During one of their make-out sessions, Sekai stops Makoto because they’re doing it outside her workplace, so Makoto suggests that they continue afterwards. Justifying it as more practice, Sekai lets him kiss her again. Around the same time, Kotonoha attempts to call Makoto, but he just puts his phone in his pocket without answering. The next morning, Makoto prepares some breakfast for himself and Sekai, and on the way to school afterwards, he tries to kiss her again. She pushes him away because she feels it’d be bad if someone saw them here, and right as he’s about to grab her butt anyway, she reminds him that Kotonoha is waiting for him. When Makoto does see Kotonoha on the train later, he barely pays any attention to anything she’s saying. At school, he arrives at his classroom at roughly the same time Sekai and Setsuna do, and when Sekai tries to act normal and asks him about his sleepiness, he complains that it’s because this is the first time in many years that he’s had to make breakfast for two people. Sekai gets embarrassed because Setsuna is standing nearby, and after Makoto goes into the classroom, Setsuna questions Sekai about being with Makoto this morning. Because of this, Setsuna concludes that Makoto must have broken up with Kotonoha, and Sekai doesn’t deny it.

In class, Sekai writes Makoto a note suggesting that they tell Kotonoha about what’s going on between them. She feels that they can’t keep going like this, and when Makoto tries to stop her during lunch, she tells him that it’s not practice anymore. Makoto points out that Kotonoha will be angry, but Sekai knows this already and feels that it’ll get worse if they don’t say anything. However, on the rooftop, neither of them can bring themselves to say anything after Kotonoha so cheerfully serves them her hot lemonade. Kotonoha thinks that Makoto’s silence means that he doesn’t like it and starts apologizing, so Sekai speaks up for both of them to say that it’s delicious. Upon returning to class, Makoto gets a text message from Kotonoha asking him to go shopping with her once school ends, and he ends up turning her down with the excuse that his little sister is coming to play. In truth, Makoto is with Sekai that afternoon and admits that he lied about his sister. Sekai doesn’t like the fact that they continue to lie to Kotonoha, but Makoto feels that they can’t tell her yet. After getting Sekai to agree with him, Makoto hugs her and quiets her. Kotonoha meanwhile has decided to buy some red yarn and is on her way back home when her train passes through the same station that Makoto and Sekai are in. She catches sight of Sekai kissing Makoto, but she isn’t positive that it’s them and tries to think nothing more of it.

The following morning, Makoto leaves Sekai’s apartment with her again and messages Kotonoha to tell her that he overslept. Kotonoha is waiting for him at the entrance to the when he arrives, but she doesn’t get to talk to him because Otome calls out to him first. It is not until after school that she’s able to get a message sent to him asking him to go home together with her. Makoto actually is ready to go home with Sekai, but when Sekai sees the message, she tells him that his girlfriend is Kotonoha and runs off by herself. With no choice but to go home with Kotonoha, Makoto walks with her but doesn’t say anything to her. Along the way, Kotonoha gets accosted by a costumed person handing out flyers for cell phones. When she realizes that it’s giving a couples discount, she wants to get matching phones with Makoto, but since he’s less than willing, she even offers to buy it for him as a present. Makoto, however, still decides not to and starts walking off by himself. Kotonoha trips as she tries to follow him, and the yarn she was carrying flies out of her bag. After a brief sigh, Makoto turns back around to check if she’s okay and notices the knitting stuff on the ground, so Kotonoha admits that she was trying to make something by Christmas.

That night, Setsuna checks Sekai’s room and finds her already in bed with the covers pulled over. After Setsuna heads home, Sekai emerges from the sheets and reads a message from Makoto saying that he prefers her. Kotonoha meanwhile tries to call Makoto, but he doesn’t answer. During class the next day, Setsuna is taking suggestions about what their class should do for the culture festival and rejects everything Taisuke says. In Kotonoha’s class 1-4, there is only one suggestion on the board – a haunted house – and no one is paying any more attention. Otome’s friends are trying to get her to tell them who she likes, and she finally hints that the guy went to the same middle school as her, meaning that she’s liked him ever since then. Otome then notices Kotonoha looking at them and starts picking on her, eventually accusing her of casting flirtatious glances at guys and citing how she was clinging to Makoto. When Otome tells Kotonoha to stop bothering him, her friends realize that Makoto is the one Otome actually likes. Hearing this causes Kotonoha to perk up and question if this is true. Since Otome thinks that it has nothing to do with her, Kotonoha makes it absolutely clear that she’s his girlfriend already.

An unhappy Otome then messages Nanami to confirm what Kotonoha said. At the same time, Kotonoha messages Makoto to say that she won’t be able to make it to lunch because of committee stuff, and Makoto forwards the message to Sekai, touching her leg at the same time. He then leads her up to the rooftop, but unbeknownst to them, Kotonoha gets done quickly and rushes towards the same place. Unfortunately, she arrives right as Sekai says that she loves Makoto, and hearing this stops Kotonoha dead in her tracks. As Makoto says that he likes Sekai too and kisses her, Kotonoha drops her bag of yarn and can’t believe it.


I just love the way this episode ends. None of it was unexpected, but I thought the way they executed it was excellent. It seemed obvious how things were going to come together at the end of this episode, yet I couldn’t keep my eyes off of it and could really feel all the emotion flying around, especially with their use of the yozuca* song. It even seemed like the red colored yarn could symbolize the red string of fate or something.

As for Makoto, I just don’t understand what the girls see in him. Not only do Kotonoha and Sekai like him, we find out that Otome does too. I wouldn’t question this in any other show with one guy and lots of girls, but Makoto is a special case given how he acts. For all intents and purposes right now, he’s choosing the girl who puts out over the girl he started a relationship with and subsequently got tired of. Maybe now that Kotonoha has seen him cheating on her – which has to hurt at least twice as much because she had just stood up to Otome about being his girlfriend and was all happy to go see him – she’ll realize that he’s not worth it and dump him. Given how this is a love triangle story only half-way through though, that seems pretty unlikely to happen.

My biggest question now is how Kotonoha is going to respond. The music at the end of the episode was pretty eerie and could hint at future violence, but I’m more inclined to believe that Kotonoha will end up using her body to lure him back. Otherwise, I just don’t seem him separating from Sekai who has a hard time saying no to him and seems to do whatever he wants. Next week’s title 「前夜祭」 (the Eve) doesn’t give away as much as this week’s title did either, so it’s hard to say what’ll happen.


  1. Well I didn’t watch it yet, although I’m downloading it now.
    Although the pictures do keep me puzzled about the order of how things are going in.

    Omni, can I ask, what is the name of the next episode?

    Oh & Tuesdays really get exciting now, seeing how Claymore should be on share soon also.

  2. Okay this ep made me hate Makoto even more. Damn, does he even UNDERSTAND(if this word can be used with “Makoto” in same sentence, lol) – the thing called feelings? Does he even understand that these girls are human and not some “toys”.

    Makoto is a retard dot dot dot

    Unknown Voice
  3. Pffft, Get over it you “Makoto should die” posters. The guy feels better with Sekai, and unless you’re all blind, they match up better. If Kotonoha wasn’t so shy and scared of boys even huging her, then we wouldn’t have this problem would we? If your girl won’t tell you what’s on her mind and what she’s feeling like Sekai does all the time, and just runs away, like Kotonoha does often. Then how the fuck is it the guys fault? Are you a mind reader? The guy has said sorry over and over for many things that he’s not even at fault for.

    Kotonoha is just slow, she finally wakesup now but it could be too late. Personally Sekai and Makoto match up better personality wise.

  4. gp, although I do agree that it’s unrealistic for somebody to cleave him in half just cuz he cheated, but Makoto really si a jerk. I mean, how can what he feels even be love? He won’t even break up with kotonoha and he makes out with sekai every day. he’s just playing off of each girls respective feelings, true you can’t call what’s between makoto and kotonoha genuine true love, he only wants her for her body and sekai is only a fling he’ll soon forget. Makoto is such a pig, and Sekai isn’t a saint either. Nobody seems to care how kotonoha’s feeling, I mean the guy you like is cheating on you with one of your friends, and you don’t know what’s going on. Sekai orchestrated all this with her “special training”, why couldn’t she have just stayed back and just be happy for kotonoha and makoto, and give them that one chance at happiness at least until they actually break up.

  5. Wonderful execution of a prime trainwreck. Nicely done!

    Note: The way they slammed the train into the wall, Sekai and Makoto don’t know that they’ve been busted. If Kotonoha now decides to unsheathe her claws and go after Makoto with confidence (the same confidence she showed in the end against Otome), she can do ALOT. After all, Makoto is thinking with his pr*ck, and Kotonoha’s assets were the ones he was interested in first. And all genkiness aside, Sekai is very very vulnerable right now.

    I’d say, gong for the next round!

  6. they haven’t fully give us the relationship of setsuna x sekai yet. I think they r sister.

    i just hope after episode 6 that they start the second half with kotonoha being the leading lady not just sekai x makoto all the time. kotonoha is much sl*&tier than sekai when they start the s** mode

  7. guys its anime… otherwise I will personally beat this Matoko guy to pulp already.
    and SINCE its anime, I am crossing my finger for the murder ending!!!


  8. Sorry, but Makoto only wants Sekai for sex, nothing more and nothing else… he’s not looking for love; at least not for feelings.

    Right Quina… someone has to gone crazy at the end… or a happy end… who knows..

    Syaoran Li
  9. Yeah, you’re right, he should’ve broken up with her. And that’s where his asshole side shows. But aside from that, he’s not at fault for much. If Sekai never kissed him at the end of ep1, and never did her special training shit, he would still be trying to get along with Kotonoha.

    This stuff happens all the time in a HS fling, taht’s why they don’t last. But you don’t see ex-gfs going around killing the new gf or their bf on the news. 3 bad endings out of a total of 21 endings doesn’t mean we’ll have one of them in the anime also.

