Makoto is at school thinking about Kotonoha’s invitation to the pool when Sekai notices his ticket and thinks that he got it from Hikari. As it turns out, Hikari also has tickets, and she wants to invite Makoto’s friend Sawanaga, so they all end up going on the same day. At the pool, Sawanaga is thrilled to see the various girls in swimsuits and is particularly enthusiastic to see Kotonoha’s, but Makoto could care less because his mind still dwells on the time Sekai kissed him. When the girl show up, Makoto apologizes to Kotonoha for the increase in size from just the two of them to this larger group, but Kotonoha doesn’t mind because Makoto is still here. In any case, Kotonoha can’t swim and she wants Makoto to teach her, though in the middle of it she accidentally trips into his arms. He ends up holding her tight for quite a long while, a sight which is seen by an unhappy Sekai. Later, while Kotonoha has gone to the rest room, Sekai teases Makoto about becoming aggressive and suggests that it’s from of her special training. Grabbing Sekai’s butt, Makoto feels that he should get more training, but she slaps his hand away and makes it clear that it was practice – no more and no less.

After Makoto talks about how good she looks in her swimsuit and comments on her breast size, Sekai calls him all sorts of bad names, including idiot, but when Makoto then mentions how it’s easier for him to act stupid with her and starts to say something else, she cuts him off and reminds him that he’s going out with Kotonoha. During lunch, Kotonoha presents everyone with the sandwiches that she made, and Sawanaga finds them delicious. Noticing a smudge on Makoto’s mouth, Kotonoha happily wipes it off for him, which leads to Sawanaga finally learning that Makoto’s going out with Kotonoha, not Sekai like he had originally thought. Watching Kotonoha cling to Makoto afterwards, Sekai admits to the others that she had set the two up, so Sawanaga wants her to find him a girlfriend too. At the end of the day, Kotonoha asks Makoto if he’ll be free the next Sunday because Kokoro wants to see him again. When Sawanaga notices that Makoto isn’t acting particularly happy about this, Makoto denies it, and Sekai and the others then interrupt him. Seeing that Kotonoha looks a bit down after the casual way Makoto addressed her and said that she’s slow, Sekai realizes that something is wrong and drags him off again to talk with him privately.

Sekai ends up scolding Makoto again, but when he feels that she should understand, she realizes that he took their training seriously. Nevertheless, she laughs it off and playfully calls him simple and lewd for liking any person who would let him touch them. Taking a more serious tone, Sekai feels that they can’t pursue a relationship since Makoto is Kotonoha’s boyfriend, and she makes it clear that they’re just friends – no more and no less. That’s why she feels that he should forget about her. Despite this, on the way home, Makoto can’t get his mind off Sekai, and when Kotonoha hugs his arm at her station, he tells her simply that he has to go. However, when his train pulls into the station, Makoto never boards it. Instead, after remembering what Sekai had said, he text messages her to ask if he can call her. She messages him back to instruct him to call Kotonoha first, but that only makes Makoto run for a different train and message that he wants to see her right now. It is raining by the time he arrives at the train station closest to Sekai’s home, and he finds her outside with an umbrella when he emerges. Calling him an idiot, she questions why he came since he’s dating Kotonoha, and Makoto responds by hugging her and confessing his feelings for her.

Nearly in tears, Sekai then asks why he went for Kotonoha first and not her, and she admits that the reason she decided to help him was because he had said that he liked Kotonoha. Makoto apologizes for this, but he also says that it’s useless if it’s not her, and Sekai eventually lets him kiss her, in the process dropping her umbrella so that she can wrap her arms around him. Meanwhile, at the Katsura home, Kokoro finds her sister staring at Makoto’s picture and asks if he will be staying over next time. Kotonoha gets a little embarrassed and feels that Kokoro shouldn’t be thinking about things like that, but Kokoro just wants to play more with him. By this time, Makoto and Sekai have returned to her room in her apartment and gotten on her bed with Makoto wanting to continue what they started before. Although she resists at first, Sekai is quieted by his kiss and soon gives in to him.

