suddenly tells Sekai that he wants her, and he soon pushes her down onto the bench. Sekai struggles at first, but she eventually stops and lets him continue because this is special training. However, right as Makoto takes off her ribbon and starts unbuttoning her shirt, his cell phone beeps with a text message from Kotonoha asking for forgiveness for what happened this morning. In the end, Sekai and Makoto go home, and when they part ways, Makoto asks Sekai about continuing their special training. Sekai, however, refuses him and says that he should do it with Kotonoha. By chance, Makoto then runs into Kotonoha, and she asks him if he read his mail. He hadn’t, so Kotonoha apologizes for this morning and invites him to the pool. Still nearby, Sekai watches the two with a sad look in her eyes.

ED Sequence

ED4: 「記憶の海」 (Kioku no Umi) by yozuca*

That entire scene between Makoto and Sekai was pretty intense in the sexual tension department, approaching what I’d call a softcore tease. He actually got a lot further with her than I thought he would in his “special training,” and the two of them didn’t get caught either – I kept expecting Kotonoha to discover them up there any minute, but it never happened. In terms of long term drama potential, it’s probably better that she doesn’t find out about any type of relationship between Makoto and Sekai until her own relationship with him is further along, in which case such a revelation would become devastating, to say the least.
However you look at it though, Makoto cheated on Kotonoha with Sekai. I could be convinced that it might have started out as Sekai genuinely wanting to help Makoto (even though the phrase “special training” raised all sorts of warning flags in my head when she first mentioned it), but it definitely ended as something more than that. Still, I didn’t find myself blaming Sekai until she stopped struggling after Makoto pushed her onto the bench. She technically gave him consent to do a lot of foreplay-type things before that, but that seemed like the point where she was willing to go all the way. In short, I think Sekai is just as responsible for all this as Makoto is (if not more), but since I’m not a huge Kotonoha fan, I don’t feel particularly bad for her either. Right now, I’m just curious to see what happens from here because it’s clear that Sekai has a ton of feelings for Makoto, and he might even prefer her to Kotonoha.



    I’d write something about the absolute focus and sheer brilliance in execution of this show, but I have to go take care of my wood shower first.

  2. innocence and stupidity are a good thing to have in a show.

    i hope they make 2 seperate ending on the dvd when it comes out.

    kotonoha is much bolder than she appears in next few episodes than sekai that’s for sure

  3. I’ll say this much: As much as I hate the guy… if I’m really honest, and now look back at MY first encounters of this kind, I’ve got to admit that I’ve also been pushy as hell. With the distance and experience of the wiser age this is something I had to realize. So I guess I should cut Makoto at least a little bit of slack for his extreme sex drive… not about his treatment of the girls however…

    So, the one who’s obviously cracking first is actually Sekai. Interesting, I didn’t quite expect that 😉

  4. That’s the reason this episode is entitled purity…I looking forward with the swimming scenario how it would develop later on. Makoto should die soon.

    Here’s a crazy survey of man’s attitude towards women: (Just some joke)
    70% of man’s population in the world are Makotonians. School Days
    20% of man’s population in the world are Asounians. School Rumble
    5% of man’s population in the world are Saitonians. Zero No Tsukaima
    4% of man’s population in the world are Masanians. Seto No Hanayome
    1% of man’s population in the world are normal.

  5. Yep as much as i remember Makoto and Sekai were both bad. But to put in even worse, later, Kotonoha knows about it and still go out with him. A girl would just dump the guy that is it in real life.

  6. Hah, I knew this would happen. This is sad really, I thought the show would redeem itself after episode 2, but from the looks of things, Makoto will always be an asshole. Off my list this goes, I’ll probably start watching this again once the blood starts appearing on the show, which should be soon.

  7. man… boys r just such perverts and the girls who r letting him do that make things much worse, they make all girls look like whores who wanna do it all the time

  8. This might as well be Higurashi
    – Girls – Check
    – Lolis – We’ll just turn… Setsuna into a loli or sth… or even better have Katsura’s sister – Check
    – Pre-condition for random violence – Check


    On the other hand, an anime like this will probably let a pathetic guy like Makoto score with Saionji, Katsura AND Setsuna, maybe even Kato.


    sorry bout the caps but he really get on my nerves… he’s got a girlfriend with good looks, nice personality and great figure but falls for someone else… what do they see in him anyway?

  10. I agree. He’s like the weakest “Man” ever concieved. I mean, wouldn’t anyone be happy with just Kotonoha, but noooo, that bastard Makoto just wants more and more. He’s such a fag. At least the bad ending of the games were awesome (those were the only ones I actually played through). Hope they make it as bloody as they can 😀

  11. Let me just say, for people saying they hate this show & how much of an ass Makoto is, then stop obsessing over this to the point this blog gets more comments than Claymore…

  12. OMG! Makoto i so wanna throw u down from the school roof!
    It’s so godly obvious that sekai likes him! that idiot!


