As Nia finishes making her speech about the Humanity Eradication System, Rossiu is trying to have his men locate the source of her transmission, but it soon ends. Kittan and the others are then tasked by Rossiu with fielding the flood of phone calls coming in from citizens uneasy about the declaration of war. As for Rossiu himself, he has gone to the biocomputer and watches as it is activated. After getting his men to leave the room, Rossiu tells Lord Genome to wake up so that he can explain the mysteries of this world. Simon meanwhile heads for Nia’s home, but she’s not there, and he can’t reach her by phone either. Gimmy and Darry then find Simon and pass along the order that the Gurren Lagann is to return to base, but Simon refuses because he’s still looking for Nia. He then tries to order them to get out of the way, but Gimmy informs him that Rossiu has authority over Gunmen sorties. Since Simon doesn’t show any signs of giving in, Darry tells him that because the Gurren Lagann is a symbol of their having recaptured the planet’s surface and a symbol of power, he can’t fly around in it without people being worried about there being another big battle. Seeing the truth in her words, Simon decides to let them have the Gurren, but he’ll be taking the Lagann to look for Nia.

The first place Simon checks is Reite and Makken’s repair shop, but Nia’s not there. Noticing how uneasy the two’s kids look after having seen Nia’s broadcast, Simon optimistically urges them not to worry and not to be afraid about the Humanity Eradication System. However, after Simon takes off again in the Lagann, Reite comments on how the one they’re worried about is actually him. With still no clue about where Nia is, Simon then sets down by a waterway and wonders if that was really her earlier. To his surprise, Nia suddenly appears beside him and tells him that she now understands that they’re incompatible. She then explains that the Spiral Nemesis brings about destruction to the universe, and that they, the Anti-Spirals, exist to prevent it. The Core Drill Simon carries is a symbol of the Spiral Nemesis, and they believe that the spiral power will destroy the universe. Back at the biocomputer, Rossiu is telling the reanimated head of Lord Genome that his memory and knowledge had remained as data. Lord Genome had died without telling them anything, and Rossiu now wants to know about the spiral power and the Anti-Spirals.

In response, the biocomputer reveals that the spiral power is the power to evolve. Life with spiral genes and the galaxy with a spiral structure all increase infinitely with the spiral energy – this is the law of the universe. However, then the Anti-Spirals who feared this power appeared. The original Lord Genome had protected this galaxy as a spiral warrior, and the Lazengann, Teppelin, and the Gunmen were all originally weapons used for fighting against the Anti-Spirals. The Lagann was one of their strongest weapons, a core machine that could control others by combining, and they had sealed it underground. What Rossiu doesn’t understand is why Lord Genome oppressed other humans and forced them underground if he was a spiral warrior, so Lord Genome goes on to explain that they were defeated and returned to each of their home planets, which this earth was one of. With control of the galaxy, the Anti-Spirals deployed Spiral Life-form Extermination Systems on planets with spiral life that would activate when the number of spiral life-forms on the planet exceeded a fixed number. Thus, Lord Genome had allowed a limited number of humans to live underground, but he did it by force because he knew that life driven by spiral instinct would blindly aim for the heavens. Words and reasoning could not suppress this urge, so the only thing that worked was fear.

Continuing a similar explanation to Simon, Nia asks if he had thought that the speed human civilization had advanced in the past seven years was strange. She claims that this is the potential of spiral beings and that population and civilization are evolving at an explosive rate. Because the spiral beings could become a power that threatens them, the Anti-Spirals want to destroy them before that happens. Despite all this, Simon remains convinced that they can win and urges Nia to wake up, but she replies that it’s impossible because she’s the Anti-Spiral messenger. As for the extermination of humanity, both Nia and the biocomputer say that in three weeks, the moon will leave its orbit and crash into the earth, which will be the end. Rossiu realizes that if the citizens found out, it would cause a huge panic, so he instructs Lord Genome not to tell anyone else about this. However, he then gets interrupted by Kittan and Dayakka who alert him to the fact that their moon probe was destroyed and to how Nia has been broadcasting everything she had told Simon. As she explains that she had the Anti-Spiral genes that activated and that once she becomes an Anti-Spiral, she won’t be able to turn back into a human, Nia’s body becomes covered in a dark coating.