ED Sequence

Insert Song: 「涙の理由」 (Namida no Riyuu) by 栗林みな実 (Kuribayashi Minami)
ED5: 「Look at me」 by YURIA
They really did a good job with the insert song this week. I thought it was perfect for the scene, though my favorite song is probably still the ED from last week by yozuca*

So I guess Sekai finished Makoto’s special training after all. It only took five episodes for Makoto to get in bed with someone, and it turned out to be actually Sekai instead of his girlfriend Kotonoha. I really don’t know how low of a level Makoto can stoop to, but I think the odds are still pretty good though that he’ll sleep with Kotonoha eventually too, particularly if he starts to lose interest in Sekai now that he’s gotten what he wanted. That being said, despite how distantly Makoto treats Kotonoha and how he cheats on her, I don’t find myself hating either him or Sekai for what happened. I think Makoto definitely should have at least broken up with Kotonoha first if he was so unhappy with her, but in a way, I feel a little sympathetic because he was following his heart towards Sekai. I’ve mostly hated him up until now for the idiotic things he’s done, and while I don’t condone cheating in a relationship, at least he wasn’t engaging in emotionless sex just for the sake of having sex. Of course, that doesn’t mean that he truly loves Sekai either, and so I would guess that Kotonoha still has a chance. Overall, this episode exemplifies what I find attractive about this series: the emotions running high and the romance story realizing its potential without pulling any punches. Next week should be interesting too, if Kotonoha does indeed find out about what happened like the title suggests she does.


  1. Uhh shouldn’t it be Kotonoha 0 – Sekai 1…anyways, wow this thread is gonna go boom in a couple minutes…………………………………………I wonder how many ppl are gonna want to kill Motoko now…

  2. @cbhl: first one is right after Kotonoha takes off her shirt & Sekai is sad comparing figures.
    Second one is Makoto “grabbing” Sekai’s ass.

    @Omni: I know that. 😛 I was wondering the NEXT episodes title.

  3. Damn it! Makoto that idiot… training, for what you morron.
    Well, sooner or later he’ll take one of them; Sekai was teh first one.
    I’m routing now for the “God Ending” of the game, Show Spoiler ▼

    Syaoran Li
  4. Given how many people hate Makoto, maybe they think it’s 1-0 to Kotonoha, since she’s that more likely to jettison him?

    (A shame that she has to go through so much to build up any sort of confidence around men, only to have the knife twisted in such a way… Figuratively speaking, of course.)

  5. @Syaoran: Well you can’t blame him. A swaying heart is a swaying heart. Nothing can be done about that. If you lose interest in your current lover & fall for another there is nothing wrong with it. Compare the number of men out there these days that cheat on their spouse & you wouldn’t be surprised. Besides it is no ones fault. It’s merely a story about a love that is unstable.

    @omni: Thanks.

  6. “A swaying heart is a swaying heart. Nothing can be done about that. If you lose interest in your current lover & fall for another there is nothing wrong with it. Compare the number of men out there these days that cheat on their spouse & you wouldn’t be surprised. Besides it is no ones fault. It’s merely a story about a love that is unstable.”
    Agreed. Humans are just very fragile when it comes to stuff like that.

  7. Let me try to rephrase what I said before so people don’t go flaming me. What I meant with the sentence “If you lose interest in your current lover & fall for another there is nothing wrong with it.” is that of coarse there is something wrong with it, although it’s not something you can go & decide by yourself & say right before you get married “Oh I will love you & never lose interest despite the countless arguments we will have in the future.” & actually mean it. No one knows what the future beholds & if people aren’t ready to comprehend that & ready to take that in mind it is simply their fault. People die in a second, & in a second a love can fade aswell. Take that in mind people before you go flaming Makoto.

  8. Yeah, so what.

    She should just dump the guy, not kill him. Seriously, if all guys who ever cheated on their girfriends deserved to die, I would be pretty scared about the world.

  9. @Mentar: It’s a bit hard to end a relationship before you start another one as you aren’t sure if the other one will start or not whether you end your current relationship, or decide not to end it. Although I do think they did go a bit far in “starting” their relationship all of a sudden, you have to take into considering how people have to tell their lover that they want to end their relationship, due to falling in love with the person that started the relationship. It isn’t something like a “1.2.3. I don’t love yah anymore, I love Sekai now. (:” kind of matter.

  10. If this arc continues it MAY lead to a bloody ending, more chances for Makoto or Sekai to Die, there’s also the chance of Kotonoha Jumping to her death or using her hidden saw technique to sekai can’t wait for the conclusion.