  10. This guy is a scumbag.

    Hopefully he’ll end up alone. Cheating is wrong, especially since Kotonoha did nothing wrong to deserve it, and he doesn’t really care about anything but sex.

    I don’t want him dead, but as sure as hell I don’t want a happy ending for him either.

  11. Oh and about love, pfft, at that age you’re not thinking about love or having a family. That’s why these HS flings don’t last. Maybe none of you had any of these types of relationships in HS? I’ve had, and have seen many in my 4 years of HS. They just don’t last, and it’s only mostly for sex or to have a good time. If Makoto doesn’t actually love Sekai or Kotonoha then ok, he’s a jerk, but he’s not the first or last one. I think many of you guys are just comparing this with all the other harem HS anime that’s been out, where the guy is super nice to all the girls and just can’t pick one, or does pick one but it’s all wrapped up in some insane comedy flood.

    School days is a bit more realistic and full of drama, even if it has a few small bits of comedy at the start. Many guys just care about sex, and many girls know it also. Sekai didn’t have to go to the train station in ep5, she didn’t have to take him to her house. It takes two to tango, you can’t just blame the guy for getting laid and say it’s none of the girls faults. If after this kotonoha doesn’t decide to break it off, and actually tries to keep him using sex, then who’s the real one at fault? How many of you would turn down sex from a good looking chick?

  12. Responding to GP:

    > If Kotonoha wasn’t so shy and scared of boys even huging her, then we wouldn’t have this problem would we?

    I dunno, the girl I spend time with is shy and scared of boys hugging her. And she doesn’t even have huge breasts to worry about. It seems perfectly rational to me… or am I just in a bad relationship? 😛 Ah well.

    As a guy, do you know how to express your feelings to a girl? If a girl randomly placed their hands on a guy’s privates, some of the more immature/naive/younger guys would be outright freaked out, don’t you think?

    > If your girl won’t tell you what’s on her mind and what she’s feeling like Sekai does all the time, and just runs away, like Kotonoha does often. Then how the fuck is it the guys fault? Are you a mind reader? The guy has said sorry over and over for many things that he’s not even at fault for.

    But Sekai is too inexperienced (a.k.a not omniscient enough) to know how to deal with Kotonoha gracefully, and so Kotonoha’s feelings are hurt. And so people … “side” with her, you know? ‘Cuz they think that, no matter how much one person (Sekai) matches your (Makoto’s) personality than another person’s (Kotonoha), you shouldn’t … let the other person find out that way.

    We know at this point that Kotonoha is extremely emotionally distraught (or should be, anyways). And, in anime (and love triangles in general), that is a recipe for disaster.

    (I remember someone saying somewhere that all love triangles end in everyone dying. While it’s not true, it is worth noting that many love triangles are … in some way, tragic. At least one person will get hurt. Badly. Even Rowling knows that.)

  13. So.

    I would like to have a confirmation that Makoto had actually completed sex with Sekai.

    (This show is already instant fail for being a show based on a visual novel.)

    Slightly Bald Wizard
  14. It’s not about how often it happens. So there’s a lot of jerks in HS: newsflash, we all went to HS, we all lived through that period or we will.

    Does that make the jerks any less bad? Nope. Are there also a lot of people who have more brains and are more sensitive? Yes, there’s a lot.

  15. And I’ve seen quite a few HS relationships last till well after HS. Maybe it’s less common in the US because a lot of you are pretty much forced to move when it’s time for college, but it ain’t the same everywhere.

  16. @ale
    i completely agree with you, just becuz it happens doesn’t make it right, people shouldn’t just date ppl for sex cuz that’s kinda messed up, and if you then you’re a total scumbag, and it’s true that doesn’t make you any less of a jerk.

  17. I’d also like to address a few more points.

    School days is a bit more realistic and full of drama, even if it has a few small bits of comedy at the start. Many guys just care about sex, and many girls know it also.

    And this is exactly why Makoto would never get any, except with dumb broads. Sekai and Kotonoha aren’t exactly that, so I wouldn’t say it’s realistic that they’re in love with him.

    Sekai didn’t have to go to the train station in ep5, she didn’t have to take him to her house. It takes two to tango, you can’t just blame the guy for getting laid and say it’s none of the girls faults.

    While Sekai is obviously at fault too (and this only because she’s Kotonoha’s friend), it’s mostly Makoto’s, because he’s the one in a relationship, so he’s the number one person who should care about not cheating.

    How many of you would turn down sex from a good looking chick?

    If it meant cheating on my girlfriend (ie.: being a jerk), I would; and I’m not the only one. Yes, this even back in HS.
    Also, I am not the type who goes for sex just because. I’m not that easy. This doesn’t mean I need to be in love to have sex with someone, but having sex with someone just because they look good and I can isn’t particularly appealing to me. Probably if the girl is too easy she’ll put me off no matter how good she looks.

  18. @Ale, Everyone is quick to say Makoto is a jerk/ass. And to an point he is, because he’s also an idiot (typical male main character in these shows). That doesn’t change the fact that he tried really, if Kotonoha doesn’t say anything when he does something wrong and just runs off, what’s he suppose to do? At what point do you decide that it doesn’t work out and call it quits? If he’s just going after Sekai for sex or not, we don’t know. It seems like that, but it could not be. Yes, he should’ve told kotonoha, but not everyone does right away after having the same thing happen. Going back to the idiot part, he doesn’t know how to say it, so he’s trying to ignore her. This makes him look like a jerk also, but this doesn’t apply to guys only either. And you could be the nicest guy ever, and you’d still look bad in this situation.

  19. Its hard to make comments when 2 pages are “Makoto hate” copy/paste.

    The anime simply taken a convulsed rote in order to fill 12 episodes, I never played the game but I suspect you could easy have “Makoto, the Faithful Dog” were he only have eyes or one of the girl and ignores all the others but could you fill 12 episodes of that? or make it NOT boring?

    Perhaps you all want borefest so why not you watch Shuffle! or all those eroge adaptations that feature blue balls male leads that have a striking resemblance to Makoto when it comes to characterization?

    I watch this for Teh Drama … its a refreshing change from what I see in harem anime and in eroge adaptation anime.

  20. haha woot! go sekai! XD ~ yeah i dont relaly like makoto adn well these past epiosodes havent made me change my mind either xO~! well at least hes lucky that he gets to “practice” with sekai x]!! i wnat this to be like the game and get all bloody =D ~!

  21. @gp
    “because he’s also an idiot (typical male main character in these shows).

    I seem to recall kanon and shuffle, and although the protagonists were slightly idiotic they weren’t loose and jumped on anything that would have them. And no he didn’t really try, he never REALLY got to know kotonoha he just got upset when he did something perverted and got grossed out, and he only apologized to her cuz he thought he could get with her. He just jumps from one girl to the next to get some, and it’s not right to say that just cuz a lot of guys are jerks that it’s ok.

  22. @Ale, Everyone is quick to say Makoto is a jerk/ass. And to an point he is, because he’s also an idiot (typical male main character in these shows). That doesn’t change the fact that he tried really, if Kotonoha doesn’t say anything when he does something wrong and just runs off, what’s he suppose to do? At what point do you decide that it doesn’t work out and call it quits?

    Try to talk it over with her, ask her why she’s like that, if there’s anything bothering her, try to make her feel more comfortable and confident. If he feels it won’t work out, he can, well…break up. But don’t cheat on someone who did nothing bad to you, that’s just wrong. End a relationship properly before sleeping around just because -you- are not satisfied. He’s being an ass.

    If he’s just going after Sekai for sex or not, we don’t know. It seems like that, but it could not be. Yes, he should’ve told kotonoha, but not everyone does right away after having the same thing happen.

    Maybe he does have feelings for Sekai, I dunno. I’m not gonna say he’s in with her just for the sex, I might dislike the guy, but I’m not blind and it could be either way.
    As for the other part, that is my main gripe with him. Was it so complicated not to bone Sekai till he got his thoughts sorted out and went and dumped Kotonoha, or decided that he’d continue trying? C’mon, he should be a man. This is the kind of guy that gives the rest of us a bad name.

    Going back to the idiot part, he doesn’t know how to say it, so he’s trying to ignore her. This makes him look like a jerk also, but this doesn’t apply to guys only either. And you could be the nicest guy ever, and you’d still look bad in this situation.

    Ehh, a good, smart guy would probably handle this situation a lot better.

    And I agree, this doesn’t apply just to guys. I’ve known girls who went and cheated only because they weren’t currently satisfied with their boyfriend before dealing with things properly, and don’t worry, I call them bitches as much as I call guys who do the same jerks. I’m not biased for either gender. In fact, if anything, I’m strongly biased against people who are partial for one gender.

  23. @Drakon You’re right, I’ve said this before, but the game has 21 endings total, and only 3!! 3! are the bad endings which everyone seems to be asking for. Kotonoha has 6 good endings with Makoto, and Sekai has either 3 or 4, I forget. Being based of off a game it could’ve been done many different ways depending on what the director/writers wanted. Oh, there’s also 3 harem endings, but this will probably never get close to those. A few other good endings are with other girls, but those won’t be covered either. You can make Makoto be the best bf ever, or an ass. That’s what the games are all about.

  24. Yuuichi wasn’t idiotic at all, if anything he was one of the few actual “men” that are harem leads. A good sense of humour yet reliable when he needs to be. Really, girls don’t ask for -that- much, so it’s believable that they would be attracted to someone like Yuuichi.