    Would anyone let u touch her breast for training purpose and help you out?! No Way In Hell!!!

  13. You know when KGNE rolled out everyone was like “Yo! Why’s Mitsuki such a ho?” but no one’s said the equivalent ’bout Sekai. Wonder why. I mean the situation is even worse. At least Mitsuki waited for Haruka to go into a bloody coma before making her move. Sekai’s just teasing around Makoto, the fagbastard, even while she’s “setting up” the 2.

    God bless for “friends”.

  14. I think nobody’s going “Yo! Why’s Mitsuki such a ho?” simply because the male lead is just too much of a fag. It’s like he’s a hate-magnet, so nothing reaches Sekai.

  15. I like this show… Makoto’s my kind of man – unlike most harem leads who are pathetic for NOT taking action on his harem, he’s pathetic for doing just the opposite. As Junichi of Da Capo once said in his dream sequence, if you don’t take what’s being offered to you, bad things might happen…

    This series might just become the sleeper hit of this year, but that’s just me…

    – T

  16. The whole problems pretty much lies with makoto NOT KNOWING WHEN TO F***ING STOP! He really is an idiot. Normal people (when i mean normal, i mean those who have a fking mind and not a complete imbecile who doesn’t know 2 shts of what’s going on) does the easiest and most straight forward thing, which is accepting help from friends, but not to the point of having them simulate how you’re going to screw them up. Last time i checked, when my friend tried to set me up with a girl didn’t have to go far enough to give me instructions on how to kiss her properly by using her as a practice doll. Seriously, anybody would know something is wrong. I garuantee, something ain’t clicking in that noggin’ of his. Like, when somebody goes all the way to show you how it’s done, you know that they’re up to something. You don’t go along with it, especially when you got yourself a girlfriend.

  17. Tamario: Yeah, I know that, but I’m assuming you don’t know. But the School Days game was really popular because of it’s crazy-ass bad endings, where either girl goes ballistic and just stabs the hell out of the other or commits suicide and all that, and that’s what I’m pretty much after.

    Actually I believe that’s why many of us are watching School Days, if there were no bad endings to it, I highly doubt that School Days warrants a watch considering how much of an ass Makoto is.

  18. i agree with Tolitz. Seriously, the guys an ass, but at least he’s better than the wimpy guys in most harems that can’t choose or are too shy to kiss or something. I wish there was more anime that had guys like that (not necessarily two timing guys but… just more backbone).

    Hmm, it’s still early in the series, I wonder how long this will go on before the guy gets the axe.

  19. I don’t know. I sorta like the wussy lead who is more careful about relationships than Makoto who just flipflops and fails even more spectacularly than most harem leads.

    Also, I find myself caring a bit more about Lovely Complex’s relationship angle even though Otani is possibly just as a hardhead as Makoto.

  20. Man, in some situations the guy would be called a pimp. He’s not shy about what he wants, sex. And the girls know it. Unlike other shows where they guys a total loser and doesn’t know what to do, Makoto does. Even though he wants to get right down to it, that’s how many guys are at that age. Ever wonder why HS relationships don’t last?

    The problem here is that Sekai is mostly at fault, but no one wants to bring it up at all. Lets just hate the guy cuz he’s horny, zomg! If Sekai would’ve just introduced them like in ep1, then stayed the fuck out of it, we wouldn’t have any sorta two timing going on. She wants him to mess with her, and he knows it. Training my ass, Sekai is the open type of girl that’s more his type, though he also likes kotonoha. That’s natural, at that age guys like lots of girls.

    You could call him an ass, and that’d be true, because he only things about himself at this point. Though because kotonoha is so shy around guys and stuff, it just makes Makoto look like even more of an ass. If he was with Sekai from the start, who’s a better match for him, then you wouldn’t get that vibe from him at all. And everyone would probably be saying how badass he is for getting with her and screwing her in almost every episode.

  21. GP Just reminded me of an anime called futari echhi… everyday they do that lol.. but it’s natural cause they are married.
    From the beginning, if Sekai only knew that Kotonoha has feelings for Makoto then she didn’t help Makoto out in the first place instead she should have told Makoto that she loves him.

  22. Both the wimpy dumbass type (90% of bishoujo game based animes) and the flipflop dumbasses such as Makoto and Manaka are downright awful.

    We’ve gotten some decent male leads on the past, I wonder why we can’t just go with those?

  23. “…it’s clear that Sekai has a ton of feelings for Makoto, and he might even prefer her to Kotonoha.”