  11. @Players
    IF you would read the news – pretty much most of killings in families or couples are because of cheating.
    Woman can really be compared to snakes at this point – If you betray them, they are gonna get their revenge one way or another.

    IF Makoto have properly ended prevous relationship, the ending would not be so sad. But now his prevous “girlfriend” still has hopes, and the biger hopes are broken – the more brutal and hard revenge will be.

    Unknown Voice
  12. @Unknown Voice: “IF you would read the news – pretty much most of killings in families or couples are because of cheating”

    That does not make it right. Killing because of cheating is not justified and endorsing it does not help the situation. If a woman wants revenge she should just dump the guy and go sleep with someone else. If she cannot deal with it, it’s her own problem.

  13. @Player
    And yet it still is happening everywhere in the world…

    And if Makoto wont end the prevous relationship, and that girl will find out by herself, on what happened in this ep ;] And then it will go on helluva bloody route…

    Unknown Voice
  14. ah I will watch it after the season ends
    we shud really put a bet who gonna win in the end:D right now the score is 0-1 or 1-0
    urgh, both of the girls shud just dump him, or do harem. In the world of harem, you sometimes need to learn the meaning of sharing like in the old time:D

  15. Yes, kill them all. I always thought that there should be an ending where Makoto and Sekai both die. They both are at fault since Sekai puts them together and refuses to admit her inner feelings on time – only when she makes Kotonoha falls really deep with Makoto. Makoto the worst, is not even able to tell Kotonoha that he has fallen in love with Sekai and continues going out with Kotonoha.

    Makoto and Sekai are the most responsible for the chaos and i think they both deserve the bad ending.

  16. Oh well… Makoto has obviously grasped the concept of overlap. You know, right before a relationship officially ends, you have a replacement already lined up. Still, groping Sekai’s ass at the pool is pretty daring.

    Yuri Rocks
  17. The girl with the loop-tied hairstyle is actually the girl I am rooting for. Too bad the anime wont go there since it seems to focus on the Sekai/Kotonoha triangle. 😀

  18. This is the kind of drama I really enjoy in a series. XD No matter how awful. If a series can make you feel ANYTHING for a character (hatred, love, etc.) then the series is doing its job in catching your attention.

  19. yeah agree with jaine haha
    this kind of show is full of angst 😛
    Still makoto sucks and i agree with all of you on ending a relationship before starting a new one.
    he is totally cheating his gf and now having sex with sekai already? -_-||||
    i know sekai is half to be blame but makoto should have his mind set up for god sake…
    Makoto is a pure loser in maintaining a relationship and now he is a sucker for cheating his gf -_-|||
    in real life i hate this kind of guys seriously … why confess if u don’t really like kotonoha. Makoto is the lamer

  20. http://………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
    …..ok, a girl get laid. why do I feel like I want a psycho ending even more now?

  21. You know… There’s this new live-action cosplay sex version of Higurashi / When Cicadas Cry. It’s floating around the web somewhere. And you guys should check it out. 🙂

    Slightly Bald Wizard
  22. I’m curious as to how fans in Japan are responding. Does anyone know? It seems to me that most English fans, myself included, hate Makoto’s guts. I’m wondering if it’s the same over there.

  23. @ deadlyrain
    I totally get your point with afraid to end the relationship bc the new one might not work out. But that’s like saying, don’t through out your own belongings before you get the new ones. That’s kind of unfair and dishonest to both parties. A man should be more responsible for what he’s doing. It’s not enough to say “but if it doesn’t work out, makoto would be girlfriend-less”. If he isn’t man enough to figure out what he wants than hell, he doesn’t deserve one.

    … but he’s NOT man enough which is why he is the most pathetic male protagonist i guess 🙂

  24. I am sorry but the whole “I like her but I am afraid to confess” is the worst type … entire manga series have been build around that.

    Makoto might done a dumb move but serious now … he had a crush on Kotonoha and was pushed into confessing by Sekai, what we seen is they do not click as Makoto and Sekai already have a relationship that have advanced into a physical one.

    Now were will this lead? that is the question.

    Also “I hate Makoto” is not really a comment … I know that this is not my blog but the whole Makoto hate comments seems to be nothing but “all the cool kids are doing”. Until now I have no reason to hate Makoto and even if this does makes me disapointed (as much we can get with a fictional character) with both Makoto and Sekai it still not enough for me to hate him.