  25. P.S it could have worked… Makoto’s (prob) first relationship could have been an emotionally fulfilling and insightful one but no Sekai the socialite hoar princess instead of being truly happy for them or confessing her feelings in a non perverse way went out of her way to ruin the relationship by doing things which are just Wrong

  26. @Ale I meant in the way when he’d do those things with that other guy…what was his name…kitigawa, but it’s true yuuichi is really admirable. he had the conviction to go over what he wanted and he didn’t just give up just cuz it was a little hard

  27. @blaho

    Kanon isn’t based off of an h-game iirc, Though shuffle is, shuffle doesn’t have bloody endings, but i’m sure it has bad ends. Shuffle could’ve had more drama in it, it had a bit in the last bit of eps with Kaede but that was nothing really. It’s a different, more happy show, but that’s what the creaters wanted. The guy could’ve made his mind up from the start but that would’ve been boring wouldn’t it. And because they didn’t wanna drag you around for 20+ eps with him not being able to choose a girl, they decided to toss in a few other bits to keep the show going.

    Whatever the case, it’s a different type of show with the level of drama in school days over shuffle and others in the past.

  28. @Ale I meant in the way when he’d do those things with that other guy…what was his name…kitigawa, but it’s true yuuichi is really admirable. he had the conviction to go over what he wanted and he didn’t just give up just cuz it was a little hard

    Oh definitely, but I bet ya anything a lot of us like acting like idiots 😛

  29. I guess idiots work well for drama. If the main guy was actually a smart, good person, then we wouldn’t have drama because he’d make the right decisions.

    We probably need a jerk or a dumbass (or both) to generate drama in this genre.

    Then away, we had drama in Kanon, but it came mostly from outside sources.

  30. @Ale, you’re right, if the guy doesn’t do stupid/perverted stuff, we don’t have comedy, and if he’s not a jerk/can’t make his mind up, we don’t have drama.

    I’ll wait and see what Kotonoha does next and if she decides to fight fire with fire and use sex. =P

  31. Err … Kanon IS a eroge game.

    Also what they did was add ALL the arcs of Kanon in the anime, just like Shuffle! did … the difference is Kanon is a Key game and Shuffle! is a Navel game.

    And sorry but Tenchi GxP simply WINS at harem anime … the only that can beat Saina is Manshiro.

  32. @blaho, I couldn’t remember, but you’re right , it is. Still it’s done different enough, as with shuffle. I’ve only seen the original version of kanon, not the remake, maybe the remake has more drama when it comes to each girl and their relationship with the guy. But the original wasn’t like that.

  33. I don’t understand why sekai doesn’t just get makoto to break up with kotonoha a long time ago. I mean, they’ve just started going out and they’re highschool kids. They’re don’t have to love each other forever because they decided to try dating….

  34. @Drakon

    hahah, Tenchi GxP gave me some good laughs. But I think the best harem, anime/manga wise will be Negima when it ends, if it ends like that. He’s got like, what? 30 girls? hahah

  35. @varisha

    That’s the thing, does she even ask him to do that? I know it says she tells him to stop so no one sees them, so does that mean she’s trying to hide it from everyone?

    It’s hard, like I said, to drop all the blame on Makoto for everything that’s going on. I see this as being a part in the game where you can either pick to tell Kotonoha or not to tell her. But I don’t know moonspeak so I can’t say if that’s actually a choice, but I think it would be.

  36. Doubt it, Negima will likely end up with just one girl (likely Asuna).

    Seina have … his first crush,the sexy model/GxP detective,the sexy shapeshifter alien pirate/princess,the loli -she is actually over 100 years old so its legal- priestess and “a cabbit is fine too” PLUS the other 4 girls.

  37. Makoto isn’t the nicest guy but the blame goes to Sekai too.

    Just as somebody said, it was all her fault.

    All of it…

    Friend confesses that he likes the new girl.

    You fast become friends with said girl.

    Start giving your unwanted help in getting new girl.

    Not even at first base, you kiss best friend boy.

    Shit starts turning.

    Then sex…While new girls is still trying hard to get along with her new boyfriend.

    Me thinks Sekai should be…Wait a minute, this happened. My favorite scene.

    Hope this happens in the anime as the solution to this…

    Sekai – 80%

    Makoto – 20%

    Blame percentage…

    This is just my opinion though…

    And I hate guys like this too…Sigh

    Demon Eyes
  38. Well, the only thing I want to know is if Sekai felts guilty about what’s goign on between her and Makoto. Come on, she was the one how unite them, and now she will be the one who will break them apart. Too many things to handle

    Syaoran Li
  39. @Drakon

    Probably Asuna, since it’s the guy who did Love Hina iirc, then the first girl negi comes into contact with at his new place (school) will be the one he ends up with later on. That being Asuna, but the manga has a long way to go it seems, sigh.

  40. Man, I love this show. Cheating scum boyfriend + whore best friend + overly timid and shy girlfriend = loads of entertainment. Seriously, when I first heard about this show, I thought it was going to be a rather generic romance anime that we’ve all seen a million times. You know the kind, where NOTHING interesting ever happens as far as relationships are concerned until the guy chooses a girl in the last episode, which is completely unrealistic and boring.

  41. Jeez, all you guys seriously need to chill…

    Stop wishing for the guy’s death! So, he cheated on his girlfriend, big deal! I’m not saying it is OK to cheat, but it happens all the time, it’s no reason to freak out about. It’s not like he raped her little sister or something…now that would be a reason to lynch him. I’ve known many relationships in which the guy cheated on his gf(and also the opposite) and sometimes they got back together in the end. You don’t need to sound so outraged and get so angry and want to kick the crap out of him. Grow up, damn it!

  42. Kotonoha you don’t have to dirty your hands killing that guy.

    I’ll wipe out the whole school for you! XD

    @Demon Eyes
    I completely agree with you. Sekai lingered too long as well just to say that she loved Makoto. Only after she throws Hotonoha’s love into Makoto’s deep well. Even in this episode, she declared her love towards Makoto only after doing it so many times.

    Yes, we are going too extreme about playing with others life. But men, Makoto is not even worth to kill. That guy, just get him on camera, spread it over the net and let him root away.

  43. @Darwin

    Yeah, that’s what i’ve been trying to say basically. They’re just so quick to kill Makoto, and yeah he’s an idiot/ass. But at this point Sekai, and Kotonoha in her own little way, both are at fault.

  44. oh man… i can clearly see thats its gonna be a insane bad ending >.>

    Sekai is partly to be blame if this end up as a bloody hell ending… i like sekai but what she is doing now will makes her suffer all the way till the end… she keeps pondering on with the questions of “if” around her mind. She should really come straight at kotonoha and declare that she likes makoto as well but she is digging it deeper making a triangle relationship.

    Makoto is the main problem in this anime he should really know who he likes… playing with a relationship will cost him dearly.

    Kotonoha have my full sympathy because she doesn’t even know anything but continue to love makoto fully… makoto should really know what type of girl kotonoha is seriously…

    I know this won’t happen but she should really dump this jerk…

    if kotonoha is a real life person i would really chase after her.

    from the looks now it seems like it will surely go into a bloody ending unless they change something half way…

  45. Ya, there’s certainly a lot of drama in this show, but little or no comedy at all for me. If you want a hilarious and crazy harem show then definitely watch SETO NO HANAYOME. Man it never fails to amuse me, not just its crazy plot but also its visual references (hayate does its references by saying and censoring it, but this show shows it ~ too bad it’s hardly noticed since it is overshadowed by the show and the characters crazy antics “MASA-SAN!” XD) Nagasumi is the funniest harem guy!!! He has it all! (including numerous bishounen faces) Lol!

    Last thoughts is that i think everybody is at fault and not just makoto (despite him being an asswipe), but also Sekai is the second major one at fault, and then Kotonoha (barely at fault since it is just her personality) . It’s just the chain of events that had caused it all up to now.

    Though a question to those who played the game sorry if i shouldve spoiler tag this, though i hope it isnt needed, in the game i heard that it is always a love triangle type like the main one is of course Kotonoha and Sekai to Makoto, then the others are like Setsuna and Kidou (forgot the girls name, basically the girl who likes Makoto’s best friend), and the other path being the last two girls, is this info right? Also if it is, then is the same story?

  46. @banzemanga: I still fail to see your counter-argument about why cheating is so bad. There are many worse things happening in the world(I mentioned only 1 example). Makoto is a realistic character who represents many qualities that exist in the real world and the things he does happen all the time. I don’t see why the guy would be so bad, when there are real guys out there that also do the things he does and some of them are pretty decent guys . Would you wish for their death as well? Once again, I am NOT saying that cheating is OK. I am simply saying it’s no reason to declare a guy “worst character ever”.

    I’m going to end this post with a quote from the I’s manga: “Guys who do not want to see naked girls exist only in fairy tales!”. Peace to you!

  47. Actually, there are not really “good endings” in the game. They are more like someone gets pregnant or something happened that at the end Makoto stays with one of them.

    @Everyone who talks about real-life HS
    It is true that in real-life there are people who cheat all the time. But the difference is that usually, most of the times – unless the guy is a really good actor or the girl is really naive – people can see if a guy might cheat or not by the personality. And the girls who go out with this guys usually are really bold and don’t care much about life and are careless. You know, the type of girls who think that they are the end-of-the-world and that his boyfriend is the-best-man-in-the-universe – who will fight for him knowing that he cheated.

    @Everyone who defended Kotonoha up to now
    It is true that Kotonoha have been innocent so far and that she is the one who suffering everything. Later on, because of the pressure from both Makoto and her jealous classmate side, she will snap it out of the logical reasoning and go out with Makoto even though she knows that he is cheating.

  48. Oh i asked that question about the school days game, because ive seen this school days opening at some site, this opening shows makoto basically not only cheating at kotonoha, but seems like he gets on with other girls as well like setsuna, the girl he was in junior high with, the short black-hair girl, and the other girl who apparently likes his best friend. Man i gotta know these other girls names, but their too unimportant for me to care lol XD, hope you know who im refering too, if not well is it true that he gets it on with all the girls in the game?