Two more Anti-Spiral ships suddenly appear from a portal in the sky that Nia then disappears into. In response, the Grapal forces are scrambled to meet this threat which has been assigned the Mugan codename. Simon also recombines the Lagann with the Gurren and rushes toward battle, despite Gimmy and Darry’s warnings. Back at the command center, Leeron explains to the others that these Mugan have an energy field that nullifies attacks. To make matters worse, its entire body is like an explosive, so when the shields get taken out and the Mugan stops functioning, its body instantly becomes energy. It is under these circumstances that Simon now battles the two Mugan, though when he destroys one, he orders Gimmy and Darry to shoot the explosive pieces. Simon then takes out the other Mugan, and he joins the two pilots in blowing up the falling pieces. They ultimately succeed, but both Leeron and Rossiu recognize that this strategy won’t work with a larger number of enemies. Rossiu also realizes that this will have an adverse effect, and Simon sees this first-hand in the form of the thousands of angry protesters now gathered in front of the government building.

Rossiu heads out with a group of armed soldiers to get the crowd to calm down, but when the people see the rifles that the soldiers are carrying, they panic, and one of them throws a rock at Rossiu’s head. The soldiers immediately raise their rifles, but Rossiu stops them from firing and heads back into the building. Knowing that an uproar like this will spread in no time, Rossiu decides that someone has to take responsibility for what happened. Simon is meanwhile staring at the moon thinking about Nia and the Anti-Spirals when Rossiu and his troops arrive to arrest him.


Well, that answered a lot of questions and would appear to set the stage nicely for the rest of the show. However, something tells me that it’s not as simple as Simon and company joining the Spiral side to defeat the Anti-Spirals. There’s got to be something more to it since it doesn’t feel like it would be very satisfying to watch them just win a war that they didn’t start and aren’t very intimately connected to. Still, it’s now a lot clearer how the show could possibly progress to what was shown at the beginning of episode one.
As for Rossiu placing blame on and arresting Simon, I think it’s a rather stupid idea since Simon is the one who is most likely to prevent the moon from crashing onto the planet. Yes, Rossiu does need a way to deal with the current uproar, but that’ll all be meaningless if the planet gets destroyed. Perhaps it’ll work out that Simon will escape and/or somehow save the planet, thereby redeeming himself in the eyes of the people and Rossiu. He’ll also need to save Nia too, and I think he’ll definitely find a way to return her to being human, if for no other reason than just because she said this episode that it won’t happen. In any case, next week looks like Simon will be getting a trial and will have to give up his drill, so we’re still at least a few episodes away from him saving the planet or saving Nia.


  1. I’m way more interested in Lagann than Geass at this point. I’m not sure if those last two episodes of Geass are going to do it for me. I hope they do.

    What the heck is Rossiu doing? His conflicting views with Simon brings some new depth to the show, but I really didn’t expect him to pull something like a coup (this soon, at least).

  2. Interesting Episode, but i wish you trolls stop ruining this blog. Can’t wait for the review, and by the looks of it, Rossio’s plan to take over has succeeded, even Boota was handcuffed.

    Shinn Agami
  3. rossiu is overthrowing simon? i hope they can become allies again because i kinda liked rossiu. And whats going to happen to poor nia? She better live and get back to normal or im gonna be piss

  4. yeah what’s with all this code geass hate? if you like gurren lagann that’s great i love the show too! but you don’t have to vindicate geass, i mean it’s obviously a very good series if omni’s blogging it O_O

  5. Rosui need to blame someone to calm the public down.
    next episode he will help Simon break the jail..

    According to Nia; once she turn anti-spiral there is no way for her to turn back to human. wooot what will do you Simon!? She is freaking hot and full of plot potential now.

  6. @those who havn’t watch it OR don’t understand moon.
    – Simon is being trailed on leading people on the surface to free the earth. And as the result Moon is coming down on them.

  7. Damn! This show is so similar to Code Geass. People in the anime have twisted logic to blame others. They all have their reason to do what they do.