  25. I don’t hate Mokoto for cheating or can’t decide who he like, I only hate him because he is such a dumb retard on taking a girl out on a date and have no clue what to do. Everything he did on his first date is like the rules of what one shouldn’t do on a date, and he probably done them all. I only hate him for being a dumb ass not being a cheater.

  26. Deadlyrain: Exactly that’s what’s running under “selfish bastard” with me. If you’re in a relationship and begin to fall for someone else, your partner deserves to know about that. BEFORE you start “ecchi training”, or message the new one, ending in bed with her. The whole thinking of “don’t ditch your old flame until you’re sure you’ll score the new one” is purely self-centered garbage. And a clear sign of lacking class.

    Even though she’s to blame for alot too, I’d certainly still pick Sekai. But I begin to feel pity for Kotonoha.

  27. @Drakron: “Also “I hate Makoto” is not really a comment … I know that this is not my blog but the whole Makoto hate comments seems to be nothing but “all the cool kids are doing”.”

    My thoughts exactly. I mentioned in one of my Episode 3 comments that 90% of the comments about this show are about how “Makoto should die” or some variation of it. It feels like people have nothing better to say, so they say that in order to feel like a part of the group. At least give a reason why you hate him and why the hell you think he has done something so terrible that he deserves the death sentence other than “because he is a retarded dumbass” – now is that really reason to kill someone.

    Personally, I hate characters like Makoto, but I do not think he deserves to die. Well, you said it, it’s not my blog or yours, so you cannot really do anything about it.

  28. So does Makato have like no feelings for Kotonoha now? All he seems to care about is Sekai from the looks of it. It’s not that I haven’t liked Sekai better from the start, but I was under the impression that this was a harem anime.

  29. @asdffdsa: This is more of a love triangle drama actually.

    As for him having feelings for Kotonoha … he had a crush on her, now that he is involved with her that changed … right now it seems because Kotonoha keep pushing him out he kinda … well feels nothing for her, that stuff happens in real life too were people have a crush on someone but when they start to see the actual person they realize they have no feelings for that person.

    A crush does not equal love.

  30. He still shouldn’t cheat on her. You guys talk about swaying hearts and such but don’t address the point that he cheated on her, which is wrong.

    It’s ok if he decides to dump Kotonoha and then go for Sekai, but he shouldn’t do anything like this until he ended the relationship properly. What’s the hurry in actually waiting and not being an asshole?

  31. *hurry = problem.

    But I basically agree 100% with Mentar.

    And while cheating is not something that should be punishable by death, because that’s crazy, it’s still hurting someone and being an ass. It’s really nice if the cheater doesn’t get away with it, of course death is extreme, though.

  32. I was checking Wiiki a few minutes ago and found episode 6 title:

    “A Revealed Relationship”
    “Akasareta Kankei” (明かされた関係)

    So… it seems like Kotonoha will found out about Sekai and Makoto… you idiot.

    Syaoran Li
  33. at least kimi ga nozomi eien isn’t that bad XD
    is makoto is darn lucky in one aspect but dumb in another aspect
    i seriously wonder if he knows that he is digging his own grave?

  34. I don’t think it resembles Kiminozo that much. It’s true that there are similarities, like a girl getting the guy she likes with another girl and an indecisive male protagonist, but the similarities end here.

    Kiminozo is about how a tragic accident affects the lives of everyone involved in it and how they cope with the consequences and live their lives. The characters, though they all make a lot of mistakes, are more mature and try to do the right thing in a situation that is very difficult for everyone. Even though I was pretty annoyed by all three main characters, I felt very sorry for them and wanted them to be happy in the end.

    School Days is more about the difficulties that accompany those first steps in a romantic relationship – the first date, the first kiss, first time you have sex, etc. Unlike in Kiminozo, the characters do not have any external obstacles to their relationships, but instead they create those obstacles themselves with their bad judgment. They are much more immature and hard to understand and that’s why I find them much less likable that the ones in Kiminozo. That’s why I do not think they deserve happiness by the end of the series, unless they really grow up, but I do not think any of them deserves to die either. They are just three messed-up individuals and they need to learn about life and love the hard way.

  35. Geeze, some of you guys act like Makoto is the first person in the history of the world to cheat… Though, this whole situation doesn’t surprise me at all after last weeks episode. Besides, I can’t get on his case too much. He’s a first year high school kid who is (obvious) horny and wants some action. Obviously such a thing has never existed before. He’s young and he’s made mistakes (Also never been done by anyone before). Give Makoto a break… for now. If he’s still acting this 5-10 episodes from now, hate him all you want, cause I probably will too.