  49. @Darwin
    Makoto might not be the worst character in the world but it is in this show. It is true that there might happen things that are worse in life. But cheating can be just as bad as anything else too. Like the example of “Killing” after going insane. Another thing is that people say that there is nothing else worse than death in this world. I say not all the times. Constant eternal suffering is worse than death. If you are going to suffer for ever, then there is no joy for life. Love can be so deep that can cause suffering for the whole life time – of course depending on what happened and how the person took it mentally and personally.

  50. @Everyone who defended Kotonoha up to now
    Later on, because of the pressure from both Makoto and her jealous classmate side, she will snap it out of the logical reasoning and go out with Makoto even though she knows that he is cheating.

    so what your saying is because of the pressure she will forced to date Makoto even if she no longer wants to? 0uCh now that would hurt

  51. Sorry of the double post

    -And Kotonoha will be actually to be blamed as well later because she goes out with Makoto and do it with him even though he knew that Makoto is cheating to lock him up. But since Makoto is just an sex addict, he will continue to cheat. And then Kotonoha will really go completely insane to kill.

  52. @AvexMode
    I actually watched Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien. That one was good too. But at least that one is has more morals than this one. It is like choose between the one you liked before – who got amnesia after an accident – and the one who love now – helped you get over your depression.

    Yes, reality is just too cruel and in love triangles, someone get hurt. Polygamy rules for this kind of cases but it is just unfair to be with two while they devote everything to you?

  53. @banzemanga:
    So, would you prefer to die than to be cheated on? I completely disagree with you on this subject. Killing is way worse than cheating, since it is a crime both according to the law and to common sense. And I also disagree on the death issue. I think there is nothing worse than death in the real world, because it is the only thing that is truly irreversible. If getting cheated once in high school causes you to suffer eternally, so that you prefer death, than you do not deserve to live. People can grow out of such emotional setbacks. One day, they can meet someone who truly loves them and be happy with them. People have in them the ability to overcome ANY adversity! Death, however, cannot be overcome…ever! I do not want to get any more philosophical, but you said some things that I cannot agree with. I hope you don’t take it personal.

  54. Heh…people are getting way too emotional about this. It is not such a deep show after all. High school romances are sometimes pretty messed up, mostly due to the fact that the characters are inexperienced. The fact that in this particular show all three main characters are idiots(that’s right, all three, not just the guy) makes the situation even more complicated. If they would just stop for a moment and think just how ridiculous the whole situation is, maybe no one would need to die in the end.

    However, the way things are going I keep on thinking that it’s going to be a bloody end. It does not make sense for them to live happily ever after after this emotional roller coaster ride.

  55. @banzemanga and @AvexMode:

    Ya i’ve also watched Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien and it is quite a sad and touching show. However the main guy in that show Takayuki isn’t such a jerk compared to Makoto, i mean technically he did cheat on his gf, but it was already broken off by his gf’s parents cuz he was going over the edge of sanity, and that was really understandable. Since his gf’s best friend also loved him, but she never did go as much as kiss takayuki or give him special training when he was dating his gf, in fact she helped their relationship which you can compare mistuki to sekai. However Mitsuki never had ill intentions, she couldn’t help it if she fell in love with Takayuki, but she never did things that could ruin the relationship betweeen Takayuki and Haruna.

    It was just an unfortunate event which led their relationship to end, and then a new one began. That shows love triangle was truly tragic, not only because of that but because of that and only that unexpected event that led up to it. In school days case, makoto had control over it, he could’ve chose to just treat sekai as a best friend and nothing more, and be always with kotonoha, or he couldve end it with kotonoha since he fell in love with sekai, either way he had control over it. In Takayuki’s case was just a horrible fate, especially after the two vowed they would be together and remember each other always, although i rooted for mitsuki, i couldnt help but wish haruna had a good ending as well. That’s why im glad that they are releasing a Haruna path to Kimi Ga Nozumu Eien this fall!

  56. @Darwin
    I did not say that “cheating” is worse than “killing”. I am just trying to say that it can be same or worse. Let’s say that if the cause of killing is cheating then which one would you say that is worse? Cheating is something that can be overcomed mentally but not physically neither. Cheating is also something irreversible time neither. In the case of this show, the cause of killing is cheating and so it is in real life. Of course, both can be stopped but there is really not better or worse, it depends on the situation. I just don’t agree that you say that is better cheating than killing. I am just implying none are good.

  57. @Nagasumi:

    I agree with you completely! I do not think that the two shows need to be compared so much, because even though they are the same genre(love drama) and have some similar motifs(love triangle) they are also very different. In Kiminozo, there are external obstacles that prevent the characters from making the right choice and being happy – like the accident, Haruka’s amnesia and so on. In a matter of speaking, there is no right choice. In School Days there are no such obstacles, it’s just that the characters are really messed up.

    Also, I do not think Makoto and Takayuki should be compared either. Takayuki was a very considerate guy, who tried his best to make everyone happy and failed miserably. His only flaw(yes, it is a big one) was his indecisiveness which caused a lot of suffering to his new partner Mitsuki and made the whole fanbase to hate him. Overall, given the circumstances, I think he is redeemable and he made things right in the end. Makoto, on the other hand has far from pure intentions and he does not stop to consider the girls’ feelings for him. He only thinks about himself.

  58. @Darklord
    lol. I guess we get the feeling of hate towards Makoto because he is the main character. You know, we have this self-fulfilling mentality where the protagonist is a “good guy”. That is why this show is popular just like Death Note.

  59. @banzemanga:

    Of course none are good. I said several times that I am not OK with cheating. However, what I meant to say is that even though the act of cheating is irreversible, the emotional pain that follows after it is curable and can be overcome. However, death can never be overcome. Having that in mind, I think it is pretty clear killing is far worse than cheating.

  60. @Darwin
    I know you said that cheating is not ok. It is just that killing cannot be considered worse than cheating. Suppose that for every 1000 cheating, 5 gets killed for that reason. Then, cheating would be worse because it is causing it. Of course, it depends like i said. If you can counter ague that is better 5 get killed because of cheating than millions being massacred by political affairs.

    That is why it depends… There is no absolute argument that cheating is better than killing.


  62. @banzemanga

    Heh, I do not think the show is as popular as Death Note. The only reason why this show is popular is because people are waiting to see blood in the end. I can guarantee you the show would not be half as popular if the three bad endings in the game did not exist.

    Also, it’s funny that you mention Death Note. If you think about it, Raito is a much bigger bastard than Makoto. He does some things that are really outrageous and kills people without remorse, but yet people really like him (btw, he is also one of my favorite characters). This makes me think the reason people really hate Makoto is because he is a wimp, not because he is a bastard(which is also the reason I do not like him). I know I should not extrapolate my own thoughts on everyone else, but I am curious to hear what people think.

  63. @Darklord
    Yeah, also agree that Death Note is more popular. It is just that shows where the main character is a bad guy is hard to come around and that is why they become popular up to some extension.

    But i still don’t get why people like Light – other than being cool?

  64. It doesn’t matter if cheating is common. Even more so with the way Makoto did it. He’s still a dumbass and a selfish one at that.

    Just because there’s a lot of morons out there it doesn’t mean he’s any better. I don’t wish for his death either, but I have little respect for cheaters under most circumstances. Of course people can improve.
    In fact, I bet he’ll get -one- thing right at the end of the show, and then we’re meant to admire his character growth and how great a person he’s become, or whatever.

  65. banzemanga

    Well, I can tell you why I like him. Being cool is a very subjective statement, but I do not think anyone would disagree that he is cool. I think he is one of the most original, interesting main characters ever invented(OK, I know there is also Lelouche, but let’s not get into this). I think the way he revealed his thought process to us, so that we could witness how the mind of a genius works, was really superb. I think that every one of us can identify with him up to a certain point, since don’t we all wish for a better world where criminals do not exist? His eventual “fall from grace” shows how power can corrupt the soul and makes us think what we would do if we were in his place. His eventual demise shows just how human he is when he has lost everything.

    So, overall, I think he is a really cool, original, and realistic character, but this is a topic about School Days after all, so I will stop here.

  66. @Darklord:

    I completely agree with you as well both in Kimi Ga Nozumo Eien and Deathnote lol! Ya its quite unfortunate for Takayuki although i never hated him since despite his indecisiveness because his situation was very tragic and quite hard to decide or choose like if you would put yourself in his position. Youre also right about him being considerate to the girl’s feelings not just his girlfriend, i mean he also listens to Mitsuki when she had problems like accepting the relationship between him and Haruna since she started to fall for him, also from what happened was beyond his control so his indecisiveness was understandable especially since he still loves her and she still loves him as well. Also Takayuki was a bit of a jerk in the beginning since he didnt know what to do when he started going out with Haruka, but in the end he considered her feelings and straightened it out until the accident that is. Makoto on the other side, i think truly does not give a dam, and doesnt even want to try and understand the girl’s feelings, if he just wanted to get laid, go to a dam club.

    Ya i also agree with you about Light, also one of my favorite character together with L, but he is for me the perfect VILLAIN lol! Also quite a protagonist “I am justice!” Light is one of the most memorable anime characters of all times, i cant think of any character who is a more better villain than him, not just in terms of his actions, but of his mindset like him killing of every criminals, people that gets in his way, the rotten world, and becoming a god. Also Light wasnt a wimp like Makoto, there’s no comparison at all lol, since he isnt an idiot, although his overconfidence makes him an idiot in the end, still quite a character.

  67. @Ale:

    I did not say it is alright to cheat just because people are doing it all the time. I simply meant that it is no reason to get so over-the-top upset about it. You said it yourself – people can change. Although I doubt it will happen before the end of the show, it is certainly possible for a guy like Makoto to become a decent man in the future, if he survives through the end, that is.

