When Kon and Rangiku see a girl fall into the river after trying to retrieve her stuffed animal from the water, Rangiku brings out Kon’s modsoul and throws it into that stuffed animal so that he can save her. Kon succeeds, but afterwards, the combination of the young girl not letting go of him and a crowd gathering to see what happens prevents him from returning to his normal body. With Rangiku leaving him behind, Kon is taken to the girl’s home, and the fact that he is alive is soon given away when she tries to blow-dry him through his mouth. However, the girl, whose name is Miyuki, is delighted rather than surprised because she had been wishing for Shintarou – her dog stuffed animal – to come alive. Kon then notices that Miyuki appears to be living alone in a relatively large and well-furnish apartment, so she explains that her mother is at work and that they left their father because her mother that felt he wasn’t good for anything. When Miyuki wants to play, Kon has no choice but to let her put a dress on him and feed him rubber dolls because he doesn’t want her to cry.

Afterwards, Kon suggests that they go outside to play with friends, but Miyuki refuses because she doesn’t have or need any friends. The only reason she had been outside earlier is because she had wanted to see her old house where she had lived with her parents and a real dog named Shintarou. Unfortunately, the real Shintarou had gotten hit by a car around the time Miyuki and her mother left her father. Seeing how lonely Miyuki is, Kon decides that they should go to this house, and the two have relatively little difficulty getting there. However, no one seems to be living there anymore, and across the street, Miyuki finds the flower and vase that mark the spot where Shintarou got hit by a car. When Miyuki touches the vase, Kon suddenly senses something bad and says that they should leave. The roar of a Hollow causes the electricity poles around them to topple over, cutting off their escape and giving them no choice but to enter the grounds to the house. Before they can get very far though, a two-headed Hollow appears before them.

Kon attempts to kick a bucket at the Hollow and then run away with Miyuki, but the Hollow heads the other way around the house and cuts them off. Saying that he’ll protect Miyuki, Kon attacks the Hollow, however his stuffed-animal kicks have no effect and he gets batted around instead. Still, with the Hollow going after Miyuki, Kon gets back up and continues trying to fight, even as his body is getting ripped up and smashed into the ground. What ultimately stops the Hollow from advancing towards Miyuki is her calling out Shintarou’s name to come save her, and it causes one of the heads to bite the other. It is at this moment that Rangiku enters the battle to slay the Hollow, and Kon sees the souls of two dogs emerge from it afterwards, one of them being the real Shintarou. When Miyuki comes over to hug his battered body, Kon tells her that she was saved by the real Shintarou, but he also makes it clear that she can’t rely on him and should make other friends. Recalling his own past as a modified soul and how his friends have helped him, Kon tells her that she should make friends if she’s lonely. Since he has to go now, Kon promises Miyuki that he and the real Shintarou are always watching over her, and he urges her to do her best.

In the aftermath, Miyuki gets reunited with her mother, and Rangiku returns Kon to his normal body. When she asks Kon about why he supported Miyuki so much, he proudly says that it’s because he’s an idol to children.


I think this type of episode defines filler, but Kon always manages to be at least a little amusing, so I wouldn’t call it horrible. By itself, I might even say the episode was a bit endearing for how Kon helps Miyuki, but taken in the context of the overall series, this was relatively unexciting. In any case, there’s no Bleach next week, but perhaps we’re coming back towards the manga story when episode 136 airs on August 8th. At the very least Ulquiorra and Aizen will be showing up, so it can’t be all bad…or so I hope.


  1. “Hueco Mundo civil war! Ulquiorra’s death”
    August 8, 2007

    137 “Battle of bad faith, Aizen’s trap”
    August 15, 2007

    I don’t see a sliest of resemblance between Manga materials and the future anime episodes. In other words, anime May (just maybe) has chosen its own plot as Fullmetal alchemist did with the anime. If that indeed is true, Bleach the Anime is over for me.

  2. @primersx213

    i hear ya! Smex is used in fangirl circles as a seppusedly cooler sounding variant to “sex.” Can also mean: hot, sexy, cute, cool.(from U.D)

    it’s usually used with the word “teh”. so what she wanted to say, i guess, is that “he knows it because he is sexy” or something along the line! Omni got a new girl friend it seems!!

  3. @AloneintheVoid
    I could see a small civil war happening between Grimjow and new arrancar that set to appear soon, and i think its bloody ovious that this won’t be a “anime-going-into-its-own-direction” i mean comon they arn’t that stupid

    ep 137 “Battle of bad faith, Aizen’s trap” is most likly when the manga story will resume and i’m sure most manga readers will have a good idea why.

  4. To all of you saying that Bleach might go on it’s own anime path for the story: Have you already forgotten about the opening and new ending?! They are going with the manga story… eventually… A little HM mini filler arc, isn’t the worst thing in the world.

    As for the ep, yea… NEXT. Best to just forget and move on!

  5. Hey! It seems to me that people are automatically complaining about these episodes because they are filler. But this one in particular was actually great on it’s own! It had nothing to do with the actual story, but so what?! The secondary characters are still likable. Why doesn’t anyone just watch what they have anymore? Bleach continues with the storyline not long after this, so please, stop complaining that the show is dead.


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