  36. Oh, dear. At this point of the game, if you’re going for the ‘pure’ route, you would’ve already slept with Kotonoha (And Makoto’s behaviour would be different, here), or you would have broken up with her. Sleeping with Sekai means you’re headed for a messy road- Or the “AAAIIIEEEE, the blood! the blood!” ending.

  37. In the game, yes. In the anime, no. Keep in mind that Kiminozo was a wonderful melange of different “bad” paths, and it still reached one of the true endings. In fact, the anime would be silly to stay fully true to a “good” path and waste the potential 😉

  38. Bah, he wouldn’t have cheated if Sekai never kissed him back in ep1. You people really have lost your minds. Just hate on the guy cuz it’s cool to do. The game has way more good endings than it does bad ones, but people seem to think the anime will have a bad ending also.

    Anyways, Makoto never got anything going with Kotonoha, aside from a kiss. The fact is, a simple crush doesn’t last, and Kotonoha being super shy and not talking at the start killed it.

  39. The game has many different endings. I’m personally hoping for one of the better endings. And to all of you saying “Makoto should die!!”, Sekai led him on, you can’t deny that. Also Kotonoha wasn’t the best girlfriend. She kept wondering if Makoto was the right person and she’s constantly cold towards him and is very silent all the time.

    I have no idea how the show will go, sometimes the anime makes their own path or combines the stories of different paths from the games and completely surprises us.

  40. After reading all the comments, I’m not sure which makes my head hurt more – the “Makoto should die!!!” comments (FFS, yes, he is a utter idiot, but thats it – no evil intention etc.. Also note that he didn’t sleep with some girl because the urge hit him – it’s a pretty typical triangle relationship, as it has been done in anime/eroge and in fiction in general over and over again) that would better fit into a Narutard board or the “Sekai is a slut!!!” ones (First deciding to surpress her own feelings and trying to get the two together, than kissing him as farewell to her own feelings (Canvas 2 anime had something similiar to this) was utterly stupid – but that doesn’t make her a slut (unless I missed the references to her sleeping with other people), just an idiot… and while her behaviour in the last epsiode might not be described as being of the highest possible morale calibre :rolleyes:, there’s still no malign intent or anything, just being stupid while in love. Or as some might say, being a human.)… it’s kinda like MT again, with “Ping is trying to break them out!!!DIE PING!!!” when, at the time, Ping believed they HAD broken up… *sigh*

  41. I don’t know if anyone hear knows all the possible endings for the game, but some of them are, uh, pretty messed up to say the least. I’ll be curious to see how this ends.

    Solid Snake
  42. So what if it’s Sekai’s at fault for kissing him? Admittedly since she’s a friend and not strange to the both of them, she has some blame too, but HE is the one in a relationship, not Sekai, so he should be the one to take care of it the most – or end it before doing something like this.

  43. Hmm…apparently there are going to be three DVD extras. Is it possible that those are the three bad endings? I know this is an unusual thing to do, especially with a fanservice show, but the number 3 is just too much of a coincidence. Also, it’s possible they will go for an anime-original ending.

  44. Sekai is pretty wrong too in my opinion… she’s not really trying to win makoto honestly because she’s offering all this ‘special training’ which would of course appeal to guy’s physical urges… PLUS she’s a friend of kotonoha. I mean yeah it’s great if you look at it from makoto’s perspective (ie. i’m a guy; i’m clueless) or sekais (ie. she’s a better girl, good friend to makoto etc) but to kotonoha, or heck anyone, a betrayal is still a betrayal (from makoto AND sekai, double the betrayal?) and that hurts, whether makoto is the “first guy in history” to cheat or not. I mean yeah i kind of agree she is really quiet and not that good of a gf compared to sekai but she shouldn’t have to be backstabbed, even if it’s unintentional :[

  45. I see infidelity as a bad thing, and I’d probably never forgive it.

    Like I said, Sekai definitely has some of the blame because she’s a friend of them, but the blame’s mostly on Makoto’s shoulders since he’s the one in a relationship to Kotonoha.

    While I don’t wish he dies unlike many other people, I do hope that he doesn’t get away with it, and that Kotonoha recovers from it.

