This week’s symbolism involves a red balloon. Rather neutral, I must say… considering how things have been progressing, I fully expected a falling flower, or a cheese-filled hot dog, or even some peaches and cream…

At home, Ink’s hot mom is telling her daughter that when Ink was little, she used to be a brat and a crybaby. This doesn’t really serve much purpose other than giving us Tamura Yukari’s submissive whine and have Ink show off several of her more vulnerable facial expressions. On TV, Mutsumune-senpai from the Miina anime (lunar bunnies) is the anchorwoman on some news show – we can only wonder what kind of hoops she had to jump through in order to land that job after leaving Spo-Luna…

The next morning at school, Nao-kun is owning English in class – guess the lessons with loli-sensei have worked out! Sumi-chan, however, not so well. Ah, screw her, I can’t fly in incognito as mahou shoujo loli-sensei and give her a lesson anyways, Ink thinks.

On the way home, Ink gets beeped on her phone, so skies off to save whoever is in trouble. Some kid is drowning in the river, and soon enough, Sumi-chan flies in and starts drowning too (cats don’t swim so well). Ink saves them with some cheap bubble magic, but then realizes that Sumi’s cat is still drowning. Ducktacular tries to go save him, but somehow ducks aren’t very good swimmers either. Sumi gets up from her compromising position and hooks them in with her magic fishing rod.

Then, out of nowhere, the bunny chick shows up with a huge ass stuffed donkey with a ridiculous heart on its forehead, and starts tearing the place up. Ducksta Rhymes uses some dimensional magic to seal the donkey, but then the bunny chick drags him and Sumi in as well… the two are sent to some alternate world!

They wake up in a familiar place – it’s the neighborhood park. Is this really an alternate world? Then, some loli asks Ink to play with her. It’s Sumi… loli^2 version. zomg, we’re in the past! Sumi seems to like learning English, which is odd, considering her dismal performance in present times. A 17-year old Ruriko-san comes to whisk her off.

Ink also drops by her hot mom’s house, and afterwards heads back to the park where Sumi is again. This time, Ink teaches Sumi some English with her high school textbook… not a great idea cuz it overwhelms Sumi and makes her hate English. After Ruriko-san comes to pick her up again, Ink goes and breaks up a fight between some dicks and a wussed-out Nao-kun. After some motivational talk, she hands him a knockoff version of a GBA and heads back into the present.

Tutoring Nao-kun that night was rather difficult – he kept wanting to play games! Gee, I wonder who’s responsible for that…


Haha, ok… I knew this was coming but the humor has worn thin and the only things that remain in full force are the highly detailed cameltoes and ass-imprints. Call it my weakness for these parody comedies and otherwise cheap laughs, but they are much easier to watch and are completely guilt-free if I miss an episode or three. If there was any show I could say this about, it’s this one – a picture is worth a thousand words. And about 999 of those words would be LOLI LOLI LOLI LOLI.

Some dangerous waters we are treading here…


I would seriously blog Zetsubou Sensei instead, but I just watched an episode of it raw and could follow about 10% of it…


  1. ahh c.t…..i this one of those animes that they give at night.. dont parents feel alittle awkward waking in the room and seeing their kids watching loli camel toe?

    BROOKLYN otaku
  2. DO ZETSUBOU. the show is one of a kind!!

    And about the camel toe loli…well like, IS THIS A KIDS SHOW? wow..little children dont need to see that stuff on tv lol, their too young..really.