  68. Oh, and by the way, for the most part I disagree that people can come back from cheating. 😡

    Usually relationships are forever stained after one party cheated even if they do come back together, and it’ll come back to haunt them in the future. I don’t think I really get “over the top” about cheating either, calling him a dumbass or a scumbag is really being over the top since cheating is, after all, something I view as quite a bad thing (both for men and women, although not under all circumstances).
    I guess you were mostly referring to the people who wish him to die, though? I definitely don’t want that, death hardly solves anyone’s problems.

    And yeah, he’s got potential to be a good person in the future – but he’s one of those people who have to learn the hard way.

  69. @Darwin
    Yes, unless they get away from the original storyline and add some really good twist that matches it all – Makoto being a decent man in the future wouldn’t be bad though. But if so, the director(s) shouldn’t leave behind all how Makoto would fix all the past relationships.

    @Nagasumi and @Darklord
    For some reason it kinda sounds more like you guys respected Light for is grand intellectual than linking him for his actions.

  70. So, Kotonoha is at fault for still going out with Makoto after finding out about the acts punishable by death committed by her boyfriend and friend?!!

    Really, I can’t remember who wrote this but there is a word for this kind of situation…rabu..Or lavu or something….

    Anyway, It won’t change the conclusion that Makoto and Sekai are walking dead!!!! To most of the fans that is…

    I too am waving the red flag right now…And i pray for death by teethed cleaver and throat needle.

    Do this Kotonoha and you win yourself a one digit on my fav female character list.

    Demon Eyes
  71. i totally understand why everyone hates Makoto because of the way that he is cheating on Kotonoha but that dosent mean that he has to be killed for that! i really hope that its a blood free ending.

    but what really gets on my nerves is how Sekai isnt really getting any of the blame even though this is partical her fault to, she knew that she was cheating with her frined’s boyfriend, but she still went along with it. And even though Kotonoha was shy and scared to be hug by boys that isnt an excuse for what those two did, because it was still wrong anyway.

    i also think that right now with how Kotonoha is going through a tough time i do believe she will do what she has to, to get back makoto(though i wont understand why). besides girls can bbe really vicious when you mess with a boy that belongs to them.

  72. @banzemanga

    Are you just going off one of the possible story lines in the game? Kotonoha doesn’t go crazy in every path in the game. And lots of her endings aren’t with her knockd up iirc. Though a few are, or w/e. In one ending both her and Sekai are, but that’s one of the harem endings which I doubt we’ll get.

    I still think that this won’t fallow one of the 3 bad end paths. But only time will tell. The thing now is what Kotonoha will do, she found out, so she should call it off, but if she doesn’t and also uses sex as a way to keep him, what does that say about her? You can say makoto is an ass for just being with her for sex, but it’s clear even in this ep that he’s ignoring her. I know he should’ve said the truth, and being an idiot or scared or w/e he doesn’t. But you’d think she’d figure out that somethings going on from how distant he acts.

    I blame Sekai for the original cheating, and depending on what Kotonoha does, I blame her for not ending it if she doesn’t at this point. It also seems that they’ll toss in another girl to, I thought they’d keep it a triangle, but this changes things imo.

  73. @GP
    Yeah, true. I think that the directors would try to include as much as they can. But i think that in all the storylines Kotonoha does do it with Makoto at least once to lock him up against Sekai, iirc.

    How will it end, it is hard to tell. But i wonder which of all the endings is the “true ending”

  74. @Ale

    Yes, I was primarily referring to the people who want him dead, and to those who dub him “worst character ever” and such, since as I said many times, there are many characters out there who did much worse things and aren’t hated as much. Heck, as Darklord said, even Light Yagami, who is one of the most popular anime characters nowadays(yes, I like him too – big surprise) did some things that were far worse, like killing innocent people, and, as I’ve said several times, for me killing is far worse than cheating.

    Also, I think people are far stronger than you give them credit for. Even if a relationship is stained by betrayal, people can learn to forgive – to forgive others and to forgive themselves. And even if they do not get back with the cheating partner, they can find someone else who they can be happy with.

  75. @cici: very good point about “girls can bbe really vicious when you mess with a boy that belongs to them.” Speaking from experience my gf is the type to get jealous quite easy and worst of all misunderstands quite ezly lol, but that’s her flaw which i kinda find very cute and i accept that cuz im kinda the same. But the dam i remember the time when some hot girl just asked me for the time and she began questioning her like crazy without even asking me what was going on lol, quite troublesome sometimes but it’s her personality and i like that. That is why i cant accept Makoto for what he is, because he couldnt be patient and understand kotonoha, i mean in the previous episode, didnt you guys think that she improved a lot? I mean she did admit they were going out in front of everyone and she feels natural on touching makoto, but the bastard doesnt even notice that and goes off with someone he can easily get it on with, he’s the worst, i dont want him to die, i want him to suffer for what he did. I mean whats the point on giving him an escape through death, where you can make him suffer for what he did which i think is better than just killing him off.

  76. @Nagasumi

    Yes, he needs to suffer, so that he can learn and become a better person in the future. Death is not really an easy escape for him, since death is not really an escape. It is the end of it all. Again, I do not want to sound philosophical and get into the life-after-death discussion, so I’ll post another quote, this one from Death Note:

    “All people will eventually die. When they do, their destination is nothingness…”

  77. @X

    LOL…okay, I know I said death is the worst that can happen, but you just proved me wrong. I simply forgot…if there is one thing that is worse for a guy than death, it is to not be able to live as a guy anymore.

  78. @Darwin and @Ale
    Well, i agree with you people that killing is not a good solution – especially if there can be other solutions. But in the case of the game, it happened because Kotonoha was being bullied by one group – her classmates. The one dearest to her betrayed him – Makoto. Her best friend who made her fall in love is the one who snatched her love. And because of her fragile personality, she wasn’t able to maintain her logic and snapped. Rather than being the causatian, Kotonoha was partly pushed towards the edge. Of course, i also agree that not everything should be blamed to Makoto since every character carry a certain amount of responsibility for what have they done. Later on, you people will also start disliking the minor characters of Kotonoha’s classmates.

  79. @Nagasumi
    lol. It is so interesting. It is said that suffering is something bad. But as we can see, even the worst thing can be used for good. That is why everything depends.

  80. @Darwin
    I guess i have been missing the whole point of your previous argument.
    It would be reasonable for Kotonoha to kill Sekai or Makoto if she snapped.
    But it is unreasonable for us to support a character to kill.

  81. Thanks Onm, for the good summary…

    So, Makoto really loves Sekai; I get that… but what I’m not getting at all is why that bastard doesn’t break up before with Kotonoha. Still pretending or trying to ignore someone is the worst thing you can do, especially with love. From there my hate for Makoto; if she fell for Sekai cool, but made everything clear with Kotonoha first. Maybe we hate the things our heart or mind tells us are wrong for moral and ethics, but now days nobody cares for that anymore.

    Until next week we’ll know Kotonoha’s reaction. The episode title “Festival Eve” doesn’t suggest too much on what was going on right now. We’ll have to wait then.

    With all my hate for Makoto for being a bastard ^_^

    Syaoran Li
  82. how about you all judge how bad makoto is/how ignorant kotonoha is/how bad sekai is AFTER the end of the series?

    maybe at the end makoto will redempt for what he has done, who knows? doesnt HAVE to follow the game ending right?
    for now, i pity kotonoha, but if she doesnt take action then it’ll be her fault.
    sekai is wrong (for nw)to have sex with makoto whilst knowing her friend is going out with him
    makoto is wrong (for now)to cheat on his gf and also not telling her the truth

    side note: how come so many girls like makoto? i thought he was one of those fail/weak useless male leads of an anime series…probably is the harem factor in this anime

    just my 2 cents 😀

  83. Makoto doesn’t love anyone. He’s in lust with Seaki because she’s putting out. If Kotonoha would do more and have sex with him he would to it with her too. That’s probably the main reason he’s not breaking up with her. Not to spare her feelings, but if by chance she happened to want to fool around he wants to be able to. She’s still the one who got him in the first place by her looks, so if she wanted to “catch” him again she probably could. That would be a disgusting way to go though. Not to mention demeaning towards women but as a H-game I don’t expect anything better.

  84. Though I have a small dislike for the minor char. (anyone who’s seen the game would understand), I still have a strong dislike for what’s his face. Though probably the most ‘realistic’ male character in Anime for a while, and I tolerate him because of that, Makoto is a loser and an ass at the end. I stood up and clapped when Sekai stabbed him.

  85. how about you all judge how bad makoto is

    Because like I said before, it’s gonna be hard to look at the dumbass like he’s amazing if he just gets -one- thing right by the end of the series. He’s gotta do a lot of work to redeem himself.

  86. Damn I feel pity for Kotonoha. That idiot is a shame to the male species! Although its only an anime but wtf? How can so many girls go after that kind of guy. That’s just not logical at all >.>

  87. This episode totally brought me back to this show, not only was it exciting, but they cut back on the service shots quite a bit, which always bothered me about this show.
    For all that my mind can come up with, i don´t find a single thing about Makoto that would make the girls flock around him, like they do. Kotonoha has since long been my favorite character of the show, and it seems like such a shame that inevitably she will try to lure him back, what a waste.

    Great epi.(didint it end just like a 24/Lost episode?)
    ( :

  88. After 5 episodes…
    This is the possible scenario since most animes want to fool people by changing the events that would occur like Kimi Ga Nozomu Aien(chasing after the one that cares for and leaving the past away) ending, Kannazuki No Miko(Yuri Ending beating the male protagonist efforts lol) and Canvas 2 ending(episode 24,big turn around)

    After the malicious tactics that Kotonoha would do to retrieve Makoto back to her and leaving Sekai behind grasping for little bit of hope till the end.
    I smell the ending Sekai stabbing Makoto at the park…… that would be the possible ending
    Kotonoha is the victor at the end(having Makoto’s child), Makoto dead(serve’s him right), and Sekai jailed.