  46. hmm feels like that one ending where sekai an makoto cept kotonoha got raped by his friend there btw if makoto screws this one up big time which he probably will kotonoha will b all over the sidewalk……………..or b in jail 4 murdering sekai

  47. The way things are going we seem to be moving towards one of the bad endings. Makoto keeps acting like a jerk and makes all the wrong choices. He’s doing everything just for the sex and eventually he’s going to pay. My prediction is he’ll get tired of Sekai now that he has gotten what he wants from her and move slowly back to Kotonoha. Kotonoha on the other hand will find out about him and Sekai and might go crazy, but since we are only halfway through the show it is more likely she’ll try to get him back. Makoto will be more than happy to accept her advances, since as I said – he’s in it only for the sex, and she has the bigger boobs after all, so he’ll screw Kotonoha as well. Then Sekai will find out and go berserk and stab him.

    Taking into account the character’s actions and personalities so far this ending seems the most logical for me and I’m sure many people will be happy. Of course, I would prefer it if they pull out some surprise twist, but I hope they make it believable.

  48. A insist, Makoto deserves to die or at least be unhappy for a while. As Onmi has pointed out, he should at least break up with Kotonoha if he really has started to like Sekai; because if he only had sex with her under the excuse of their training, what a low man is he.

    My guess right now is that Kotonoha will find out and will break up with him; or worst, he’ll want to remain with her but obviously Kotonoha will not accept that.

    Go and die as a pig Makoto. Damn it; I couldn’t keep my mind easy today at work thinking about on this episode. That’s why I hate a little the pure romance/drama series, because they got everything out from me. Guess I need to find something more useful to think until next Tuesday.

    Syaoran Li
  49. Makoto and Kotonoha never really had much of a relationship imo .. so what they kissed a few times.

    Hmmm … come to think of it, wasn’t Makoto’s first kiss, Sekai? So is Kotonoha the real cheater? lol

  50. @Ace
    “So what they kissed a few times.” …Does this make the relationship any less real or something?

    Do they HAVE to had sex to be in a relationship or something? I mean yes, that’s Makoto’s character to be horny and what not. Also it is Kotonoha’s personality that’s she’s quiet and shy… i mean is it REALLY her fault that she’s introverted? I mean yes maybe because makoto likes sekai coz she’s more cheerful… but give her a break; some girls take some time for them to warm up. In fact they may have had a nice relationship if makoto was a bit more patient, then he would have enjoyed more of the attention that kotonoha gave him during this episode – don’t you all think she’s trying a bit more in this, trying to smile and not be her ‘cautious’ self? If only makoto was a bit more patient…and not have his heart down his pants -_-

  51. Well if you look at their relationship, they just sit on chairs and stare into space. Makoto forces all the closeness in the “relationship”.

    Don’t get me wrong, not Kotonoha’s fault, it’s just the way she is. And Makoto tries to rush things with her. But what else is there, they don’t talk much.

    Unfortunately he realises he has more fun with Sekai and can be himself. He is also sexually attracted to her (found out from the tokkun). He also realises that Sekai likes him and is in pain because of the situation. Of course he should officially break up with Kotonoha first, but then I don’t think he is thinking clearly because he has just realised this and has Sekai’s words and kiss echoing around in his head.

    Kotonoha doesn’t have a chance now unless she has a dramatic personality shift and makes it she is more fun to be around than Sekai… unless she uses her body which I predict will happen because it is all she’s got.

  52. i’ve watched this story line of anime several times before ( i got tons of anime collections my self)…. one lame guy is dating with timid sexy chick ….. but his childhood friend or best friend (a girl of course) had crush on him….this lame guy realises thet he gets more fun hanging around with his best friend… but he cannot dump his sexy ‘kanojo’… so one night he slept with his best friend….. everything is run smooth…. but in the end he got busted by his girl friend…. bla..bla..bla boooring

  53. I hope we get the harem ending, I always hate anime making the main character pick one girl in the end. Whats the problem with having them all, as long as you truly love them all then I don’t see a problem, many countries in the world accept polygamy. When someone in a triangle relationship or whatever the number of ppl in a relationship, picking just one lover will always result in others being unhappy, if accepting everyone as lovers will make everyone happy, whats wrong with all of us being happy, why does someone has to end up being sad in a relationship. But don’t get me wrong, accepting everyone for the sake of being a pimp is bad, but if you truly LOVE them all then, hell yeah I say create a harem.