  3. After 5 episodes, actually just watch 3 episodes so far…
    They keep on showing those ***** fan-service shots every episode… it’s getting boring…
    ultimate subbed not Your-Mom/Otacon
    April choose to blog Nagaserete Airantou before Seto No Hanayome
    Clannad /HaruhiSuzumiya s2

  4. continuation…
    July choose to blog Moe-tan before Sayonara Zetsobou Sensei

    October picks
    Shakugan no Shana s2
    Genshiken s2
    Clannad / HaruhiSuzumiya s2
    Gundam 00 / Code Geass s2

  5. “I would seriously blog Zetsubou Sensei instead, but I just watched an episode of it raw and could follow about 10% of it…”

    I’m not the first to say it, and I doubt I’ll be the last, but thank Oharuhisama for a.f.k. fansubs. If only we could clone them so they can blog SZS and L☆S without any delay to either…

    That is in no way a suggestion that they stop one or the other. I’m patient enough to wait, and intelligent enough to realize I’d have no chance following either without A-level subs.

  6. I don’t get why everyone’s always raving about A.F.K like they’re the only good fansub group out there. I honestly think it’s just cause they did Haruhi and Kanon subs. As usual many things that everybody raves about can be traced back to Haruhi these days.

  7. @Julius (Firefocht?)

    This isn’t really about Lucky Star, but yeah, I did do that ages ago and I found there’s to make a lot of unnecessary localization’s of words that any regular viewer of anime would know, as well as outright changing the meaning of some scenes to make them more western friendly. If that is what some people want it’s good for them, but I prefer other subbers version of the episodes and have found I enjoy some of the episodes more with there use. Maybe you shouldn’t assume I haven’t watched the other versions and cross-compared before leaping to conclusions about how I formed my view on A.F.K. It drives me crazy when people do that.

    As for the blogging, Why not let Jaalin decide for himself what he wants to blog and what he doesn’t. I’m sure he’ll figure it out.

  8. >>ahh c.t…..i this one of those animes that they give at night.. dont parents feel alittle awkward waking in the room and seeing their kids watching loli camel toe?

    >>God I hate this, I mean its F$9Ki98 children lovers

    I lol’d

  9. the atmosphere sure is tense in the comment area nowadays…

    i *personally* (read: PERSONALLY) think making subs *should* include a clever localization of words and slightly making them more western friendly because i honestly find a literal translation of japanese sentences and ideas to be dreadfully wordy…not to mention that continous “editor’s notes” are going to disrupt the viewing experience, causing one to repeatedly click on the pause button to read them all.

    e.g.-how japan has THREE years of middle school and THREE years of high school. one group will translate first years as “first years” while another may translate them as freshmen. or how one group will translate second year high school students as “second years” (ni-nen sei) while another will substitute with sophomores/juniors…and so on

    clever localization or close-to-the-original dialogue? in terms of anime, it’s pretty much up to you, although when it comes to japanese drama/tv shows, a literal translation of what is being said…is not something im too keen about…*especially* variety shows (it loses a LOT of its humor in translation…). :X

  10. i use subs to fill in what I can’t pick up from just listening myself. It got me over the inadequate subs that the companies tend to do over here in the States…

    of course how much play to take with subs is probably as big of a debate as the sub vs dub thing that still exists :X

  11. I don’t see why you have to choose one over the other. I like both Moetan and Zetsubo. Zetsubo Sensei is typical SHAFT anime. Just totally irreverent and constantly silly. In a way, it’s really more about the cute little antics than some overarching story. I like both fanservice and irreverent comedy anime so it doesn’t really matter.

  12. Did something weird show up in this episode preview? It says in the official moetan site that the episode that would be aired next week (Ep. 6) will be replaced with a resume of the previous episodes. A episode 5.5. Does anyone know about this? Or anyone that can read what it really says there. My japanese is compared to my english, in other words, very, very poor. =.=”

  13. @Change
    I figured that report would stumble here eventually. Basically, recent Moetan episodes have been getting censored in certain areas of Japan. We’ve been talking about it on 2ch since some people have been missing something we’re talking about, etc. Evidently, Episode 6 was so bad that it was pulled off air all together. So it’ll be a DVD only thing as opposed to airing it on TV. Evidently whatever was in it was so bad that they couldn’t censor it enough to make it TV safe.

    I need to take care to stash those import DVDs away if and when they arrive at my house. Just to be safe.

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