    I agree.

    Kotonoha looks she have idolized notion of what a boyfriend is and seems to see Makoto more as a friend.

    Sekai is a good match for Makoto but for a idiotic reason she never perused that option (I guess we will learn more about that in the future) and its her “advice” and “training” that is bound to destroy any advance of Kotonoha/Makoto relation (that have yet to lift off the ground).

  24. Damn it! I don’t want another Kimi ga Nozomu Eien; when the friend that unites them in the first place ends keeping the guy (that wasn’t fair with Sakura after a 3-year-coma). So I’m routing with all my might for Kotonoha. Maybe we can have a change of heart for a while; with Makoto turning to Sekai but then releasing his true feelings were always with Kotonoha; something like that.

    I’m surprised they’re taking so seriously the ecchi path; maybe implicit like Tsukihime, hope so a little more (with the help of R-15). Well, a lot of things has to happen still, let’s go for all Makoto.

    Syaoran Li
  25. I really hate the plot when the guy falls in love with a girl; then he received help from another girl to reach that girl and confess his feelings. And then, little by little, his heart become captured by the girl who help him. Really despiteful… it made me sick.

    That’s why I’m with Kotonoha.

    Syaoran Li
  26. Had Sekai not kissed Makoto just before she left in the first episode, chances are he would still think of her as a friend only. There’s the first mistake i’ll point out, as much as everyone on here may love Sekai. Second, guys tend to play the idiot in romance animes. First kiss, yay. So now it means something big. First date, of course he’ll screw it up big time. Can’t be perfect right off the bat except in this case he took it right to a freakish extreme. Now, i haven’t seen this episode but i get a fairly good idea of what’s going on. Sekai, first off, is acting like an attention seeker. She wants him to notice him so why not “train” the idiot. Not all her fault though as he actually goes through with it. Ya know, normally, you would try these things out together with your girlfriend instead. Learn together, that way it has much more meaning. Kotonoha definately ain’t some cougar in bed so that would of been a much better way of going about things. Now getting back to Sekai, seeking attention by doing so. She wants him to see her, yet not enough to make her feel guilty should he break it off with Kotonoha and go to her, yet i would not doubt it that the thought of it happening in the back of her mind is screaming out for it to become a reality. I’ve no specific ending in mind that i’d like to see, however at this point there are some i would not want to happen such as the happy endings between Makoto and Kotonoha. She deserves a lot better then that short stack of sh%t.

    On a side note. If they didn’t pull off all this garbage and made it so that Sekai got to confess her feelings before any of this “crush for Kotonoha” sh%t happened, then we wouldn’t have a story to love/hate/dismiss. Sekai and Makoto might live happily ever after, or maybe not. And Kotonoha wouldn’t be put through so much garbage of dealing with an idiot and a backstabber.

  27. Bloody hell, that Makoto is trying to move faster than a bullet train, no wonder everything is becoming screwed up. Even though its only been 4 eps, I think we’re moving ever closer to a violent ending.

    I can’t help but feel that this show is trying to provide a message on how today’s society is so directed towards storming through a relationship just to get into bed ASAP; and how this sort of “play” can cause serious problems.

  28. when i was half way through this episode i was ready to defend Makoto against all the haters that are out for his head. Then i saw the “special training” scenes….and there is no way i can defend the pathetic lack of game that Makoto has. He is right for cheating on Kotonoha cause she is prude as hell and is never gonna put out at this rate but PLEASE MAKOTO ACT LIKE MORE OF A FAG WITH SEKAI.

  29. Makoto must have been raise on some deserted island or something, he have absolutely no clue how to go out on a date or how to treat a girl. If this is real life all he will get is a slap in the face and have his name spread around in the entire school of what an idiot he is, his high school life will be very lonely. Can any guy in reality be that dumb? I think any guy nowaday should have some clue of what to do on a date and how to treat a girl, not to mention somethings just come to us as human nature. He must be a retard.

  30. LOL no need to worry, about 2 next ep we will know how it going to end… I ‘m sure that there are no bad endding for kotonoha but it is depend on ep 5 (we will see tonight).BTW how does the kind of man like makoto always have girl around him ?.When i watch ep 2 and 3 i have hoped that makoto is not the makoto in the game because makoto in the game are not such an idiot like in the anime but i was wrong an ass hole always an ass hole. (my E is not good so forgive me if there are some grammar mistake in there)

  31. There’s a lot of people that wants to kill Makoto here…. A little advice, watch out for the manga Ichigo 100%. Although it’s one of the best mangas there is, that guy in the leading role, Manaka Junpei, are 10 times as stupid as Makoto. It makes you wanna kill yourself. Think about that one.


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