  54. I think most people here will prefer to see him end up with no one. I mean, in real life that’s what would probably happen. But then again, in real life, the hot sexy chicks would never fall for a guy like Makoto in the first place, so I guess it’s anybody’s guess right now what will happen.

  55. (Ive only read the first and the last page)

    What strikes me s the fact that assuming that Makoto and Sekai actually did it there wasnt a singl note of using protection not even in a Safety message i mean the shows prob watch by people aged 12 and up. What i wanna eventualy see is if they make it so Sekai ends up preggars by end of series (continuing to not pull punches) or make it that she doesnt get preggars at all and leave it with them being fortunate and simply moving the story on from this moment.
    (Sorry for nt acting my age)

    Wing Zero ZXT
  56. Well, believe it or not, in some of the possible scenarios she does end up pregnant, including the one in which she kills him in the end(the one that seems most likely at this point).

  57. Zlostur, in real life, girls go for the forceful jerks all the time. And cheating is actually quite rampant.

    I think typical romance animes have spoiled viewers into thinking romance is all sweetness and love with shining white knights and beautiful virgins.

    Real life is in the majority of the time, NOT like that. Why do you think the divorce rate is so high nowadays.

    So in this anime, Makoto getting a lot of chicks liking him is actually quite realistic. Also the anime would lend you to believe that he is quite handsome or cool looking (episode 2 when Kotonoha compares him to the guy in the movie)

  58. Yup, most harem anime is in general unrealistic – a bunch of hot girls falling for some lame, wimpy protagonist. In real life, girls fall for guys with self-confidence. It’s as important for a guy as good looks are important for a girl. Indecisiveness is a sign of lack of self-confidence.

    Of course, good looks are also important for a guy, but not as much as for a girl. I find it hard to judge whether an anime guy is handsome or cool-looking(heck, I even have trouble with that in real life), so I guess if the anime tries to convince us that Makoto is such a guy, then I guess you are right.

  59. True that a heart can sway since after all, humans are indeed full of emotions that are both strong and fragile. Still in Makoto’s case it is just pathetic for me, i mean come on, he was head over heels in love with Kotonoha at first and when he finally became her boyfriend, now he wants out cuz she doesnt just give in to him like he wants? That is just pathetic, he denies it yet so obvious it is his true intentions (grabbing Sekai’s butt while denying that he doesnt intend to cheat on Kotonoha in this episode is just the perfect example). I think and probably most people do so that Makoto just wants a girl who will put off and give in to each and every one of his desires and that he doesnt get burden by such relationship. He doesn’t know the true meaning of love. I mean from the coments of Deadlyrain, is true that love can take shape in many forms and the heart sways, but there are also people who are truly committed to their loved ones, that those people will indeed with good values that will keep their promise to love ones no matter what.

  60. She was already in love with him by the end of episode 1 though …

    No girl who didn’t like the guy would ever offer “special training” in the first place!

    Also I don’t think Makoto was ever in love with Kotonoha. At the most he was infatuated by her physical beauty and that was all. I think he had more of a connection with Kokoro! 😉

  61. Officialy; I’m feeling sick right now with Makoto’s actitude. Sekai was right, if he loves her and not Kotonoha, he had to break uo with her first. And for Sekai, what a bitch, she was the one who put them together and now she’s the one turning them apart. After this, Makoto doesn’t deserve Kotonoha’s love anymore… and Sekai made me feel more sick than am I already.

    Please kamisama, grant me just one request… kill Makoto.

    Syaoran Li
  62. Just by watching this episode, I’m starting to realize how realistic Makoto is, and where his faults actually lie.

    Positive Quality:

    One of the most notable qualities about him is that his face does not lie.

    Any one of us in Makoto’s situation at the pool wouldn’t frown when teaching his girlfriend to swim…at least, not like that. The frown he sported was one of displeasure rather than of dislike. Perhaps that’s already known…

  63. Yep, Kotonoha was a mistake and Sekai was a fool to get them together then keep them together. Makoto would have never approached Kotonoha by himself, and if Sekai had worked on him from the beginning they would have been a couple no sweat. I mean, everyone already thought they were a couple!

    But then a happy ending at the start does not make for a good story!

    Expect Kotonoha to find out and do something crazy to try and keep him


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