    Or don’t tell me other female characters would step in and be the victor at the end likes of Otome and Setsuna..

  89. Makoto should fuck off. In real life, cheaters deserve to get run over by a bus. Kotohona shouldnt have to put up with a fucktard like him. What does she see in him anyway? His utterly pathetic at looking after a girl’s heart and only cares about his dick.

  90. Okay, after watching the episode I must say the creators are doing a very good job at making Makoto the ultimate jackass. At first I would say he is a realistic character, but now I think his stupidity is beyond realism. Seriously, the guy has no redeemable qualities what-so-ever. He keeps making all the wrong choices, he keeps making things worse and worse. This whole show is like a recipe for disaster. He had 1000 chances up to now to make things right; the least he could do is tell Kotonoha about his betrayal(since breaking up with her before going for Sekai was too much for him). Of course, she would get angry but it is much much better than her finding out on her own.

    The worst thing is, I do not think it’s going to stop there. As many people have predicted before me, I think once Kotonoha opens up and starts using her “assets” he’ll quickly forget about Sekai and cheat on her as well(yes, I do not believe he would break up with her properly either). The way things are going I must admit a bloody end seems most plausible.

    It seems like the creators are making Makoto the ultimate jackass in order to bring out the bloody ending to appease the blood lust of the fans of this show. I do not like this approach, since it sacrifices realism in order to do it – I mean no one can be that clueless. Having said that, I find it hard to really hate Makoto, simply because I do not find him plausible enough.

  91. just for this show!

    if sekai didn’t kiss makoto and just paid attention to makoto less then we might get a good plain romance anime but that’s not fun anymore.

    kotonoha is shy makoto should know that so he gotta be patient.(silent women is freaky s** creatures).

    makoto is just plain dumbass but i would like to b some1 being able to attract 2 women for myself.

  92. Okay, after watching the episode I must say the creators are doing a very good job at making Makoto the ultimate jackass. At first I would say he is a realistic character, but now I think his stupidity is beyond realism. Seriously, the guy has no redeemable qualities what-so-ever.

    I’ve always said Makoto’s unrealistic and it’s much more unrealistic that he attracts girls.

    No one in real life is that idiotic. Even cheaters and guys who don’t give a crap about girls know how to talk to them at least. He’s pretty worthless.

  93. Well, I knew what is going to happen next and it was more f**k up situation which is too terrible that I do not want to talk about it.

    Anyway, as I said:


  94. Kotonoha is definetly going to try to get Makoto back with her body… Maybe in 2 episodes, but I wonder if this episode means that Otome will play a more important role… Happy that Makoto is with Sekai… I wonder what he would be like with Otome though…

  95. and did no one pay attention to this ep at all yes makoto is a sex crazed fuckface , yes sekai is a little too easy but as u can see she was acually feeling regret over wat she did which could only mean that she feels bad and really cares about katsura soo really the only one at fault is makoto maybe a little sekai cuz shes too pussy to tell her either and katsura becuz she kept everything in her head instead of just telling makoto about what shes feeling there end of disscution this is how it is

  96. I kind of feel so sorry for Kotonoha… she tried hard last episode too. Plus now she has to deal with Otome too -_-;;; with her type of personality, it seems like she’ll take it a lot worse. Like… I don’t know, she seems kind of fragile.

    And as a girl I just can’t seem to agree with what sekai is doing.. I mean yeah we are all kind of a fool when we’re in love but I hope she realizes it’s not love.

  97. To people who says it’s kotonoha’s fault for being to shy, that person should be a guy. a pervert guy. lol. what do you guys expect from a reltionship? sex? so cheap. Love isn’t only for sex. Guys like makoto only wants for the girls body. if they didn’t give it to him, then he’ll push them away like trashes. lol. we girls also have pride like guys have. we girls are also human. we’re not a stuff that guys should use to release their sexual desire. to guys who are doing thing like makoto, i hope you go hell faster.

  98. The main issue here is not Makoto being a dork, but inexperienced. In a relation there MUST be an understanding between both sides if wanted to work, otherwise is just playing with someone. Taking that in mind, Kotonoka put a lot of “buts…” and Makoto just got tired of waiting for someone who wants a knight in shining leather armor instead of a real boyfriend.

    Taking in mind the game POV this is what Makoto face with all the girls:

    Sekai: Started bieng classmates; then friends; close friends; lovers; couple
    Kotonoha: Started wanting knowing her; confess to her; couple; withstood all her “buts…” /AKA: burden; triangle with Sekai
    Setsuna: He helped her in first year; she wanted Sekai to being with him but also wanted her chance
    Otome: Friends since elementary
    Hikari: Lick each other wounds

    Kotonoha skip the “friends” phase with Makoto, and since he went all phases with Sekai, is no wonder that he open his eyes.

  99. Konotoah isnt to shy she loves Makoto but all Makoto was is sex, why doesnt he just hire a prostitue or something or jerk off once inna while geeeze Sekia is following her heart even though she knows it isnt right Makoto has her under the spell of a kiss notice when ever she puts up a fight he just shuts her up with a kiss =/…

  100. I am so frustrated with this show because of Makoto stupidity. I hope this guy fix the situation instead of dying because if he dies, murdered by Sekai / Kotonoha /any girl, she will suffer as well. Any girl from this series dont deserve the situation made by this jerk. Just watching Kotonoha being ignored and suffering is really painful and it will be a pity if she snaps just because of this scumbag called Makoto…and the music at the end of the episode is not a good sign of events that will happen, showing the terrible fate it awaits.

  101. Let me see… Makoto doesn’t want to tell Kotonoha yet that hi loves Sekai instead of her; and does everything in his power to ignore her; meanwhile Kotonoha is very in love with him, making something (a scarf for sure) for Christmas Eve, standing for him and defending their relationship in front of those who claim false words of it. Knowing the nature of the game, I’ll prefer to see Kotonoha committing suicide than Makoto being murdered; because that idiot needs to learn what he could joy alongside Kotonoha in an honest relationship with her. Well, it could end in so many ways

    Syaoran Li
  102. I feel so bad for Kotonoha 🙁 What is the word she said at the end? I think she said “Usoda!!!”? What does that mean? From the music, I’m guessing it has something to do with murder or death? The music really creeped me out, but I still feel sorry for Kotonoha. Also, even though Makoto is at fault, Sekai is too cuz she is not strong willed. Even if she is in love with him, she should have made Makoto settle stuff with Kotonoha before they went any further. In my opinion, both Makoto and Sekai are at fault. Sekai for being weak-willed, and Makoto for being a dumbass.

  103. From what I heard, Kotonoha said “It’s a lie” in the ending of the episode.Well, I know that many people want the bad ending to Makoto (Me too). I hope that they choose the ending where nothing bad happens to Kotonoha because I don’t want her to suffer anymore. Oh, poor Kotonoha.

  104. Heh, you should watch Higurashi. I think it was in episode 2 that Rena delivered this memorable line “USODA” which coupled with the eerie music and the scary expression in her eyes gave her and the whole show the “killer loli” reputation. The scene was incredibly powerful and freaky and I was really, really scared there for a bit. Oh, it means “It’s a lie!”

    As for who is to blame, I agree that both Sekai and Makoto are at fault, but at least Sekai feels some remorse for what they did and wanted to tell her the truth, whereas Makoto did not care about her feelings at all. Sekai is far from perfect, she has a lot of issues, but she has some redeemable qualities, whereas Makoto so far has none. The show so far has portrayed him as the ultimate jerk.

  105. Totally agree with you Darklord; at least Sekai wants to settle things with Kotonoha meanwhile Makoto only wants everything a horny adolescent desire. IF he now loves Sekai, fine; but he has to tell properly that to Kotonoha, because now with this shock in Kotonoha, everything can happen in the end. So far it seems like Kotonoha is a calm girl, but anything can change within her after this…

    Next week; “Eve” suggests that Christmas reach our timeline; the question here is; will Kotonoha say something after this or will try to get back Makoto?

    Syaoran Li
  106. @Syaoran Li

    What you suggest is certainly possible. I mean, we are already halfway throughout the show and what happened in episode 6 is really the turning point. I guess the show can now go in 2 possible directions depending on what Makoto will do and what he really feels:

    1) Makoto really is in love with Sekai. This means that after 6 episodes of constantly being a jerk, he can slowly start to improve for the last 6, so that in the end he redeems himself, he ends up with Sekai and we have a good ending. This will be pretty boring though, so I doubt it will happen.

    2) Makoto is in it just for the sex. He soon gets tired of Sekai and when Kotonoha starts using her “charm”, he moves back to her. He sinks even lower into being the ultimate unredeemable jackass. Sekai has had enough of that and kills him in the end and we have a bad ending. I think this is much more likely to happen and will surely appeal more to the fans.

    Of course, we could have another resolution as well, or an anime-original ending, where no one dies, but yet Makoto ends up alone(I think such an ending would be best and most realistic).

  107. Makoto is a moron. In ep4, he says he doesn’t like being with Kotonoha because she isn’t “fun”. Well relationships aren’t always fun, it’s about love, not always about fun. Clearly, he doesn’t love Kotonoha at all, he just thinks that she’s hot, and wants to get into her panties.

    I hope Makoto screws up and gets one of the bloody endings.

  108. First of all I’ve got to say that Kotonoha really grew on me over the last couple of episodes. She is really trying to change from being a shy, insecure girl, to a self-confident open girlfriend that is a pleasure to be with. I really loved how she stood up for herself in this episode and felt really sad for her at the end. That’s why I think Sekai and Makoto really deserve to pay for what they did. I could partially understand Makoto, since he is a dumb immature lecherous guy who only thinks with his dick, but Sekai is even more to blame, since she is a girl and must understand that girls have feelings and know how what they did would really hurt Kotonoha.