    Simon will probably be thrown out of the town. He will be forced to hand the spiral key and then reunite with the Big Booby (forgot her name). Then after a few more wars, people realize that they need Simon again. But if i were Simon i would be like, go to HELL!

  8. What? Similar to Code Geass? If TTGL is similar to CG, then CG is so similar to the Gundam saga and Death Note.
    Code Geass is not the only anime where the characters have twisted logic to blame others -_-

    About this chapter, interesting. OMG, GAR Lordgenome!! It seems that Lordgenome fight with the anti-spiral! Well, I’m going to wait the review to understand a little the episode 😛

    PS: Forgive my bad english.

  9. @Blaho:
    No one was hating on Geass. I was just stating that I’m far more interested in Lagann than Geass at this point. In the time that Geass took a break Lagann came in and blew me away.

    I’m not questioning Geass’ quality at all. It was great and still is. But Lagann is much more entertaining for me, personally.

    If I was hating, it’d be more like: OMGGEASS IZ TZHE SUZXoRSZ! LAGANN GAR FTW!!1131!!

  10. @01-02: No xD That was a Nick I used because I was lazy to write Kira666 o_O xD
    That’s the nick I use (Kira666), but in the only forum where I am registered it is Mangahelpers 😛
    I’m from Argentina and my english it not that good to post in a lot of english forums 😛

  11. I watched some of the episode and I think I understand what Rossiu was doing a bit better now.

    Rossiu was interrogating Lord Genome at the same time Simon was talking to Nia, cept Nia was broadcasting everything to everyone similar information (though coming from her it sounded more like it was Simon and the Dai Gurren Brigade’s fault.

    Basically Lord Genome fought and created the beastmen to go against the Anti-Spirals but they lost. Lord Genome’s plan was to keep people underground for their safety to preserve the race. The way Nia worded it was that Lord Genome was the Anti Spiral enemy similar to Simon. Something about not allowing humanity to gain power (have to rewatch). In the end Simon was villanized to the public and Lord Genome was made the protector defeated. Mass mob ensues and threatens the government (which was originally the Gurren Brigade). This means they blame their once hero’s for dooming them all.

    This sets up an interesting plan as Rossiu can use Simon as a scapegoat, keep the populace under check while Simon and the Dai Gurren Dan can now operate as “rogues” and build up an army to fight the anti-spirals. Interesting politics here…

  12. Maybe this would end up like this…..
    Simon(main protagonist), Darry(age really matters very agile indeed), and Viral(immortality) are the new hero’s of this story battle against Nia and the Anti-Spiral(Moon).
    Yoko(she deserves it) role now is for supporting purposes only….
    Genome(Greatest enemy become a councilor?) also for supporting purposes only….

    Rossiu(coward to hero?) become the new leader as planned to govern Kamina City. (he deserves it anyway)
    Nia(from heroine to zero)is the new antagonist of the story. What would be Simon’s final decision kill her, make her sleep and put into a freezer, or let her destroy all humanity,
    destroy the moon(Dragon Ball Style, Mega Drill?) to save her and all humanity.

  13. @Kirra Yes, Code Geass us not the only anime with twisted logic. But for some reason i got the impression that this episode have some similarity to the last two episodes of Code Geass. Maybe, because i watched them one after another.

  14. So everyone knows, in my opinion Code Geass in better then this. Why? Well because has this anime had a single plot twist that we all didn’t see coming?
    Kamina’s death – inevitable.
    Simon’s uprising – Well duh
    Lord Genome’s fall – If you didn’t see that coming your just stupid.

    I could go on.

  15. Ok, what needs to happen is that someone *AHEM-Simon!* needs to make a raw, manly and awe-inspiring speech about defeating the Anti-Spirals with the power of a man’s fighting spirit!! “..AND WE’RE GOING TO KICK THESE WHINY INTER-DIMENSIONAL @$&*%@$’S OUT OF OUR GALAXY!!!” The whole 1 million inhabitants of the city band together to create a giant @(*$^-all army of crimson space death to go to the moon and hit’em where it hurts. Isn’t that basically what Nia said, that the Spiral power makes people want to go out and kick some ass? FIGHTING SPIRIT!! o_o; Err.. anyway, Yoko needs to come back too. And I love Dark Nia. This keeps getting better.

  16. Oh, and I see *zero* similarity between Gurren Lagann and Code Geass. Aside from the presence of mechs, but… That puts them together with about 800 other things, too. And for my money, Gurren Lagann is much more exciting and entertaining. Really gets my blood pumpin’, y’know? Geass feels like watching a really bad car crash in slow motion- you just can’t stop watching it all play out with this sort of nervous anxiety. Still, both are quality shows, some of the best of the past year right alongside Death Note. Well… Maybe right below Death Note…

  17. the subs are out now, so there’s really point in waiting anymore. a lot iportant stuff was revealed in this episode:

    Show Spoiler ▼

    great episode.

    Alexander Anderson
  18. Strange politics going on.

    Simon’s method of battle will never be popular with the general public, although, you can’t blame him because its a damn if you do damn if you don’t delimma, Simon being an iconic figure of the current government doesn’t make it any better, the people would riot and rebel. Rossiu realizes this so I believe it’s a strategical move arrests Simon, because people and the government need someone to lay the blame on, to calm the public.

    Now according the spoiler preview we see a trial, and near the end we see Rossiu handing Simon his drill, highly probable that Rossiu helped him escaped somehow. This is a brilliant move on Rossiu because it kills two birds with one stone, one he temporarily calmed the public by giving them someone to blame; two he removes Simon as a liability to the government, and as some stated before Simon will be allowed to fight how he wants as a “rogue” and government does not need to take responsibility for the collateral damages he does.

  19. I’m kind of relieved because of this episode. Even though it was a selfish reason to arrest Simon, it seems less selfish than the impression I got from Rossiu in the last episode. I’m pretty sure Rossiu and Simon can easily make amends especially with Simon’s attitude. I’m sadden by the fact that Nia can’t return to normal (I’m hoping she can). SimonxNia is probably one of the best pairing I’ve seen in anime yet.

  20. 😀

    Hands down, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann TOTALLY ownz Code Geass!

    That being said, the episode itself is very interesting. We see dissension in the ranks and how, as humans, we tend to look upon our leaders with unreasonable expectations, as though they owe us and not the other way around.

    The story puts a nice twist in the oh-so-cliche “damsel in distress” story by making the damsel as the antagonist. Besides, we haven’t seen the VERY big picture this anime’s plot is lined in. The war seems to be galaxy-wide, involving many other star systems, therefore, may not be an isolated human problem 😛 We might see aliens!

    Comparatively, the betrayal here in TPGL is more realistic than Code Geass, where two friends fighting for different ideals, with one *COUGH*YOU*KNOW*COUGH*WHO*I*MEAN*COUGH* going crazy crazy on us (reminds me of Gundam Seed Destiny, CRAZY SHIT!), whereas here is when a friend betrays a friend to hold on to order, to peacefulness, to keep things calm. Creating the betrayed the scapegoat XD Lovely! Subarashi!!!

  21. I’ll say it again, it’s over people, NIA IS LOST!! She wasn’t in the show from the start, and you don’t see/hear her at all in ep1 little future shot. So all the Nia fans have to start coming to turms with the fact that she’s teh enemy now and will probably die.

    On another note, Yoko

  22. Bwah lagann is just so cool.
    What are the chances of Simon joining the Anti-Spirals? I mean look at the Spiral Nemesis, they are menacing looking skull shoulder-pad wearing Enslavers of planets, while the Anti-Spirals were doing this(waging war with SpiralNem) simply to stop them from destroying the universe. What i see happening is Simon losing his drill to Rossiu perhaps and then joining the Anti-Spirals, having taken the lagann with him.Also there was this preview shot of the Gurren cockpit being filled with explosives, perhaps Rossius doing?

    Also it might be possible that Simon just breaks off from both the SpiralNem and the Anti-Spirals, and regroups the Dai Gurren Dan, consisting of beastmen(Viral) Anti-Spirals(Nia) and Spirals(Gurren Dan) , thereafter renaming it Tengen Toppa Gurren Dan (Heaven Piercing Gurren Brigade) Bwah this show has so many possibilities that i cant wait for the next episodes.