    Having established that Makoto and Sekai should suffer, I started thinking what would be the best course of action for Kotonoha to have her revenge against the two. I will cover all the possible bad endings to analyze which one is really the best.

    1) She kills herself. This will probably mentally traumatize both of them for life, but Kotonoha ends up dead, so I think this is the worst possible solution. It’s not worth it to waste your life over a couple of ungrateful morons.

    2) She kills Sekai in the end. This way Sekai ends up dead, while Makoto is mentally traumatized, but Kotonoha will most likely end up in jail, so I do not like that option either.

    3) She pretends she is still in love with Makoto and tries her best to get him back, but not because she is really in love with him but because she wants to break up the two. Makoto being the dumb pervert that he is will easily fall back for her and cheat on Sekai, which would eventually cause her to kill him, since she might have gotten pregnant along the way. This way Makoto ends up dead(serves him right) and Sekai in jail. I think this is the perfect ending, since Kotonoha has her revenge on both of them and she escapes from the whole thing. I could even imagine a final scene where she visits Sekai in jail and tells her it was her plan all along and she did not have to do a thing. I can imagine her saying: “I was never in love with Makoto after I found out he betrayed me. I just wanted you to suffer like I did. I thought you were my friend, but you stabbed me in the back like this. Now you can rot in jail, while I go live my life.”

    Kotonoha's Revenge
  109. You know, I actually had hope for Makoto when this series begun. That unlike in the game, he’d think more with his head and less with his dick. Of course, by the end of this episode, I just couldn’t stop thinking about how I felt like wringing his neck. I just can’t understand why he just doesn’t break it off with Kotonoha, I mean he’s treating her like shit, barely talking to her, so why not just end it. Is he too much of a coward to have to deal with a heartbroken girl (probably) or does he enjoy doing this to her. I wouldn’t be suprised if he’s only doing this so he can use her as a “safety net” when he gets bored with Sekai.

    I still have a flicker of hope that he’ll grow some backbone, sort out this mine shaft he’s dug himself into and do something so that everyone comes out of this whole debacle alive and in good mental condition. Of course at this rate, I’m beginning to believe in the term “justifiable homicide”.

    As for Sekai, my respect for her is slowly falling but her overall desire to tell Kotonoha means she still has a chance in my books. But if she doesn’t do something soon, I’m gonna loose respect for her.

  110. As I say before, that jerk only thinks in his needs. As Kotonoha’s Revenge has remarked, his excuse is pathetic; starting everything with Sekai as practice was just stupid. Come on, you don’t need practice for “that kind of stuff”, it comes naturally, and more if you truly love your special someone. In Makoto’s case, he gets tired of waiting for Kotonoha to let him do whatever he wanted with her body. As you remember episode four, when they’re on the rooftop kissing, Makoto tried to go further and touched her breasts, something that Kotonoha wasn’t ready for; yet Sekai let him do as he want with her then; only being stopped thanks to Kotonoha’s text message. Now, after what happens at the end of episode five and throughout episode six, Makoto is using the excuse of “love” to get what he want from Sekai. Because for him; that word doesn’t have more meaning that SEX. That’s how I see Makoto right now.

    In the other hand, Sekai made a big mistake for letting Makoto do as he please when he asked for that special training session. Sure, she fell in love with him since the beginning, even after she helped them to get together. She let her feelings (if you could call it that way) for him to numb her mind. Right now she’s the one who tries the most to do the right thing and talk with Kotonoha about what’s going on with them, but still that asshole (I’m not calling by his name anymore) just thinks on having his way with her. Very disgusting…

    Now the ball it’s on Kotonoha’s side. She must make a choice, stay and fight for Makoto, and face the facts and leave that asshole behind. Unfortunately, we still have six episodes to go, so the outcome will different. And you now the Japanese; no harem endings…

    Syaoran Li
  111. “I was never in love with Makoto after I found out he betrayed me. I just wanted you to suffer like I did. I thought you were my friend, but you stabbed me in the back like this. Now you can rot in jail, while I go live my life.” —> YESS… SWEET SWEET REVENGE…

  112. As much hate as this plot is gathering, I have to say all the insert and ending theme of this series sound very nicely and fit perfectly. I am also getting some evil vibe from that horror sound toward the end. I think is gonna be a bloodbath soon haha. I still wish we can have a harem ending thou, seeing anyone of these girls getting hurt is kind of sad, not that I care to much for Mokoto but still if he dies they still gonna be sad. One vote for harem ending.

  113. You can’t be sad when that kind of jerk die, you simple step forward and keep walking your path. I still haven’t see the episode, so I don’t know how that sound is, but after what has been happening and the original OP from episode one; we maybe will have a bloodlust end

    Syaoran Li
  114. I cant believe this board has 100+ comments with guys talking about “the girl’s feelings” and “making a relationship work”. Isn’t that the kind of shit that girls worry about? Guys are supposed to keep it simple… keep the girl happy and get your reward.

    Shouldn’t the male population be supporting the pimpage of 2 girls (hopefully more to come)by Makoto? I know he is a retard and has no game at all but if he can hook up with multiple girls at once i say go for it. He’s a young man… he’s not supposed to be tied down by one girl at such a young age.

    I really hope i can get some support cause these feminine comments are really annoying.

  115. @Masa-san

    Come to think of it this is a lot of first for me, it’s the first anime i’ve seen where people root for a “bad” ending, and it’s the first time I’ve seen the double standard not being expressed. Now I realize that people aren’t willing to admit that there is a double standard openly, but this has never a problem on the internet with it’s inherent anonimity. Whats going on? you guys aren’t the internet I used to know.

    Yeah, there are is quite a bit of idealistic comments here, and It really does feel like I’m in a female divorce support session.

    The emotions I’m reading from looking at some of the comments about are very similar to the ones about Rossiu, you guys emotionally charged about this. I’ve never seen this level of idealism and emotional investments on these types of subject before on any form of communications, and I got to admit it sorta creepy. You guys seems to treading the blurry line between fantasy and reality, and its a pretty dangerous road.

  116. The only reason why Mokoto don’t get that many male support unlike other Harem anime because hes pathetic compare to other harem anime male character. Other harem anime the male character actually has some cool qualities that make them attractive to all these female, like being nice, strong, or some super power that let them save the world. But in School Days Mokoto has none, so far none of us viewer can find a single decent good quality about him. The only good thing about him is hes setting all of us a good example of all the don’t you never do on a date or in a relationship. At first by end of Ep 5 we thought he was finally following his heart (which is being honest, a good quality), but now comes Ep 6 and it doesn’t seem that way anymore, and hes being his usual dumbass.

  117. @MASA-SAN~~~~~~

    I was wondering the same thing, since most of the people who post here are guys. However, it just goes to show how much of an ass Makoto is, that even guys don’t want to support him. But then again, probably the people you describe are not the people who post comments on this board. I know that type very well, since one of my best friends is such a guy(looking for short flings without emotional attachments) and they are not the type to watch anime.


    Well, the sign of a good anime is that it makes the viewers really care about the characters and about what happens in the story. As a result it inspires a lot of heated discussion and arguments. It’s the first time I’ve also seen people root for a bad ending, and after watching the first 6 episodes, I think I understand why.


    Now which harem anime are you talking about. As far as I know harem male leads are all spineless loser wimps and it was always a huge mystery for me why they are liked by all the hot girls. The only thing they have going for them is being a “nice guy”, but in real life a guy like that will never succeed with women. Men need to have self-confidence above all. You are right about Makoto though, so far he has no redeemable qualities.

  118. @Darklord

    Other Harem anime example where male lead has good qualities from anime like Tenchi Muyo, Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love, Love Hina, To Heart 2 and to the most recent Zero no Tsukaima. I can name more but here just a few example, all these anime male lead has some good qualities either being very nice, strong, work hard, to never give up. But Mokoto in School Days has none, and that probably piss off many male viewer because how can a dumbass like him be attractive to all these cute girls. Another reason why we hate him because is too unrealistic in term of real life or even an anime storyline. Guys like Mokoto are more of a sub-character type in most anime, the pervert monkey Saru in Seto no hanayame, or the space alien friend of Kenichi in History’s Strongest Discipline, you know guys that are a perv but never get any girls not the main character who get all the girls.

  119. Makoto you fucktard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your a fucktard in the game and your still are in the animated series!!!!!
    Dosn’t everyone agree he’s a fucktard pervert!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!

  120. man! i don’t give a crap about this makoto dudes situation, pimps a pimp…..


    BROOKLYN otaku
  121. No hard feelings on guys who go for flings, but then they should look for girls who aren’t looking for anything serious either. Otherwise, I don’t have much respect for such guys, I think they’re jerks.

    Makoto’s got the added bonus of being a dumbfuck of course.

  122. @MASA-SAN

    Is not that we guys don’t support the pimpage of 2 girls or more, but the problem is that the guy better show some good qualities about himself that he deserve all the girls, rich, smart, nice, you know some good trait to show us he deserves it. so far Mokoto has none, not only that but hes also being a dumbass, stupid, and a lying bastard don’t help convince us viewers why he deserve any girls. I mean is human nature to get mad at topic when it don’t make sense to us, like why all these girls fall for a guy like him. Come on I wanna see how many ppl will admit that when Sekai say we should tell Kotonoha about our relationship and Mokoto say “WHY”, how many of us wish we can get inside the TV screen and beat him to a pulp right there and answering him saying because is the right thing to do you dumbF#$#.