  23. I doubt Nia is lost. I’m sure he’ll find a way.

    Besides, a Simon and Yoko pairing is just awkward, and doesn’t seem to fit at all. I’d rather him go alone if Nia is definitely lost.

  24. Finally Nia goes away(dead soon) and Yoko gets another chance ;]

    I guess Simon will somehow get to fight in the moon, and will have to chose : to destroy the moon mechanism, so killing NIA, or to let moon fall on earth…I guess we all know,m that he would chose earth instead of nia ;] That would be the final step on making him into EP1 Future Simon, and also would give Yoko another chance.

    Unknown Voice
  25. oh and of course he will rename DAi Gurren Dan into Tengen Toppa Gurren Dan . But that will happen before going into space…and for the reason they going into space(heavens) ;]

    Unknown Voice
  26. Love will find a way!!!!And even if nia dies, it’ll prolly be the “return back to normal to say last words to the one she cares about” ending. and i don’t really caer anymore, this show is too damn awesome!!

  27. I hope Simon escapes and battles with rossiu and kills the hell out of him! Rossiu deserves to have Simon kill him, or at the very least, have the anti-Spirals kill his ass. Tho I am hoping also that the living computer possibly rebels, breaks out of that glass case, and kills Rossiu. Another possibility is that Yoko returns, frees Simon form prison, and blows Rossiu’s brains out with her rifle. Yeah, we need Yoko to come back soon! Either way it happens, Rossiu needs to die!

  28. You can’t always save the girl and save the day… most times, the hero just has to pick one. As much as I like Nia, I kinda hope she isn’t the choice Simon makes.

  29. @Megaman0

    agreed, he calls him “big forehead/dekosuke” LOL but honestly.. I think Rossiu’s just putting up a front to keep things under control, you see him handing the core drill back to Simon in the preview..


  30. i didn’t think kamina disliked rossiu. calling a person nicknames like dekosuke is what friends do right? i don’t call my enemy by their nickname in front of them……

    besides, i found them both interesting, they said the same things, about “their eyes are made in front of them so they can watch the backs of those before them”

    one whose sister is a fan of rossiu
  31. MWAAAh !!! I was just wondering how they could put some interesting character development for Nia if she were to survive episode 15, now here’s the perfect solution : make her the enemy ! Nia was starting to become -err kinda boring-, now she’s pure awesomeness, I hope she’ll get a mecha that would suit her new black & sexy outfit, and I expect GAINAX not to put some damn cliché for a potential SimonXNia outcome (Waa Nia I’ll find a way to make you come back to your senses *magic* waa and then -Simon let’s marry-have babies-live happyly ever after- crap-like woo woo). Now, I need some good Viral & Yoko characters scenes, and what are those giants mechas standing behind GL in ths same fashion during the opening (just hope they’re not mega GL, giga GL & Terra GL, GAINAX don’t make a Digimon out of Lagann please –> Lagann (rookie LV) –> Gurren Lagann (champion LV) –> Mega GLagann (Ultimate LV) –> Giga GLagann (Mega LV) –> Terra GLagann (Super Mega LV) and I guess Simon would be his Digidestined *oh crap*). Yoko come back I need your boobs back (and so does Simon since he just lose some) ! Viral, we simply need YOU !!!

  32. MWAH ! Nia dying by the end of the third arc is a high possibility (this would put Simon into Gar mode, let room for more foes in the fourth arc, increase the hero’s feeling of failure of the 90s, induce some latent Yoko’s feeling confessing in the fourth arc bla bla), if this help GAINAX’s storytelling to make Simon into Garlock. Then if she’s to die, it will be a strong moment (the same as Kamina, people live, fight, die, then the people who survived carry their memories), just like when Sephiroth made mincemeat out af the last Cetra.

  33. Rossiu is an ass and I really never did like him. For Nia to be able to turn back to normal….well i really dont think thats gonna happened because i felt that the anti-spiral meant something more like “on the moment i took over she died”… and im not saying that only because i have always liked Yoko best ^^u

  34. Anybody else think its kind of “wrong” for Simon to have asked Nia for Marriage when she does not know what it really is? I mean Nia will be in for a suprise when she finds out how ppl have babiez.

    No, I don’t really care. I think its cute but I found this kinda interesting.


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