  123. Kotonoha + Rage + Knitting Needles(x2) = N awesome twist to this anime. (N being the total number of different immediate outcomes in the first 12 mins of the next episode)

  124. @Tom

    The guys you mention(Keitaro, Tenchi, Saito) get their asses kicked by the girls all the time. I know it’s done for comic effect, but I still cringe every time I see them physically abused by the girls. It’s true that they have some good qualities when push comes to shove, unlike Makoto who has none, but still most of the air time they have on screen they spend being some girl’s punching bag. I like strong male characters with self-confidence who would not allow themselves to be put in such a position(although I must admit that it happens even to the best sometimes), so that’s why I guess my definition of ‘loser wimp’ is broader than yours. I just generally do not like harem lead characters, and I think many people will agree with me. You are completely right, though, that Makoto is the lowest of the low.

  125. Harem leads characters are in general really bad. They’re clueless, dumb and wimpy. There’s a few exceptions.

    In a way, Makoto’s an exception too – he’s well below the average.

  126. I was trying to remember a male lead that successfully makes his role as one. Maybe the one more close to that outcome was Rin in Shuffle, despite the cliché around him with all the girls falling for him. He sacrifices himself for Kaede when his parents and her mother died on that accident. Then he try to understand each and every girl who fall in love with him, wondering his own feelings; and finally discovery he loved Asa. Maybe he made a few mistakes, especially with Kaede for not being clearly in the first place, still was more clever than the average looser, or one of the most.

    We’ll see how that asshole can improve in the 2nd half of the series.

    Syaoran Li
  127. Neither way we can all agree that this anime is a huge success and the writer has done its job, the point of an anime is to attract as much viewers as possible and I think this anime has done a great job even thou it has cause alot of hatred from many viewers. But attention is attention no matter is good or bad is still attention.

  128. This was probably the saddest 200 comments i skimmed through ….

    feelings .. emotions …

    riiighttt ….. what are we watching again? … some horn dog nailing some girl every day while keeping it underwraps till this episode ….

    anyone else with me or am I just not getting the picture here …..

  129. Yes yes Makoto is a stupid loser… but I can’t help but demand to know why couldn’t Sekai say something like ‘hands off till you Kotonoha knows the truth’ just to relieve her guilt. It’s like “no” is not firmly in her vocabulary. Both are pretty weak willed– one weak to hormones and the other weak willed. Makoto doesn’t feel that awesome having Kotonoha as his baggage but as childish as he is, he just wants his problem to just go away. Ignore it and it will go away, kinda.. or out of sight, out of mind.
    The game aside, Kotonoha mentions on the way up the stairs “even if you go out with someone else…” so it doesn’t look like she will logically dump his ass any time soon.

  130. Poor Kotonoha. First standing up to Otome and then hearing those two at the roof. This could turn up pretty messy like the game. And the music at the end was creepy. Man wonder what will be the next episode about.

  131. @Sakura
    >The game aside, Kotonoha mentions on the way up the stairs “even if you go out with someone else…” so it doesn’t look like she will logically dump his ass any time soon.

    no, the one who says that is Sekai.

    I feel sad for Kotonoha. Watching this episode was painful: Kotonoha being ignored after she was starting to change for good, she even recognized her relationship in front of everyone…and then she discovered Makoto was cheating on her.
    And unfortunately, she will probably try to lure him back with her great “assets”

    A BAD END would only involve more sadness for Kotonoha, so I don’t think Makoto should die. But he MUST NOT get any girl in the end.

  132. Jesus, what do the girls see in this guy, anyway? A good example of a decent ‘harem’ protagonist is Rin, from Shuffle!, who’s a pretty nice guy, or the dude from Nursery Rhyme, who’s a cool guy- Or Shiki from Tsukihime, who pretty much defines the term *badass*. Makoto, however, is severely unlikeable- They really played it up from the game.

    Go for it, Kotonoha~ Stab! Stab! STAB!


    Yeah he deserves to die. He’s already got Kotohona, and he’s going after Sekai as well?!? Well, I understand Kotohona and Makoto weren’t working out, and Sekai was beter, but don’t you think you could have at least said goodbye before you slept with Sekai? OMFG this guy deserves to burn in hey deze.

    Quote Chan: “Go for it, Kotonoha~ Stab! Stab! STAB! “

  134. Oh my God, oh my God. I need to hit something right now…

    Come on, that asshole doesn’t deserve Kotonoha after everything he did to her on this episode. First of all, he never answered her calls, neither sent her SMS. Then he practically ignore her in every chance he had, whereas alone or with Sekai. And finally, the most despicable of all things, he didn’t say anything about Kotonoha wishing to knit something for him on Christmas Eve. I don’t care if Sekai or Makoto have to pay the price with their lives, but Kotonoha can’t committee suicide for those two idiots.

    Man, I’m still pissed off about this episode. Now everyone on Kotonoha’s class believes she is a lair thanks to that asshole; and surely will make her life miserable from now on. That’s it, that asshole don’t deserve to live.

    I’ll try to calm down with Byōsoku Go Senchimētoru…

    Syaoran Li
  135. Just a question… where is all this patheticness I hear about Makoto come from? From what I see (and read… ugh), this guy sounds like a total jerk no matter what side of the sexes we’re talking about rather than being a complete dork. Unlike the standard harem male lead with the spine stiffness of wet cardboard, this guy completely circumvents that stereotype and grows into the king ass of the universe, which is pretty original even if it comes from an eroge. The bottom line is that this anime is meant to shock, meant to turn our thinking 180 degrees, meant to break the convention of the harem animes that are out there. And when we need to ask “why?” about why Makoto is such a ass or why Sekai is so hooked on Makoto, the answer is, “Because it’s anime, and the directors can do whatever the fuck they want to rake in the cash.”

    200+ comments about “Die Makoto!” or “I want a bad ending! Kill, kill, kill!” or “I feel sorry for Kotonoha,” is pretty lame and tiresome.

  136. You know g-money; you answered your own question before anyone does…

    Being ANIME the key word in your last comment. Is because of that, and because we can learn to love it or hate it, that all this commotion has begun. Let me ask you something? Can you see a show on TV, a baseball game on the park or a competition in your school without feeling or thinking anything about it? I guess you can’t. The same goes here with School Days and every single anime series you’ll ever found. Because every single person who has shared its opinion in here has found something that they liked, hated or just want to point out something that maybe others couldn’t see at plain sigh. If you enjoy an anime series in other way, please forgive us for not being in your league.

    Come on, if you felt is lame and tiresome after 200 comments, what are you still reading it? Make up your mind. We’re here because we want to…

    Syaoran Li
  137. Wow, this was a good trainwreck episode, and made me hate the guy even more.

    On another note, did anyone think of “Higurashi no naku koro ni” type of eyes when kotonoha said “USODA”

  138. Jejeje everyone syas that… but if I hear correctly, she only say “USO” and not “USODA”. In any case, maybe her path into madness was open with just that little action jus there. If that’s true, the asshole will recieve the same Fate as Keichii.

    Syaoran Li
  139. @Syaroan Li – You want to read through 200 comments and find the same thing over and over again? “Makoto’s a jerk, die!” or “Poor Kotonoha,” is annoying after being repeated 100 times each quote. I read through the comments because there were some people who were actually discussing the episode and relating to real life experiences. And no, I was using rhetoric.

  140. @Syaoran Li

    “If that’s true, the asshole will receive the same Fate as Keichii.”

    Which arc are you referring to, since Keichii’s fate in every arc is different. Every time he ends up dead, it’s usually because of his own paranoia(suicide, heart attack), he was never killed by anyone else.

  141. OMG!!!!!!!!

    how can this be possible???… is it possible that any man could be like makoto??? i think that he doesnt know the true meaning of the word “love”… why a sweet girl like katsura-chan must suffer for a piece of !”$#%% like him?…
    And sekai-chan… why did she fall in love with that guy?… i mean… there’s a lot of nice and good guys at her school… why him?? I would be really happy if another guy would confess his love with katsura-san and make her happy at the end… also i wanna be there…. to make justice with my own hands… maybe break some limbs off him…. XD

    Billy DArk
  142. Yeah, I really wonder that too Omni. What do the girls see in Makoto anyway? Almost all male leads in harlem anime has one similar quality. They are honest, loving, caring, and is faithful to the dear one he loves (even though their feelings may sway a little bit, but they tend to always find the way back). But what the f#@k is Makoto? The guy lies, doesn’t do shit, didn’t stick with the lovely/sweet/beautiful/well-endowed girlfriend HE confessed to, instead, he goes around screwing her friend. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a guy and I’m no player hater, but this guy is a fag, especially in a pure love romantic anim, for being dishonest and unfaithful to a wonderful girl who has done nothing wrong. A totally flawed character, realistic though, a man should at least have a system of morals and lines that he should not cross. And this guy did, plain and simply pathetic.

  143. @Darklord
    Well, maybe that applies to teh fisrt arc, when Keichii reaches madness and kills Rena and Shion, then he kill himself. Makoto wouldn’t commit suicide here, but his actions could lead to both, Kotonoha or Sekai, to commit suicide instead of him.

    Today is the “DAY”. Five more hours.

    Syaoran Li
  144. @Fireaznboy:

    No she does not. If you are talking about Watanagashi/Meakashi hen, both sisters are dead while Keiichi was still alive in the hospital. Shion fell from the balcony to her death, while Mion was already dead in the well. The part when Keiichi gets hit by a hammer in the end is only a hallucination. Actually, the anime did not make it quite obvious whether he died or not, but I think in the game TIPS it was revealed that he died of heart attack after seeing that hallucination.

    Watch the end of Watanagashi hen(episode 8) and you’ll see that I’m right.

  145. For me, it’s up to here. I’m ditching this anime. It’s really degrading for Japanese and for girls. That ass makoto gives men a bad name too. I know I won’t be sorry not watching this anime.


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